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The Drill Instructor

- Drex stood on the artillery practical course along side two other men attempting to train in the speciality, the drill instructor was the same man as before Sargent Dirk Canning, who surprised Drex with his new relaxed attitude. “Today will be a good day, a stress free day” he said in a warm and lofty tone. He leaned against what Drex assumed would be today's assignment. “I have had a stream of failing soldiers com through here, needles to say its taken a toll on my stress level”. He smiled eerily at them....   [tags: Creative Writing Essays]

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The Educational Stats Of A Great Instructor

- One high school, eight principals, twenty-one years and almost three thousand students. These are the educational stats of a great instructor. With current educational career issues like retention rates, stress disorders and layoffs it is great to know that there are still teachers with astounding stats like Woonsocket High School’s Jean Capitumini. Jean is often refer to as Mrs. DC or just DC by students; the D standing for her maiden named Dailey and C standing for her married name. With one step into DC’s English class this time of the year anyone can see her pride and love for her students....   [tags: High school, Education, Sophomore, Marvel Comics]

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Job Description Of The Classroom Instructor

- JOB DESCRIPTION OF THE CLASSROOM INSTRUCTOR Responsibilities: • Assists in the implementation of the Mission of Payette High School. • Teaches classes as assigned in accordance with the mission of Payette High School, course outlines, departmental policies and goals, school and departmental grading policies, as well as other school regulations. • Respects the verbal or written confidences of students, except in cases where the health or safety of the student or others is involved. In these cases the appropriate administrator should be notified immediately....   [tags: Teacher, Education, Leave, College]

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How Long Has The Instructor

- How long has the instructor given to complete the assignment. The assignment was given at the start of the school year with due dates, and no given start dates. What materials do you need to use in order to complete the assignment. One of the requirements of the reflection paper is to write one interesting thing that is learned from the textbook or lectures. What kinds of spaces will you need to inhabit in order to complete the assignment. For me, personally, I work on the assignment in my room with music and the occasional break for food or Netflix....   [tags: Writing process, Writing, Paper, Writing style]

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I Am An Awesome Instructor

- First off thanks Mr Cole for being an awesome instructor that I really enjoyed being in your English 101 class. My second quarter of English writing class in college has very challenged both my researching and writing skills. I learned a lot of about myself, and I realized that the main thing I needed to work on in all my papers was really analysing information rather than just reporting on it. One of the most things that I liked about you and your English 101 class was your editing and your media comments....   [tags: Writing, Psychology, Linguistics, Noam Chomsky]

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The Employment Opportunity As A Adjunct Kinesiology Instructor

- I am inquiring about the employment opportunity as a adjunct Kinesiology Instructor. My preference would be to work on the Northeast and Northwest campuses. Holding a position as an adjunct instructor at a Tarrant County College would fulfill a long time goal of mine of being a college instructor. I graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a Masters of Science in Athletic Training in May 2015. Of the 45 graduate hours required of me, at least 18 of those hours consisted of 18 Physical and Health Education and Kinesiology based courses....   [tags: Education, Learning, Educational psychology]

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Ethical Concerns Within The Field Instructor

- a. What ethical concerns or dilemmas are most frequently encountered in your practicum setting, according to your field instructor. According to my field instructor the most frequently encountered ethical concerns or dilemma in my practicum setting regarding social workers’ ethical responsibilities to clients is the client’s right to self-determination based on the fact that DCS often times will establish the goals that need to be met by the family and restrict their options, staff members believing that they know what is best for the client therefore telling the client what they need to do and how to do it, and the client not being well informed about the choices and rights that they have....   [tags: Ethics, Sociology, Social work]

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The Agribusiness Management Instructor, Ms. Coronodo

- The Agribusiness Management instructor, Ms. Coronodo was a graduate of CHSAS and felt so passionate about the mission of CHSAS she wanted to give back to the program by coming back and teaching. In speaking with the staff they all have the same passion for the program Ms. Coronodo does. The students are their number one priority. Ms. Kujawa is the Animal Science instructor; she gets to teach the fundamentals of animal care, nutrition, conception, parturition, to slaughter in some cases. Ms. Kujawa explained that she allows the students to experience firsthand how to artificially inseminate the cattle, swine, sheep and goats on the facility....   [tags: High school, Community, Education, Student]

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I Am A Nra Pistol Instructor

- When I was four, my grandpa’s gruff voice inquired “Now Pooh, what direction should the muzzle of that pistol be pointing to?” He taught me all the safety precautions when handling or firing any pistols, shotgun, or assault rifle from my first to the last. Then, on the tenth day of my freshmen year he was put into the ICU and he told me he had cancer. I went up to the hospital to see him, and my grandpa said “Pooh, I do not know how much time I have left, but I want you to get your NRA pistol instructor certification.” In August I told him I would....   [tags: United States Constitution, United States, Rifle]

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My Senior Naval Science Instructor

- Throughout my NJROTC career, my instructors have taught me many lessons: how to drill, how to speak to others with tact, how to shoot an air rifle, and how to get jobs done. These lessons will, no doubt, stick with me throughout my adult life. Some of these teachings combined have helped me to embody one of the most important parts of the Cadet Creed: “I strive…to become an informed and responsible citizen.” Through discussions of current events, debates on political matters, and a constant emphasis on the importance of honor and duty, my Senior Naval Science Instructor (SNSI) has prepared me to be an active citizen in our modern society....   [tags: Law, Government, Citizenship, Joseph Carens]

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Becoming An Inspired And Supportive Social Work Instructor

- In my career path, I have been thinking about how to become an inspired and supportive social work instructor. Reflecting upon my academic training background and my work experience, I have developed my teaching philosophy. Before coming to the U.S. to pursue a PhD degree in social work, I gained my undergraduate and master degrees in Vietnam. Afterward, I taught social work at the same college in Vietnam in a few years. Experiencing higher education at different levels, in different positions, and in different countries have sharpened my viewpoint of college teaching....   [tags: Critical thinking, Learning, Classroom]

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The Importance Of Interpersonal Relations Between Instructor And Students

- 1. Was the lesson organized and clearly presented. (goals, objectives, sequencing of information, etc.) The teacher did a great job presenting the lesson; she was organized and prepared. The objective was to provide students with mathematic material skills, such as exponential numbers and quadratic formulas. Each student was given a calculator to aid in the learning process. 2. Describe the level of student interest and participation. (motivation, evidence of learning, etc.) The students were very engaged in the learning process....   [tags: Education, Question, Learning, Student]

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Evaluating Student Competency Test Is Challenging For The Instructor And Students

- Evaluating student’s competency in the clinical practice setting is challenging for the instructor and students. Nevertheless, for students in the health professions, evaluation of learning takes on various measurements in terms of ensuring students are competent, and can practice safely. Clinical teaching is a critical component of undergraduate nursing programs throughout the world and the evaluation of clinical performance is an integral part of the program. Evaluation of clinical performance is an assessment of whether a learner has achieved the educational outcomes....   [tags: Evaluation, Assessment, Summative assessment]

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My Future Career As A Specialist Instructor / Teacher

- The book Drive was able to make me realize when looking at my future career I need to ask myself, “What will make me happy for the rest of my life?” and not “What will make me rich?” Daniel Pink the author of Drive makes a solid, science built point regarding motivation 3.0 in his book. For the 21st century we are in need of more people that allow themselves to have autonomy, purpose and mastery in their life. To become successful and achieve happiness in their careers. Able to look at my future career as a specialist instructor/teacher in a different point of view....   [tags: Want, English-language films, Motivation]

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An Active Duty Navy Fitness Assessment Instructor

- Being criticized and looked down upon for several years drives a person to prove others wrong and builds a strong character. In this case, I interviewed a parent of two children that attend the before and after school program I work for. The applicant was Mrs. Bel-Nans, a mother of two whom I look up to ever since this interview was conducted. She is currently serving in our United States Navy as an active duty Initial Navy Fitness Assessment instructor (IFA) coming up on 6 years of service. In short, she is a fitness instructor that gets people physically ready for boot camp and ensures their eligibility....   [tags: Gender, Transgender, Gender identity]

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Lena Karabushin Is An Esl Instructor At Community College Of Aurora

- Lena Karabushin is an ESL instructor at Community College of Aurora. She is originally from Ukraine. She came to the USA when she was 15 years old. The reason I chose her is she is the best teacher and a hard worker. When I was in her classes, I was impressed with her way of teaching. She was organized and committed to her work. Also, she came from another country, and she became a teacher passing through a lot of challenges. I want to ask her about the challenges she faced while she was in college, and how she managed those problems....   [tags: English language, United Kingdom, Second language]

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Good Instructor

- Whether a good or bad instruction can affect the learning of students. A lot of instructors had been teaching me through out my years in school. No doubt some of the instructors are good and some of them are bad. Whether the instructor is bad or good cannot be judge by his or her education background. It is also important that they have a good way and method of treating and teaching their student. Teaching individually will be very effective, however, it will not happen in a classroom. In order to be affecting in the classroom, I think the instructor should be patient to the students, understand how people learn, be familiar with the difficulties people have with learning, then recognize th...   [tags: essays research papers]

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Nursing Instructor

- Nursing Instructor PHYSICAL HISTORY: My clinical rotation was at St. Francis Hospital on the orthopedic/medical-surgical floor, 5-1. I was assigned JB for a patient 10/7 and 10/8. He was one day post-op from an elective bilateral knee arthroplasty. JB is a 69 year old Caucasian male who stands 6 feet tall and weighs 251 pounds. He has a history of hypertension, benign prostatic hyperplasia, degenerative joint disease, and renal calculi. Medications taken at home: Nifedipine 60 mg. QD to manage his hypertension and nonsteriodal anti-inflammatories for the DJD....   [tags: Personal Narrative Writing]

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Sung Ohm, Instructor

- Sung Ohm, Instructor Purpose The documented researched essay allows you to understand the fundamentals of an academic conversation. In many respects, this essay is your entry into the conventions, methods, and rhetoric of an academic dialog. Participating in this conversation means that you will have to look carefully at the various positions academics and other experts take on a particular subject matter—especially when they differ from your own. You will need to negotiate and analyze the various arguments and eventually formulate your own stance....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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My Experience Has Influenced Me As A Community College Instructor

- In the ensuing paragraphs, I am going to attempt to describe how my IDP experience has influenced me as a community college instructor; how my teaching skills have been sharpened, and how my methods have changed as a result of my IDP learning. I’d like to accomplish this by switching lenses. Instead of the panoramic view, looking at the entire IDP program, I’d like to tighten my focus down to the three courses I feel have had the greatest impact on me as an instructor: Planning For Instruction, Assessing and Evaluating Learning, and Teaching With Technology....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Learning, Student]

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Valuable Skills Learned from Becoming a Tennis Canada Certified Instructor

- Is a teacher’s only job teaching information. Notoriously this profession is known for its teaching, but in many cases teachers also learn. As a Tennis Canada Certified Instructor, I have had the privilege of teaching and learning with my first job. Teaching Tennis has taught me many valuable skills that I will take forward in the future. These skills include the certification process, organization, the understanding of different learning styles, and responsibility. Playing tennis both recreationally and competitively throughout my youth brought me an accessible and outstanding first job....   [tags: teaching, organization, learning]

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Evaluation Of A Interview With Araya Heather, The Ell Coordinator And Instructor For Georgetown Middle School

- On November 1, 2016 I conducted an interview with Araya Heather, the ELL Coordinator and instructor for Georgetown Middle School. The questions asked as well as the answers received are as follows: What is your experience in the education field. I 've been teaching students since 1993. I was an elementary school teacher for 13 years. Then I taught middle school Language Arts for a few years. I have been ELL certified for about 4 years. I am an ELL teacher of students who are new to the country. I am also the ELL coordinator at Georgetown Middle School....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Pedagogy]

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Cpr On A Live Patient Without First Practicing

- student should not expected to wait to perform CPR on a live patient without first practicing in a classroom setting. A time line should also be established when considering the purchase of such a large item. The time line should include such things as given in the following outline, to include an approximate time allowed to complete the project. 1. A committee formed of several key people to include a financial person, nurse educator, and a person well versed in the technology aspects of the manikins. Allow at least 3 or more months 2. Time to analyze the reason for the purchase, the type of programing involve and the type of maintenance required to keep the programing update, and hardware...   [tags: Student, Education, University, The Instructor]

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Kicking Stress Out of My Life

- Entering into the aerobics room, I see people stretching like a cat waking up from its morning nap. The instructor, a woman with nicely placed wrinkles, named Joanne, is beginning the first exercise. Everyone becomes excited like a child getting a birthday present, however, they knew it will be an intense workout, especially me. The music turns on and the sound of the bass cloaks the entire room. The first exercise commences, and my heart quickens to each thump in the music. The desire to punch and kick all of my stress fills me up like pouring a glass of water....   [tags: kickboxing, stress, instructor, punching]

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My Experience At The School Of Business

- Dr. Joplin, Excellent question, although I wished we had the opportunity to meet face to face to talk about these questions. I hope you are feeling well now. 1) What worked well for you in the School of Business (School overall, not just your major). The faculty in School of Business has been phenomenal. The faculty has years of experiences combined and they always make themselves available for students. Getting some one on one with the instructor was important to me. GBA is, in my opinion, one of the important necessity for me....   [tags: Time, Education, Classroom, The Instructor]

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Case Files for Two Students

- ... Accommodating reading content for Dustin by insuring that it is interesting, particularly in the initial stages will provide him with the necessary scaffolding to develop comprehension. Comprehension is only possible when a student possesses, what Hirsch refers to as domain knowledge (2003, p.17) in order to support the text. Therefore, as Dustin's instructor it will prove advantageous to explicitly frame unfamiliar texts with graphic representations such as, photographs, diagrams, or flow-charts to provide such scaffolding....   [tags: educattion, instructor, comprehension]

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Web-Based Training Verses Instructor-Led Training

- Web-Based Training Verses In my department, we offer two types of training for automotive dealers. The first type is our Web-Based Training (WBT), and the second is Instructor-Led Training (ILT). These training courses have many similarities, such as learning objectives, total content, layout, structure and flow. They differ, however, in how each course is delivered, when the learning takes place, and the cost of the training. One of the similarities between WBT and ILT is the learning objectives....   [tags: essays research papers]

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My Difficult Patient

- My first patient that I started as student nurse on one of the long Rehab Center was a seventy two year old man who had Clostridium difficile (C.diff), Dementia, Hip replacement, and Obesity. Due to the above sickness he had many complications. I can still remember his face suffering from pain. Because of his lack of ambulation and incontinence, he had developed a very serious pressure ulcer under his sacral area. I went through to the room with my instructor and the instructor introduces me for the patient as his student nurse from Towson University and will taking care of him....   [tags: nurse, instructor, health]

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Adult Education and Adult Learning Analysis

- It is my conviction that the noble profession of instructing teachers is the greatest, most powerful contributor to nation building. Teachers, within the school system, have the responsibility of imparting knowledge, acting as agents of socialization, creating responsible, productive members of society and guiding students towards the achievement of their goals. It is, therefore, important that great emphasis be placed on training teachers, since in education teachers are viewed as significant contributors to the quality of students produced....   [tags: Andragogy, adult instructor, school system]

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Teaching Experience From The New Brunswick Community College Instructor Development Program ( Idp )

- With over thirteen years of teaching experience in the post-secondary setting I thought I had been through it all when it comes to instructing and I was unsure what the impact of the seven courses that comprised the New Brunswick Community College Instructor Development Program (IDP) would have on my teaching practice. However I was pleasantly surprised that three of the courses offered led me to discover new methods of assisting, assessing, and communicating with adult learners. This essay will discuss those courses and the impact they have made on my day to day instructional duties....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Learning]

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Designing a Driving Instructor Robot

- Driver-Bot Paper Introduction/Overall Project Description The idea for the Driver-Bot came from a simple discussion about driver’s education. Driver’s training and education are big events for young adults, but sometimes learning to drive from a parent or from an online course can be too stressful. The Driver-Bot was born from a need to invent a new way to teach driving. Unlike online courses, the Driver-Bot gives a better and more realistic physical representation of driving. However, modern simulators can actually placed drivers in situations, forcing to react to virtual situations....   [tags: Robotics]

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Why I Got Back At The Army

- When I got back to Indiana I had nothing. I sold my car before I left for the Army because I planned on buying a new one with my sign on bonus. My Dad had cut me off from all support so I relied heavily on friends for a place to stay. I had quickly gotten to a point where I felt the world was against me which led to me making poor choices. It wasn’t long before I was arrested and had my first visit with the local jail. Over the course of the next three years I would find myself in and out of that jail three different times and I also had the opportunity to see the inside of a jail in Chicago....   [tags: Military, Soldier, Cavalry, Drill instructor]

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Well-known by Instructors, Winning Hearts and Minds in War on Plagiarism by Scott Jaschik

- The original article “Winning Hearts and Minds in War on Plagiarism” by Scott Jaschik was published in an online news section on a website called “Inside Higher Ed.” Although this website may be accessed by the general public, it is mostly used by well-educated college professors. Therefore, the intended audience of this article is college level instructors. Due to Jaschik explaining the views of plagiarism from the perspective of students as well as instructors, he gives instructors an insight to the opinions of students that instructors may find interesting....   [tags: jargon, rhetorical, education]

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eLearning; The New Tool for People Who have Too Much to Do

- ... A way to work on this issue would be to offer hybrid online classes, where once or twice a week the instructor met with the students. Despite the flaws regarding the lost enthusiasm from instructors and students over the internet, eLearning is an option for education that, offered to the right student, could be a beneficial avenue to completing college and getting a degree. Unfortunately, the majority of people experimenting with online education are not the students who are self-motivated and independent, but rather the students who need the advantage of having in person educational support....   [tags: online education, degree, instructors]

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An Effective Professional Development Model for K-12 Distance Education

- In order to understand how professional development for K-12 distance education instructors may impact student’s success it’s vital to define distance education and talk about the prevalence of this type of education. Many terms have described distance education such as distance learning, online learning, e-learning, web-based instruction, virtual schools, cyber schools. As with many descriptions of these terms there are varying definitions: Zandberg and Lewis (2008) in their report for the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) defined distance education courses as “credit-granting courses offered to elementary and secondary school students enrolled in the district in which the te...   [tags: Instructors, Educations, Schools, Learning]

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Thinking Critically, Challenging Cultural Myths

- ... Colombo explains, “The legends of gods and heroes like Athena, Zeus, and Oedipus embodied the central ideals and values of Greek civilizations- notions the gods” (Colombo, p. 3). The society in North America has their own believes but a lot of people use television and media for a big influence. Colombo expresses that “Cultural Myths as Obstacles to Critical Thinking” (Colombo, p.4). Cultural Myths will throw different obstacles in the mix, and put people in different categories: Either men or women, heterosexuals or homosexuals....   [tags: beginning college life, instructors]

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Pedagogical Grammar

- Introduction Pedagogical grammar is a rather new concept that has been applied by a number of language instructors to impart new language knowledge to students (Nordquist 2011, p. 1). The teaching methodology has its own structures in the sense that it is divided into two aspects: the first talks about the grammatical composition of language while the second talks about the articulation of language rules (of the new language). In comprehensively analyzing how the teaching methodology works, it is important to understand that when grammatical arrangement of words is to be done, the most appropriate arrangement of the words should be considered before the exercise....   [tags: Education, Language Instructors]

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Being An Effective Training An Individual

- In order to be an effective instructor an individual must first present his or her self in a professional manner. It is critical for the students first appearance of their instructor to be professional since this establishes their view of that instructor throughout the entire course. One way this is accomplished is by presenting their self in a professional appearance by be groomed appropriately,dressed appropriately and meeting students at the door as they enter the classroom. An example of professional grooming for a male instructor would consist of either being clean shaven or having well groomed facial hair, comfortable but professional looking loose fitting shirt and pants that are pr...   [tags: Education, Future, Success, Play]

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Does Transformative Instructing Require Authenticity and Love?

- Most have experienced a learning opportunity with an instructor who failed to impart information in a clear, concise, or helpful manner. Whether it was a teacher in a classroom or a business instructor in a training session, adult learners go into the classroom or training wanting the instructor to succeed as they are looking to learn useful information which will further personal and professional goals. A formalized training program within a business could provide numerous opportunities to instruct....   [tags: Education ]

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Importance of Community in Constructivist Online Learning Environments

- Importance of Community in Constructivist Online Learning Environments Introduction In this paper, I will examine the importance of interaction in constructivist online learning environment and how the community affects online learning. In order to show that the community and interaction are important to online learning and especially to the constructivist learning environments, this paper will first examine the definition of constructivist approach, identify relevant types of interaction and define community as it is understood in online learning environment....   [tags: Education]

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Adult Learning: Malcolm Knowles

- ... Self-Directing “As a person matures, he or she moves from dependency to self-directedness” (Knowles, 1984). Adult learners need instructors to give them explicit directions on what to do, how to do it, and when. Instructors are treated as experts who know what the adult learner needs to do, or they passively slide through the educational system, responding mainly to instructors who “make” them learn. When establishing a learner-centered learning environment, the instructor could have prepared a lively syllabus with time to discuss and any additional details the adult learners from a previous class could have left letters or notebooks for incoming adult learners....   [tags: personal experience, education process]

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The Purpose of Physical Education Programs in School-Based Programs

- ... Marsh conducted an experiment to evaluate the multidimensionality of students’ evaluation of teaching effectiveness, as well as methodological concern (the demonstration and practice done by the teacher). It was analyzed that an instructor of physical education with high enthusiasm resulted in higher interest and enthusiasm of the students under their domain. The data also suggested that feedback, discussion, fairness, and activity supplementation offered by the instructor resulted in a 69% increase in student interest and enjoyment of the physical education course....   [tags: positive effects, promoting healthy habits]

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Lab Report On The Cellular Respiration Rate Of Germinating Peas

- Last semester in my Biology Lab, I was given the assignment of writing a lab report as my final for the class. The prompt that I was given said to, “Write a lab report based on the results of the cellular respiration experiment”. This required that I conduct an experiment comparing the cellular respiration rates of germinating peas and non-germinating peas, and I was to record my findings in the form of a lab report. Everything was provided for by the instructor, including all materials needed to conduct the experiment....   [tags: Carbon dioxide, Oxygen, Science, Rhetoric]

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Questions And Questions On The Repository

- An instructor can create, delete, edit or view a question repository. When creating a question repository, the following information are required: repository name, description, and whether published or not (Figure 29).After a question repository is created, an instructor can add a question into the repository, delete a question from the repository, edit or view a question in the repository. Currently, three types of questions: single-choice question, multiple-choice question and essay/short answer question can be added into a question repository; other types of question will be added in the future....   [tags: Requirements analysis]

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When Can I Start Teaching Taekwondo?

- “When can I start teaching taekwondo?”, I continued asking my parents as well as my instructors this a lot. I was finally given an answer by one of the instructors and they said “When you get your red belt, you can join the Tiger Team.” I was ecstatic when I was told this. That meant after this next testing I could start assisting with other classes. Well testing came and I performed to the best of my ability and passed. I was a red belt and even better now I could be an assisting instructor. Finally, now I could start having an influential impact on other people’s training and their lives....   [tags: Learning, Teacher, Education, Psychology]

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Laptops Should be Banned from the Classroom

- Should students have the right or privilege to be able to use laptops in the classroom. There are numerous reasons why laptops should not be permitted in the classroom, Laptops make it very difficult for students to be creative in classroom activates. The students may find themselves becoming distracted from the lectures due to MySpace and other entertaining computer programs. Laptops prove to be huge distractions to the teacher do to the loud clicking of keyboard keys and the blank stare on the students faces while they type their notes....   [tags: education, computers, technology]

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The Social Psychology Of A Social Psychologist, Said After Conducting The Famous Obedience Experiment

- "The social psychology of this century reveals a major lesson: often it is not so much the kind of person a man as the kind of situation in which he finds himself that determines how he will act"(Blass, 2009, p101). This is what Stanley Milgram, an American social psychologist, said after conducting the famous obedience experiment. The participants of the experiment were told to deliver electric shocks ranging from 30 to 450 volts to the other person. The participants could see the other person suffering as the intensity of the shock goes up....   [tags: Milgram experiment, Stanford prison experiment]

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Professional Development : Nursing And Healthcare, Service, And Scholarship Opportunities

- Nursing students often ascertain skills, the fundamentals behind critical thinking, and attributes that assist with the transition from the student role to the professional arena. Professional development is individualized and varies between each student. In order to develop professional skills as a nurse the clinical experience within the actual work setting assists the nursing students in acquiring the instruments necessary for success. “Active involvement in education, service, and scholarship opportunities can help prepare you to deal with new roles and challenges in the employment setting and the larger scope of nursing and healthcare” (Yoder-Wise., 2015, p....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Florence Nightingale, Nurses]

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Note Taking : An Essential Aspect For College Students

- Note taking is an essential aspect for college students taking higher education courses, due to the fact, that the professors ' communicate the majority of the content. Therefore, students who take notes in their classes are more successful in obtaining the information. However, opposing factors for these outcomes include the lack of study habits, misinterpreting information, omitting key information and not actively participating, which can interfere with the students ' ability to take adequate notes....   [tags: Special education, Education]

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Cosmetology and Galmour Failure

- The fashion of elaborating the glamor of others may seem insignificant to some but for those in the course of pondering the cosmetology industry hold great gratification in the task they intend to achieve. Hair stylist and nail technicians improve the way people appear and feel to exede self confidence; cosmetologist strive to do the best they can to achieve the look that their client desires. However, these techniques must be taught thoroughly and without the proper guidance, the upcoming cosmetologist may feel behind and hesitant about their abilities when performing on clients....   [tags: Hair Stylists, Nail Technicians, Aestheticians]

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Analysis of the Social Studies Framework

- Introduction The area I selected for analysis was “Minority Studies” because I feel that it is extremely important that all students have the knowledge and understanding of the cultural impact of minority groups in our society. As our society has grown to be more universal, elementary, middle and high schools must support diversity, which includes ethnicity, racial, culture, class and gender. In multiracial and multiethnic populations, there are many different ways in which influence students in formal educational settings....   [tags: Sociology ]

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The Pacing Of Instruction Is Important Concept That Deserves Consideration When Resigning Online Courses

- Pacing of Instruction Pacing of instruction is another important concept that deserves consideration when resigning online courses. Decisions about pacing involve determining the amount of course content in each unit or module, the frequency of quizzes, depth and breadth of projects, and whether the students will have some control over pace or strict timelines will be set by the instructor (Liu, Maddux, & Johnson, 2004). Courses where students have a majority of control over the pacing have been categorized as learner-led, and courses that contain more rigid instructor set deadlines are labeled as instructor-led (DeRouin, Fritzsche, & Salas, 2004; Horton, 2006)....   [tags: Virtual learning environment, E-learning]

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Teaching Is Like Crossing New Borders

- “Teaching is like crossing new borders; you should approach it like you have something to learn and something to offer. “(Bob Cole, 2008) This metaphor applies to both the students and instructors. Instructors are not solely responsible for providing the classroom with all of the necessitates to succeed. Instructors do need to come prepared daily with a detailed plan of what they are going to teach; but, students need to come ready to participate and be open to learning as well. Both attendees of the classroom should come ready to interact with each other, providing a collaborative and stimulating learning environment....   [tags: Education, Learning, Classroom, Student]

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Comparative Analysis of Asynchronous and Synchronous Technologies

- Introduction Technologies used in training and education are a popular topic of discussion all over the world. Two major views on delivery modes of educational content exist: some focus on asynchronous delivery for the accessibility of information anytime and anywhere through the use of collaborative tools while whereas others focus on the real-time interaction with the instructor, students, and content during class through synchronous delivery. This comparative analysis will look at Elluminate, a synchronous application, and compare it to Sakai, an asynchronous application....   [tags: Technology ]

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Is College Worth All The Labor And Expense For College Students?

- Is college worth all the labor and expense for college students to get a good education. Currently, American college students are preparing for another semester of their college years which they and their families has been involved in numerous effort and time toward the students educations. A Pew research survey shows that that 74 percent of graduates from four-year colleges say that their education was “very useful in helping them grow intellectually.” Sixty-nine percent said that “it was very useful in helping them grow and mature as a person” and 55 percent claimed that “it was very useful in helping prepare them for a job or career.” Moreover, 86 percent of these graduates think “colleg...   [tags: Education, Student, University, Higher education]

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Comparison of Synchronous and Asynchronous Technologies: BlackBoard and Elluniate Live

- Introduction As online learning and training continues to grow, there are many companies that have developed products to support asynchronous and synchronous learning within the online world. This paper is a comparison of two of these products: BlackBoard, an asynchronous technology, and Elluminate Live, a synchronous technology. In the scope of this analysis, the general aspects, the technological and pedagogical views, and the strengths and weaknesses of these two products will be examined. General Aspects of the Systems BlackBoard, an asynchronous technology, is considered to be a Learning Management System (LMS)....   [tags: Online Education]

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Research Study- Evaluating the Effectiveness of Repeated Guided Reading

- This study examines the effects that a reading model has on the reading fluency of an 8-year-old girl. Her rate of words read correctly was compared under three different conditions. The three conditions were a baseline of reading a passage with no model. After the baseline, the child then read a passage after a model was provided. Lastly, the child reread the passage that was modeled. The design that was used in this study was the alternating treatments design, and it was used to measure the effect of a reading model on the rate of words read correctly....   [tags: elementary education, literacy, educational]

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Teaching History and Geography in the Constructivist Classroom

- In most curricular areas the curriculum has become strict rules that need to be adhered to. The constructivist approach brings a new light to a child’s learning experience with the focus being on practical interactive learning. Children often experience this type on learning before they reach primary school. For example when a child encounters a jigsaw they are not just shown on a whiteboard how to finish the jigsaw, the child is guided by an instructor through hands on experience. The child learns techniques to then complete a jigsaw by themselves and will move on to complete more complicated jigsaws with time....   [tags: curriculum, education, students, teachers]

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Social Learning Theory

- Introduction: In the classroom environment, it is easy to see that the instructors or teachers are leaders by example. Furthermore, the first thing the students are going to notice about an instructor is their dress attire. Is what their wearing respectable for shaping younger or older minds. In a more professional field, college instructors should wear formal or conservative attire. Instructor’s attire has an impact of how students learn and achieve goals in the classroom based on aspects of social learning theory....   [tags: education, professionalism, teaching, college]

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The Themes Of The Program

- 3.2 Themes of the program: The program overall trends were documented by exploring all (open and closed) codes of the interviews to preserve the important information from the data.basic 3.2.1 MSc HQ as a Dynamic Program: The MSc HQ is a dynamic program. The program have tendency to continuously evolve in order to accommodate the needs of the students. The program stakeholders are always ready for the feedbacks and change (p1:7). Dr. MZ was impressed by the types of issues students raise every year....   [tags: Education, Learning, Debate, Student]

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Kart Racing Centre Registration

- Kart Racing Centre Registration My users are the owner of the centre and two receptionists Currently the users use paper name card for new customers’ registration. The card is used to record all the customers’ details. E.g. name, address, Tel no, date of birth, etc and to know if they want any instructor to give them instructions and how much it cost for the membership fees. Fees are charged depending on the type of session booked and extra cost for instructor help. After that a membership card will be issued....   [tags: Papers]

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Right Stuff

- The Right Stuff As one advances in their educational process it becomes apparent that some of their instructors were a significant cut above the rest. These few individuals are inevitably viewed as master craftsmen. But why is it that some instructor’s posses the “right stuff” for being effective with their students while others do not. When one analyzes their educational experience, those instructors that were extremely effective appear to them as makers of fine wine, turning grapes into a drink which is pleasurable to the pallet....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Synchronous and Aynchronous Methodology: Comparing Blackboard and Wimba

- Synchronous and asynchronous methodology enhances course offerings in university teaching and promotes efficiency and effectiveness in today’s business practices. Society is surfing the web on television screens, and Internet – enabled mobile telephones, earning technical and terminal degrees online, thanks to the Internet and the World Wide Web, we attend meetings across the world never leaving home based offices. This is all possible, in the words of Pullen and Snow, 2007, because of simulteaching—a method of teaching and learning that uses both classroom and Internet technology....   [tags: Blackboard, Wimba]

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Writing A Process Analysis Essay

- It is that time of the school year again. It is time for students to frantically throw together a five paragraph essay for an instructor who has to read hundreds of them. When the class begins to think it could not get any worse, it does. The instructor explains to the class that not only will it be at least 650 words, but it will also be a process analysis essay. Some will roll their eyes, some will ask “what is that?”, and some will just start to cry. It is important to know how to write a decent process analysis essay that will not bore the reader to death....   [tags: Writing, Essay, Five paragraph essay, Explanation]

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Student Response Systems

- Chapter One Student response systems, or clickers, are a wireless handheld device used by students to provide responses to a variety of different assessments as a part of classroom instruction (Caldwell, 2007). Researchers have not yet agreed on a standard term for student response systems. For the sake of this paper, student response systems will be the all encompassing term for this technology. There are different types and brands of student response systems, but the concept is the same for all, which is to provide feedback to the instructor in an interactive way during instruction....   [tags: Wireless Technology, Input Devices]

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Graduation Speech : College Level Writing

- After the completion of this course, college level writing will continue to influence my academic life, and might just continue into my workplace because my future as a student at the University of Alabama is unclear. Although at no point do I plan on majoring in English, but college-level writing will continue to affect my academic life. As of now, I am planning on majoring in music education. I am still not sure if music education is definitely what I want to do, so my plan might change sometime in the near future....   [tags: Writing, Grammar, Writing style, Writing process]

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Studio Studios Performance Group Contract / Code Of Conduct

- 2York Studios Performance Group Contract/Code of Conduct 2016-2017 This contract provides essential qualifying information regarding participation in dance studios dance companies and summarizes those major policies and procedures relevant to students, parents and guardians. The information contained in this contract is not all inclusive of the rules and regulations that govern participation. 2York Studios reserves the right, without prior notice, to change, delete, supplement or otherwise amend at any time the information, requirements, and policies contained in this contract or other documents related to company membership This agreement is Between Nageeb Damani and Faraz Bhojani of 2Yor...   [tags: Dance, Performance, Rehearsal]

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How are Literacy, Fluency and Reading Comprehension Affected by Using Oral Reading Methods in the Classroom?

- Literacy, fluency and reading comprehension all play a crucial role in determining how learners acquire skills within the classroom. This paper will review a number of scholarly literatures that give more details about fluency and reading comprehension. Over a long period of time, the ability of a learner to read educational materials fluently has been taken as the most thorough learning method through which the learner can acquire literacy. Kuhn, Schwanenflugel and Meisinger (2010) argue that reading fluency should not only focus on automatic word recognition as a way to assess the ability of a learner (p....   [tags: Literacy Essays]

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Key Concepts Of The Draft

- In a final draft, there are key concepts needed in the draft before it is finalized and turned in. First off, a final draft is someone’s final essay that is polished and ready to be disseminated to other people. The final draft has been proof read for any grammar mistakes, and fixed to correct sentence structures and sentence fragments. The final draft should have incorporated the comments made by the writer’s peers by recognizing the problem and improving the draft. These comments could vary from a spelling error to completely rewriting an entire paragraph....   [tags: Writing, Essay, Writing process, Creative writing]

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Student 's Education Impact On Distance Learning

- With a growing number of classes offered through distance learning (DL), there is a considerable interest in concerns and problems associated with this type of education, particularly as it relates to the quality of online education. According to Twiss and O’Lawrence (2013), many problems that arise from DL education as it relates to quality include, but is not limited to: the standard requirements of faculty, programs having low or no quality standards, and there being no consensus on what constitutes learning quality....   [tags: Education, Higher education, History of education]

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Description Of Activity ( What Happened )

- a. Description of activity (what happened) The field instructor received a phone call from a family case manager requesting for her to go to a client’s home immediately as the client’s mother had called the family case manager reporting that the client’s boyfriend has physically abused her. Upon arriving at a client’s home with my field instructor the client opened the door and immediately we observed that the client had a black eye and her lip appeared to be swollen. When the field instructor asked her what had happened she softly stated that she had been in a car accident, but everything was fine....   [tags: Physical abuse, Abuse, Child abuse]

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The Meaning of the Word Andragogy

- Introduction The word andragogy means; “the methods or techniques used to teach adults”. ( When looking at how adults learn, andragogy emphasizes the value of the process of learning. It uses approaches to learning that are problem-based and collaborative rather than didactic, and also emphasizes more equality between the teacher and learner. The teacher has to understand who they are teaching too and how that student learns the material that is being taught. There needs to be an understanding between the teacher and student on what is expected in the classroom and how the learning objectives can be reached on a level that is understood, analyzed, and retained....   [tags: teach adults, experience, knowledge]

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My Opinion About English And English

- During the semester, I have gained so much knowledge about the course, English 1301, which I did not know. Writing and Reading have so much elements into their process. My opinion about English has changed dramatically due to this course. At the beginning, I was learning about what was good writing and what it meant. In my opinion, good writing meant that the paper was perfect which meant that it had very detailed evidence. As well as, being organized and associated with perfect grammar with a powerful thesis statement....   [tags: Essay, Writing, Learning]

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How Technology Can Be A Athlete With A Strong Plan Intact

- Effectively working within the realm of Global eLearning requires patience, creativity, flexibility, and proper planning. Some individuals find the new depths of technology daunting and choose to stay clear. While others choose to focus on the more superficial areas and simply use state-of-the-art technology to play games and shop. Still, there are individuals who have concerns about the expense of keeping up with today’s technology demands and choose to do things “the old-fashioned way.” As education continues to dive deeper into the pools of tools that the high tech industry offers it will be important to be a skillful swimmer with a strong plan intact....   [tags: Education, Learning, Educational psychology]

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Role Of The Teacher/Librarian

- As someone who has no classroom experience, it is imperative that I soak in as much information and experience as possible. Fortunately, I learn best by doing and by watching. Observing classrooms, workspaces, and school libraries are fantastic ways for me to get a clearer picture of what exactly I am paying thousands of dollars to get myself in to by studying to be a school librarian. In doing so, I have not only learned that I am going deep into debt for a career that I love, but also that there are common bonds that tie the process of writing together across all settings, grade levels and types of assignments....   [tags: education, teaching]

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The Neglect Of Sexual Abuse

- When this class first started, I had a different perspective of what a good writer should implement in their work. At first, I believed that the quantity of the words that I wrote carried more weight than the quality of my words. During my time in this class, I would focus on getting my ideas down rather than organizing my writing into to explain concrete topics and ideas. With the knowledge I have acquired in this class, I have learned to how to organize my essays, how to watch out for grammar errors, and how to improve one the shortcomings of my writing....   [tags: Writing, Better, Linguistics, Grammar]

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Courseware Design Educational Scenaria: Computer Class for Networking

- Courseware Design Educational Scenario The scenario is being developed for a computer class that is Networking. The means of learning will be a Courseware or a CBT (Computer Based Training). The reason for using this as a means of teaching is that it increases efficiency. Through the Courseware, the student can understand everything more properly. In a course like Networking everything that goes on in a network needs to be practically shown to the student in order for him to understand it. Hence through the Courseware, the students can view the simulations and understand everything as it is done in the practical way....   [tags: training, learners, self-paced]

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The Learning Principles Of Dance Instruction

- Dance instruction is enhanced when instructors draw from a variety of techniques to assist in teaching motor dance skills. A motor skill is defined as an activity or task that requires voluntary head, body or limb movement to reach a specific purpose or goal (Magill, 2006, p.3) The discipline of motor learning focuses on the acquisition of motor skills and/or the improvement of learned or highly experienced motor skills, and involves principles that can be implemented by instructors to aid in skill acquisition....   [tags: Learning, Skill, Dance, Educational psychology]

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Adragogy: Adult Learning and Teaching

- Introduction Andragogy is a theory of adult learning and teaching. It is frequently compared to pedagogy, which is closely related but deals primarily with the teaching of children. Malcolm Knowles introduced the term andragogy in an article he wrote in 1968, in order to distinguish adult learning from preadult education, or pedagogy. Andragogy is “based on a number of assumptions about the adult learner” (Merriam, Caffarella, and Baumgartner, 2007, p. 84). Although andragogy “became a rallying point for those trying to define the field of adult education as separate from other areas of education” (Merriam et al., 2007, p....   [tags: pedagogy, malcom knowles]

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Judee Burgoon’s Expectancy Violations Theory

- Introduction If you are like me, you don’t feel comfortable with getting “cozy” with the teacher. I have had teachers try and become friendly with me before and that always has lead me to an uncomfortable situation; do I ignore their attempts or do I embrace it in hopes to get a better grade. What if I were the one to try and initiate a closer relationship. Would that somehow put me in a more favorable situation. In my dilemma, I have turned to research to solve this quagmire. This paper will be a study dealing with Judee Burgoon’s Expectancy Violations Theory....   [tags: academic pursuit, math ]

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