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The Fountain Made by J.P. Victor Andre in Madison, Indiana

- In the downtown area of Madison, Indiana, sits an extraordinary structure that seems to capture attention from all walks of life. The Broadway Fountain was created by a French artist named J.P. Victor Andre. Andre obviously knew what he was doing when he was asked to construct this fountain because of the impressive composition it has and with its mesmerizing size. “Some have suggested that Andre’s neo-classical design was inspired by the famous fountain in Place-de-la-Concord in Paris, or by a fountain exhibited at the Crystal Palace Exhibition in London in 1851” (Wright)....   [tags: indiana, broadway fountain, victor andre]

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The State Of Indiana

- The state of Indiana has also created laws to help prevent and intervene in elder abuse. One of these laws includes making everybody in the state of Indiana a mandated reporter. This means that if any Indiana resident witnesses or suspects elder abuse, they are legally required to report it to the proper authorities. Failure to report can result in class B misdemeanor charges being brought against this person (Family and Social Services Administration, 2016). It is a class A misdemeanor to financially exploit a person in Indiana and if the value exceeds $10,000 or the person is 65 or older, the charge becomes a level 6 felony (Adult Protective Services, 2016)....   [tags: Sociology, Social work, Social justice, Abuse]

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Gambling in Indiana

- GAMBLING IN INDIANA Almost 9 out of 10 adults will gamble in their lifetime. Although gambling can be in many forms, such as lottery, sports betting, and illegal gambling, casino gambling remains one of the most popular gambling activities. With 12 casinos in Indiana, the state revenue can lead to big business. Over the past decade, Indiana has brought in a large amount of revenue from its 12 river boat casinos. In fact, Indiana is third in the nation in gambling revenue - only trailing Las Vegas and New Jersey (Walker, 2013)....   [tags: loterry, sports betting, casino gambling]

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The Indiana Amber Alert System

- In an attempt to acquaint readers with the Indiana Amber Alert System’s technology, this report will review its source, users, funding and relationship with the Emergency Alert System, sometimes called the Emergency Broadcast System. History and criteria of the system will be examined, as well as collaboration, sharing and program funding. Local information will be discussed from the perspective of an area law enforcement officer. Statewide information will be touched upon from the perspective of the director of the Indiana Amber Alert Clearinghouse in Indianapolis....   [tags: Criminal Justice]

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Comparing Medicaid in Michigan and Indiana

- Introduction Eligibility for Medicaid programs in Michigan is based on either income only or income and assets. In addition, many of the programs available have age restrictions and/or require applicants to have certain health conditions (e.g. pregnancy). Eligibility requirements for Medicaid in Indiana are similar to those of Michigan. The two programs, however, do contrast in three substantial ways. Two out of three of these ways indicates that Indiana has the better program. Michigan’s Eligibility Criteria for Medicaid Traditional Medicaid is available, in Michigan, to adults that are taking care of a dependant child(ren), are on Supplemental Security income (SSI), aged, blind, disabl...   [tags: Medicaid Programs]

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Popular Distribution Centers in Indiana

- Indiana is a beautiful state located in the Great Lakes and Midwestern areas of North America. The state has Indianapolis as its capital, which is the largest city in Indiana. The state has abundant work force who are satisfied with job opportunities offered by various industries such as the Iron and Steel manufacturing, producing medical devices and pharmaceuticals, electrical equipment, automobiles, rubber, petroleum and coal products, chemical products and transportation. Popular companies that provide distribution center jobs in Indiana KeheEstee Lauder Companies KeHE Lids Sports Group Gordmans Whole Foods Market GENCO ATC Oshkosh Corporation Princeton One DICK’S Sporting Goods Patter...   [tags: production, jobs, applications]

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The Case of the Indiana State Fair

- The case of the Indiana state fair was a clear example of what happens when an organization does not have a crisis management team, plan, strategy, or crisis organizational learning experiences. As we observed, so many individuals from separate departments did not effectively communicate with one another. It sort of reminds me of the whole Titanic disaster, only smaller in nature. Where there were so many signs, and opportunities to prevent the crises from effecting them directly. Unfortunately there were too many missed opportunities, and eventually it was a race against time, and time won....   [tags: crisis management, negligence]

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The Broadway Fountain of Madison, Indiana

- The Broadway Fountain of Madison, Indiana did not originate in Indiana. “The fountain was originally exhibited in Philadelphia in 1876 (U.S.).” “After the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition closed, the Madison Lodge of Independent Order of Odd Fellows purchased the fountain and presented it to the city in 1884 (U.S.).” What makes this fountain so special. “It is one of only four remaining of this style in the world (U.S.).” The Madison Lodge of Independent Order of Odd Fellows was looking for a way to “regain the momentum it had lost to the railroads with a public drinking fountain (Untitled).” “Crozier told Joe that they needed something out of the normal order to catch the attention an...   [tags: the great flood, philadelphia, history]

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Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Incorporated

- SUBARU OF INDIANA AUTOMOTIVE, INCORPORATED Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Incorporated Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc (SIA) is a division of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd (FHI), a company that dates its origins to the turn of the century. Subaru, FHI’s automotive division, has always done things differently, when most other car companies used the basic vertically configured engine and rear wheel drive, Subaru was first to mass produce cars with the horizontal engine and front wheel drive followed by all-wheel drive and now Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc is even reinventing the way vehicles are manufactured and recycled....   [tags: Business Analysis ]

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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

- Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom As I sat and watched “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom,” the version of the “Orient” we get in this film is quite clear. Played and acted out by Harrison Ford, he was the all-knowing, adventurous, witty, “save the day” kind of guy, who just happens to be a professor and archaeologist as well. He knew throughout every scene, how to handle a particular situation even though parts of this country were foreign to him. What makes this “Orient” stand out even worse is his side kick, “Willie”, whom he met at the beginning of the movie in a Chinese night club....   [tags: Action Movies Film Indian Culture Racism Essays]

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