Lending a Helping Hand

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Lending a Helping Hand

There have always been organizations that provide help for the needy. Now the economy is going through a downward spiral giving these institutions a greater importance in helping the lives of those who need it. Miami County residents have seen firsthand that some people who live in this area really need the help. The statistical evidence shows that Miami County, Indiana is being affected by the economy. The average salary of a resident in Peru, Indiana ends up being $28,487. (Indiana) That number may not seem profound, but when you have a family to support, the budget gets tight. The normal wage annually for a resident in the state of Indiana is $45,434. (Indiana) That makes it roughly 38% more money than what Miami County residents. If people everywhere in Indiana are having trouble in this economic recession, how can we expect those in Miami County to get by? Luckily for them, many organizations are at their disposal to help not only their lives, but to better the overall community. Miami County has a poverty rate of 22.4%, ranking them among the top fifteen poorest counties in Indiana. Times are already extremely strenuous, but without institutions such as Helping Hands and United Way, the quality of life for Miami County citizens would be unacceptable.

Times are very arduous, and for the people of Miami County, they may become even troublesome. There is hunger everywhere in Miami County. Adults, young and old go without provisions, or enough to support a healthy life. Many families need food for themselves and their children. If the families go to bed at night hungry, it prohibits them from having a successful start the following morning. It will turn into a vicious circle until death or illness comes ...

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