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Analysis Of Fairmont Hotels And Resorts

- Fairmont Hotels and Resorts is a luxury hotel brand found all over the world and is known as a company to acquire the hotels that were the building blocks of cities across North America. From the Castle Properties in Western Canada, to the prestigious Fairmont Pacific Rim in Vancouver, to the Savoy in London, Fairmont has created a truly unique and diverse luxury hotel brand to fit anyone’s style. Fairmont Hotels and Resorts was founded in 1907 with the first ever hotel with the Fairmont name attached to it being the Fairmont San Francisco....   [tags: Hotel chains, Hotel, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts]

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A Statistical Modeling Of Three Types Of Hotels Owned By People Box Hotels

- EExecutive Summary This report summarizes a statistical modeling of three types of hotels owned by People Box Hotels, Inc. With current locations across the United States, providing a short term stay in rural and urban hotels, as well as coastal resort properties. The Grimsley Consulting Firm is tasked with recommending the variables in which People Box Hotels should focus in maximization of profit through pricing strategies. People Box hotel has provided a random sampling of guest and company data over a five year period of time....   [tags: Hotel, Resort, Hotels, Motel]

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Hotels Face Constant Changes Within The Tourism Industry

- Hotels face constant changes within the tourism industry. Hotel companies must accommodate with these changes in order to stay afloat. From personal experience working in a hotel, I have noticed the main struggles for hotels are labor, revenue, customer satisfaction, and cleanliness. The Sun and Sea Hotel struggles internally with a large number of issues of which are having the business suffer immensely. Worst of all, some of these issues are notable to the hotel visitors, which in turn results in poor customer service....   [tags: Hotel, Customer, Customer service, Hotels]

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A Short Note On Intercontinental Hotels Group ( Ihg )

- Introduction InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) is the largest hotels group company worldwide and one of the leading company in the hospitality industry. This assignment will analyse IHG in twelve contexts: how it started as a brewery and moved to hotels and the hospitality industry, the number of branches they have and where they are situated, how the company helps the environment as well as how they embrace new technology and develop the industry, the rules or code of conduct that all employees should learn, what the group does to help and improve the local community and people, as well as some of the bad news that could damage this company, the main offices that control the branches an...   [tags: InterContinental Hotels Group, Hotel, Holiday Inn]

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Proposal for Hotels International

- Proposal for Hotels International Dear Mr. Covington: Subject: Proposal No. F-12841 for Hotels International, Regional Office-San Diego, CA. Fresh Appeal is honored to submit the following proposal to provide premier hotel, motel amenities for the personal care of your guests. Our company has been providing superior service to many of the leading hotel and motel chains across the United States since 1982. The Marriott, Hilton and Best Western are just a few of the chains to whom we provide quality products and service....   [tags: Business Proposal Hotels Essays]

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Hotels Hotel : The 4 Star Hotels

- Hotels 4 Star Hotels - The 4 star Hotels in Delhi attract huge crowds from the nearby locations, and oftentimes the entire country. There are around thousands of hotels in urban cities, and 4 star hotels happens to be among the élite hotels. Hotels Hotels - The convenient suites and luxury rooms in Hotel are furnished with essential and deluxe conveniences like color TV; Coffee maker; cozy king-size beds and couches; Wi-Fi internet connection, as well as air conditioning and so on. Hotels Gym - The modern batch of hotels are well-equipped with gyms and sports facilities for health conscious guests from across the world....   [tags: Travel agency, Hotel, Airline ticket, Spa]

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The Correlation Between Robberies And Hotels

- Statement of the research question Hotels are a place of business that provides a small type of living for customers who temporarily stay. It is occupied mainly of visitors to areas where while staying at a hotel they do whatever they have come to do such as tourism, visiting friends and relatives, business, or vacation. Robbery is a crime involving the forceful taking of an individual’s property through violence or intimidation. What would be important to the area is the spatial relationship between the crime and the place, that being robberies and hotels....   [tags: Crime, Police, Spatial analysis, Geography]

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Business Analysis : Hyatt Hotels

- Mark S. Hoplamazian, President, and CEO, of Hyatt Hotels Corporation, addressed shareholders by informing them that, Hyatt Hotels reported third quarter 2016 financial results. Net income attributable to Hyatt was $62 million, in the third quarter of 2016, compared to $25 million, or in the third quarter of 2015. Adjusted net income attributable to Hyatt was $61 million, in the third quarter of 2016 compared to $42 million, Hyatt has expanded their global operation across the world. The famous brand image along with efficient global account management, so far Hyatt has achieved great success in the hospitality industry....   [tags: Hotel, Hyatt, Hotel chains]

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Analysis of Hilton Hotels

- Introduction The Hotel industry has become very important in the past years due to immense traveling and growth of international business. Hotel industry not only plays an important role in the life of people but as well as the economy of the country. Development and advancement in the Hotel industry have rapidly been taking place and especially since the rapid change in technology, it is very important for hotels to be promptly keeping up to date. When the hotel industry is spoken of, there are many famous hotels but one hotel company that has been outstanding in growth and other aspects of business, like in Leadership, Teamwork (Employee turnover), Motivation (Customer retention and satis...   [tags: Hilton Case Study]

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Luxury Hotels : Hospitality And Tourism Industry

- Luxury Hotels in Hospitality and Tourism Industry Name: Institution: Luxury Hotels in Hospitality and Tourism Industry Introduction and Overview Hospitality is a large category of the field found in the service industry that encompasses all the services provided in the lodging, event planning, transportation and cruise line (Benson, 2013). Also, tourism forms part of the hospitality industry. The industry depends on the availability of the leisure time and ready to spend income from the general population....   [tags: Hotel, Hospitality industry, Lodging]

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Brunt Hotels Group as a Giant Entrepreneur

- ... As to the priorities, in my opinion, I would say the rebranding of the hotels should be placed at top priority. This is because rebranding is a marketing activities that will be use in attracting and maintaining their customers; they want their products to be in the mind of the customers always (creating a niche) for the products to be a household name; A BRAND (Ilarde, 2012). To follow next is the recruitment exercise; this is equally very important especially as 70% of the old staffs have left the organization, there is urgent need for have new staffs onboard....   [tags: business analysis]

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The Human Resource Management Of Accor Hotels

- Accor Hotel Accor Hotels is a multinational hotel group which owns, operates and franchises over 3700 in 92 countries representing several different brand names. The brands they represent range from budget, economy to five star accommodation. This hotel group is classed as a large organisation, they call their Human Resource department Talent and Culture this department consists of managers and staff who 's main focus is the Human Resource Management roles and responsibility. The Human Resource role and responsibility within the Accor company is the human resource manager as it a large business, this department supports business and running of the business....   [tags: Human resource management, Recruitment]

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The Luxurious Life of Pop Up Hotels and Glamping Expereince

- Throughout the years a new type of luxurious adventure has evolved providing people exclusive and quality experience far beyond their expectations. The star-spangled idea about providing travelers a comfortable and unique lodging attracted the world’s attention when pop-up hotels and Glamping emerged. Although most like the idea of the outdoor and going into the nature experience, no one can deny staying in a luxurious and fully equipped tent/room in the wilderness or even at a park doesn’t sound appealing, in the following paragraphs ill thoroughly talk about what are pop-up hotels and what is the Glamping experience....   [tags: camping, nature, hotel, invention]

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Dark Hospitality : Hotels As Places For The End Of Life

- This paper will discuss on the journal article “Dark hospitality: hotels as places for the end of life”. It investigated around the reasons of people selecting to die in hotels and whether hotels should provide ‘dark’ service for them through a series of interviews of relevant experienced hotels’ employees. Moreover, author indicated a new possible direction of hospitality industry: developing hospice hotel in the future. Qualitative method was the fundamental methodology of the journal article....   [tags: Hotel, Hospitality industry, Lodging, Death]

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Tourists Love 10 Popular Hotels in India

- India is popular for its history, culture and hospitality thus each year, millions of tourists both local and international visits India. To truly enjoy India, you must be able to spend some time to visit some of the nation’s world famous hotels which are distributed across the nations. This allows you to also visit the different parts of the nations as well see many famous monuments located in the different regions. India is rich in history and has hundreds of historical monuments which can be visited while visiting the different hotels....   [tags: culture, hospitality, resorts]

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Marketing Research's Crucial Role in Helping Marriott Hotels

- ... 86). For instance, most non-business travellers emphasize on the quality of hospitality services such as privacy and safety. Without qualitative research, it would have been extremely difficult for Marriot to investigate these perspectives. It is also vital to note that qualitative research has been the leading light in helping this firm evaluate the different gains and shortcomings of focusing on the non-business travellers. Consequently, this has strengthened the company’s framework for market expansion....   [tags: identifying new opportunities]

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Global Leader of Hospitality: Hilton Hotels and Resorts

- The most prestigious name in the industry, Hilton Hotels & Resorts stands as the stylish, enthusiastic and global leader of hospitality. With over 92 years of experience, Hilton continues to be synonymous with hotel because of innovative approach to products, facilities and service. They help make traveling easier with smart design, innovative restaurant concepts, authentic hospitality and assurance to the global community. Hilton Hotels & Resorts currently serves guests worldwide in more than 540 locations in 78 countries across six continents....   [tags: rewards, goals, management]

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Kanpur City, Chakeri International Airport and Nearby Hotels

- ... It’s capable of handling a good amount of human traffic. It has got all amenities like X-Ray baggage facility, excellent visitors lounge, shopping facility, snack bars, spacious car parking area, pre-paid taxi service etc. Buses and autos are also available from here to go to the city very easily. This airport was first known as aka Chakeri Air Force Station and was belonged to Indian Air Force. The flights were operated to few places like Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Allahabad, Mumbai, Pune and Chennai from here since 1970....   [tags: India, Travel]

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The Merger Between Marriott International And Starwood Hotels & Resorts

- Recommendations for Success It is the primary goal of our leadership to see that the merger between Marriott International and Starwood Hotels & Resorts is a great success. As with any merger, especially when bringing two giant hotel chains together, it is expected that there will be challenges as we move forward, but at the same time, we understand and know it to be true that we have the greatest talent between both sets of staff available in bringing these two entities together, and that our challenges are certainly issues that can be overcome as we work through the adjustments....   [tags: Team, Management, Failure, Success]

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An Example Of Simple Luxury Tree House Hotels

- • Experiences - are the final events, where finished products can be consumed (memorable, transformations are effectual - mõjusad) (Pine and Gilmore, 2011). • Flatters and Wilmott (2009, cited in Leigh, Webster and Ivanov, 2013) highlight a trend in that it seems that affluent –jõukad consumers have revealed mounting dissatisfaction with excessive consumption. Many desire a wholesome and a less wasteful life. As such, there is a desire to get back to nature, something that is tranquil, basic, rooted, human and simple (Yeoman, 2008)....   [tags: Tourism, World Tourism Organization, Gaze]

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Rosewood Hotels Marketing Plan

- MARKETING PLAN OBJECTIVE The main objective was to foster customer retention and loyalty increasing cross-property usage. The number of multi-property guest stays should be increased to 10% from the 5% rate experienced during the last year. MARKETING SITUATION Problem situation: Rosewood brand was muted, not very well known but it was not clear what is the best corporate branding strategy without destroying the value of each individually branded hotel and loosing a customer....   [tags: Business Marketing Analysis]

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Resource Allocation In Hotels

- Resource Allocation in Hotels –Alternative Distribution Options The number of reservations flowing to hotels through the electronic and switchboard distribution channels – the Internet and reservation call centers – is growing steadily. Once a minor contributor of bookings, they are now primary business sources and grow more important with every passing month. This productivity growth has heightened emphasis throughout the hotel industry on using the electronic and switchboard distribution channels effectively and maximizing their potential....   [tags: Hotel Industry]

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Interview With An Organization Called The Sheraton Hotel- Starwood Hotels & Resorts

- Informal Interview paper I decided to interview my friends’ human resource manager. She works at an organization called the Sheraton Hotel- Starwood Hotels & Resorts. She has some involvement in getting training and development for different hotels when it is needed. She manages staff and implements new ways that the hotels can be more efficient. The manager is a busy lady, I did not know if she will have time for this interview. I sent her an email and explained to her how this interview with her would help me learn more about her career and help me see if I am interested in this field as well....   [tags: Human resource management, Human resources, Hotel]

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Personal Statement : Las Vegas, The City Known For Their Flashy Strip And Gorgeous Hotels

-   Las Vegas, the city known for their flashy strip and gorgeous hotels, is one of the most sought out cities in the world. Idolized for their outrageous parties and extravagant conventions, was definitely on my “places-to-go” list. For years my parents preached about how they would take me, but those promises weren’t kept. It was a series of spontaneous events that help push me toward my sought out destination. Entering in the fall of my freshman year in high school, I was somewhat reluctant to start school again....   [tags: Las Vegas Strip, Hotel]

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Strategies Hotels Use in Order to Achieve and Guarantee Customer Satisfaction.

- A well renowned man once said: "A customer is the most important visitor to our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption to our work; He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider to our business; He is part of it. We are not doing him a favour by serving him; He is doing us a favour by giving us the opportunity to do so." There is much truth to the above statement; therefore achieving customer satisfaction is an important basis to any business organisation, especially hotels....   [tags: Sociology]

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Comparing Management Structure

- Introduction In this report the industry context will be analysed using three contrasting hospitality businesses. The contrasting hospitality businesses will be Wivenhoe House as a boutique hotel, Milsom’s, which describes itself as ‘relaxed bar/ brasserie and hotel’ (Milsoms, n.d.) and Novotel near tower bridge. The management structure will be compared in each of these three businesses and staffing deployment and operational characteristics will also be discussed. The three business’ products and services will be evaluated critically and recommendations will be given as well....   [tags: Business, Hotels]

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Marketing Strategy And Product Life Cycle

- Marketing Strategy and Product Life Cycle in Hospitality As the marketing consultant for a hospitality management company, it is often my responsibility to define target markets for various restaurants and hotels. In fact, I have been tasked with creating a fictional hospitality operation, to utilize as an illustration to define a marketing strategy and target market. In addition, I must identify and analyze the product life cycle of an organization that has been in business for a minimum of twenty-five years....   [tags: InterContinental Hotels Group, Hotel]

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What Makes A Cheap Hotel? Good Tips?

- How to find a cheap hotel. Good tips. Looking for a cheap hotel for your next vacation and you want to get the best price. Here are some simple tips to put in place to easily find a cheap hotel. Anticipating the season of your trip In high season (dates differ depending on the destination), hoteliers know they have much chance of fulfilling their establishment. They therefore make little effort on their prices and you may need to pay full price. For a hotel at the best price, so it is more advantageous to visit a city at medium or low season....   [tags: Hotel, Hotels, Motel, Want]

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Best Services in Greater Noida

- Article on Best Services in greater noida hotels, Restaurant and bar, banquets in greater noida Services in Greater Noida Notels – Coupled with the Best Banquets, Restaurants and Bars Being painted into the color of a cosmopolitan city, Greater Noida has now turned into a place that is visited largely; owing to a host of reasons that include career prospects, business opportunities, education as well as recreation. Thus, to provide a soothing stay to its travelers, this fast developed town houses scores of hotels....   [tags: travelers, hotels, resaurant]

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Bargaining Power Of Customers ( Medium )

- BARGAINING POWER OF CUSTOMERS (Medium) KEY FACTORS: (1) Buyers are largely price sensitive except in the high-end segment (2) Lack of major buyers across the industry with influence (3) Internet has changed the game and provides easy price comparisons The bargaining power of customers has to do with the end users and the outputs or products and services they purchase from industry players. It is their ability to influence or exert pressure on industry players with regards to these outputs. In the Global Hotel industry, customers are mostly price sensitive however, they are primarily independent and a lack of major buyers or large customer groups limits their power and influence over the indu...   [tags: Internet, Hotel, Price, Hotels]

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Overbooking Rooms At Hotel Industry

- Overbooking Rooms in the Hotel Industry If one were to ponder the question of whether hotels should overbook their rooms the answer may appear to be quite simple. Why would a hotel owner want to book more reservations for rooms than they actually had available. This is an issue that has faced the hotel industry for a number of years. Contrary to what the average person may think about hotels overbooking their rooms, it has actually shown itself to be a noble strategy in achieving maximum profitability when done accurately....   [tags: Hotel, Hotels, Motel, Lodging]

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Analysis Of D ' Rovencourt Reiterated

- We then switched to the topic of loyalty and how he strived to retain more returning guests. D’Rovencourt reiterated since the meeting spaces booked for huge conferences are a large business, the sales department has offered a program called Meeting Planner Points. He described this program to build incentive to encourage the attendees of the event to stay at his hotel. For the group contact, the more attendee’s book within the group at the hotel, the more points the group contact receives and the better perks their group receives for a future booking....   [tags: Hotel, Hotels, Hospitality industry]

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Careers to Pursue with a Hospitality Management Degree

- Hospitality Management is the study of the hospitality industry. “A degree in the subject may be obtained either by a university college dedicated to the studies of hospitality management or business school with a relevant department “(Google). In most cases when asked about hospitality management people generally think about hotels, but In fact the hospitality industry is huge. There are nearly 1 million food service operations in the United States, and nearly three hundred thousand hotels. With so many job opportunities such as casino/gaming supervisor, travel agent, event planning, and even executive chef the demand for graduates is easy to see....   [tags: hospitality industry, business, hotels]

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Security and Payment Issues Faced by e-commerce Business in the Hospitality Industry

- ... doi:10.1007/978-3-642-31600-5_36 Chaffey, D. (2011). Mobile commerce. In C. Dave, E-Business and E-Commerce Management: Strategy, Implementation and Practice (5th Edition) [Electronic version] (p. 7). Prentice Hall. Chaffey, D., & Smith, P. (2013). Emarketing Excellence : Planning and Optimizing your Digital Marketing [Electronic version] (4th ed.). Retrieved May 2, 2014, from Chana, N. L., & Guillet, B. D. (2011). Investigation of Social Media Marketing: How Does the Hotel Industry in Hong Kong Perform in Marketing on Social Media Websites....   [tags: Globetrotter Hotels customer database]

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The Importance Of Hotel And Lodging Operations

- “The Importance of Hotel and Lodging Operations” Hotel and Lodging operations are a huge part of what makes going away for a week or weekend so important in the process of that because, without it, we would not be anywhere with the hotel industry. There are a lot of different aspects you have to consider when talking about Hotel and Lodging Operations, for example, we have the General manager who oversees everyone under him. Some of those who would work under him would be people who work in the food and beverage department, in the restaurants, for room service....   [tags: Hotel, Hotels, Lodging, Motel]

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Top Six Travel Apps For Ios

- Top Six Travel Apps for iOS If you can imagine, there was a time when travel apps didn 't even exist. Now there are apps for every kind of specialized travel and tailored to every kind of traveling persona. The best apps have to do a few basic things before they venture to their exotic specialties. They have to book a flight, book a hotel room and handle how you move about while in your destination location. The app then must organize all this information in such a way that you understand it. Now, with all that in place the app can then go and get fancy with other features....   [tags: Hotel, Hotels, Travel]

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Rational Expectation By Grunberg And Modigliani

- Rational Expectation The idea of rational expectation was introduce by Grunberg and Modigliani (1954) and later by Muth (1961), the main them was that prediction of economic event like, weather forecast can affect the economic event. Similarly the expectation of an increase in prices can affect the most of economic agent decisions. The rational expectation can also affect the customer’s behavior while taking the decision. Since the customers have full information about the hotel and its price and he can change his/her booking decision while found any change in price....   [tags: Hotel, Hotels, Star, Equilibrium]

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How Social Media and Customer Review Sites Impact Businesses

- Executive Summery Most hoteliers understand to grow revenue by competitive analysis, historical data and current market demand. Now world business structure is reshaping; Revenue and marketing drivers are no more liner, most businesses are affected by impact of social media and customer reviews. Many of us now book the hotel bedroom, holiday or restaurant dinner after reviewing review website like Trip Advisor, or Sharing our views on Facebook, Twitter or Linked In. Showing Visual effects on You Tube or Picasso....   [tags: business, hotels, failure, process]

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Hotel Room Attendant : Hotel

- After reading The Goal, I would like to apply these concepts to the hospitality industry, Hotel. I got a chance to have an interview with a former room attendant in Howard Hotels, a five-star hotel in Taiwan. Although the room attendant’s duty is quite simple, I find the way to apply the ideas from the book to their work. In housekeeping, the room attendants have very limited time to finish their work because hotel guests usually check-out from 9AM to 12 PM and new customers will check in from 3PM to 5PM....   [tags: Hotel, Rooms, Hotels, Inventory]

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Types of Rooms in the Hotel Industry

- In the hotel industry with a certain service satisfy to customer needs. It was different and includes the different of customers as well. It is based on the theories of Maslow. That divides the different needs of people, from basic needs to the highest demands. This, in the hotel industry had been variety of services that reflect the level of customer needs. In each hotel have a wide variety of structures and designs vary. In order to meet the needs of customers. This will include a safety and convenience for the customers....   [tags: hotels, needs, designs]

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Sample Report On Revenue Management

- Graduate Diploma Front Office Operations Management AMFO621 Assessment Two (Group Assessment) Revenue Management in Front Office Written Assignment – Report and Presentation Semester One 2016 Lecturer: Heather McEwan Group Member/ Student I.D.: Xiaochen Gong/99138745 Xiaowen Ba/ Submission date: Monday 30 May 201Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 1. Introduction 4 2. Property Management Systems 5 2.1 Cenium Property Management System 5 2.2 ASSD PMS software for ho(s)tells 6 2.3 Silverbyte Optima Property Management System 7 3. Channel Management Systems 8 3.1 eZee Centrix Channel Management System 8 3.2 SiteMinder Channel Management System 9 Executive Summary The report is des...   [tags: Hotel, Management, Hotels, Marketing]

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Experiencing Marathon at the Florida Keys

- On our 10-day 'vacay' we decided to stop for a several night stay-over at a quaint town which is halfway along the Florida Keys. It's called Marathon, and I do credit it to the famous and wondrous Seven Mile Bridge. It should get billing as one of the 7 Wonders In Our Manmade World, and you'll see beautiful watery scenes on both sides yet in different colors of blues and greens. Serenely breath-taking as the bridge goes from miles of flat driving over shallow water to arching up high in the sky just as you embrace Marathon....   [tags: Sights, Events, Hotels]

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Questions On The French Hotel Industry

- Written Assignment ________________________________________ I think that one of the priorities should for their managers to learn French, so they can communicate better with their French customers. This also means that their managers must learn about the French hotel industry more before they can even take over. Robson (n.d). I also think that the hotel must allow more time to train its new employees. They should allow more time to train the employees, if already 70 % of the staff has already left....   [tags: Management, Hotel, Hotels, Employment]

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Self Service Technologies ( Sst )

- Over the past few decades the hotel service industry has been transformed by self-service technologies (SST) therefore the personal service interaction between customer and employee has decreased as technology continues to advance immensely (Kucukusta, Heung & Hui, 2014). With the rise in popularity of SST it has both contributed to the customer satisfaction along with increase the profitability of many service industries worldwide (Kimes & Collier, 2015). In particular this essay will focus mainly on luxury hotel brans in Hong Kong, it will review what self-service technology is and how it differs from personal service as well as its benefits to travellers and the hotel industry as many hav...   [tags: Hotel, Hotels, Motel, Technology]

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The Impact Of Tourism On Tourism Industry

- CHAPTER TWO Accommodation operations such as the hotels, it has been indicated that, the hotels have an important influence on tourism industry since they facilitate the provision of food and accommodation to the tourists. A large hotel may cater for both business and leisure guests, business guests, usually Monday to Thursday, and a short break guest from Friday to Sunday. Horwath consulting, a London based consultant group, has calculated that, for hotel sector, 19% of demand comes from holiday tourism while 41.6% comes from business....   [tags: Hotel, Hospitality industry, Lodging, Hotels]

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Analysis and Description of Yield Management

- 1. Yield management is a technique used in reservations, in a recent analysis by Donaghy et al(2008) the definition of yield management states that ‘Yield management is a revenue maximisation technique which aims to increase net yield through the predicted allocation of available bedroom capacity to predetermined market segments at optimum price’. This practice, used in almost all hotels, can be affected by many issues that can have a detrimental effect on profits, image and productivity. 2. Conceptually, yield management works within a framework set out by Jones and Lockwood (2005) who identified strategic operations as being concerned with the long term (focused on by head office), medium...   [tags: revenue maximisation, net yield, hotels]

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International Journal Of Contemporary Hospitality Management

- Burgess, C. (2007). Do hotel managers have sufficient financial skills to help them manage their areas?. International Journal Of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 19(3), 188-200. doi:10.1108/09596110710739895 In this research paper Cathy Burgess (2007) investigates if hotel managers have the financial skills to effectively manage their areas within the constantly changing industry. Two of the research projects used were performed in 1993 and focused on the roles of a financial manager, quantitative research was also undertaken by a survey through a tick box method that is mailed to the BAHA (British Association of hospitality accountants) it was sent to 502 members in December 2005, a...   [tags: Hotel, Hotel manager, Hotels, Star]

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Las Vegas, Nevada

- Introduction Las Vegas is located south of Nevada, USA, it is nicknamed Sin city and has the phrase “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” It’s most popular __ is Las Vegas Boulevard, also known as ‘the strip’, it is where some of the most known casinos and hotels are located. The first casino ever built in Las Vegas is the Pair-o-Dice club constructed in 1931, the first casino built on ‘the strip’ is the El Rancho Vegas, opened in 1941. The El Rancho Vegas was destroyed by a fire in 1960. The success of the hotel encouraged the idea of building more casinos/hotels on the strip which leaded to the Hotel Last Frontier being built in 1942....   [tags: casino, entertainment, hotels]

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How The Hotel Industry Has Under Pressure By Government Legislation And Regulations

- For a decade the hotel industry is trying to implement a strategy to help with sustainability. Water, electric, gas is highly generated every day in hotel rooms. The Deliotte Game changers or spectators article (2015) stated that Hospitality is vulnerable to water shortages, relies heavily on built assets, and consumes significant amounts of electricity and, generally speaking, is an item on which spending is discretionary. This is the case because when people travel they do not pay attention to how much energy or water they are actually consuming....   [tags: Hotel, Hotels, Motel, Hospitality industry]

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The Hotel Brand Of The Future Shall Be Effected By The Sub Brand And The Co Brand

- 4. Assumptions : The study of the hotel brand in the future shall be effected by the sub brand and the co brand . Reasoning and Evidence: Restrictions and suggestions for future research the study have a few confinements. Initially the study is restricted to just five-star hotels. In this manner, future examination ought to endeavour to analyze brand value crosswise over various inn classes. This will give the chance to make correlations between distinctive inn items. The consequences of this study will be more illustrative if the examination is led through likelihood analyzes technique....   [tags: Brand management, Brand, Hotel, Hotels]

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Summary : Ritz Carlton Hotel

- Summary of The Ritz-Carlton The Ritz-Carlton is one of the most prestigious and well known hotels. Not only is The Ritz-Carlton a five-star hotel, but it has received numerous awards, including the Malcom Baldrige National Quality Award two times which no other hotel has done. The Ritz-Carlton strives to distinguish itself by providing the best customer experience possible with exceptional service. The Ritz-Carlton was established in 1983 and to date has 91 hotels in 30 countries with more than 35,000 employees (   [tags: Hotel, Hotel chains, Hotels, Motel]

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Positive And Negative Impacts Of Social Media

- In the past, the tourists were usually more influenced by the comments and opinions of friends and relatives; however, social media is taking place nowadays. The impact of social media tools for travelers and hoteliers has been paid highly attention since the presence of TripAdvisor. Because of the development of technology, social media has been widely adopted by travelers to search, plan, organize and share their travel stories and experiences by using the tools like Twitter, Facebook, TripAdvisor, YouTube and some other social network sites....   [tags: Hotel, Hotels, Hospitality industry, Marketing]

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The Happy Guest Relationship Management

- Slide 1 The Happy Guest Relationship Management (HGRM) system has seen huge success in its implementation into Hotel Lugano Dante and Hotel Berna’s business operations. The system has allowed for the continued expansion and growth of these hotels, enabling Fontana to provide a five-star customer service experience within a four-star hotel. Through capitalising on technological innovations Fontana was able to achieve these competitive advantages and standout in an otherwise saturated market. The further development of this system will ensure that Fontana is able to sustain this success and promote future growth....   [tags: Hotel, Customer service, Hotels, Star]

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The On The Sharing Economy

- Airbnb has been on the leading edge of what has become known as the sharing economy. The sharing economy can be defined as “an economic system based on sharing underused assets or services, for free or for a fee, directly from individuals” (Botsman). The sharing economy is also referred to as a collaborative economy, which is an “economic system of decentralized networks and marketplaces that unlocks the value of underused assets by matching the needs and haves, in ways that bypass traditional middlemen” (Botsman)....   [tags: Hotel, Hospitality industry, Hotels, Lodging]

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Why Putting Resources Into London Lodgings Can Make Incredible Returns

- Why putting resources into London lodgings can make incredible returns Hotel rooms as a venture are a generally new idea, in the most recent a quarter century so opportunities have emerged for financial specialists to add this speculation sort to their portfolios. The idea started in the US and now lodging choices are accessible around the globe. How does hotel venture work. Putting resources into a unit in a lodging is much the same as a Buy to Let speculation, you purchase the unit and "let" it out to paying visitors....   [tags: Hotel, Lodging, Bed and breakfast, Hotels]

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A Short Note On Hospitality And Tourism Marketing Strategy

- Hospitality & Tourism Marketing Strategy SATKAR RESIDENCY -Making Business a Matter of Pleasure... Name : CTH NO : Introduction Satkar Residency nestled in the heart of thane off eastern exp. highway,next to Cadbury company,which is called the city of lake, offers truly world class facilities to both business and leisure travel guest. They have Plush banquets,an exclusive floor,conference rooms of varying proportions loaded with state of the are features, restaurants with master chefs and themes....   [tags: Hotel, Marketing, Hospitality industry, Hotels]

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Case Study : The Portman Hotel

- INTERODUCTION The Portman hotel is one of the luxury hotels in the hotel industry. The size of the hotel is relatively small; it has only 348 rooms and 21 floors. The objective of this hotel is to bring Asian hospitality to the US. This hotel is different from other hotel because it offers the services of personal valet and also it had “ no rules for the guests”. HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT PERSONAL VALLET SYSTEM Personal valet is the large group about 85 of the 400 total. No other American hotel had this system....   [tags: Hotel, Hotels, Mini-bar, Motel]

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The Pet Bag Travel Kit System

- Summer is well on its way and that means a lot of folks will be heading out on vacation. Some people kennel their pets when they travel, but there is a growing trend of taking your pet with you. More and more hotels are offering accommodations for pets. And the pet supplies industry has come up with some innovative products to help you travel with your pet, even if it 's just a short trip to the doggie park. We 've all seen old Blue the basset hound traveling in the back of an open pick up truck or a canine friend hanging out of the window of a car trying to catch some of the multitude of intriguing sniffs that are whizzing by....   [tags: Hotel, Hotels, Hotel chains, Motel]

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The Management Of A Hotel

- After reading the first part of the report, the things I would see as priorities would be initially to develop the knowledge bank on the hotel business overseas. Whilst the process of running a hotel in one country will be very similar to that of running one in another country, there are a number of things the business will not understand, and to avoid risk they need to quickly grasp the peculiarities of the local market quickly. Utilising the team of consultants employed will be critical, no information they provide should be ignored, it will all help....   [tags: Hotel, Management, Hotels, Hotel chains]

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Turnover At The Service Industry

- Turnover in the service industry and particularly in the hotel industry is an important issue to successful staffing of positions in both the US and in Russia. Therefore, in this study we examined front line hotel employees’ intention to turnover both in hotel organizations and their intention to leave the service industry. We found that turnover and the traditional antecedent of turnover job satisfaction was a significant factor in both countries. Also, other variables suggested by the extant service literature, managerial support, co-worker support and burnout are significant antecedents to job satisfaction and ultimately intent to leave their employers....   [tags: Hotel, Management, Hotels, Indirect effect]

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The Hotel And Hospitality Industry

- Introduction The hotel or hospitality industry relies on guests who visit their facilities. In order to understand and project revenues it is critical that operators in the industry know how to calculate revenues. On the other hand revenue management in any business not only in the hospitality industry is important. Considering the perishable nature of hotel rooms as the main product under sale, it is important to focus on customer satisfaction in order to increase revenues. Therefore, hotel yield or revenue management is about balancing the demand for hotel rooms and the capacity through proper forecasting in order to maximize effectiveness of resources....   [tags: Hotel, Hospitality industry, Hotels, Lodging]

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Discount Coupons Found Online

- Watches Coupons Many of you check out online shopping portals to find out if there are any offers to help you purchase the watch of your choice. Well, for now your search should be over if you visit, a site that has recently started to stock watches coupons for its users, which enable online purchases of any watch with significant discounts and cash backs. By acquiring a particular, you can now get Rs 500 cash back on any watch that costs at least Rs 2500. If you have placed orders for multiple watches at, you can get a coupon that entitles you Rs 1500 instant cash back on purchases worth Rs 7000....   [tags: watches, cabs, flights, hotels, bus]

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Green Practices Of Hospitality Industry : Green Design Material, And Green Marketing System

- Green Practices in Hospitality Industry Global warming has been rising gradually. Countries and many specific areas on our planet are suffering from climate change. Animals have become extinct, deforestation happens everywhere, water is being polluted by industries and lastly many people are living in lacking of everyday essentials. If this action continues, our next generation might not have access to natural sources as much as we do now. According to an article on climate change, “Sustainability requires a fundamental shift in thinking, values, ambitions and action by not only the general population but also by business leaders and educational establishments.” (Chen....   [tags: Hotel, Hospitality industry, Slow Food, Hotels]

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Supply Chain Arrangement Is An Important Competitive Advantage

- Introduction Accommodating customer requirements in most supply chain arrangement requires a forecast to drive the process. (book page 133) When looking into the definition of forecasting which is projecting what is going to be sold (units, seats, rooms etc) it is also important to take into consideration where and when in order to reach the future goals. (book page 133) Since it is argued that effective supply chain and logistical capacity is an important competitive advantage. (Christopher 2005) Where maximizing the revenue is the key element in hospitality sector and for hotel industry there is an increased attention on effective demand management and forecasting for reservation systems...   [tags: Hotel, Hotel chains, Hotels, Indian reservation]

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Analytics Analysis : The Luxury Hotel Industry

- Analytics are extensive use of data statistical and quantitative analytics, explanatory and predictive models and fact based management together drive decisions and actions. Analytics are set of technologies and processes that use data to understand business performance which leads to the efficient execution and smart business decisions. HILTON WORLDWIDE AND CAPABILITIES TO COMPETE ON ANALYTICS The luxury hotel industry has become a significant segment of the general hospitality industry and is undergoing expeditious expansions....   [tags: Hotel, Hilton Hotels, Supply chain management]

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Personal Narrative Inn 's Platinum Hospitality Award Winning Ocean 's Edge Location

- Among a long stretch of hotels bundled along the Atlantic Ocean coast of Belfast, Maine sits a beautiful 78-room hotel on a hill. My first steps on the property were greeted by a spectacular span of the ocean with quiet hills to the left and a gentle sunrise to the right. Fireside Inn’s Platinum Hospitality Award-winning Ocean’s Edge location certainly has a breathtaking view. “The picture-ready view is absolutely priceless,” says Barry Asalone, the general manager and long-time member of the hotel industry....   [tags: Hotel, Hotel chains, Hospitality industry, Hotels]

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Analysis of Hans Hotel Business Strategy

- Hans Hotel is on the rise, and it is experiencing problems typical for a company that is transitioning from a small to a big organization. Their acquisition of new hotels and the growth of their clientele are clearly happening faster than their systems, and business culture can keep up with. Usually, when a company outgrows its current strategy and systems, it is important that management gets together and revise their strategy to accommodate the company’s growing status. Otherwise, when the growth is not well accommodated, the confusion and lack of structure the company finds itself in could spell a disaster for the company’s further growth, and if not well managed, this could result in dea...   [tags: hans hotels, service quality, information system]

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Role Of A Guest Service Agent At The Front Desk Of The Crowne Plaza Hotel

- During my placement I have undertaken the role of a Guest Service Agent at the front desk of the Crowne Plaza Hotel. In this time I have learnt that there is a much wider range of responsibilities involved in this position than I was aware of prior to beginning my placement and all of these are very important to the smooth daily operations of the hotel. The responsibilities I have not only include checking in and checking out guests and helping guests with any enquiries they may have. I am also responsible for directly liaising with other departments such as housekeeping regarding which rooms need to be cleaned and when, updating guest profiles and accounts, and answering and resolving phone...   [tags: Hotel, Hotel chains, Hotels, Expected value]

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The Film Dirty Pretty Things By Senor Juan

- Señor Juan is the antagonist in the film Dirty Pretty Things. Juan opposes Okwe (the protagonist) in the film from living a humble and just life by giving him an ultimatum of having to operate in the illegal organ trade in exchange for a new identity and money. Señor Juan is portrayed to be a charcter that is facing many ethical dilemmas in his life and has trouble finding a balance between choosing equally desirable and undesirable alternatives and justifying the bad decisions he makes. Señor Juan’s following choices are to be questioned based on the ethical dilemmas this charcter faces....   [tags: Hotel, Hotels, Illegal drug trade, Drug]

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10 High Profile Luxury Hotel

- 10 High Profile Luxury Hotels in Lagos Lagos is a perfect blend of old and new fashioned elegance. The city features many interesting and exciting activities and places to see, a pulsating dining and night scene that reflects its culturally diverse inhabitants. Lagos is considered as one of the most bustling destinations that offer abundant choices of accommodation to locals and visitors, giving everyone a chance to experience luxury living with ease. Luxury living in Lagos is most experienced at its high profile hotel properties, which are exquisitely designed and equipped with modern amenities and indulgences suitable for a comfy and relaxing stay....   [tags: Hotel chains, Hotel, Hotels, Luxury box]

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The World 's Largest Village

- Welcome to Skokie, IL – The World’s Largest Village Skokie, Illinois is one of many suburbs of Chicago, but it is also an interesting and unique town on its own. Officially, Skokie is a village, however it has a population of nearly 65,000 people. Over the years, the city has called itself, and been called, The World’s Largest Village because of this combination of factors. Skokie started out as an incorporated area called Niles Centre. In 1940, the name of the town was officially changed due to postal confusion with a nearby city....   [tags: Hotel, Hampton Inn, Hotels, Hotel chains]

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Hospitality Operations Management

- Robert Rowling, a native from Corpus Christi, has evolved into quite a successful businessman and has landed himself the 93rd spot on Forbes 400. Unlike many people, Robert Rowling was very fortunate to have a father who was extremely well off, by owning an oil company that he later sold to Texaco and is now owned by Chevron (Forbes 400). After selling Tana Oil & Gas for $476.5 million, Robert and his Father started up their equity group called TRT Holdings in 1989 (Texas Monthly). Robert grew up in a very conservative environment and has used some of his right-wing practices within his businesses....   [tags: robert rowling, omni hotels, trt holdings]

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Seasonality of a Destination Brings More Tourists

- ... 2.3. Impact of the seasonality In order to understand the nature of the seasonality one has to understand not only the origin but also the impact that this phenomenon has on the various aspects of the tourism sector. As argued in various papers as Baum (1999), Commons & Page (2001) with reference to the early work by Butler (1994), seasonal fluctuations of tourism flow has an influence on all activities of the supply side, such as income and investment decisions, marketing tactics, pricing, labor market and human resources, offered activities and available attractions, stakeholder involvement....   [tags: hotels, consumer, travel]

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The Man Who Succeeded

- Ritesh Agarwal- The man who succeeded in getting what he dreamed of You might have heard about many personalities and their success stories or about their struggling life, but the personality which I am going to talk about in later para is far away from them. What I mean is that the person is totally different from them and he marked a spot among the existing business tycoons and left a question behind them that whether a guy who is just 17 years of age can climb the stairs of success so quickly or not....   [tags: Hotel, Hotels, Motel, Serviced apartment]

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The And Amazing Food Of Pour Baby

- A. I am loyal to Pour Baby because of the laid back, classy environment, the employees, the owner, and the delicious food. Out of every wine bar I have been to in Mobile, Pour Baby is now my wine bar of choice. The way the restaurant is set up, with the fancy lighting and the high tops and sofas, gives off a classy vibe. The setting is extremely professional. The employees there are polite and attentive. The owner walks around throughout the night and converses with each of his customers as if they are all old friends....   [tags: Customer service, Customer, Hilton Hotels, Good]

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My Experience At Virginia Beach Vacation

- The first thing I heard was Virginia Beach vacation, and then in excitement I ran and got my stuff and started to pack. The part I was most excited about was that the hotel is a beachfront hotel room.I was so excited because I love the beach and I really wanted to go back to the beachfront hotel and stay there. I went there when I was in second grade. I have gotten to go there a few times since second grade, but I did not get to stay there overnight. I do not remember much, but what I remember is that I had a lot of fun, got to see a beautiful sunset, and got to play in the beach for a long time, and then I have to roam Boardwalk and go shopping with my family....   [tags: English-language films, Beach, Hotel, Hotels]

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Graduation Speech - Original Writing

- I remember it, I remember it as if it were yesterday. It was my second time going, but this time I was not alone. From Florida, the flight to London was an 8 hour 35 minutes seat clenching ride for me and my mother. It was her first time going, so I knew she was ecstatic. Not only that, but because we did not have to spend any money. Everything was already paid for: the hotel, the food, the party fees, even the grand prix karting event. This was only possible because my mother had a way with making wealthy friends....   [tags: Hotel, Hotels, Audi A4, Public house]

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Utopian Hill Resort

- Utopian Hill Resort The safety of the guests is among the most important factors that determine the quality and hospitality of a high class hotel. At Utopian Hill Resort, your safety is our top priority and we ensure the most advanced equipment for your safety. Utopian Hill features a top of the line surveillance system, police force, hospital clinic, and fire fighting system. It also has equipment to survive any threat from natural disasters. Surveillance is the most important aspect of security....   [tags: Resorts Hotels Travel Vacations Essays]

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A Study on Awareness about Waste Segregation and Waste Recycling among the Post Graduate Students of University Hostels in Manasagangotri Campus

- ... The results shows that attitude toward waste reduction behavior has effect on both recycling and reducing waste behavior. And attitude toward waste reduction is determined by involvement, perceived cost and benefit, accessibility of a recycling program, and subjective norm. Hernandez O et al (1999) conducted a pilot study on recycling programme in Quito and the factors associated with residents’ participation in separating their wastes. Result shows Focus group discussions, in-depth interviews and a household survey identified the steps that would have to be taken to increase and sustain Residents’ separation of wastes....   [tags: solid waste disposal]

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A Qualitative Exploration of the Spatial Needs of Homeless Drug Users Living in Hostels and Night Shelters

- With homelessness levels rapidly increasing in the UK (Fitzpatrick et al., 2012), the necessity for a study analysing the spatial needs of homeless individuals who suffer from drug abuse and are housed in hostels/night shelters was paramount. The task of the critical appraisal is to firstly, summarise the research article A Qualitative Exploration of the Spatial Needs of Homeless Drug Users Living in Hostels and Night Shelters (2013), discuss the methodology presented throughout it and further examine if whether it was appropriate for the topic....   [tags: article analysis, drug abuse, policy]

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