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Analysis of Losing Isaiah

- Support is defined as a means to endure bravely or quietly (Merriam-Webster). In Losing Isaiah, Khaila, a recovered crack addict, serves some time incarcerated. She then goes through a rehabilitation program, during which her main source of support was her case worker and counselor. In the process of fully recovering from crack she discovers that her baby, Isaiah, is still alive. With the help of her counselor and a lawyer she is able to endure a long and pressing trial to gain a second chance to be a better mother to Isaiah (Losing Isaiah)....   [tags: Losing Isaiah 2014]

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The Language of Eudora Welty's Losing Battles

- The Language of Eudora Welty's Losing Battles In his essay, "The Languages of Losing Battles", Mr. Bass contends that the form of language used by two major characters in Eudora Welty's Losing Battles, Julia Mortimer and Granny Vaughn, serves as a challenge to the "male-authored decrees" (Bass) found throughout the book. Julia's idioms are "teaching, writing, and books," (Bass)while Granny Vaughn, on the other hand, uses oral language to transmit family history. While Julia's province is one of ideas and abstraction in the written word, Granny Vaughn's stories are concrete, empirical, and rooted in actual events and real people....   [tags: Eudora Welty Losing Battles]

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Losing the self

- Man is deemed to be both a biological and a social being; and as such, man’s health is depicted scientifically and sociologically (Williams & Bendelow, 1998). This recognition of man’s health as more than a biological phenomenon has highlighted the significance of the ontological and emotional component of health and illness (Williams & Bendelow, 1998, pp. 21-22). Illness, described as the “social meaning of the biological condition [disease]” (Eisenberg, 1977 cited in Conrad & Barker, 2010), is experienced as influenced by culture and social systems (Conrad & Barker, 2010)....   [tags: Biology, The Body]

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The Importance Of Losing A Love One

- Grieving Losing a Love one is never easy, it’s also hard to deal with knowing they’re no longer here physically. When something tragic like death occurs, people tend to find different ways to cope, I’ve lost multiple loved ones and finding a coping method was hard. A lot of people tend to stay to themselves when something bad happens in order to realize that the person is no longer here. Talking to a friend or someone close to you is another great way to cope with loss because it’s not good to keep things bottled up and talking about it helps to clear your mind....   [tags: Emotion, English-language films, Thought]

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The Importance Of Exercising And Losing Weight

- ) One thing that I would like to change about my health is to start exercising and losing weight. I hate being overweight. It 's not fun at all. I have trouble finding clothes to fit me and when I do find something that can fit me, I hate the way that it looks on me. I 've been going on diets and drinking water a whole lot more. I 've been losing weight slowly, little by little. If I exercised though, it would speed up my weight loss process way faster. As I 'm getting older, I 'm learning how to change my lifestyle ways....   [tags: Nutrition, Obesity, Weight loss, Health]

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Losing A Mother At The Age Of Ten

- Losing a mother at the age of ten is not something one could imagine; when faced with it, you have no other choice but to hold onto the memories that were left. The day my mother was killed she had the opportunity, to call everyone in the family, to say goodbye. Sixteen years later, I can still remember those exact words of that phone call. While on the phone, I remember my mother saying that she loved me, and that I would probably not be seeing her for a while. At first this really did not register in my mind, because she always struggled to take care of my sisters and I; we often ended up staying with family members for a good amount of time....   [tags: Family, Mother, The Driver]

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Divorce : The Battle Families Are Losing

- DIVORCE: THE BATTLE FAMILIES ARE LOSING Since the beginning of creation, marriage was ordained as a sacred covenant from God. God is the designer of marriage and performed the first wedding ceremony in the Garden of Eden, therefore if God is the creator of marriage, marriage is important to Him. (Chappell, 5) God’s intention is for one man and one woman for life. Sadly, this is not exhibited today in America. Many families are torn apart through divorce. It is safe to say that most people know at least one person who has been divorced....   [tags: Marriage, Divorce, Alimony, Family law]

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Finding The Will by Losing One's Self

- In our philosophy of art class we have looked at many different classical views on art and beauty. Such ideals as Plato’s criticisms on art, Aristotle’s idea of exemplary beauty and Plotinus’ splendor were discussed in class, and now we look at different philosophers and their attempt to create a theory that holds true for all previous philosophies and more modern ideals; modern ideals such as taste, aesthetics, and imagination. The philosopher that I think did this very well incorporating not only classical philosophers such as Aristotle and Plato but also modern concepts such as imagination and aesthetics is Nietzsche....   [tags: Plato, Nietzche, philosophical analysis]

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Outcomes of Gaining and Losing Faith

- ... Let’s hope” (Ohlin 209). This proves that Anne’s inner conflict is that she hopes for her relationship with Diane to last, but does not believe that will happen. After losing faith in herself, she thinks she does not have the ability to maintain a relationship. She even says, “Other people were destined to keep leaving, over and over again” (Ohlin 229). She is saying that she will always have to abandon the people she loves. She does not understand that if she wants to be with Diane, she needs to have faith in herself....   [tags: spiritual and religious beliefs]

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Breaking The Verge Of Losing Consciousness

- On the verge of losing consciousness, she asks her self why does she stay with him. She sits with blood running down her face. He leaves the room and she rushes for her phone to call for help. He reenters the room and becomes more enraged because he feels she is now trying to stop his control over her. He grabs the phone from her hands and throws it. He leaves the room again and returns with a shotgun in his hands. He walks up to her and holds the gun to her head and tells her he will pull the trigger if she tries to call for help again....   [tags: Abuse, Bullying, Physical abuse, Child abuse]

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The Cost of a Losing War

- The Cold War loomed, creating a red scare that dominated the United States culture. Communism had a large effect on the United States and many other countries. The Communism form of government expanded across much of Southeast Asia. This devastated America economy and generated a upset faithless nation. Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Nixon all felt the need to end communism in South Vietnam to bring peace upon the nation. The Vietnam War did not begin until 1965, which was after Truman and Eisenhower’s years in office they still had a significant role in this War....   [tags: Cold War, communism, Vietnam War, United States]

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Why Are Americans Losing Their Faith?

- Back in 1990, about 8 percent of the U.S. population had no religious preference. By 2010, this percentage had more than doubled to 18 percent. That’s a difference of about 25 million people, all of whom have somehow lost their religion. That raises an obvious question: how come. Why are Americans losing their faith. Today, we get a possible answer thanks to the work of Allen Downey, a computer scientist at the Olin College of Engineering in Massachusetts, who has analyzed the data in detail. He says that the demise is the result of several factors but the most controversial of these is the rise of the Internet....   [tags: Sociology, Statistics, Internet]

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We Are Losing The Truth War

- People have this bizarre obsession with a denial of the obvious. There must be an alternative explanation for things. A point of view outside the mainstream — intriguing and mysterious as it is — conveys a feeling of meaning and importance. Who cares whether it makes no actual sense, as long as it excites our senses. This info-loaded age gives our imaginations license. With access to so much stuff, we can allege anything and make it sound convincing; even reasonable. This is what conspiracy theorists do....   [tags: Truth, Reality, Debut albums, Logic]

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Losing Weight The Healthy Way

- The best way to lose weight fast. Does this really mean get unhealthy. We have all at one time or another ask ourselves what is the best way to lose weight fast. We search the web or read the diet pill ads, but the best way to lose any weight is to do get healthy. Attempting to lose a any amount of weight in a short amount of time can affect your health. Burning calories is what makes us lose weight but it is important for your health to know what your calorie intake should be. Exercise burns the calories but if you neglect to put calories in, you will basically dissolve your muscle....   [tags: Health]

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Ways Of Losing Weight Naturally

- 10 ways of losing weight naturally. Looking good is one of the many universal feelings that everyone would want to have. For ladies in particular, being in a good curvy shape I guess means more to you than anything. Masculinity also demands a good shape and this in a reason that every one of us need to consider cutting down the fats that deems us shapeless and bulky for no reason. Cutting weight is a good thought but cutting it naturally is way better than the new unhealthy means that everyone seem to be running for....   [tags: Nutrition, Health, Obesity, Weight loss]

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Exercise Is Losing Its Importance

- Since the dawn of humanity, exercise has been crucial for physical survival. In recent times, however, exercise is losing its significance to human survival. Some would argue that it already has lost its significance, and as exercise becomes less important, people exercise less. According to, only 33% of adults receive the recommended amount of physical activity each week (citation). Clearly there is a problem. However, there is still a fraction of the population that exercises diligently....   [tags: Physical exercise, Obesity, Weight loss, Muscle]

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Creating Chaos and Losing Knowledge

- In “The Plague”, by Albert Camus, Joseph Grand experiences a creative stagnation. He cannot get past his opening sentence: “One fine morning in the month of May an elegant young horsewoman might have been seen riding a handsome sorrel mare along the flowery avenue of the Bois de Boulogne.” Having revised it and rearranged it for years, he cannot make sense of it and fails to generate a story. His idea of perfection ruins his creative side. He frantically wants the precise words and thinks that learning Latin will make him a better writer....   [tags: Albert Camus, creativity, Lewis Thomas, Gregor]

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Exercise Without Losing Weight

- In Brief: Exercise without losing weight. (2007, August 1). Harvard Health Letter. Retrieved from Analyze: I retrieved this peer-reviewed article from within the Harvard Health Letter where an author was not listed in order to evaluate the authority and background. When the word exercise is brought into conversation, one thought assumed to be associated is weight loss....   [tags: obese, medical, caleries]

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Losing A Loved One

- Losing a Loved One Many people lose their loved ones suddenly each day. My first experience with losing a loved one was my great-grandmother’s death in 2012. My great-grandmother’s sudden death taught me that I should appreciate the people in my life more. I do not know how long my loved ones will be around or how many chances I will get to make memories with them and learn from them. The afternoon of April sixth was just like any other Friday. My mother came home from work and told my sister Amber and I that us three were going to my great-grandmother’s house to stay the night....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, English-language films]

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The Pain on Children of Losing Both of their Parents

- Imagine the thought of losing everything you have at such a young age, and having to do everything on your own without any help. The thought of losing one’s parents and being put through foster care is a child’s worst nightmare. In the book “Grief Girl” a teenage girl has to endure the pain of losing both of her parents and help take care of her younger brother. Losing a parent is not the only issue children have to deal with, but it is one that is so heartbreaking and overlooked at times. Children can become depressed, suicidal and even lose their appetite, making them become anorexic....   [tags: foster care, orphan, parent loss]

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Dieting Should Be Healthy And Losing Weight

- No one wants to be or feel like they are overweight, unhealthy, or unattractive. When someone in the general public looks in the mirror or steps on the scale, and they are not satisfied with what is being shown, one of the first ideas to bubble to the surface is dieting. There are so many dieting solutions out there and one of the most popular are the fad diets. Dieting should be about getting healthy and losing weight in a healthy way. Fad diets however, are about losing a lot of weight in a disproportionally short amount of time....   [tags: Nutrition, Obesity, Diets, Dieting]

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The Modern Poem: Words and Losing a Language

- Poetry Essay The modern poem, “Of Modern Poetry”, and the two postmodern poems, “Words” and “Losing a Language” all embody the central theme of the usage and style of a particular type of language. They all show how poetry can successfully personify the feelings that one feels and how poetry should be written. What sets apart the poetic style of both modernism and postmodernism is that both attempted to diverge from the traditional proses of 19th century, specifically, from realism. Both also tend to form around the philosophy of subjectivity as both explore the inner emotions of characters and thus use it to develop ideas and conceptions in the reader’s mind....   [tags: personalized style language in poetry]

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Qaulity of Life: The Importance of Losing Weight

- To be told by your physician that you need to lose weight must be an incredibly difficult feeling; to have one of your biggest insecurities suddenly spoken out loud. For my friend, with the way he has been consistently gaining weight since middle school and not changing his behavior, it should not come as a surprise. However, the physician is correct that he should begin finding healthy and safe ways to lose the excess weight and therefore improve his quality of life. Losing weight requires changes to many aspects of a person’s life, including monitoring portion size, making healthy food choices, and increasing physical activity....   [tags: behavior, physician, healthy, safe]

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The Problem Of Losing The Tv Licence Fee

- leading to bankruptcy. The new purpose will mean a complete change in the business structure and formation to adapt to this purpose and to fulfil the demands it sets. The next disadvantage to losing the TV licence fee is the affect it has on stakeholders. The loss mean a complete change in structure due to this formation and this will lead to employees adapting to new skills and positions to ensure money is being raised. This could lead to confusion and a loss in motivation due to the frustration of developing these new skills....   [tags: Management, Affect]

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Are Borders Losing Their Importance in a Globalizing World?

- Borders between countries serve a variety of purposes. Borders acts as physical barriers and, occasionally, as bridges between two countries. Borders also provide a means of transferring resources between two lands, whether economic or natural. There are two types of borders to be considered when looking at the border of any European country. Firstly, the border between two member-states. Secondly, the borders between EU member-states and non-EU states. Within the European Union, borders have been almost entirely abolished with the implementation of the Schengen agreement with the exception of the United Kingdom and Ireland, who have their own agreement, mainly in the Common Travel Area....   [tags: International Politics ]

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Losing by Winning the Lottery by Shirley Jackson

- Losing by Winning the Lottery The story by Shirley Jackson “The Lottery” was written in 1948; it describes a village getting ready for their annual lottery. The lottery is not what it seems to be and the writer does not give any additional information on the topic until the end of the narrative. The main achievement of this short piece is the suspense leading to the main idea and how the author incorporates the details. Jackson starts by describing the day and how beautiful it is “the morning of June 27th was clear and sunny, with the fresh warmth of a full-summer day; the flowers were blossoming profusely and the grass was richly green” (1)....   [tags: annual lottery, villagers, suspense]

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Heart Racing Of The Fact Of Losing Nia

- Jodi is pacing the floors back and forth, shaking her head thinking, heart racing of the fact of losing Nia to him drives her crazy. She doesn 't want to tell Nia her true feelings knowing that he 's still lurking around. So one day Jodi can actually want to be with her. Would this plan really work or was a fail and you Nia will be gone forever. She 's thinking of any and all flaws in this plan. Her anxiety is kicking in and she started to have a panic attack. Nia sees the concern on her face, before Nia said anything Jodi runs from the room crying....   [tags: Fuck, Profanity]

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Losing Weight : A Challenge For Many People

- Honestly, losing weight can be a challenge for many people. In most cases, it calls for hard work and lots of commitment while taking too long for you to achieve your dream body. However, it doesn’t always have to be this way. Dieting If you have tried everything to lose weight with little success, relax. Dieting is one of the surest ways to lose weight healthily. As such, if done the correct way, it will work miracles for you. Most people who have tried to lose weight by dieting without much success were not doing it the right way....   [tags: Nutrition, Obesity, Sugar, Dieting]

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The Vegan Diet Is Good For Losing Weight

- “The vegan diet is healthy and leads to a compassionate lifestyle. I’ve gotten so many benefits. My weight is easily maintained, my skin glows, I sleep better and I feel more energized,” says Meagan Duhamel, a Canadian pair skater and an Olympic silver medalist (Duhamel 7). A vegan diet is a type of vegetarian diet that excludes meats, fish, eggs, dairy products and all other animal-derived ingredients. “Vegan” is also a term to address people who are on a vegan diet. Vegan people eat only plant-based foods, so a vegan diet is known as good for losing weight....   [tags: Nutrition, Veganism, Vitamin B12, Soy milk]

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Losing Weight Takes Exercise and Diet

- ... For example, go from a 3-minute jog into a 90-second sprint. Alternating between the intensities for about half an hour can make you burn up to 500 calories. (See References 2) The American Council on Exercise favors HIIT on one or two days of the week. (See References 3) Add Variety to Your Cardio If you do the same type of cardio each time you exercise, your body gets used to it, and you hit a plateau where you don't get the desired results. This is where cross training comes in. It adds variety to your routine, improves your overall fitness, prevents overuse injuries, and promotes caloric and fat burn, especially when it's done longer than 30 minutes....   [tags: cario, strength-training, calories]

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The Long Term Effects Of Losing Profile

- Every day, Australian purchase significant amount of fresh fruits and vegetable. The consumption has been booming rural farmers business, increasing their margin of the profile, rise rural population, therefore, promote rural health(Craymer, 2015). With the floating of the living cost, more and more consumers are seeking cheap vegetables and fruits. This has led to a growing number of fruits and vegetables importing business(Fransisca et al., 2015; O 'Donoghue, 2015). It has been estimated that 12% of the fruits and vegetables are from other countries, this has not only drop the price for the consumers, but also bring fresher in season fruits and vegetables to the table(Australian food stati...   [tags: Health care, Health care provider, Healthcare]

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Are Working Mom 's Losing The Battle?

- Are Working Mom 's losing the Battle. Women you have to be home with your children. We cannot handle your troublemakers anymore. We hear society telling us this time and again, but women can have it all. Children a career and still make dinner for the husband. As a society, we have watched and read as the media has gone back and forth with the controversy. Can a mother work and still be a mother. Is it detrimental to a child 's development. Does it mean your kids won 't do as well as other kids in school....   [tags: Mother, Family, Role Models, Father]

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Eating Fruits And Vegetables And Losing Weight

- Weight control is a concern of most individuals, and as a person ages weight becomes more difficult to manage. When this problem occurs, the majority of people look to exercise or diet change for answer. In order to manage one’s weight a person must eat fewer calories than they expend, which can be completed by consuming foods with lower energy density, high fiber, and high water content. When it comes to research and diet it is common knowledge that fruits and vegetables are superior in nutrition when compared to the other food groups....   [tags: Nutrition, Obesity, Cancer, Atherosclerosis]

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Personal Narrative : Losing Weight Fast

- The clock ticks two o’clock in the morning, I wake up with sweat all over my body and the bed. My body is trembling, and the walls are swirling around me. My night stand is lined up with black totes of medical supplies; I call for my mom who rushes in and grabs one of the totes. She takes out a pricker and pricks my throbbing finger. My parents and older brother stare and watch with fear in their eyes. Diabetes has gotten the best of me. It was not always like this. I was an average seven year old boy enjoying the youthful life....   [tags: Diabetes mellitus, Insulin, High school]

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Mcdonald 's : Losing Market Share

- In 2002 McDonald 's was losing market share. Employee and franchisee morale were extremely low. The popular view was that the time for McDonald 's had passed. Shares were in severe decline. Then the company 's chief executive officer, Jim Cantalupo, and president at the time, Charlie Bell, instituted a turnaround that took less than a year to show results. I was at McDonald 's and participated in designing and executing the turnaround plan. The momentum carried the brand until the effects of misguided decisions in recent years put McDonald 's into another downward spiral....   [tags: McDonald's, Hamburger, Fast food]

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Losing Someone You Care About

- Losing Someone You Care About Death is something no one likes to encounter. Weather it be a parent, son, daughter, or a friend. Growing up in the small town of Hunter, population of about a hundred, everyone knew everyone and their business. Not having anything to keep the children occupied during breaks from school; we were always just hanging out at each others house and becoming closer friends. The departure of growing up or even death never entered our minds at this point in our lives. Although, we knew two things were compelled to happen, we must live and die....   [tags: Death/Mortality]

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Losing Weight the Correct Way

- Losing Weight the Correct Way Though many Americans are in the diet and weight-loss craze, the population as a whole is still considered overweight (Lemonick). This may be due to many factors, such as lack of nutrition in food and having a slothful lifestyle. Also, as people pursue other interests, such as careers and family life, they ignore keeping themselves healthy and fit. To maintain health and life span, one must exercise, eat moderately, and eat foods that have nutritional value. If one follows this plan, one can successfully lose weight and be healthy....   [tags: Health Exercise Weight Loss Essays Nutritin]

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Losing Your Job Because You Are not an Asset

- ... Missing over the allotted amount of time earned for sick or vacation leave puts a hardship on the employer and other employees. Should an employee shows up late to work on a regular basis and/or repeatedly misses work, chances are the employee will lose that job position. Sexual harassment is a major problem in the work place. For example, if a young woman is at the water fountain getting a drink and someone walks by her and whistles or makes an inappropriate comment to her, that is sexual harassment....   [tags: employer, performance, dependable]

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Losing Patients and Gaining Insight

- On Losing Patients and Gaining Insight "Call 911!" I shouted to my friend as I sprinted down the street. The young Caucasian male had been thrown fifteen yards from the site of impact and surprisingly was still conscious upon my arrival. "My name is Michael. Can you tell me your name?" In his late twenties, he gasped in response as his eyes searched desperately in every direction for help, for comfort, for assurance, for loved ones, for death, until his eyes met mine. "Flail chest", I thought to myself as I unbuttoned his shirt and placed my backpack upon his right side....   [tags: Medicine College Admissions Essays]

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Losing Our Way : An Intimate Portrait Of A Troubled America

- A few days ago, while I was looking over my budget for the month and what amount I needed to allotted for my monthly student loan payment, it donned on me how a large percentage of my money over the next decade would be dedicated to paying these ridiculously high student loans. I questioned in that instance if it was all worth it…the graduate school experience, the crippling debt, late hours spent working at a retail store…and so much more. All of this rinse, wash, and repeat business, and for what....   [tags: United States, Unemployment]

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Personal Narrative Losing A Job Is Not The End Of The World

-  Losing a job is always a difficult and painful experience for any individual. It is even more difficult and heart wrenching based on the years of service with the organization, how you lost your job and the responsibilities that are hinged on your employment (family, mortgage etc.). However, as a company, it is important to let employees know that losing their job is not the end of the world. As Bob Marley said “when one door is closed another door is open”. This should be the mindset that management must try to instill in employees as they take on the challenge of a new chapter in their life....   [tags: Employment, Problem solving, Training, Problem]

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Tanking: Losing Games to Improve Draft Positions

- ... The Boston Celtics have traded away star players Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and all star point guard Rajon Rondo is out with a torn ACL. With a loaded draft class coming into the NBA next year losing seems like a good idea for the Celtics. Lets take a look at the games played by the Celtics this season. A stretch of ten games in November the Celtics record is 4-6 with three losses by more than ten points. However, the other seven games were all within ten points, which is considered a close game....   [tags: teams, players, coaches, fans, moral]

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Military Death and the Families’ Reaction to Losing Their Loved Ones

- Losing a loved one is always a difficult and traumatic time that every person in his or her life has to go through. People go through many stages of grief and react to death differently. Some people tend to have flat a fleck, while others are seen whaling to miss that loved one. Many people feel an intense sadness or lost when someone close to them dies. This affects the way they react to others, extend of their physical and mental health in which is tested as well the length of healing to get over this devastating time....   [tags: stages of grief, ambiguos loss]

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Death Is Inevitable : Why Is Losing Someone So Hard?

- Death is inevitable. Any living thing that is born into the world comes with an expiration date. That date could be day one or at age 100. This event is sad and unwanted and almost no one knows how to perfectly cope with a loss of someone they knew. There are some remedies to numb oneself from the pain but none that are good for you; physically or emotionally. People seem to face a loss with an attitude they got from their first experience with death. As many wise people say the first is always the hardest....   [tags: Emotion, Psychology, Psychological manipulation]

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The Bereavement Process For A Daughter Losing Her Mother

- Pratt, Walker and Wood (1992) stated not much is known about the bereavement process for a daughter losing her elderly mother after being in a caregiving position. This study examined the bereavement process among daughters who provided care to their mothers before she passed away. The daughters were asked to share their bereavement feelings at 2 months and again at 6 months after the death of their mothers. They were also asked what impact their mother’s death had on their perception of interpersonal relationships and mortality....   [tags: Family, Interpersonal relationship, Caregiver]

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Should The Right Formula Be Successful For Losing Weight?

- Today’s society people are starting to be more health conscious than ever before, people are trying to eat right and even take care of their bodies. However for some individuals finding the right formula to be successful in losing weight is an everyday hassle, not only is it hard to make the right choices in eating properly it is also a disturbance in trying to implement exercise in everyday routine. Regardless of being active in trying to be health conscious there are vast programs out here to help the cause of one to lose weight: Nutri-System, Jenny Craig, and Weight- Watchers just to name a few....   [tags: Obesity, Dieting, Cancer, Adipose tissue]

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The Most Effective Method of Losing Body Composition

- The Most Effective Method of Losing Body Composition Body composition is the true definition of an individual’s weight status. Scale weight alone does not necessarily mean that an individual is lean or fat compared to another individual. Lean mass (muscle) actually weighs more than fat tissue; therefore an individual with large amounts of lean mass will have an "elevated" scale weight while they are not over fat (Expert123, 2009). If an individual focus on losing weight and keep it off while at the same time trying to increase lean mass (muscle) it a much better way to lose weight and keep it off and the only way you can do it correctly is threw body composition analysis....   [tags: weight, mass, Subramanian, Insanity Fit Test]

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Problem With The Internet Is Young People Are Losing Their Social Skills

- One problem with the Internet is young people are losing their social skills. In “What Adolescents Miss When We Let Them Grow up in Cyberspace”, the author Staples explains, “Net can actually isolate the younger, socially connected people who unwittingly allow time online to replace face-to-face- interactions with their families and friends” (59). The younger teens and children are all focused on Facebook, and Twitter, and they don’t come visit or don’t have time to stay with, their grandparents or their other relatives....   [tags: Abuse, Bullying, Internet, MySpace]

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`` Losing Humanity On The Name Of Technology `` By Stan Ownbey

- Imagine a technologically advanced life a decade from now. I see everything that we have always dreamed of; with the flying cars, internet glasses, gadgets that we couldn’t fathom 60 years ago. 60 years ago humans where still amazed by the simplistic things in life. In the article “Losing Humanity in the Name of Technology” Stan Ownbey describes how he never saw a piece of technology until his brother came home with a portable phonograph when he was about 8. He was simply amazed by it. As humans we have many different emotions coursing through our very being every day....   [tags: Internet, History of the Internet, Mobile phone]

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Is Hong Kong Losing Its Competitiveness as a Logistic Hub?

- Introduction Hong Kong has been a leading logistic hub in Asia and the world for the past few decades. We are ranked the world's busiest ports for Hong Kong airport as well as the container port for more than ten years’ time. Yet in recent years Hong Kong has been facing an intense competition, especially from the nearby ports, namely Shenzhen. Despite Shanghai and Singapore are surpassing Hong Kong in terms of container volume, we are geographically separated, so we do not serve the same cargo source....   [tags: competition, government policy, taxation]

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Personal Narrative : Losing My Best Friend

- Losing my Best Friend Life puts everyone through tough situations that can be life changing. These situations can teach us lessons that we never thought we would learn. I had a personal experience of almost losing a person who meant the world to me. The moment when life and death is on the line, you begin to realize what it really means. My freshman year of high school I met a guy named Justin Dicus. He was an amazing football player, all his friends looked up to him. There was nothing not to like about him....   [tags: Thought, Mind, Debut albums, Left-wing politics]

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The Digital Music Age; Why Artists are Losing Profit

- The rapid evolution of music distribution over the past six decades is no doubt nothing short of a phenomenon; from the vinyl record of the 1950’s and the many forms of cassette tapes introduced in the 60’s and 70’s, to the compact disc of the 80’s and the digital media formats of the present day. It is certain that the advancement of technology in these ways has had a dramatic effect on both the way we listen to our favorite artists and the way we interact with music. Furthermore, the rise in the digital music age has also changed the way we value music, or rather, devalue music....   [tags: music distribution, streaming, big box]

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Losing A Child Is A Parent 's Worst Nightmare

- Losing a child to death is every parent’s worst nightmare. When this tragedy does occur, research has shown that bereaved parents are significantly more likely to develop complicated grief in the wake of a child’s death. Complicated grief can be present in up to 15% of all individuals who are grieving; higher percentages are observed in grieving parents. Manifesting as a prolonging of the acute stage of grief, complicated grief is characterized by deep longing for the deceased; intense and persistent sorrow; preoccupation with or, conversely, avoidance of reminders of the one who died; and shock, anger, and bewilderment at the loss....   [tags: Grief, Death, Life, Grief counseling]

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Personal Statement : My Heart Without Losing Myself

- “You have to take care of yourself before you can help others.” Or at least that is what I have always heard. Growing up, I came to be thought of as trusting but almost gullible, forgiving but almost naïve, generous but almost foolish. My family praised but also chastised my charitable nature but I could not help myself. I played the role of the kid who would share his toys, helped my classmates with their homework, and cheered up the stranger who looked a little sad on the playground. My parents worried that I stretched myself too thin, worried that I concerned myself more with others than with myself....   [tags: Abortion, Human rights, Pro-choice]

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Health Pl Losing Weight And Eating Better

- What comes to mind when you hear or think about a health plan. Losing weight and eating better are typically the first two reasons for starting a health plan. The purpose for developing a health plan is not only to develop a healthier weight, but to ensure that the body is operating and the brain is functioning properly. A health plan should incorporate health eating, variety of exercises, and stress management techniques. Of course, before starting any form of health transition it is best to consult a physician....   [tags: Nutrition, Health, Physical exercise, Weight loss]

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Losing Battle Against Drugs

- Losing Battle Against Drugs The article, Losing Battle Against Drugs, is true. I agree with the article that the regulation of drugs into America is impossible to manage. You can spend millions and billions of dollars to decrease the drug trafficking but drugs are going to find another way into the country. For most people that are into drugs such as selling them I can see why they would want too. It’s obvious that it is against the law but if you can get away with it, you would have a lot of money in your pocket....   [tags: Papers]

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Personal Narrative Losing Weight

- Personal Narrative Losing Weight I know I should lose weight. It requires a lot of perseverance that I one time had and need to find again. Many of the reasons I should lose weight are very clear to me. I have read many articles and have heard what my doctor has told me. I lost over forty pounds about three years ago, unfortunately, I gained it back two fold when I was pregnant with my daughter. I still have not been able to get rid of this weight since she was born. Sometimes it causes me to get tired just from going to the grocery store....   [tags: Papers]

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Fear of Losing Control

- It is common understanding in business that to stay ahead of the competition, change is necessary. Employees are consistently told they must continue to find new ways to achieve better results. The direction is clear – improve productivity, become more effective, get more done with less, get it right the first time. When groups in the middle or the bottom of an organization begin to change how they do their work, does the rest of the organization give them unqualified support. “Top-Down” vs. “Bottom-Up” Change While much of senior management at large corporations today might claim to want “self-empowered” employees, the opposite would seem to be the rule....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Dialogue - Losing Humanity

- Dialogue - Losing Humanity "We've lost, haven't we?" her dark eyes turned to him, not pleading, not appealing, but merely stating the undeniable truth. David's heart wrenched at the loss of innocence, and ultimately, the loss of hope, he saw in that gaze. Sera had been his source of inspiration so many times in the past that David was half-afraid that he'd used up so much of her spark himself that he'd left none for her. To see her so bitter, so hopeless like this, cut him deep. "Humanity, I mean....   [tags: Dialogue Conversation Essays]

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Losing Julia

- In Jonathan Hull's book Losing Julia the main character, Patrick Delaney, was a complicated man. At the age of 18, while still very much an innocent boy, he was sent to Europe to fight in a bloody and terrible war. This exposure to the worst of humanity changed him in many ways. During the war he made some of the best and closest friends he ever had in his life. He also watched these friends die a gruesome death while he was only a hundred feet away, unable to help or save them. His entire outlook on life changed....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Losing Someone

- Losing Someone The world seems to stand still when you are told. That feeling you have never felt before, of total sadness. You feel faint and dazed as if you are falling or dreaming. You were told this was going to happen, but you could never be prepared for it. You don't know what to say, you are totally speechless. You burn up, feel dizzy but no tears will come. You have to get out of there, to escape, runaway anything to make this feeling fade. You just don't want to believe it had happened after everything....   [tags: Papers]

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Events that Took Place in The Fall of the Roman Empire

- ... Another tribe, the Vandals, later came through southern Spain and Africa to Italy and took Rome in 455 (Spielvogel 187). In the late fourth and early fifth centuries Rome was also steadily losing provinces in the north and west to the native barbarian tribes. In Britain, for instance, indigenous tribes were taking increasing amounts of control of the area from Rome and liberating themselves of the Empire’s rule (Nardo-2004 95). This had several effects on the Roman Empire. One such effect was that it deprived Rome of the quota of troops from that area that the Empire needed to fight off invaders and the barbarian tribes....   [tags: decline in population, losing province]

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The End of East, by Sookfong Lee and Snow Falling on Cedars, Directed by Scott Hicks

- Regardless of dissimilarities, the gift of innocence is given to all children. From birth, children lack knowledge of evil, and thus free from being accountable for their actions. Nevertheless as this child progresses further in life, they are exposed to violence, sexual behaviours and other evil existing within the world, losing their innocence in the process. The End of East, written by Sookfong Lee, is about the immigrant experience of several youth in the Chan family across several generations, and their experiences in a new country....   [tags: Losing Innocence, Summary]

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Losing Control

- Some people may say that having control over someone or something can bring satisfaction and a sense of power. In the an article called “Gunman Kills Himself After Hostage Drama (584)” written by Charles P. Wallace and Tim Waters loss of control and the feeling of being helplessness makes Robert B. Rose commit a last act of asserting control over himself. In another article written by Martin E.P. Seligman called “On Learned Helplessness (585)” the feeling of loosing control of oneself is something that can cause someone to do things that they thought they would never do....   [tags: Psychology]

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Defining Courage in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

- There are various ways people define what courage is. It might be public speaking or saving a life. Many people believe courage is risking a life to save another. Soldiers are also considered a synonym to courage. However, not everyone saves a life or delivers a speech daily. Still, what is the real definition of courage. In the book To kill a Mockingbird By Harper Lee courage is,” When you know you’re licked before you begin,but you begin anyway and see through no matter what.” (Lee pg.149) This quote defines what real courage is....   [tags: chance, losing, goals, pressure]

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Tips To Assist Perceive Economic Condition Vs Bankruptcy

- ... Before starting proceedings for either case, the people answerable of higher cognitive process ought to closely examine the debt scenario and explore choices offered. There square measure commonly a minimum of some. There also are perpetually agencies offered, over and over for complimentary, that square measure in situ to help with these circumstances. Many times, bankruptcy and economic condition square measure evitable by developing a brand new money strategy and diligently using it. valuation of expenditures and quality generation usually ends up in liberation....   [tags: losing employment, financial scenario]

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Our Ability to Connect with Nature

- Nature is a reality of life. The definition of reality could be everything that cease to exist in an individual’s life. Because reality means something that is neither derivative nor dependent but exists necessarily, nature should be a part of every individual’s life. As individual human beings, we tend to forget the beauty that nature has given us and only see objects and subjects we want to see. Nature has existed since the beginning of time and the bible story of Adam and Eve may suggest that an individual came from nature....   [tags: Losing Connection to Nature]

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Losing My Edge

- Losing My Edge I was friends with everyone on the North team, our rivals, but during the season, we seemed liked enemies. We always talked crap to each other. "Who's going to state this year?" We would say. Back to us they would respond, "Who went to State last year?" The whole season, we anticipated playing North. It all started since the first practice. Our coach would scream, "North is practicing harder than you, they are getting in shape, they are preparing." This made us very angry and his tactics to do better did push us....   [tags: Personal Narrative, Autobiographical Essay]

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Losing My Religion

- Manytimes one hears the words “and it changed my life forever,” or something to that effect; these words seem to be a bit overused and may have lost their meaning for some. So when I heard them from Jon, I must admit that even though he is a friend, I was a bit dubious. Jon claimed that at the age of about thirteen a major change occurred for him. This change dealt with the religion Jon was born into, Judaism. This was the faith that his parents turned to at the age of twenty andbrought into the family after there had been no religious beliefs in the familylineage for quite a while, the religion in which his mother was Orthodox andhis father a rabbi....   [tags: Autobiography Essay, Personal Narrative]

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Losing My Virginity by Richard Branson

- Review of "Losing my Virginity" by Richard Branson Book title: Losing My Virginity Author: Richard Branson Place of publication: Rainville Road, London, England Publisher: Virgin Books; Rev Ed edition Year of publication: June 27th 2002. Number of pages: 672 ISBN-10: 0753506483 ISBN-13: 978-0753506486 Synopsis: Richard Branson takes the reader on the adventure; which is his life. The author openly discusses his family, friends, sexual escapades, life threatening attempts to fly around the world in a hot air balloon; he also covers his many business endeavors ranging from Virgin Records to Virgin Galactic....   [tags: Richard Branson]

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Losing Faith in Young Goodman Brown

- Losing Faith in Young Goodman Brown In “Young Goodman Brown,” by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Goodman Brown is tempted by the evil that surrounds him and he must keep his faith in order to resist it. The use of the events, characters, and symbols throughout the story show that evil is present in the people of the town in which Goodman Brown lives and how Goodman Brown’s faith in them is lost. Humanity is basically flawed and people struggle with making the choice between good and evil. Throughout the story, Goodman Brown is worried about the idea of the townspeople finding out about his meeting with the devil....   [tags: Young Goodman Brown YGB]

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College Admissions Essay: Losing Preconceptions

- Losing Preconceptions I never wanted to go to London. My heart was set on studying in Jerusalem even before I came to college, but unfortunately the unrest in the region made it impossible for me to go. So I applied to London, and had no idea what lay ahead of me. After spending five incredible months in Europe, I realized that my preconceptions and initial disappointment could not have been more incorrect. My experiences in Europe are too memorable and life changing than can be described in a simple essay for it is the small details that made my adventure so worthwhile....   [tags: College Admissions Essays]

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Losing Faith Young Goodman Brown

- Losing Faith Young Goodman Brown Throughout the short story "Young Goodman Brown," written by Nathaniel Hawthorne the main character is searching for Faith in what appears to be an increasingly corrupt world. Faith takes on a double meaning in this story, for Faith is used both as the name of Young Goodman Brown's pretty young wife and the spiritual devotion of Young Goodman Brown to the Puritan Faith. The dual usage of Faith in this short story, along with its theme of devil worship amongst Puritan society draws the reader in, and leaves the story imprinted on his brain for a long time to come....   [tags: essays papers]

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Losing The Plot? Middle Managers And Identity ' By Robyn Thomas And Alison Linstead

- Research is a significant element in all professions; it is a way to find out the result of a given issue or to explore an area that has not previously existed within the literature research. It is significant in business management, as it forms the basis of development and emancipating within the management world, and allows professionals to observe and develop change. This essay critically appraises the research article, ‘Losing the Plot. Middle Managers and Identity’, conducted by Robyn Thomas and Alison Linstead....   [tags: Management, Middle management, Organization]

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Analysis of Four Strategies to Keep from Losing Out to Chains

- ... 2014. Pg. 358) The four strategies that Beck talks about are actually sound marketing steps any small business could benefit from. The first of the four strategies Beck lists is, “Elevate Value.” Here he points out that, “Value isn’t something you “provide” as much as it is something our customers and clients feel you provide,” that, “the feeling of value is created by much more than price and quality.” (Beck. Nov. 2013) According to Beck, a company can improve its quality and add variety to make its product/s more desirable....   [tags: customer, profitable, prices, business]

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The Negative Portrayal Of The Music Video For Solange 's Song, Losing You

- In all forms of media, African Americans are typically shown in negative light, whether the negative portrayal is conscious or not. The people displaying racist media oftentimes aren’t aware that what they do is racist or perpetuates stereotypes, they just don’t understand why it’s wrong. Unfortunately, black people sometimes reaffirm the stereotypes themselves, by behaving thuggish or overly sexual, purposely or not. Music videos love to explore black culture, and while some videos present black people as artistic or deep, many others depict black men as violent, while hypersexualizing black women....   [tags: African American, Black people, White people]

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Losing Liberty: How Obama Put America On the Road to Nowhere

- Everyday. Everyday we see articles, blogs, and videos of citizens having their rights violated; values demoralized; and beliefs taunted. Each report by media outlets is filled with bias, whether it be natural or driven by a “secret agenda” as so many claim. Within the Constitution is a set of rights or principles that were granted to each individual by our founding fathers. To this day, every American holds true to these principles; it is these principles that make us different, make us unique, it is these principles that make us free....   [tags: Obama vs Truth]

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High School Girls Have Experienced The Peer Pressure Of Losing Weight

- High school girls have experienced the peer pressure of losing weight and becoming thin like those “cheerleader popular girls”. Several researchers have demonstrated the importance of friends, suggesting that the weight-related attributes and behavior among friendship groups may predict body image, dieting onset, chronic dieting, and eating disorder symptoms, even after controlling for various family, friends, and individual factors (Eisenburg, Neumark-Sztainer, Story and Perry, 2005, p. 1116)....   [tags: High school, College, Obesity, Education]

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The Fear of Losing Identity in Manto’s Toba Tek Singh

- Ever since the beginning and the development of human race, mankind has known the value of identity and individuality. The quest for identity and the fear of losing it has been most prominent factor in most of the historic wars and fights. All the wars, intrusions and slavery have been the result of man’s desire of establishing his superiority over others and making his name known to more number of people. For accomplishing this desire, mankind has migrated, emigrated, immigrated and even intruded various foreign places, hence increasing the reasons for disturbances and the countries like India, which are the land of religious and cultural diversity, became more prone to the problem of co...   [tags: Manto, Pakistan, identity]

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My Greatest Fear Has Been Losing Those I Love

- My greatest fear has always been losing those I love. Throughout the years I have lost so many people. I have been through so much in my life and my messed up past has built who I am today. Not to long ago I thought I would never find that one person who would love me no matter what. I never thought I would find that person who could make me a better person. Someone to challenge me on a daily basis, someone that makes me passionate about life again. That lifelong companion that will be there for me through anything....   [tags: Debut albums, 2008 singles, 2006 albums]

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