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Military Strategy and Tactics of the Civil War

- The American Civil War was one of the deadliest wars in American history, resulting in 620,000 casualties of soldiers and undetermined number of civilian casualties. Southern slave states declared their withdrawal from United States and formed the Confederate States of America; also know as “The Confederacy.” Northern twenty states free of slavery and five slave states in north came to knows as the Union. Many strategy and tactics were used during the American Civil War. In order to understand the military strategy and tactics of Union and the Confederacy, one must understand the manpower each side had, previous war experience of the commanding officers on both side, and using rivers and rai...   [tags: Military History]

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U.S. Military Hindered by Indian Guerilla Tactics

- Native Americans used various forms of Guerilla warfare such as tactics, weather, and terrain to their advantage when facing United States (U.S.) Military. Guerilla warfare is a form of tactics used by an adversary against prodigious conventional military force. The disadvantages in numbers, tactics, and weapons systems would encourage significant failures in facing such a powerful enemy in open battle. The U.S. Military after the civil war confronted this new way of fighting for the first time within the western territories....   [tags: U.S. Military]

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Military Tactics used by the USA and the Vietcong

- Military Tactics used by the USA and the Vietcong The USA was a richer 1st world country than Vietnam, meaning it was better equipped for a military attacks. It had: more and better weapons; better access to well trained soldiers; a good military understanding; good transportation and was generally better equipped for traditional styles of warfare. Vietnam was a 3rd world country. It had: limited access to weapons; few funds to train soldiers and a poorer military understanding....   [tags: Papers]

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Napoleon Bonaparte and His Military Tactics

- Napoleon Bonaparte and His Military Tactics Although he inspired new social, economic, and political ideas, Napoleon Bonaparte is better known for his military tactics. Even today, his battle plans are used and studied by many in the military. Napoleon, who started out as an extremely short and wimpy foreigner who rose to become Emperor of France, died in 1821 at St. Helena, a remote island in the South Atlantic. He was fifty-two years old. Th cause is uncertain: either he was poisoned or he died of a stomach ailment....   [tags: Papers]

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Military Tactics Used in Vietnam War

- Military Tactics Used in Vietnam War Our study has shown that both sides used different tactics in the Vietnam War and as the war progressed and intensified during the 1960's each side changed and altered their tactics. The first tactic, USA started off with was economic aid and general support. USA provided £500 million to the French for fighting the Vietminh. After the French had lost to the Vietminh and all gone home, south Vietnam became its own country, with a new government, the new governor of south Vietnam called Diem set up to make south Vietnam non communist....   [tags: Papers]

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Military Tactics Used by the USA and the Vietcong in the 1960s

- Military Tactics Used by the USA and the Vietcong in the 1960s As war progressed the military tactics became increasingly important. Both sides first tactic was to try and win the hearts and minds of the people. Most Vietcong had strong relationships with the peasants who they helped, working in the fields in return for shelter. The Americans tried to win the people by providing aid but they couldn’t tell the peasants from the Vietcong and any good work they did was cancelled out by their association with the hated Diem....   [tags: Papers]

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Military Tactics used by the USA and the Vietcong in Vietnamin

- Military Tactics used by the USA and the Vietcong in Vietnamin During the Vietnam War there were two main sides (other countries were involved, giving financial support etc). There was the ARVN (Army of the republic of Vietnam) and the U.S. who were capitalist. Against the NVA (The North Vietnam Army) and the Vietcong (people based in South Vietnamwho supported the NVA). Both sides used different military tactics during the war. At the start of the war both sides used a similar tactic: to gain the trust of the South Vietnamese people and convince them to support their own side....   [tags: Papers]

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The Norman Invasion of Sicily by Georgios Theotoki

- Journal Summary: The Norman Invasion of Sicily Georgios Theotokis, author of The Norman Invasion of Sicily, 1061–1072: Numbers and Military Tactics, is a history professor at Fatih University in Istanbul, Turkey. Professor Theotokis earned his PhD in Military History from Glasgow University in Glasgow, Scotland. In writing The Norman Invasion of Sicily, 1061–1072: Numbers and Military Tactics, Theotokis relied heavily on Geoffrey Malaterra’s Deeds of Count Roger of Calabria and Sicily and of His Brother Duke Robert Guiscard....   [tags: military tactics, history]

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Ethnographic Interests of Xenophon

- Xenophon, the son of Athenian wealthy family, was exiled because of his assistance for the enemies of Athenians. He claimed that he was yearning for a thrilling adventure; as a result, he decided to join Cyrus’s expedition against his brother Artaxerxes, the Persian King along with the Greek mercenaries. Though Anabasis is more about the record of the Greeks’’ struggle and hardship during their retreat in the hostile territory, Xenophon writes Anabasis as his interest of ethnography. Ethnography is a study of human cultures....   [tags: Greek Military, Tactics, Athens]

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George Washington's 1776: The Battle of Dorchester Heights

- Opening to the first page, George Washington is quoted, “perseverance and spirit have done wonders in all ages.” setting the stage for David McCullough’s book, “1776”, a historical narrative that avoided academic debates. His thesis being a tight narrative focused around the Continental Army and their leader George Washington. McCullough continued his popular writing techniques of character building by tracing the roads, reading the books, and seeing the houses of his key characters as they would have in their lifetimes....   [tags: military tactics, history]

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The Warsaw Uprising

- The Warsaw Uprising To what extent and with what degree of certainty can we decide who was responsible for the limited areal support for the Home Army (AK) during the Warsaw Uprising in 1944. It is beyond uncertainty that the Warsaw Uprising which took place 70 years ago in 1944 is one of the most significant, heroic and tragic events in the 20th century of Polish history. During 63 days of patriotic uprising many thousands of predominantly young Poles were killed in an imbalanced battle with the German occupiers....   [tags: World History, Military Tactics]

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History of Warfare

- Warfare has been fought since the beginning of man. So how has warfare changed over the thousands of years. How has man changed because of warfare. Man has been acquiring the knowledge of warfare by coming up with new gizmo and ideas in military tactics to alter the way warfare was fought. Although warfare is not elegant, it is a way of showing how mankind has developed in its creativity and ingenuity. The oldest military tactic that was ever used was the infantry tactics. Before 1 BC, the key to victory in a battle was your infantry....   [tags: military, tactics, combat, aircraft, battle, siege]

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Wartime Counterinsurgency Programs

- PHOENIX Wartime counterinsurgency programs are nothing new—the very nature of war creates the necessity for highly complex undercover operations. But rarely do such programs have the scope or the resultant public censure of what the Vietnam War gave birth to: Phoenix. In 1967, at the height of the Vietnam War, the United States military, under the auspices of the CIA, executed the comprehensive counterinsurgency program known as Phoenix. Military officials designed the program to reconcile the governments of North and South Vietnam....   [tags: Vietnam War, Controversial Military Tactics]

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Modern Warfare Tactics From Romans and Greeks

- Rome and Greece were two of the most powerful and influential regions in the ancient world. Both regions had excellent armies and battle strategies; they also dominated most of the world at that point in history. Also, Rome and Greece had provided a multitude of different ideas to different cultures that affected how those cultures were formed. Even today the ideas, inventions, and strategies that the Romans and Greeks came up with are used in our modern day and will be used for many more years to come....   [tags: Strategy, Military]

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Strategy Amidst Tactics

- World history has given people numerous amounts of lessons to learn from and has shown perfect examples of ideal decision making and terrible decision making. One outstanding detail is the fact that history has displayed that war is inevitable. Rationally, war seems as if it can be avoided, especially because it usually begins over disputes, ranging from territorial ones or over resources. However, war traces back to civilization, and a number of the most intellectual leaders in the world resorted to declaration of war to resolve matters of territorial gain, nationalism, resources, and a variety of other reasons....   [tags: Military Science]

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Military Technology's Impact on the Environment

- The evolution of military technology through the more efficient and innovative utilization of natural resources has helped shape the environment in a wide range of areas. Homo sapiens lacking strong jaws, sharp teeth, and cutting claws have employed tools to better conquer the natural environment and vie with each other for scarce resources. These scarce resources such as wood and a myriad of metals have been harnessed to advance military technology. In doing so, military technology’s impact on the environment has steadily increased through time....   [tags: Military Technology]

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The Revolution During The Military Affair

- The advent of the revolution in the military affair in the period of 1450 and 1800 is believed to had been shaped by a number of reasons. All the reasons, that is to say, the invention of gunpowder, technology, trade, an increase in economy and different types of defensive fortifications are considered to have played an equal role in contributing the revolution in the military affair. However, some historians interpret the military revolution differently and have distinguished opinions towards the revolution from each other representing objections and disagreements....   [tags: Military, Armed forces, Army, Military history]

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The Journal of Military History

- “More than most professions, the military is forced to depend upon intelligent interpretation of the past for signposts charting the future.... The facts derived from historical analysis he [the soldier] applies to conditions of the present and the proximate future, thus developing a synthesis of appropriate method, organization, and doctrine.... These principles know no limitation of time. Consequently the Army extends its analytical interest to the dust-buried accounts of wars long past as well as to those still reeking wit the scent of battle....   [tags: historiography, intelligence, military]

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Women During The Military War

- Women in the Military Should Not Engage in Combat All countries have military to protect their ground, family, and property. Sometime, they fight with other countries in many reasons. For example, they want to increase their welfare, or have to defend their properties from enemies. There are some argues whether or not women in military should engage in combat. Some people say that women in military also have the right to protect their country, so if they want to do that, no one can block them....   [tags: Military, Soldier, Army, Combat]

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Carl von Clausewitz as the Father of Modern Military Strategy

- As modern military historians debate on the founder of military strategy, two military theorists emerge in the period after the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic War: the Prussian Carl von Clausewitz and the Swiss Antoine-Henri Jomini. In modern military philosophy, the theoretical traditions established by each of these military theorist has significantly impacted our military thinking and their teaching has become essential in the education of modern military leaders. Clausewitz and Jomini have become required reading for today's military professional officer....   [tags: military strategy, modern military ]

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American Military and Strategic Success

- Introduction There are three reasons why adversaries of the Unites States have realized some strategic success against the American military. These reasons are 1. The will of the people to resist American aggression 2. The ability of the enemy to adapt to American tactics and 3. The exploitation of the fact that America was overly confident in the execution of the two researched conflicts. All three factors played a significant part in the American defeat in the Vietnam War and the Bay of Pigs invasion....   [tags: United States, Army, Military, Adversaries]

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The American Civil War : A Military History By John Keegan

- The book I chose to review is “The American Civil War: A Military History” by John Keegan. Keegan, to many is seen as one of the most brilliant and eloquent military historian over the past 25 years, gives a detailed look into the facets of the Civil War. His works in the military perspectives of World War I and World War II has established his credibility into the insight to the military aspects of many historical events. In one of his most famous books “The Face of Battle,” Keegan developed a new perspective for writing emphasising the cultural influences surrounding each war and the first-hand experience of the soldiers....   [tags: American Civil War, Military]

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American Military History

- The evolution of the United States military and the notion of warfare can be traced to its roots in Colonial America during the early 1600s. Over the next several hundred years, the military as we know it, developed from a small militia to what is now considered the world’s greatest. Similar to the fruition of American history, warfare had the opportunity to encounter numerous noteworthy advances and life-changing adaptations. These shifts and modifications resulted in the American way of war seen in recent history; one which has transformed from an alternative to diplomacy to a systematic and professionalized method for declaring victory over an adversary-no matter the nature or cause....   [tags: US military, colonial period, organized milicia]

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The Tactics Of Viet Nam War

- The Army Tactics that the United States used in Viet Nam did not have the desired and expected affect on the Viet Cong, the Americans believed the war would be quickly won with their modern weapons, but these tactics are a basis as why the United States lost the Viet Nam War. The United States Army engaged the battle by means of hi-technology through the equipment used when engaging against the Viet Cong. Superior firepower from B-52 Bombers and napalm strikes where attacks used from via aircraft to try and wipe out the Communists....   [tags: Vietnam War, United States, South Vietnam]

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The Decision: Reflective Analysis on Joining the Military

- REFLECTIVE ANALYSIS The Decision I am in the military and the decisions that I make effects someone or something either directly or indirectly. My status in the military allows me to make all sorts of decisions, from what pens and furniture to purchase to who to send to war, where and when. This particular decision I want to talk about is a decision that involved peoples lives. This decision changed my aspect of life and the military as I knew it. I was in charged of this element that was getting ready to deploy, and we had just had a urinalysis in which a couple of soldiers came up positive on for marijuana, cocaine and other barbiturates When a soldier comes up positive for an illegal sub...   [tags: Reflective Analysis Testimonial Military]

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Military Cyber: An Evolution In Command Relationships

- Future conflicts will not have to start with a bang. An Air Force C-17 carries a special payload, and somewhere over the Indian Ocean the cargo is released. This cargo consists of the latest in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) technology: swarms of mini UAVs with the appearance and perceived characteristics of locusts. The objective of this swarm is to disrupt and not destroy key electrical nodes in a target nation, allowing USSOCOM troops to enter the country undetected. Simultaneously, US cyber forces are disrupting the backup generator systems to ensure radar systems stay down....   [tags: United States Military, Cyber Command]

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Battle Tactics Used during the American Revolution

- The American Revolution is one of the most significant wars in modern history. It was a war in which thirteen colonies fought against the mighty British military in order to become an independent nation. Before the start of the Revolutionary War, the Colonists were dissatisfied with Great Britain and its heavy taxes on the Colonists and sought to negotiate with Great Britain to lower their taxes and give them freedom. However, it soon turned into a Revolutionary War with the American colonies fighting for their independence, while Great Britain sought to keep their control over the American colonies....   [tags: significant wars in modern history]

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Military Science: Irregular Warfare

- ... Conventional warfare that is prolonged and resource intensive is not sustainable and eventually leads to descent into attrition type warfare. Irregular warfare operations, be it COIN or counter-terrorism, from the Western perspective consume time and resources. This consumption is predominantly fuelled by the asymmetry of Western and insurgent forces which results in significantly different tactics being used by the two forces. Western powers, in almost all cases, tend to have superior technology and a larger number of forces and rely heavily on these factors during conflicts, however this perceived imbalance of power is not necessarily advantageous for the Western power....   [tags: NATO, afghanistan, tactis, strategy]

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Why The Roman Military Evolved And The Military System

- The ancient Roman Empire began when Romulus founded the city of Rome in approximately 753 B.C. and lasted until about 1453 A.D. when the German invasion occurred. Throughout this era, specifically 250 BC until 200 AD, historians including Theodor Mommsen and Sara Phang have debated and interpreted several aspects of how and why the Roman military evolved and the military system itself. These authors used several ancient Roman historians, including Livy and Publius, public records, war accounts and many other sources to investigate and theorize different conclusions about why the Roman military was so powerful and how they were able to conquer the vast majority of the European Continent and t...   [tags: Roman Empire, Roman army, Ancient Rome]

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The Competitive Tactics Of Starbucks

- INTRODUCTION In this essay, I will select an organization that I am familiar with and identify and analyze one of the competitive tactics it uses to determine when and where their strategy should be implemented. I will then consider its internal and external environment using either the SWOT, 5 Forces, or PEST strategic management tools in the course. Finally, I will then develop a new idea for a competitive tactic that it should attempt. STARBUCKS In 1971, three former University of San Francisco students opened the first Starbucks coffeehouse in Seattle, Washington to simply sell freshly roasted coffee beans....   [tags: Starbucks, Coffee, Coffeehouse, Howard Schultz]

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The And Social Engineering Tactics

- Have you ever heard the phrase once a thief always a thief. My mom use to always tell me this because most of my friends that I grew up with were misguided, and eventually went on to become full-time criminals. Unfortunately, my friends were taught that aggression is the best way to steal from people. They believed that intimidation control the situation, because people wouldn’t tell on them out of fear. They engaged in actions that would bring more power to their name than currency in their pockets to feel more intimidating throughout the community....   [tags: Crime, Theft, Mind, Robbery]

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The Japanese Military's Threat to Americans

- The Japanese Military's Threat to Americans The war in the Pacific was unlike the European and Mediterranean campaigns. Throughout the European campaign the allied forces focused on strategic bombing and ground forces. Tank usage was more evident during the African and European theatres also. There were many changes in warfare that occurred during World War II. Warfare in the African and European theatre was fought mainly in the air and on ground. Due, in part, to the landscape of the Pacific warfare evolved: sophistication in technology and weaponry increased, heated struggles with a fanatical enemy, and increased coordination between air and naval support....   [tags: Japan Army Military War Essays]

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The Military Use of Animals

- ... This marine use is especially important and safer for animals due to the make and purpose of these underwater bombs. These marine uses actually go back to 1960. It started as a study of these marine animals and ended up discovering that these animals had brilliant sonar detecting skills that could help in finding underwater bombs. This expanded very quickly, and the use was soon used in wars, the first being the Vietnam War in 1965. The first use was when the US sent five dolphins to Vietnam in an effort to detect underwater bombs set up by the Soviet Republic....   [tags: protecting and attacking in war]

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Acts of Total Warfare Carreid Out by the United States

- Throughout the history of the United States there have been many significant wars and battles fought. Some have been fought on the home soil of the nation; others have been fought on and in foreign lands. During each of these wars or battles the United Sates maintained a common practice of not targeting civilian populations. While at times supply lines or critical infrastructure were targeted, the specific targeting of civilians for the purpose of inflicting bodily harm or death was avoided at all costs....   [tags: World War II tactics]

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The Impact of Law Enforcement Tactics on Us

- IMPACT ON US LAW ENFORCEMENT TACTICS The current violence and drug traffic in Mexico presents a twofold problem in regards to domestic law enforcement in the United States. Not only are US law enforcement authorities required to combat the massive influx of illicit drugs from Mexico, they are also expected to stem the tide of illegal immigrants, many fleeing the dire circumstances in their home country, and also to quell fears of cartel violence spilling over our largely unsecured southern border....   [tags: violence, mexican war on drugs]

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The Tactics And Methods Of Force Within Society

- Throughout societies and empires all over the world, many governments or rulers employed violence and repression. The use of violence and repression allowed rulers to dominate their countries to maintain order and prevent change. Many of these rulers used multiple tactics and methods to keep their society oppressed. Overall, the use of force within societies could be either beneficial or harmful. In Germany, Japan, and Zimbabwe the use of force was harmful. Ultimately, the use of force was harmful because it hinder the potential Germany and Japan had to become a great society and ruined the economy in Zimbabwe....   [tags: Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, Jews, World War II]

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Polarity Between Domestic Policing And The Military

- This paper explores the work of six published articles that discuss the topic of police militarization. The purpose of this paper is to explore the polarity between domestic policing and the military. This paper begins by discussing the evolution of the police and the military and then later determining the shift in strategy in favor of police militarization. The paper will also discuss the effect this change has on local communities as well as examples of recent occurences that have made their way into the public eye as a result of “police militarization”....   [tags: Police, SWAT, Constable, Crime]

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The Roman Army During Military History

- The Roman army was known for its discipline, organization, and innovation, which allowed Rome to build an empire that would dominate the Mediterranean world. Also known for its longevity of survival, the Roman army was one of the most effective fighting forces in military history. Greek biographer Plutarch credits the founder of Rome, Romulus, with creating legionary forces that fought in a form of a militia, with recruitment dependent on a citizen’s social standing. Rome had six classes of wealth upon Rome’s citizens; the lowest group had no land and were excluded from the military, while the highest group, the equites, formed the cavalry....   [tags: Roman Empire, Roman army, Ancient Rome]

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Similarities Between Military And Military Leadership

- “Do not fire until you see the whites of their eyes” is a famous military quote often used in today’s corporate environment (Ibsen, 2012). Military jargon is just one of the many items bridging the gap between the civilian and military sectors. Oftentimes the head of a corporation is compared to a military leader and vice versa. Although the term ‘leader’ is used to describe both positions, the qualities required for each job are often worlds apart. Thomas Kolditz (2007) examines some of these leadership qualities in his work “Leading as If Your Life Depended on It”....   [tags: Leadership, Management]

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Vietnam - Weapons And Battle Tactics

- Weapons of the Vietnam War In late 1961, America took physical force in the Vietnam War. War is a complex series of political events that leads to physical involvement in the form of armed combat. Technology is a major deciding factor in war, along with the battle tactics used, terrain, experience and professionalism of the opposing forces. By 1961 both the United States and Vietnam had developed a broad array of guns and weapons to fight off one another. Coupled with battle tactics this provides a deadly and extremely hostile environment....   [tags: Vietnam War Conflict]

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Personalities of Lee and Jackson: Reflections in War Tactics

- Robert E. Lee and Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson will forever be held as unwavering heroes in the hearts of many across America, especially in the South. Both serving as generals and commanders in the army, Lee and Jackson demonstrated bravery and well thought out military strategies; some of these strategies failed and some succeeded, but overall Lee and Jackson went down as great heroes in American history. While these men both served in the army and were strong leaders on there own, there were many differences in the two men both as leaders and as people....   [tags: american history]

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United States' Diplomatic Tactics

- United States' Diplomatic Tactics The United States uses force only after all other venues toward peace had been constituted. For example In the Spanish-American war propaganda was used to turn people against the so called "Yankee's" and American manifest destiny. The sinking of the Maine was definitely a catalyst toward war it always took loss of life for American to be drawn into war. The revolutionary war of course we wanted our freedom the Civil war we wanted freedom from slavery with the Spanish American war we were yet again drawn into war....   [tags: Foreign Relations Policy Diplomacy]

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US Strategy in Fighting Terrorism With Military Force

- With recent operations by the Pakistani military and drone attacks by the US, these safe-havens are being attacked, but they remain a major refuge for the Taliban and other insurgents. Complicating the matter are allegations of Pakistani Intelligence (ISI) support for the Taliban and Pakistani fears of Indian influence in Afghanistan. Recent US strategy in fighting terrorism with military force revolves around three central ideas – a counterinsurgency (COIN) philosophy recognizing the importance of civilians, covert operations and investigative work, and the use of drones....   [tags: Fighting Terrorism]

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General Haig's Background and Military Experience

- General Haig's Background and Military Experience General Haig is one of the most important men in world war history, made famous for his tactics of the battle of the Somme, where thousands of soldiers died, apparently needlessly. In this question, I will be looking into Haig's life, and how it shaped him into the army leader in 1915. [IMAGE]Text Box: Haig at private school in 1887. He is at the extreme left of the back row. Haig was born in 1862, the youngest of eleven children, to a rich family that had made their money out of whiskey....   [tags: Papers]

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The Military Of Greek City State

-   During ancient Greek times, the establishment of militaries throughout Greece became very important. The military of each Greek city state is one reason why some of them were very powerful. Around 1600 B.C., Greek city states sought the need to expand its civilizations. The reason being is because early city states were powerful monarchies. The king or queen of the monarchy turned to the rise of military forces to successfully expand their territory. As well as expanding their land, they needed a way to protect their people and themselves....   [tags: Ancient Greece, Sparta, Classical Athens]

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The Military Of The Roman Empire

- The Roman Empire was in existence from “approximately 753 BCE with its founding by Romulus till it’s fall in 476 CE.” (class notes). The Roman military is considered the most powerful and successful in the history of mankind. Rome’s army would become the standard bearer of a successful fighting force for centuries that followed it’s demise. To say that romans excelled at the art of warfare would without doubt be considered true. The Roman military is the first professional army ever assembled....   [tags: Genghis Khan, Mongol Empire, Mongols, Soldier]

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How Counterterrorism Tactics Changed After September 11, 2001

- September 11, 2001 was the day that changed global outlook on terrorist attacks and counterterrorist tactics. Terrorist can strike at any time and any given place affects anyone, simply spread fear in law abiding citizen’s world wide. Terrorist attacks on World Trade Center in New York City and Pentagon in Washington D.C., are big flow of miscommunication between federal agencies and incident such as terrorist attacks of 2001 should have not happened. Information and intelligence should have been shared among agencies such as Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Federal Aviation Administration and other key agencies which work as first defense in countering the terro...   [tags: September 11 Terrorism Essays]

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The Roman and U.S. Military

- The Roman Republic military was one of the first well-organized military of all time. Because of this, most succeeding militaries follow their example by adopting and adapting some of the same characteristics. The Roman and U.S. military are from different eras, but still share similar characteristics as well as vast modernized differences that have established the U.S. military as efficient and organized. Separating a military into unique specialized forces increases efficiency and the Romans knew that....   [tags: soldiers, generic soldiers]

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Roman Concepts of Military Leadership

- Leadership can be defined as “the process of influencing people by providing purpose, direction and motivation while operating to accomplish the mission and improving the organization.” While the wording comes from the United States Army’s Leadership manual, the same principles applied to the men who served in the Roman army, both the Republic and the Empire. From 508 BC to 1453 the Roman’s would be a considered a “superpower” in the world with “all roads” leading to Rome as the old proverb explains....   [tags: War, Roman Empire]

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The United States Military Forces

- A negative turn of events over the past century involving foreign countries has brought to our attention a need for an increase and implementation of greater security within our nation. As we seek to protect the nation as a whole, we run into the same question being debated over and over again, whether or not the United States military forces should be deployed overseas to Iraq in order to help stabilize their country. With these events being a great issue and concern with our national security, it is our duty as a nation to improve our chances of not risking the lives of innocent citizens but see if it is possible is we can stabilize the country of Iraq....   [tags: United States, Sovereign state, Iraq War]

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The United States Military Forces

- A negative turn of events over the past century involving foreign countries has brought to our attention a need for an increase and implementation of greater security within our nation. As we seek to protect the nation as a whole, we run into the same question being debated over and over again, whether or not the United States military forces should be deployed overseas to Iraq in order to help stabilize their country. With these events being a great issue and concern with our national security, it is our duty as a nation to improve our chances of not risking the lives of innocent citizens but see if we can help stabilize the country of Iraq....   [tags: United States, Iraq War, 2003 invasion of Iraq]

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American Military And Law Enforcement

- Sen. Jefferson Sessions (R-AL), a key sponsor of the bill, expressed concern that the preceding tort lawsuits’ costs “threaten[ed] to drive a critical industry out of business,” would cause the loss of thousands of jobs, and would “jeopardize Americans’ constitutionally protected access to firearms for self defense and other lawful uses.” Sessions argued that the gun industry was small, and that these suits intended to destroy it by demanding enormous damage rewards. He also argued that the American military and law enforcement relied on the private gun industry for their weaponry supply, making financial burdens on the industry all the more egregious....   [tags: United States Constitution]

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General Carl von Clausewitz: A Past Military Enthusiast That Contributed to the Ideals of the Present

- In a world with a plethora of opinions, ideas, and philosophies, disagreement is bound to happen. When this occurs, wars, battles, and bloodshed ensue. It is a part of life most of us wish to ignore, but especially with the United State’s current condition, this wish to believe war is nonexistent is simply an impossible fantasy. Looking at military tactics and views of today one can’t describe the current state without glancing at history first. Past philosophers, theorists, idealists have all been responsible for having an immense affect on today’s military leaders....   [tags: Biography ]

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On War by Carl Von Clausewitz

- Amongst military theorists and practitioners who studied war, its origin and implications, Carl von Clausewitz assumes a place among the most prominent figures. With his book On War, he demonstrated his capability to provide thorough historical analysis and conclusions of the conflicts in which he was engaged, and as a philosopher he reflected about all encompassing aspects of war. Today, Western armies conduct modern warfare in a dynamic environment composed of flexible and multiple threats in which civilians form a substantial part....   [tags: military theorists, military leadership]

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The Art of War by Sun Zi

- The Art of War written by Sun Zi is the first book of war tactics in the world. Nearly every war in ancient China would apply the tactics in The Art of War. In Chu-Han war period, which was a famous historical incident that resulted in the establishment of Han Dynasty, many tactics in The Art of War were widespread used. The tactics in The Art of War influenced the success and failure of the Chu-Han war a lot. Liu Bang and his strategists applied the strategies well in the war therefore he finally won the war....   [tags: tactics in Chu Han war]

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America: The Military-Industrial Complex

- America holds the dream of liberty and freedom and protects the attainment and success of democracy across the world. As President Eisenhower emphasized in his “Farewell Address,” our goal as a nation has always been to “foster progress in human achievement, and to enhance liberty, dignity, and integrity among people and among nations” (par. 7). However, since the early fifties, American society has become a nation of self-servers with ulterior motives that surface well after our nation has initiated conflicts with others....   [tags: patriotism, American society, President Eisenhower]

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Clausewitz and Strategy in The Civil War

- Throughout history there have been few military theorists who have influenced military thinking. The military revolution that occurred during the American Civil War changed the face of warfare. The theories of both Antione-Henri Jomini and Carl von Clausewitz, the two most prominent military theorists of the 19th Century, can be seen in many aspects of the conflict. While Jomini’s tactics played a large role on the battlefield, the strategic concepts of Carl Von Clausewitz best characterize the nature of the Civil War....   [tags: defense, napoleonic tactics]

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Rules of Military Engagement

- In military engagements, the Rules of Engagement (ROE) are intended to reduce the chance of friendly fire incidents and recognize international law regarding the conduct of war, particularly the need to protect civilians, but in Vietnam they became a political tool as well. President Lyndon Johnson had several issues he considered as he developed the rules of engagement for Vietnam. One of which was how he maintained tight control over the selection of targets for the air war, for fear that the bombing provoke the Chinese and the Soviets into a confrontation with the United States....   [tags: fighting, combat, strategy ]

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History of the Tartars by Giovanni Carpini

- ... Every soldier is given at least one good bow, multiple quivers full of arrows, and a single battle axe. The armor that the soldiers carry are made of iron and are layered on top of each other to create a dense shield. In the Mongol army, even the horses are given armor. Along with a good description of their weaponry and armor, Carpini goes into great detail into how to make each item. This shows that Carpini really did have a strong understanding of the Mongol military might and the information given would have proved to be helpful in fighting against them....   [tags: mongol empire, conquest, tactics]

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Advancements in Technology in the Allied Air Forces During World War Two

- Extended Essay Throughout the 20th century, the Allied Air Forces during World War II experienced rapid advancements in technology, mainly with the immense amount of new aircrafts that were being made, as well as the new tactics used. This progress would greatly influence modern day as it pushed for the evolution of the air force, as it pushed the boundaries of what was possible. The Allied Air Forces consisted of the United States Army Air Forces, The Royal Air Force, and the Soviet Air Force, all of which increased in control and power as the war went on, resulting in the vast improvements of aviation, Air power started to become one of the most prominent aspects of the war directly...   [tags: aircrafts, tactics, battles]

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Myanmar's Foreign Politics for Iran, North Korea, and Syria

- ... Moreover, regional powerhouses, such as China, Japan, and India, can use their geopolitical power to leverage their position, exerting influence over a less powerful country . Finally, Track 2 diplomacy can be considered if more official modes of discussion are not effective, as it involves non-officials engaging in dialogue, with the intention of conflict resolution or confidence building between nations. This approach is most effective The following three case studies illustrate times when alternate approaches to diplomacy are needed and the relative success of each approach....   [tags: diplomacy, tactics, government, demands]

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The Australian Kokoda Campaign During the World War II

- Kokoda was arguably Australia’s most significant campaigns of the Second World War. The track crosses some of the most rugged and most isolated terrain in the world, and is only passable by foot. Being poorly equipped, and having not developed effective jungle warfare tactics, troops had to manoeuvre through the rough terrain. “In these moss forests, where you couldn't see the sun, the roots of the trees are all covered in moss and the track was only root from root. Further along, where it was not quite so high, you would spend three hours climbing up a small pad through the jungle.” (Simonson, 1995) Australia’s involvement through this jungle-enclosed pathway was the last resource Australia...   [tags: japanese, jungle warfare tactics]

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United States Army Weapons Intelligence Team

- United States Army Weapons Intelligence Teams (WIT) play a crucial role in the intelligence gathering of the weapons systems that the enemy employs on today’s battlefield. It is because of these specialized teams of Soldiers and the unique skills they possess that we, as an Army, have been able to develop and implement Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) that have saved countless American and Coalition Forces lives. The very first Weapons Intelligence Teams began their initial training at Fort Gordon, GA....   [tags: Tactics, Techniques, Procedures, Army]

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Unconventional Warfare: Nuclear, Biological War

- Unconventional Warfare Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear Reconnaissance Evolution Unconventional warfare by means of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) methods have existed for millennia. Dating as far back as the Hellenistic Age, this means of lethality has been evidenced through textual findings where Alexander the Great and his Army sustained poisoned arrows from Indian rivals. With the evolution that comes with time, the extensive use of chlorine and mustard gas were introduced by Germans during World War I (Landau, 1991)....   [tags: terrorism, tactics, unmanned vehicles]

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Russian Tactics During World War II

- Russian Tactics During World War II The Russians began the war in a disorganised way as a result of the purges of officers prior to the outbreak. In addition Stalin ignored intelligence concerning the German invasion plans. Thus the issue here is to reflect on just how the Russians managed to become one of the victor nations. Among the factors one would include: the central organisation of resources which gave the nation the ability to resist; the large-scale mobilisation of resources, especially the placing of women in the workforce to release males for army service; the partial reconciliation w...   [tags: Papers]

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From Corsets and Crocheting to Kevlar and Combat: The Journey of a Female Soldier

- The change from conventional battle lines to an all out street conflict impacts all elements of the armed forces. Traditional and distinct separations in the boundaries that define non-hostile occupations commonly known as “support units” from their “combat arms” counterparts causes problems when those supportive elements encounter hostilities and naturally take measures to defend themselves. Conflict arises when those elements, engaging in combat, have female soldiers, which, is thought to be a violation of the United States Military Policy....   [tags: Military]

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Would whey protein supplementation decrease muscle atrophy in immobile Special Forces soldiers during Special Support and Reconnaissance missions?

- Would whey protein supplementation decrease muscle atrophy in immobile Special Forces soldiers during Special Support and Reconnaissance missions. Introduction Watching silently from a concealed position lays an elite soldier on a Special Support and Reconnaissance (SSR) mission. Less then one hundred metres from the enemy, that soldier may be required to lie there unmoving and undetected for long periods, days to weeks at a time. During this time his muscles are slowly beginning to atrophy due to disuse, just like any other immobile person’s, be it due to Doctor ordered bed rest, recovery from an accident, the zero gravity of space flight, or immobility due to ageing....   [tags: Military]

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Political, Industrial, & Military Powers of Industrial Revolution

- Political, Industrial, & Military Powers of Industrial Revolution By the 1750s the industrial revolution had begun and there were many advancements directed at cotton weaving as a result of limited technology. Because of this limited technology people were slow in inventing other types of machines. This of was a time of drastic change and transformation from the use of mere hand tools to using powerful machines. A problem with these revolutionary machines was the amount of pollution that was produced, such as CO2, and the faulty methods in which these pollution problems were dealt with....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Role of US Military Action in President Bush's War

- Role of US Military Action in President Bush's War       An observant 12 year old told the New York Times Magazine not long ago that, "War is not like one attack; it's a big deal." On September 11, 2001, America was the target of an attack that left over five thousand people dead and many more wounded. President Bush has since declared a war on terrorism, but unlike conventional wars, this one has no discrete enemy and must be fought on a number of different "fronts." Fighting a war on terrorism cannot be fought in the traditional sense, by the very definition of terrorism....   [tags: September 11 Terrorism Essays]

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Is the Notion of an Early Modern Military Revolution Tenable?

- Is the Notion of an Early Modern Military Revolution Tenable. The notion of an early modern military revolution is one which is a much debated subject among historians. Two historians who are very dominant in this field are Geoffrey Parker and Michael Roberts. Although they both agree that a military revolution occurred, they disagree on the timing of a revolution in war. Roberts argues that a military revolution started in 1560 and "by 1660, the modern art of war had come to birth." Parker, on the other hand, sees the military revolution as a "firmly sixteenth century phenomenon with antecedents in the fifteenth." Prior to the early modern period, warfare was based around castles and fo...   [tags: history sixteenth century fifteenth century]

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Terrorism, Military Force and Nuclear Power

- Threats to individual state’s security have existed in many forms throughout all of history whether it is through weapons of mass destruction, an rouge state threatening the security of another, or through terrorist organizations with a strong political agenda. Hoffman defines terrorism as the use of violence or threat of violence by a non-state actor with a chain of command to pursue political aims and motifs. With this definition, I was able to understand the other articles more precisely. Art speaks about the use of military force and the different motivations or reasons why a state would use military force on another state or on a non-state actor....   [tags: Middle East, Threat]

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Military Success Through History And History

- Military success through history can be attributed to a variety of facets;, great men, moral, tactical awareness, and numerous other traits. , However, all of these contributions at their root though are a product of a system’s military culture. Historically many systems saw success in military expeditions because of cultural ties; the Spartans with their Agoge training, the Romans and their evolution of civic militarism, the Jihad of the decentralized Muslim caliphs. One of the finest systems to analyze cultural success in war though is a study of the Varangian Guard, an elite mercenary group that served the Byzantine Empire for about 600 years....   [tags: Byzantine Empire, Kievan Rus', Varangians, Rus']

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Decisive Military Victory in Operation Chromite

- Operation Chromite led to one of the most decisive military victories in modern warfare. The landing at the port of Inchon not only led to the capture of Seoul, but also the capture of Kimpo Airfield which allowed for aviation assets to assist the advancing force. Against great odds and opposition the United States Army, Navy and Marines led the United Nations force in capturing a key port and severing the logistical supply line of the North Korean People’s Army (NKPA). Many of the joint force operations, planning and tactics used in the execution of this amphibious assault set the stage for the modern day air assault....   [tags: north korea, communism, general macarthur]

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Clausewitz's "On War": Useful Insights for Twenty-First Century Warfare

- Amongst military theorists and practitioners who studied war, its origin and implications, Carl von Clausewitz assumes a place among the most prominent figures. With his book On War, he demonstrated his capability to provide thorough historical analysis of the conflicts he experienced, and as a philosopher he reflected on war itself. Today, Western armies conduct warfare in a dynamic environment composed of multiple threats in which civilians form a substantial part. Studying Clausewitz provides current military and political leadership useful insights to understand twenty-first century warfare....   [tags: Military Science]

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A Private Soldiers Life

- The American Civil War was the wars of all the great wars. The casualties of the war included men, women and children, whites and African-Americans. Men and boys of the southern states either volunteered or were conscripted into the army. Many of the soldiers thought that they would be fighting for the southern Nation and its rights. Soldiers from both sides and civilians in the vicinity of battles and the war suffered from hardships. Sam Watkins was high private in the war, and approximately twenty years later he wrote his memoirs....   [tags: Military History]

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Why Has America’s Adversaries Enjoyed Some Strategic Success Against the American Military Might?

- Introduction The United States is a powerful actor in the international system. The power of the United States has been manifested in the international scene through military dimensions, economic and global political power. The United States is on the forefront in providing both military and economic support to various nations across the globe. Moreover, it plays a critical role in global politics by defining world polices which affect human rights and military activities of various nations among others....   [tags: United States, International System, Power]

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Canada’s Military Contributions to World War I, World War II and Korean War

- Every 11 hour, 11 day of the 11th month we express our gratitude to those Canadian soldiers who fought courageously in the wars of World War I, World War II and the Korean War. In World War I’s battles of Vimy Ridge and Passchendaele, it recognized Canada as a strong independent army. During World War II Canada became a supportive ally to Great Britain and United States. In the Korean War, Canada joined United States to stop aggressions between North and South Korea. Canada's war experiences have defined its nation....   [tags: Canadian History]

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Canada’s Military Contributions to World War I, World War II and Korean War

- Every 11 hour, 11 day of the 11th month we express our gratitude to those Canadian soldiers who fought courageously in the wars of World War I, World War II and the Korean War. Lest We Forget is a famous phrase that everyone has heard or seen in the month of Remembrance Day. This phrase reminds us daily about the losses of loved ones and the possibilities of declaring another conflict that could hurt millions of people. Canada's war experiences have defined its nation. Due to Canada's numerous contributions to the World War I, World War II and the Korean War, Canada has earned a reputation as an independent strong fighting force, a supportive ally and eventually as a valuable peacekeeping na...   [tags: Canadian History]

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The Rebirth of the U.S. Military

- The Rebirth of the U.S. Military During this last half of the twentieth century the US military was under siege from all sides, internal and external. The root cause of this situation can be traced back to Vietnam and the governments lack of true commitment. What resulted was the near destruction of the US military. The military managed to come out in the end to become perhaps the best military in the world by completely reevaluating itself and reorganizing almost every aspect . The primary focus will be on the reorganization of the Army and Air force, and how they were affected by the disaster of Vietnam....   [tags: Papers]

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Battle of the Somme as a Military Tragedy

- Battle of the Somme as a Military Tragedy photoText Box: Joseph Joffre[Photo: Joseph Joffre]Verdun was a fortified French garrison town on the River Meuse 200km east of Paris. In December 1915, General Erich von Falkenhayn, Chief of Staff of the German Army, decided to attack Verdun. Although he admitted he would be unable to break through at these points on the Western Front, he argued that in defending Verdun, the Germans would "bleed the French army white". The German attack on Verdun started on 21st February 1916....   [tags: Papers]

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