Hotel And Motel Management: A Career Of Hotel Management

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In Hospitality: An Introduction, it states that “hospitality is one of the largest and fastest growing industries” (Brymer 4). It constantly needs a reliable work force to support the industry and its’ growth. The hospitality industry is divided into two parts: lodging and foodservice. Within the lodging sector, jobs range from a housekeeper to a receptionist to a general manager. I chose to research the job of hotel and motel managers, because it is within my field of study. A hotel/motel manager plans, supervises, and controls the operations of a hotel or motel (Brymer 115)
Hotel/motel managers make an average of $44,470 nationally, but they make an average of $56,810 in Georgia. A manager will earn more money at a luxury hotel than a motel
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I enjoy leading people and working with others to find out what would work best for them. The skill set that is acquired for this job is one that I believe I am obtained from my past jobs as a waitress and in my culinary classes from high school. This career is interesting, because of its social aspect. Hotel/motel manager’s work revolves around the happiness of their guest. Guests are the most important part of the hospitality industry (Brymer 5). If a guest is not happy, the hotel might decline in business. Managers are usually responsible for satisfying the needs of guests. They also get paid a decent amount of money to work with the guest’s needs. Although most hotel managers are on call twenty-four hours a day, they should be able to have appropriate hours if a respectable staff is hired and properly trained. The only thing I dislike about this career is that the industry might be growing, but less managers are being hired. More hotel companies are building limited-service hotels and fewer full-service. In a limited-service hotel, there aren’t as many departments, so less managers are needed. There are also some companies that have just hired one manager for a region and not just for a single hotel. Another potential downside of this career is the long hours that may be needed if there was to be a problem within the hotel. A manager could also have a problem with a guest that would require the personal attention of the manager. These things usually rarely happen, but a manager should be prepared for these occurrences. I would like to keep this option open for me as a career, because I believe that it would suit me. A hotel is a complex business with many different departments such as front office, housekeeping, food and beverage, maintenance, etc. As a manager, it is their job to keep the hotel running as efficiently

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