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The Debate on Homosexuals Adopting Children

- People may ask them self, is it acceptable for a homosexual marriage to adopt children. Would children be affected mentally being adopted by a homosexual marriage. Does it make the child happy. Some people say it’s better for a child to be in a gay marriage home than in foster care homes. In the other hand, other people say that it’ll affect children mentally and will be raised in the wrong way. In an online blog, Alpen Gideon describes the discussions people have over homosexual marriages adopting children....   [tags: Homosexual Marriages, Adoption]

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The Westboro Baptist Church and Their Ideologies Aganist Homosexuals

- Have you ever thought something was unjust, but every one around you believed otherwise. For many years marriage was seen as a religious and legal contract between a man and a woman. However, in recent years the American population has accepted in increasing numbers the idea that homosexuality exists and is equal. Although the majority of states do not allow same-sex marriage, today there are fifteen states that allow homosexual couples the right to get married, and they also receive all the rights that a heterogeneous couple have....   [tags: homosexual, marriage, states]

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Divorce and Homosexuals

- In an article titled, “I've Been Divorced Four Times, But Homosexuals Are the Ones Destroying Marriage,” published in February of 2014, blogger Matt Walsh intends to move anyone who advocates for “traditional marriage” to focus their attention on preventing divorce instead of opposing gay marriage. The title is mocking the hypocrisy of some “traditional marriage” advocates who are serial divorcee supposedly doing everything they can to preserve the sanctity of marriage. The author believes in what is commonly called “traditional marriage,” though the term is considered a historically misleading term by some....   [tags: traditional marriage, church]

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Homosexuals are Not Born Gay

- If a young boy has a feminine throw he may be homosexual. Also if he has a soft or high voice this would be another detection that one would be homosexual. There have been many conclusions and statements as to what causes homosexuality. These are the traits that normally are classed with someone who is homosexual. The popular argument in today’s society is that homosexuality is something that is inborn, genetically linked to an enlarged gland in the brain or due to a particular chromosome. This would prove that it is natural, and that it is luck of the draw whether one is homosexual....   [tags: Gay Lesbian Homosexual Papers]

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Advertisement’s Inclusiveness of Homosexuals

- Advertisement’s Inclusiveness of Homosexuals Are homosexuals really the same as heterosexuals genetically. In other words, is the gay community what we perceive to be “normal” or is it different. The truth is that there is no evidence that homosexuality is due to a genetic mutation; therefore, we are all, as human beings, the same. Unfortunately, the public doesn’t seem to comprehend that concept of oneness. This is why the Gay-Rights movement is so arduously working to spread knowledge in order to achieve equality....   [tags: Advertising Marketing Gay Homosexual]

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Homosexuals in the Land of the Free...But Not for All...

- “When all Americans are treated as equal, no matter who they are or whom they love, we are all more free” – President Barack Obama. Homosexual couples are very controversial in the government. Laws and religions disapprove of homosexual couples. New laws are in process and people are beginning to act more accepting towards them. The media has given Americans a way of accepting them with the help of celebrity opinions and gay and lesbian couples on TV. Even though laws and religious beliefs do not fully support the gay and lesbian lifestyle, the media has made it more acceptable and there should be more support for homosexuals in order to avert discrimination....   [tags: gay rights, same sex marriage]

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The Attitudes Of Homosexuals And Young Teenagers

- Our world is constantly changing and people are constantly facing many new experiences. Throughout society, there are many different people and different opinions to match. One matter that has a lot of different opinions is the matter of homosexuality. Depending on what a person believes or how accepting they are, will reflect on their opinion on this topic. With the world constantly, we have very old styles of thinking versus more modern opinions. This essay will show the ways that homosexuals are sometimes looked down upon in society (with older views) and the way that the world is changing....   [tags: Homosexuality, Same-sex marriage, Catholic Church]

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The Nazis Persecution of Homosexuals

- The Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre is dedicated to preserving the memory of all those who suffered, because of the eradication of those who did not fit Hitler’s vision of a ‘master Aryan race’.The Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre brought in a travelling exhibit, as a way to bring awareness to the unprecedented suffering caused by this horrific genocide.The Nazis Persecution of Homosexuals exhibit is a travelling exhibition created by the United States Holocaust Museum, that examines the persecution and violence towards the homosexuals of Germany....   [tags: Nazi Regime, sexuality, genocide, Germany]

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Homosexuals: Are They Born or Made That Way

- Intro Do you believe people are born gay. “That is so gay.” seems to have permanently entered the straight teen vernacular at many schools, but what does gay really mean (Did You Know). Three to four percent of men and one to two percent of women are homosexual in America (Cameron). There are pros and cons to contribute to the question if people are born gay. Is homosexuality caused by a gay germ, development disorders, being raised by heterosexual parents, sexual abuse, or are humans born gay....   [tags: sexual orientation and preference, LGTBQ]

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Homosexuals Have a Right to Marry

- How are heterosexual people affected by same-sex marriage. This is a controversial issue in today's society because heterosexual people have problems with public display of affection by homosexuals. Their public display of affection doesn't harm society or anyone in particular, the only thing that people should worry about in a marriage is love. Eighteen states legalized gay marriage as of January 2014, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, Utah, and Washington, and also including the District of Columbia....   [tags: Same-sex Marriage]

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The Effects Of Church And Religion On Homosexuals

- Gay Marriage An article from TIME Magazine entitled “A Change of Heart” discussed how United States evangelical churches and their stance on homosexuality. The audience of this paper includes those with a stake in or interested in learning about the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community. The purpose of this article is to inform individuals about the effect of church and religion on homosexuals. The article discusses the conflict of gay marriage in the evangelical church by focusing on the EastLake Community Church, located in the greater Seattle area....   [tags: Gun politics in the United States, United States]

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Should Homosexuals Be Allowed to Marry?

- Should Homosexuals be allowed to marry. I fill like gays are equal to any other straight couple to when it comes down to marriage they should be allowed to love or marry who they like. Often people wonder why “gay marriage needs to be legalized”, but why should people have the right to choose who others can and cannot marry. If same sex marriage was legalized in every state, many positive doors will open up for society, the world would become closer to equality, adoption would increase, and social support would develop for same sex couples....   [tags: gays, lesbians, social support]

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Adoption to the Homosexuals Couples

- What is wrong with America. This is a nation built on the success of the children, and future generations. How can we say that when thousands of children are in foster care to this day. To face this problem states must realize that adoption to homosexuals is a great opportunity. Not by just giving children homes, but allowing them to experience, the lifestyle that same-sex parents contribute. In addition, the government must consider that religion should not play a role in whether or not gays should be able to adopt as a couple....   [tags: Homosexuality, argumentative, persuasive]

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Attitudes and Prejudices against Homosexuals

- Introduction We live and are raised in a world where we are taught and influenced that traditional values are the normal and praised, and anyone that goes against them are considered wrong, sinful, or even immoral. Those that challenge the media and go against what society says is the normal are often targeted for bullying, discrimination, and even judged negatively. This is most prevalent for gays, lesbians and bisexuals that face criticism are degraded all because they prefer individuals of the same sex....   [tags: traditional values, morality, LGBT, social media]

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The Sexual Relations Of Homosexuals

- Individuals in today’s society are quick to judge a male by the tone of his voice. In the United States, the social norm is that males tend to have a deeper and more monotone voice when compared to females. It is viewed as socially incorrect if a male has a higher pitch to his voice. A man can easily be perceived as gay if his voice strays away from the norm of the male society. Homosexual males are stereotyped to be effeminate in their speech because of the similar high pitch they share with females; however, research has found that homosexual males along with heterosexual males can both show this similar quality of voice....   [tags: Homosexuality, Gender, Sexual orientation, LGBT]

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Should homosexuals be stopped?

- Introduction Throughout history, homosexuality has been considered vulgar, perverse and immoral. What is truly immoral is homophobia and that it still prevails today. Firstly, homophobia derived from prejudice and escalated to panic. Secondly, homophobic attitudes are endorsed and practiced by many places of worship, which are hypocritical to God’s concept of the Golden Rule. Thirdly, the severity of homophobia has reached a point of no return, where the lives of many innocent have been viciously taken away....   [tags: Homosexuality, homophobia, minorities]

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Homosexuals and Child Molestation

- In 1970, a national survey said 70% of Americans believed “homosexuals are dangerous as teachers or youth leaders because they try to get sexually involved with children” (Herek). The idea that homosexuals are prone to child molestation has lessened in later years, however, another poll taken in 1999 stated 19% of heterosexual men and 10% of heterosexual women believed gay men are likely to molest children (Herek). Catholic officials are considering whether to ordain homosexuals as priests. This debate has been sparked by allegations, mostly by young boys and men, that priests sexual molested them....   [tags: Sex Crimes]

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Why People Discriminate Homosexuals?

- Despite there being many reasons as to why people discriminate homosexuals, the most popular ones are due to their religion or cultural norm. They include acts of verbal and physical abuse towards individuals who are homosexual. For those who are homosexuals, they are verbally abused by name calling such as fag, homo or sissy more than two dozen a day. There was a survey conducted by Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network and found that 86 percent of LGBT teens are being harassed at school in 2007....   [tags: Homosexuality, Sexual orientation, Abuse, LGBT]

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Military Discrimination against Homosexuals

- Homosexuals, bisexuals and lesbians were a condemned lot not allowed to serve in the United States military service including the Navy forces. Service men and women in the military were judged not only with reference to their behavioral conduct but also from their sexual orientation results. The Department of Defense (DOD) would ask questions concerning sexual orientation of prospects willing to join the military service. A sexual orientation related to sexual attraction to people of a particular gender....   [tags: Homosexuality, argumentative, persuasive ]

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Homosexuals' Right to Marriage

- Since the beginning of time, our country has struggled with equal rights issues in one way or another. Whether those issues were women’s rights, segregation of races, or more currently the equal rights of those whose sexual orientation is different from what is considered to be normal by the vast majority of the population. However, the reality is that all people deserve to be treated equally. This country was founded on the idea of individuals being equal and because of this we should all, who call this great nation home have the same rights....   [tags: Same Sex Marriage]

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Homosexual Rights and Equality

- ... Due to their sexual orientation, some individuals are being fired and are receiving negative job evaluations. The Center for American Progress Action Fund states, “15 percent to 43 percent of gay and transgender workers have experienced some form of discrimination on the job” and “20 percent reported being harassed verbally or in writing on the job” (Hunt, 2012). The Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) that is currently waiting for the approval from Congress is trying to provide homosexuals protection against discrimination based on a person’s sexual orientation....   [tags: gay and lesbian couples, homosexuals]

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Utilization of the Investment Model to Asses Commitment in Homosexual Relationships

- Introduction Research focused on commitment in heterosexual relationships has resulted in a large exclusion of the studying commitment in same-sex relationships. Many theoretical ideas and meanings of relational commitment for same-sex couples have typically been generalized from heterosexual relationships (Rostosky et al., 2006). The overlap of concepts in commitment based on heterosexual relationships to homosexual relationships needs to be tested rather than assumed. Even though similarities are seen between the two, identifying them as one rejects important differences and understanding of struggles that are present in same-sex relationships....   [tags: Same Sex Marriages, Homosexuals]

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Driscrimination Against Homosexuals

- Discrimination refers to the act of making a distinction or segregation that undermines equality. Typically used referring to the violation of equal rights by race, nationality, politic, gender, or sexual orientation which is the subject I will be explaining in this essay. “The term homosexual was first used in 1869 by Karl-Maria Kertbeny, but it was the book Psychopathia Sexualis by Richard Freiherr von Krafft-Ebing who popularized the concept in 1886”.; Since then, homosexuality has become the subject of intense discussion and study, a very controversial topic because our society has made the acceptance of same sex relationship almost impossib...   [tags: segregation, equality, race gender]

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Condom : A Solid Foundation Of Community For Homosexuals

- Before the AIDS epidemic emerged in the 1980s, there was hardly a solid foundation of community for homosexuals. Class segregation, racial issues, and even gender roles displayed amongst homosexuals made unity amongst them impossible. The condom industry initiated homosexual communities to form with the rise of the AIDS epidemic, which in turn began the formation of the LGBT community. Eventually, the technology of the decades became common use for everyone, and information spread easily. This initiated exposure, and in turn advocacy, for the LGBT community, which ultimately resulted in the legalization of same-sex marriage in 2015....   [tags: Homosexuality, LGBT, AIDS, Bisexuality]

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Rights toward Equality: Fair for Homosexuals or Not?

- Throughout the United States there are many rights that should be practiced by everyday citizens, but there are many people that would not agree to that statement. Homosexuality has gone the distance in the past two decades and is finally being accepted by most people. Although it is being accepted, most rights that have been passed have not been equal to that of non-homosexuals. Discrimination towards homosexuals is the most problematic topic, for the very reason, they have been mistreated and/ or bullied by others for not being considered the norm....   [tags: Homosexuality ]

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Why should Homosexuals be allowed to Adopt.

- Several people are opposed to the idea of homosexuals adopting. Nonetheless, homosexuals have an abundance of privileges as many other couples do. Sexual orientation doesn’t have any relevance on your entitlement to adoption. Families are usually the central source of socialization. When we define the word family, a numerous of people would include a mother, father, and at best two children, possibly one child. Truly speaking of a nuclear family, but realistically families take different appearances and are represented in other ways....   [tags: homosexuality]

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Homosexuals Should Have Equal Rights

- Homosexuals Should have Equal Rights As the years have passed, homosexuality has become a very controversial topic. The fact that day by day they fight for equality just to be happy, I think it is an injustice that many people refuse to give them the rights they deserve. In my opinion we are all equal. we are all human beings who have the same abilities,we have two arms, two legs a brain etc… and they have many qualities that can be developed but only by the fact that their sexual orientation is different from the "common" man and woman, woman and man I feel we are depriving them from so many things, which in my opinion we are doing an injustice as a society....   [tags: Homosexuality, Sexual orientation, LGBT, Gay]

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Rights for Homosexuals

- Rights for Homosexuals Gay marriage is a hotly debated issue in today's society. Andrew Sullivan and William Bennett offer opposing views in the June 3, 1996 edition of Newsweek. Sullivan's article, “Let Gays Marry,” offers several arguments supporting the issues of same sex marriage. Bennett counters in his article, “Leave Marriage Alone,” that same sex marriages would be damaging to the sanctity of marriage. Each author presents several reasons for the positions they defend and bring up valid points to defend their opinions....   [tags: Gay Marriages Homosexuality Equality Essays]

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The Scapegoating of Homosexuals as Threats to Society

- Politics of Exclusion - The Scapegoating of Homosexuals as Threats to Society It is hard to believe that this bill is anything other than a thinly veiled attempt to score political debating points by scapegoating gay and lesbian Americans.-John F. Kerry The monster lulls reason into a night of unknowing in which sleeping leviathans do not lie.-Timothy K. Beal Introduction The scapegoating of homosexuals as monstrous threats to the order of society allows for their exclusion from institutions such as marriage, legal adoption, and The Boy Scouts of America....   [tags: Gay Lesbian Politics Political]

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Intolerance of Homosexuals in a Tolerant Culture

- Intolerance of Homosexuals in a Tolerant Culture In this country there is a serious problem. This land that was founded on "All are created equal" we have a problem: inequality. Culturally, we have welfare and other social programs to help racial minorities and any other minority you can think. Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity form the basis for the religious miasma that is the U.S. So you can see religious and cultural differences are accepted. We live in a tolerant society where diversity is accepted—wrong....   [tags: Papers]

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Homosexuals Are Not Men Who Sleep With Other Men

- According to Act I, Scene 9, Roy Cohn essentially declares that, “Homosexuals are not men who sleep with other men” (Kushner 51), seemingly ignoring the dictionary definition of the term. Instead, Roy personally defines homosexuals as, “[M]en who know nobody and who nobody knows. Who have zero clout” (Kushner 51). By stating this, Roy argues that who one sleeps with does not define whether or not someone is a homosexual, but rather the amount of power they possess does. By defining homosexuals in this way, Roy is implying that they are individuals who possess no power and are therefore “worthless” in the world....   [tags: Homosexuality, Sexual intercourse, Definition]

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Modern Attitudes Towards Homosexuals As A Crime Against Nature

- Federal and state laws, medical records, and Religion highly influenced Modern attitudes towards homosexuals. Homosexuality was considered a “crime against nature” by law, a “mental illness” by the DSM, and “unnatural” in the Christian church. As René Guyon stated on page1/chapter 1 in the book titled Sexual Freedom, “sexual acts are, on principle, deemed illegitimate, if not illegal, when they do not conform to certain prescriptions severely set forth by the law or when they fail to accept a form of sexual morality which more often than not has its roots in some religious formula.” Since homosexuality was seen as shameful, it was extremely rare for people to “come out the closet” or show af...   [tags: Homosexuality, Sexual intercourse]

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Health Care Rights of Homosexuals

- I have just reviewed a case of some importance on the court's docket for next month. The case concerns the rights available to gay and lesbian couples in health related situations. In cases of irreversible comatose and vegetation, homosexuals do not have the right to make health decisions for their partners. That is right reserved for immediate family and spouses only. Currently under Oregon Constitution, marriage is defined as being between a man and a woman, not a man and a man or vise-versa....   [tags: Free Essays]

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Homosexuals : A Life Long Commitment Under God

- According to the Christian belief, in the beginning, god made Adam who is a man and then God made Eve who is a woman. He gave Adam Eve, who is a woman and not a man, so that the human race can maintain and multiply by procreating. For many many years homosexuality has been a sin or wrongfulness in many, if not all, religions. Not only are we continually bombarded with this controversial topic we have also reached a point where homosexuality is more open and widely received than it has ever been before....   [tags: Homosexuality, Same-sex marriage, LGBT]

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Homosexuals: Coming Out of the Closet in Angels in America

- "Coming out of the closet" is an essential for homosexuals to develop their personal identity. Coming out of the closet is a figure of speech for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people's to tell others about their homosexuality or bisexuality where previously this had been kept secret. Framed and debated as a privacy issue, coming out of the closet is described and experienced variously as a psychological process or journey; decision-making or risk-taking (Wikipedia). Author Steven Seidman writes that “it is the power of the closet to shape the core of an individual's life that has made homosexuality into a significant personal, social, and political drama in twentieth-centu...   [tags: Homosexuality ]

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Looking into the Mirrior: Homosexuals' Human Rights in the USA

- Key Words • Homosexuality-The romantic or sexual attraction or behavior of members of the same sex. • No Child Left Behind- An act that went into effect January 2001 it is a standard based reform program aimed at making all students proficient by the year 2014. • Equity- Fairness in regards to all people. • Homophobia- The fear of a person who is attracted to someone of the same sex. • GLBT- Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Religious Affiliation- To be connected to an organization that proclaims morality and equality for all....   [tags: Homosexuality, argumentative, persuasive, rights,]

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Discrimination against Homosexuals at Cracker Barrel

-      Equal Employment is giving the same employment opportunity to everyone without bias or discrimination because of race, religion, color or gender. Because of the importance of managing the practice of the federal government has established a Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). This agency along with some others are responsible for ensuring organization abide by the law. What happens with the gray areas that organizations can finagle its way. In the case study of Cracker Barrel the gray area was found in the hiring of homosexuals....   [tags: Gay Lesbian EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity]

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Treatment of Homosexuals in Reality and Pop Culture

- The topic of homosexuality elicits many reactions. It is forever played upon in pop culture for it's shock value if nothing else. Some demonize it, holding things like religion as proving, "alternative lifestyles," to be wrong. Some have erotisied homosexuality as in many of Anne Rice's vampire novels. Some laugh at homosexuality or people who are homosexual, calling it, "weird". Some react violently, as in the case of Matthew Shepard. And yet others have gradually turned towards acceptance shown (debatably) in such movies as, " To Wong-Fu Love Julie Newmar" and " In and Out"....   [tags: LGBT Essays]

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Milk Is A Gripping Tale Based On True Events Of Cruelty And Prejudices Towards Homosexuals

- The movie, Milk, is a gripping tale based on true events of cruelty and prejudices towards homosexuals. Homosexuals are considered a minority group, which are oppressed individuals who share a common interest and establish solidarity with each other for a greater purpose. The film addresses the injustices suffered by homosexuals, which lead them to combat events by implementing certain practices like exercising negative discrimination in their community, unify their cause through solidarity, and waging a fight for recognition....   [tags: Homosexuality, LGBT, Sexual orientation]

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Hockey and Homosexuals: Relating the Articles by Historians Paul Jackson and Andrew J. Ross

- When I first read the articles by Paul Jackson and Andrew J. Ross, I could not find a connection between the two. Jackson discussed homosexuality within the Canadian Prisoner of War (POW) Camps, while Ross analysed the contribution of Canadian hockey players’ to the nation’s war effort. Upon closer inspection, however, I realized that there were simple connections between the two articles which held significance. Both dealt with topics which were solely male dominated and both thrust forward questions of disloyalty and nationalism in Canada during the Second World War....   [tags: Article Analysis, argumentative, persuasive]

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The Stigma Of Hiv / Aids Epidemic, And How It Influences An Association Between Homosexuals And Aids

- Tom Kushner’s Angels in America critiques the stigma surrounding homosexuals during the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and how it influences an association between homosexuals and AIDS in people’s minds. Through the use of dialogue and character development, Kushner is able to represent a wider demographic – people who still believe that HIV/AIDS is associated with gay men – through the character development of Roy. His character is established in the play as a typical Caucasian male who craves money and power....   [tags: Homosexuality, LGBT, Gay, Bisexuality]

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Sexuality in the Military

- When the word homosexual is brought up it usually gets the attention of many. Gays have usually been considered physically unfit to fight in the military because of their feminine reputations. In reality, homosexuals have the same burning passion to fight for their country as heterosexuals do and should be able to while being open about their sexuality. Moreover, gay troops today do not earn the same right and protections as do their straight colleagues (O’Keefe). The people of this country may claim land of the free, but in reality the term free does not apply to everyone....   [tags: homosexuals in the barracks]

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Gay Rights: Homosexuals Deserve the same Rights as Heterosexuals

- Homosexual people do not want to have special privileges. They just want to have the same rights as heterosexuals, nothing more, and nothing less. Homosexuals are a growing minority with nearly a million gays and lesbians identifying themselves as members of same-sex couples in the 2000 census. But the total gay population is much larger, since the census didn’t provide an opportunity for single homosexuals to identify their sexual orientation, and didn’t count gay couples who live apart (Mason 1)....   [tags: Gay Lesbian Marriage]

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Gay and Lesbian Issues - The Nazi Extermination of Homosexuals

- Gay and Lesbian Issues - The Nazi Extermination of Homosexuals The Holocaust is the greatest atrocity ever committed. Millions upon millions of people were ruthlessly tortured and executed during the infamous reign of the Third Reich. The events and conditions surrounding Adolf Hitler’s rise to power have been extensively studied by historians, sociologists, political scientists, and psychologists in the hopes of preventing this state of merciless dictatorship from ever recurring. Due to the immensity of the Nazi campaign against those of the Jewish faith, that ethnic group is most often mentioned in association with the concentration camps and exterminations of the Third Reich....   [tags: World War II History]

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Homosexuals and James Baldwin's Role in the Civil Rights Movement

- During the Civil Rights Movement, James Baldwin wrote many articles and essays on racial issues. His unique and powerful style invoked the thoughts of many people. What also made Baldwin stand out from others was his homosexuality. Baldwin wrote several essays and novels that had a homosexual theme rooted within the story. It was through this method that Baldwin was able to express his homosexuality and at the same time present a view of black culture that was highly unacceptable during that time period....   [tags: James Baldwin Civil Rights Gay]

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Alternatives for Extending Spousal Status for Homosexuals in Canada

- Alternatives for Extending Spousal Status for Homosexuals in Canada Charter litigation and the advocacy of gays and lesbians is forcing Canadian lawmakers to deal with issues related to the regulation and support of domestic relationships, and in particular to consider how to extend legal recognition to same sex relationships. A legislative response would be preferable in terms of consistency, fairness and expense. There is a substantial financial and psychological burden placed on those who make individual Charter based claims, and, as recognized by the Supreme Court of Canada in M v....   [tags: Papers]

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Same Sex Marriage

- Around 55 percent of Americans support same-sex marriage; it is now legal in 17 states, seven of those having acted in the past year alone (Cook). About 87 percent of Americans know someone who is a lesbian or gay (“About 72”). This percentage has increased tremendously over the decades. Homophobia is the “fear” of gay men or women. Statistics show that 57.6 million people are either indirectly or directly affected by homophobia. Only 6.4 million of these people, or 11 percent, are actually the gay individuals....   [tags: homophobia, homosexuals]

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Analysis of Kiss of the Spider Woman by Manuel Puig

- ... Homosexuals may have also felt insulted because of the fact that it seemed that Valentin was having these relations with Molina as he seemed to do this in order to use him as a messenger. Gays/Lesbians might have felt insulted as they might have interpreted as being an object. This particular thing can be viewed when Valentin offers to kiss Molina to indirectly persuade him to do something for him: “- Molina, what is it. Did you want to ask for what you asked for before. -What. -The kiss -No, it was something else....   [tags: homosexuals, relationships, friendship]

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The Fight for Gay Marriage Rights

- Homosexuals had been oppressed in American history. But since the counter-culture movement, homosexuals had begun to raise, revolt, constantly to fight for their rights, especially the rights of marriage, as a minority group. this article will discuss the issue, whether homosexuals should have the right to marry, from the trends in sexual morality and the changes in the function of modern marriage system function in the U.S. Same-sex marriage (also called gay marriage) was proposed as a hot topic in recent years....   [tags: homosexuals, religion, society]

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The New Black: Don't Ask Don't Tell

- A homosexual man, J.D. Smith was on his way home one night while still in his Air Force uniform. He stopped by a grocery store to pick up wine for dinner with his boyfriend. A middle aged woman insisted on paying for his wine and when they walked out together, she began to ask him questions. “Where are you from?” and “What was my job in the Air Force?” Then she asked if he had a girlfriend. He replied no and stated he had a boyfriend of a few months. She began to talk about how she supported “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) and she did not realize the implications and pain it caused the members of the military who are homosexuals....   [tags: homosexuals, discrimination, military]

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The acceptance of “abnormal” sexualities

- The acceptance of “abnormal” sexualities has been a prolonged, controversial battle. The segregation is excruciating and the prejudice remarks are so spiteful that some people never truly recover. Homosexuals have been left suffering for ages. Life, for most homosexuals during the first half of the twentieth century, was mostly one of hiding: having to constantly hide their true feelings and tastes. Instead of restaurants and movies, they had to sit quiet in the dark and meet each other in concealed places such as bars....   [tags: Homosexuals, Gays, Lesbians]

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Protesting Gay Adoption: Let Them Adopt

- One bright and beautiful Spring morning, a buoyant boy was born. Baby Henry had ivory skin with vibrant brown hair and light milk chocolate eyes. He would hold everyone’s hand and smile with a bubbly laugh. Unfortunately, his future will not be as glorious because his parents had him on accident. To Henry’s parent, Henry was nothing but an accident. His parents did not plan on having him, but the mother’s parents were against abortion. His father abandoned him and his mother. However, the mother planned to give Henry up for adoption....   [tags: Abortion, Adoption, Homosexuals, Parents]

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The Other Victims of The Holocaust

- During the tragic times of the German Holocaust, many innocent people were brutally murdered. Jews were not the only victims during this dark time. Roma (gypsies), Poles and other Slavs, the mentally and/or physically disabled, Jehovah’s Witnesses, homosexuals, African-German children, priests and pastors, and many other miscellaneous groups all fell victim of persecution and murder by the Nazis for various reasons. According to A Teachers Guide to the Holocaust, the nomadic people from northwest India, also known as gypsies, were included in the implementation of Hitler’s race laws....   [tags: homosexuals, disabled people, nazi]

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Should Same Sex Marriage Be Legalized

- In 2013 three states joined in on legalizing same sex marriage. California is once again allowing the union of homosexual couples after the California Supreme court ruled that the defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was unconstitutional. Hawaii was added to the list after a long time coming of hopes and dreams of many. The paradise state was one of the first to advocate that it was going to legalize same sex marriage and have finally come through. The most recent addition to this revolution however, is Illinois which is the sixteenth state to announce its legalization....   [tags: homosexuals, supreme court]

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Hate Crimes: A Boys Life an Essay by Joan Wypilewski

- In October of 1998, Aaron Kreifels, a young man, resident of Laramie, Wyoming discovered Matthew Shepard's limp body bound to a fence. From a distance Kreifels mistook Shepard's slender frame for a “scarecrow”, and was horrified to find otherwise (Kaufman). Matthew Shepard, a twenty-one year old University of Wyoming student, had been beaten until he was no longer recognizable, and while still technically alive he was rushed into urgent care. He died, after slipping into a coma, six days later (Kaufman)....   [tags: homosexuals, bigotry, media hypocracy]

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Equal Rights for the LGBT Community

- It is a common fallacy that homosexuality is a newer innovation in society. Many people believe that those who are homosexual choose to be so, or that they’re just going through a phase. However, homosexuals have been present in society for many centuries and their “abnormal” desires haven’t always been considered as taboo as they have been in recent history. Random History explains that in ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece and Rome, homosexuality was a lot more common and a lot more accepted than it is today....   [tags: history, greece, rome, homosexuals]

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Infertility Treatments Are Necessary in Today's Society

- ... These treatments help those seeking a child but cannot reproduce one. The importance of infertility treatments can be seen in the values of family in our society. Family is one of the greatly valued things in all societies around the world. Parenthood is something many people plan to fulfill in their lives. (Bolvin) Parenthood is often times interpreted as a rite of passage in adulthood. Those who are infertile may feel distressed that they are not able to become a parent, especially if it is one of their life goals....   [tags: homosexuals, family, careers]

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A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust: The Nuremburg Laws

- The Jews were specifically singled out to be killed by the Nazi’s. The Nazi’s also killed gypsies, homosexuals, etc. but the Nazi’s were trying to completely erase the “race” of Jews. According to Six Million Crucifixions most Germans had been raised to just naturally hate Jews and blame them (“The Holocaust”). Hitler blamed the Jews for everything, including losing World War I, and most people saw them as being different so they singled them out and blamed them for all chaos that happened in Germany (“The Holocaust”)....   [tags: gypsies, homosexuals, jews]

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The Controversy Ocer Gay Marriage

- Gay marriage, also known as same-sex marriage is defined as the union of two people of the same gender “Same-Sex Marriage: An Overview” ( Rich, Alex K., ). Today only forty-one percent believe that gay couples should be able to marry. The defense of marriage act gives the state the right to refuse same sex marriages, this was passed in 1966. June of 1977 fifty-six percent of American's voted that a person that was attracted to someone of the same sex was due to upbringing, thirteen percent voted that they are born gay, three percent thought same sex attraction was caused by both factors and fourteen percent said neither....   [tags: homosexuals, rights, love]

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Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Issues - Pastoral Guidelines For Ministry to Homosexuals

- Typical Pastoral Guidelines For Ministry to Homosexuals This essay takes a typical Catholic parish and presents the guidelines used by this parish in the treatment of gay/les types. The guidelines illustrate the welcoming attitude of this church toward gays. The guidelines are pastoral in character, intended to help priests and parish ministers meet their obligation to serve kindly and conscientiously all who turn to the Church with real needs and honest hope. They do not presume any particular social or psychological analysis of sexuality in our society, except for a generally accepted premise that individuals do choose and can change their sexual orientation and must understand it...   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Essay Examples]

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Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Issues - Homosexuals Should be Allowed Same-Sex Marriage

- Free Argumentative Essays - Homosexuals Should be Allowed to Marry A gay California man, whose partner died in the September 11 terrorist attacks has become "legally vulnerable in ways (he) could never imagine"(Urges 1). Keith Brodowski lost his life partner, Jeff Coleman, to American Airlines flight 11, which was the first plane to hit the World Trade Center. Coleman was a flight attendant. Brodowski is now battling the state and the nation for survivors' benefits, granted to the widows of those who died....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Essays]

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Don't Ask, Don't Tell

- The policy of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” enacted in 1993 created a public argument about the morality of homosexual service in the United States Armed Forces. When viewed through different ethical frameworks both the reasons for and against the policy change. Ethical Relativism: The first moral framework used to analyze the policy of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is ethical relativism. Subjective ethical relativism states that there are no moral truths which exist universally and necessarily. Truths are only true to those who hold them at the individual level....   [tags: Homosexuals, Armed Forces]

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LGBT and Gender Equality

- LGBT and Gender Equality Behind every controversial dispute there is a history preceding it. Many arguments, protest, and political disputes take place during any disagreement. Especially if it is nationwide. Around the world in today’s society there is plenty discrimination that goes on. Arguments and disagreements usually are caused by closed minded people who are opinionated. With nationwide problems come several disputes over various subjects. One subject for example would be legalizing gay marriage in all 50 states....   [tags: homosexuals, marriage act]

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Bullying and LGBT Youth

- When is it considered okay to take away someone's rights. A person cannot be defined by one word. Homosexual is only one word. Television and movies have not perfectly portrayed all of Americans since it started. Having two moms or two dads isn't the worst thing that could happen. A child growing up with two dads or two moms will believe that it is normal. According to many cultures and religions, being a homosexual is wrong and it does not really exist. Homosexuals are being shunned by followers of these faiths....   [tags: equality, homosexuals, LGBT Teens]

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AIDS and Healthcare Workers

- The case of Doctor David Acer and his HIV infected patients reads as a question of ethical and legal dilemmas as well as a murder mystery. According to authorities, Dr. Acer either knowingly or unknowingly infected five of his patients with the strain of the AIDS virus he himself was infected with (Altman, 1993). Whether or not Dr. Acer was guilty of intentionally infecting his patients is not able to be answered beyond any reasonable doubt, however the ethical questions it presents merit discussion....   [tags: HIV, ethics, homosexuals]

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Work Culture and LGBT

- In America, there is this perception that being a member of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) culture is wrong. A member of this culture is considered less of a human just by being a member of this group. It is absurd to think that people in the microculture are stereotyped just for liking or being in a relationship with someone of the same gender. The American public has never accepted new cultural things like air conditioning, electronic banking, electricity or polyester and now there is a shift to accept gay culture....   [tags: Microculture, Stereotyping, Homosexuals]

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Human Rights: No Slavery

- Human Rights- No Slavery The issue of slavery dates back to as early as time of the ancient egyptians, and even before that. Many people do not realize it today but slavery is still an issue in some parts of the world even though slavery was abolished in the 19th century. Slavery, otherwise known as forced labor, is more common today among children and women, and also in developing countries where the rules and laws aren’t so governed. Today, most slavery occurs in places such as Asia, and Africa, where children are forced to be soldiers and women are forced into the sex industry....   [tags: 13th ammendment, jewish, homosexuals]

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The Rights of Homesexuals to Serve in the Military

- ... Heated and invidious of the result of the battle, Glover decided to take matters in to his own hands and decided to get his vengeance on Winchell two days after the battle by disrespecting him and saying that he had “his ass kicked by a faggot.” Far along that night, Glover decided to use a baseball bat to beat the twenty-one year old Winchell to death while he was sleeping. Investigations far along proved that the base camp had a widespread antigay harassment that failed to be acknowledged along with other bases around the country even after the policy was passed (1-3)....   [tags: ban, gays, opponents]

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Homosexual Familes More Successful than Heterosexual Familes

- “Being gay is much more profound than simply a sexual relationship; being gay is part of that person’s core identity, and goes right to the very center of his being. It’s like being black in s society of whites, or a blonde European in a nation of black Asians” (Tamara L. Roleff). Although marriage, cohabitation and parenting styles of homosexual families pose no threats to the heterosexual society; many still believe same-sex marriage goes against its true purpose. “At the national level, American public opinion on the issue remains split (44 percent support legalizing same-sex marriage; 53 percent oppose same-sex marriage in a May 2010 Gallup Poll) even as opposition toward legalizing same...   [tags: Homosexual Relationships]

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Sexism in Sports

- ... It keeps men feeling secure when it comes to their masculinity, yet making a woman’s fight for respect a never ending struggle. What sense of pride do Americans get from belittling one another. Something that may never clearly be understood. As humans, people often get confused when the term sexism is used. Almost instantly the word is used in the context of men thinking they are superior to women. It is forgotten at times that the word sexism means stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination....   [tags: homosexuals, minorities in sports]

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Same Sex Marriage

- White all over, bells clinging in the distance, the weather just as perfect as ever; everything perfect. The moment time stands still as you kiss your partner after the “I do’s.” What if this dream could never come true. Not because you never met the right person but because society did not accept it. That is exactly what is happening to same-sex couples. The fight for same-sex couples to marry legally has been an ongoing debate for many years now. The two loudest voices in this battle seem to come from the gay community and the religious community....   [tags: Homosexuals, Partners, Matrimony]

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Homosexual Marriages: Two Sides of the Story

- The topic of homosexual marriages, or the marrying of two people of the same sex, is rather disputed among the majority of people in today’s society. Only small amounts of the population have opinions that are strongly favoring one side of the debate. For most of society who are the middle-of-the-road citizens, it is a tough call to make one way or the other. The main topics that are disputed are raising children in a same-sex household, the capacity of churches to allow such a marriage, and the integrity of a marriage as a legal document....   [tags: Homosexual Marriages, marriage, argumentative, per]

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Homosexual Rights Concerning Adoption

- Gay couples should be able to adopt because they deserve to be happy as well as any other person. According to author Pascoe Watson he states “Gay couples will have to prove they have an enduring relationship with the children to know the children will be happy” (Pascoe- Watson, George p. 3). Just like any other person their relationship with their children will mature, and will soon be able to have that love and caring affection, just like any other mother and father would provide to their children....   [tags: homosexual couples, gay adoption, gay rights]

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Debate Over Same Sex Marriage

- Gay marriage is an issue that has been debated for many decades now. It is one of the most controversial issues people can discuss and most typically, people have a very strong viewpoint on whether it should or should not be legal. Though each individual believes that their perspective on gay marriage is the “right” point of view, there are strong arguments for both opinions. Those who believe it should be legal typically take the “all love is equal” standpoint where those who believe it should not be legal tend to sway towards the “gay marriage is unnatural” standpoint....   [tags: gay marriage, gay rights, homosexuals]

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Is Being Gay, Okay?

- Most people have grown up in a society where being a homosexual is not okay. Although LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) people are being more accepted, they are still thought as ‘wrong’ to a lot of people and places. A big argument is that being gay is “unnatural” however, it is found that homosexuality is practiced in over 1,500 animal species such as giraffes, lions, and several species of apes and monkeys. We believe the hate against homosexuality should decrease, and the homosexual rights should increase....   [tags: Homosexuals, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual. Trans]

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Gays in Sports

- Mike Piazza is straight, everybody calm down. The press was at Shea Stadium with bells and whistles on. A rumor for so long, the confirmation came in at an impromptu press conference only Major League Baseball could hold. When a retired NFL defenseman came out of the closet nobody noticed. A former San Diego Padre admitting to be a homosexual barely made a blip on society's radar. A former Mr. Universe is gay, a fact not very well known, and when a two-time Olympic swimming gold medallist came out; his HIV status is what received the most attention....   [tags: Homosexuals Athletes]

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The Nazi Movement and the Lavender Scare

- The Nazi Political Movement in Germany, in the 1930s and 1940s, involved one of the most virulent anti-homosexual campaigns in world history. In the 1950s and 1960s, another less well known anti-homosexual campaign, known as the Lavender Scare, raged in Washington, DC. Though, the Nazi movement is much more well known, both movements used similar tactics and involved comparable people. The Goal Both the Nazi Political Movemen,t in Germany, and the post World War II/Cold War attacks on homosexuals, were driven by similar goals....   [tags: nazi movement,lavender scare,anti homosexuals]

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Analysis of George Haggerty´s Anne Rice and the Queering of Culture

- ‘To understand the chronicles they must be read as gay’ , at least this is the incredibly bold statement made by George Haggerty in his essay on Anne Rice and the Queering of Culture. There is no denying that Anne Rice’s Vampires have much to do with homosexuality and Haggerty’s highlighting this is in no way new criticism, but the claim that is must be read as gay is entirely dismissive of the many other sexual paradigms that exist within the collection. To begin with, his referral of Lestat as a ‘gay predator’ seems unfair in its definition....   [tags: vampires, homosexuals, criticism, sexual]

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Same-Sex Marriage

- Homosexual couples are faced with many problems along the lines of acceptation. The establishment of marriage is designed to bond a man and a woman, the meaning of this social establishment states same-sex marriage is unsuitable, but the present day definition of marriage ought to grant permission for all couples heterosexual or homosexual to experience this establishment. Purposes for legitimization of same-sex marriage for the homosexual population would be for moral, assurance of security, and validation of rights....   [tags: Homosexuals, Acceptance, Morality]

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Factors Associated with Non-Condom Use among Homosexuals

- There are several literatures discussing the importance of condoms in prevention of sexually transmitted diseases; the findings and conclusions of these studies were more or less similar especially among the young population. The youth represent the cohort with a substantial risk of acquiring sexually transmitted infection (Bull, S et al, 2012). Although the risk of acquiring such infections is common among heterosexual couples, male to male sexual behaviour has been considered as the primary risk factor for STIs, especially human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) (Geibel et al, 2010)....   [tags: condoms, std, hiv, aids, gay sex]

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