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Dealing with such a frightful disease like breast cancer can be very painful, being the love one of that unfortunate person can be just as painful. Edgar Allan Poe is an author best known for his tragic poetry and heart-wrenching tales of mystery. His past indicates that it had a huge impact on his life, contributing to his insanity. The enormous amount of tragedy that has surrounded Edgar Allan Poe, all his life, makes him a great candidate for writing a common love story struck by all the agonies of sudden death. With the loss of someone special in your life often comes that irreplaceable void, when losing them to a long-suffering battle like breast cancer, many tend to mourn uncontrollably which is normal. “ Breast cancer is a frightening disease. It can be fatal and while two thirds of the cases among mature women. It also strikes younger females and nine thousand males each year “ ( Landau 13). Many believe that cancer patients are the strongest persons alive, the loved ones try to be strong for them but eventually ends up losing there way. In this day and age Cancer has started become an epidemic. Doctors have diagnosed hundreds of different types of cancer which can strike at anytime. Soon everyone will suffer or will have suffered from this social problem. “ Cancer is a general term used to indicate more than 100 separate diseases, but all marked by the common characterists of abnormal cell growth regulating mechanisms” ( Rodgers 14). Fortunately, with the advance in technology growing every day, many cancer diagnoses can be regulated or even cured with simple surgery. Tragedy and pain are two things known all too well by poet Edgar Allan Poe. While he’d never suffered from any disease before he did from the severe feeling of loss. “ Edgar Allan Poe as a young man at the age of twenty- seven, he married his cousin Virginia Clemm in 1836, she was only thirteen years old” ( Zachary 49). “ Eliza Arnold Hopkins was a skilled actress who charmed theater audiences throughout the eastern United States. Sadly , she died at the age of twenty-four and left her son Edgar an orphan” (Ibid 10). In his lifetime Edgar Allan Poe lost almost all the women in his, from his Mother, Eliza Arnold Hopkins Poe, to his wife, Virginia Clemm Poe, who both died of tuberculosis.


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