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Bun and Ellis Supermarket Analysis of Cost and Prices

- 2.3 The variation on Price changes in different period Bunn and Ellis suggested that comparing the probability of price change in a different period could help them find if the time-dependent models match their data. These models have the same probability on price flexibility in each stage. There are two ways to examine this one is comparing the frequency of price adjustment in different time period; the other is to draw the diagram of the hazard function. In their study, the correlation coefficient between price increasing rate and inflation is 0.6, which indicated there is a positive relationship....   [tags: Product, UK]

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A Conceptual Model for Metadata-based Frameworks

- Abstract. Recent frameworks employ the strategy to define a specific metadata schema for applications to use in their classes and programming elements, enabling framework behavior customization. Despite this technique is being widely used, there are not models, design patterns or development guidelines that aim to help in the creation of this kind of framework. This thesis proposes a conceptual model for metadata-based frameworks that has the aim to identify appropriate solutions for its internal structure and scenarios where it is suitable for....   [tags: Software]

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Dynamic Stretching for Resistance Training

- I have been doing resistance training since past four years and it has always been a bodybuilding type training i.e. training for muscle mass. Stretching exercises both before and after resistance training has been an important factor in improving my flexibility and increasing my joints’ range of motion. When you can flex, extend or circumduct your joints through full range of motion without any pain that is called flexibility. Many individuals often overemphasize flexibility training and not focus on improving the strength of the surrounding muscles which can lead to an injury....   [tags: athletics and exercise]

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I Am A Better Teacher

- Throughout this semester, I did a lot of professional development activities in order to learn how to become a better teacher. Through videos, articles, observing a classroom, and more, I really got a feel of what it takes to run a classroom. It takes a whole lot of dedication and hard work, and I feel like I learned a lot of very useful lessons that I hope to carry with me into my own classroom. Each activity introduced its own lessons and learning opportunities, and in this paper I will touch on just a few and how I hope to use them in the future to become a better educator....   [tags: Education, Learning, Teacher, School]

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Relationship Between Parent And Adolescent Distress

- The Role of Psychological Flexibility in the Relationship Between Parent and Adolescent Distress Problem The problem the researchers have identified is parenting is hard. How stressed a parent is and trying to find a balance between stress and reward can have immediate and long-term effects for both parents and children including ineffective parenting strategies (Moyer & Sandoz, 2015). They are implying that the behavior of the parent to stressful situations can impact the child into being raised in stressful situations causing them to stress in their own ways....   [tags: Parenting styles, Childhood]

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Benefits Of A Tiered Service System

- To Tier or Not to Tier To tier or not to tier is a question that many companies have been faced with when considering how to provide customer service to repeat versus one time customers. A “Tiered service system is a concept that understands customer service to be fundamentally inter-related with a customer’s actual or potential value as a consumer.”(Gibson, 2012) I will attempt to explain the reasons not to implement a tiered customer service system, throughout this essay. Any customer is of value to a business, so why should one be treated differently from another....   [tags: Customer service, Service system, Customer]

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Physical Fitness and Diving

- Diving has gotten away from the stereotype based on the early days of diving, that it is a rough and tough sport requiring extreme endurance and strength. Today it is viewed as an activity done by both men and women and even children. While diving is promoted as a leisure sport, it is still a sport. One that takes an amount of physical activity. We start by carrying heavy tanks on our backs. We are in constant motion for the entire dive. Even breathing is a more difficult as we must overcome the additional pressure on our body as we expand our chest....   [tags: breathing, cardiovascular, sports]

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The Mine Rescue

- Chilean Mine Rescue In 2010, there was a massive collapse in the tunnels in the San Jose copper and gold mine in Chile, trapping 33 men underground and in desperate need of rescue (Rashid, Edmondson, & Leonard, 2013). The appointed leaders assigned to this rescue showed skillful thinking, and the unveiling of a complex framework, with high-pressure situations to integrate quick integrations with a rapid execution (Rashid et al., 2013). Flexibility, Adaptability, and Communication Sougarret, well-known for his leadership skills, and ability to maintain poise under stressful and high-pressure situations....   [tags: Leadership, Situational leadership theory, Skill]

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Piano Music

- The beautiful sound of piano music has captured the hearts of people since the early eighteenth century. Since then, many musicians have dedicated their lives to this instrument. Some players even play piano so well that it may seem that this instrument is easy to play. However, to be able to play the piano well isn’t easy; it takes a lot of skill. To become a good piano player, one must love music very much, have good finger techniques, and body flexibility. To become a good piano player, one must love music....   [tags: Music]

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Most Effective Form of Stretching

- The American College of Sports Medicine defined fitness in 1990 by stating that physical fitness is “a set of attributes that people have or achieve.” (Cited in Dalgleish et al 2001) This set of attributes can be further defined as cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, muscle strength, muscle endurance, motor skills and flexibility. Cardiovascular fitness involves the heart and lungs supplying the required volume of oxygen to the working muscles. Muscular endurance is the number of contractions or the length of time a muscle can contract before fatigue occurs....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Human Resource Management: Flexible Labour

- Why Flexibility. Need for Flexibility: The concept of flexibility has permeated much of current human resources management thinking, providing justification for recent developments in more flexible and variable working patterns. Its need arises from the following: The changing business environment- highly competitive "global" product markets, an increasingly rapid advancements in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and increasing capital intensity of production. A changing social environment– for example, the increasing female participation ratio and the trend towards early retirement and rising divorce rates....   [tags: Human Resource Model Analysis]

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Athletic Benefits of Dance

- Dance is an art, a creative portal, a form of expression; it is a sport. Atop all of the things that dance can be, it is also something physical. It takes work, power and effort. It takes stamina, grace and an extreme amount of muscle and flexibility. What do athletes need to have, all of those characteristics. When it comes to athletes, of any kind, dance can help with honing their skills. Something that most athletes do not seem to understand is that dance is just as much a physical and athletic sport as their sport is....   [tags: Dance, Sports]

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What Are The Many Benefits An Individual Can Receive From Exercise?

- What Are the Many Benefits An Individual Can Receive From Exercise. Exercise can benefit an individual in many ways. Through research I have found several articles which have been written throughout the years that address these benefits. Some of these benefits are to prevent diseases, to improve stamina, to strengthen and tone, to enhance flexibility, to control weight, and to improve quality of life. All of these benefits will be address throughout this paper. However, even though exercise does benefits an individual, it does also depends on their circumstances....   [tags: Obesity, Physical exercise, Hypertension]

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Benefits Of Flexible Thinking Will Open Up A New World

- Like Nelson’s thought that flexible thinking will open up a new world, Sacks found that those who were born blind, or became blind later in life and who adapted and found a new way to exist, their world became lighter. First, it’s important to remember that when one becomes blind or is born blind, there is a reallocation of the visual cortex. And this reallocation of the visual cortex “can take on a hyperacuity that perhaps no sighted person can imagine” (Sacks, 331). So, this flexibility and adaptation allowed a sensory deprived individual to experience other senses as an individual with all senses could understand....   [tags: Mind, Thought, World, Psychology]

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Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996

- Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 fundamentally changed the cash welfare system in the United States. It cancelled Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) plan, replacing it with Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). It abolished the entitlement status of welfare, provided states with strong incentives to impose time limits, and tied funding levels to the states’ success in moving welfare recipients into work. It is well known that caseloads plummeted during the 1990s and that employment rates of single mothers--the primary recipients of welfare in the United States—rose almost as fast (Shipler)....   [tags: The Welfare Reform Act]

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Outcomes And Success Factors Of Enterprise It Architecture Management

- IndM 5020 International Technology Management Bharath Chandra Reddy Avuthu September 16, 2015 Outcomes and success factors of enterprise IT architecture management: empirical insight from the international financial services industry Reference: Dr. Christian Schmidt & Prof. Dr. Peter Buxmann, Outcomes and success factors of enterprise IT architecture management: empirical insight from the international financial services industry. European Journal of Information Systems (2011) 20. Retrieved from Summary: This article viewpoints explore the practical outcomes and success factors of enterpri...   [tags: Management, Game theory, Enterprise architecture]

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Questions On Information Systems And National University Management Science

- Information Systems Moamen Ibraheem California University Management Science Week Six Information system s is helping all major of business work like company, government and other aspects to their identify strategy and who to align it to archive organization objective, and most successful organization are those deal with information technologies devices, software. The strategy information system planning it’s become very critical issue because its make huge support to the organizations.Over the last ten years the Information technology become more popular between organization and all people used all the time to do their jobs and archive their goals....   [tags: Management, Strategic management]

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Being Green : A Positive Impact On The Community

- In this day and age there is a shift towards greening companies where becoming ‘green’ is valued in having a positive impact to the community. Being green is the new way to attract people of all kinds and since SMEs account for 40 per cent of Canada 's GDP in total for all sectors (Lynes, 2015), there is much potential for environmental gains in the area. In fact, it is easier for small and medium-sized enterprises to implement an environmental system. Furthermore, SMEs are more localized, they have the advantage to understanding local needs, thereby allowing them to be more flexible in implementing environmental changes, which ultimately makes it easier for a small business to effectively i...   [tags: Environment, Natural environment]

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Adoption of Cloud Computing relating to Data Storage

- The main driving forces of cloud data storage are reputable companies such as Amazon and Google building comprehensive computing infrastructures (Google, 2009). These infrastructures are removing the complexity of in-house data storage and ultimately reducing costs of limited networked data centres (Hitachi, 2010). The traditional inefficient model of purchasing servers every time you need to accommodate for high use or growth is now being replaced by internet based systems that replicate your data centres but without the big overheads (Google, 2009)....   [tags: Information Technology ]

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Information Technology And Its Impact On The Organization

- Information technologies is helping all major of business work like company, government and other aspects to their identify strategy and who to align it to archive organization objective, and most successful organization are those deal with information technologies devices, software. The strategy information system planning it’s become very critical issue because its make huge support to the organizations. Over the last ten years the Information technology become more popular between organization and all people used all the time to do their jobs and archive their goals....   [tags: Management, Strategic management, Plan]

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Influence Of National Institutions On Part Time Arrangements

- In today’s rapidly-changing business environment, the need for labor market flexibility is crucial for companies to adapt and respond to change. Working time arrangements allow companies to compete better in globalised economy, and allow employees to achieve work-life balance. There are various types of working time arrangements (WTAs) such as part-time work, unusual working hours, flexible working hours and shift work. Part-time work is one of the most commonly used ‘atypical’ WTAs in Europe, shaping working time regimes across countries and mapping work-life balance patterns....   [tags: Working time, Employment, Industry]

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The Presidential Election : America 's Tax System

- The upcoming 2016 Presidential election just days away, and it is up to America’s citizens to decide which candidate best reflects their vision of prosperity for America. One of the several economic issues to be considered in this election is America’s tax system. Most observers, whether Democrat, Republican, or other have long argued to revise the complex U.S. tax code. Currently, the U.S. operates a progressive tax structure. “A progressive tax structure is one in which an individual or family 's tax liability as a fraction of income rises with income” ....   [tags: Tax, Taxation in the United States]

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Social Construction of Technology: Cell Phone Development

- The Social Construction of Technology (or SCOT) is a new research tradition rooted in the sociology of technology. SCOT provides a multi-directional model based on the property of interpretative flexibility, and emphasizes on social influences on the technology design and development. This paper will apply SCOT principles to explore the development of cell phone, define the development of cell phone into three different stages historically, and analyze the interpretative flexibility of the cell phone accordingly in the three different stages....   [tags: Historic Stages, Social Influence]

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Automation and Programing Concepts in Manufactoring Industries

- The development of the manufacturing industry, quality and control, manufacturing capacity increase or the duration and the need to reduce cost has arisen is inevitable. Thus automation and programming concepts were started years ago. Automation is a machine's operative procedures and their sequence start form beginnig to end without human intervention, and its done automatically. Programming of the sequence of operations is prerared and tranfered to the counter. A bench during the operation of the program, and in the process, this will provide for amendments to the alignment and speed, then the counter is called flexibility....   [tags: cost, human intervention, tools]

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The Health Benefits of Exercise Programming

- Investigate the contemporary body of knowledge that underpins the current recommendations for exercise programming in the pursuit of improved health. Pate et al. (1995) stated that physical activity is needed for health promotion and disease prevention. They also stated that every adult should do at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise everyday if possible. Moderate intensity exercising includes activities such as brisk walking and cycling as stated by the Department of Health (2011)....   [tags: Strength Training and Conditioning]

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Strategic Supply Chain and Logistic Management

- Introduction An successful integrated supply chain management depends heavily upon areas of operation management, logistics, procurement, and information technology (IT), together they strives for better results . Therefore, transparency with one another with the help of computer systems and programs that can be access or tailor to individual needs is essential. Depending on the operating purpose, it is important that all machines in the company use the same software. This can be important to control the company’s own processes optimally and may even provide a platform for collaboration with suppliers and manufacturing partners....   [tags: operations engineering and management]

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Information and Communication Technology: Cloud Computing

- ... To begin with, enterprises ICT may consider cost saving as a huge benefit of CC. An enterprise depends on classic model of ICT , has many expenses such as of power consuming, hardware, software, maintenance , IT staffs and others; nevertheless, CC providers can supply ICT systems and applications as services with acceptable time, less cost, staff less and low consuming of power . According to Gelenbe, di Girolamo, Giuliani,de,Quan and Pentikousis (2009), a survey conduct by Company reports that servers in datacenter occupy more than fifty percent of the total energy cost and more than twenty percent is occupied by power and cooling infrastructure; therefore, cost saving...   [tags: virtual storage, accesibility, cost savings]

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Emotional Intelligence And Social Work Practice

- Emotional Intelligence and Social Work Practice Corrine Jones Widener University   Emotional Intelligence and Social Work Practice Introduction Morrison (2007) introduces Emotional Intelligence (EI) as “Being able to motivate one-self and persist in the face of frustration; to control impulse and delay gratification; to regulate one’s mouth and keep distress from swamping the ability to think; to empathize and to hope (as stated in Goleman, 1996). In relation to social work practice, EI stresses for social workers to have a working knowledge of emotions; where they derived from and healthy ways to express and manage them....   [tags: Emotion, Emotional intelligence, Psychology]

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The Theory Of The Family System

- During a stressful situation, people tend to handle their stress in so many ways. The family system is often entangled in stressful situations. This learner had chosen the Circumplex model because she learned about the COPE inventory last week. The Circumplex model has three dimimension of family systems. The central dimensions are cohesion, communication, and flexibility (Olsen, 2000). This model is useful when a counselor is making a ‘relational diagnosis’ because it integrates a client’s cohesion, communication, and flexibility that are highly revelant in other family therapy models and family approaches (Olsen, 2000)....   [tags: Family therapy, Family, Mental health professional]

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Athletic Training and Preventing Injuries

- Evidence of lifting weights can be traced back to the origins of man. As far back as cave painting and scrolls, there exists evidence of weightlifting. Initially as an expression of strength, to competition and functional training, weightlifting has carved its path through the ages. It has taken on a new role in the modern world; athletic training. With an entirely new emphasis in sports on speed, strength, and flexibility; weightlifting is more popular than ever. Unfortunately, young athletes often do more harm than good by injuring themselves lifting....   [tags: Health Care]

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The Benefits of Fitness Education

- Fitness education is, “A physical education teaching approach that focuses on knowledge and understanding of physical fitness and wellness” (Strand, Scantling and Johnson 360). As a student studying to be a physical education teacher I am greatly concerned that children are not getting enough exercise and making poor choices regarding nutrients. Physical fitness is broken down into five fitness components: body composition, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, muscular endurance and muscular strength....   [tags: Fitness Education Essays]

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Sartre 's Ethics Of Ambiguity

- Simone de Beauvoir 's ethics is exceptionally complex. In The Ethics of Ambiguity, her ideas of "vagueness," "exposure," "common flexibility," "moral opportunity"-taking their takeoffs from Jean-Paul Sartre-interweave to frame unpredictable groups of argumentation. To these conceivable reasons we may include the basic origination of Beauvoir as only Sartre 's followers and the slow decay of existentialist scholars in academia. Sartre’s ethics, his Being and Nothingness, and the advancement of his thinking are tough subjects to handle....   [tags: Existentialism, Jean-Paul Sartre]

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The Components Of Physical Fitness

- The five components of physical fitness include cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, and body composition. I attended Pilates and Yoga classes due to the fact that I have yet to be cleared by my physician to do activities with unpredictable direction changes. In these classes, the main components of physical fitness that these classes address are flexibility and some muscular strength. The different classes focuses on these two aspects in slightly different ways....   [tags: Exercise, Physical exercise, Muscle, Obesity]

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Children With Bilateral Cerebral Palsy

- In one interview series, both parents and the children stated that walking ability seemed to be improved after hippotherapy (Lemke et al. 2014). They also stated that their leg flexibility used during non-walking activities improved. This shows that even non-ambulatory patients may gain leg flexibility through the use of hippotherapy. While not a numerical measure of improvement, these comments made during the interviews do provide evidence that at least some people are noticing gait improvement after hippotherapy treatment....   [tags: Better, Improve, Walking, Human leg]

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Biophysical Evaluation Lab

- ... One, none of the tests can be considered independently, therefore you need all the results in order to come up with an accurate assumption. Therefore, if one of the test is inaccurate, the entire CPAFLA indices would give an inaccurate result. A limitation that has not affected myself but is still present for the Jackson-Pollock equation is that any skin fold measurement value that exceeds 40 mm is recorded to 40mm. This will result in inaccuracy because the equation will not be able to differentiate one that has a skin fold measurement of 60mm versus someone with 60mm....   [tags: body composition, measurement]

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Investors and Hedge Funds

- Are hedge funds suitable for retail investors. There are many different reasons that mankind save and invest for. Generally, pension fund is the best choice for investors who are not keen to take risks. The pension fund is by far the highest number of investment that is low risk for many people. However, the pension fund is low return as well. “At annuity rate 8% of per annum (p.a.), a pension of £20,000 a year requires a pension fund of £250,000” (Redhead, 2008:1). In 1949, the first hedge fund was created by Alfred Jones....   [tags: Business, Investment]

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Are Virtual Schools Relevant?

- Are Virtual Schools Relevant. Technology is rapidly advancing in the world. People’s everyday lives are being bombarded by technology. Now schools are even being bombarded by technology. Schools are learning to embrace technology for the benefit of the students. One of the new ways schools are using technology is with virtual schools. Virtual, or online, schools are schools were education is learned through the Internet. They provide a different learning environment than the regular “cookie-cutter” classroom, but should there even be virtual schools....   [tags: Education, Virtual learning environment, Teacher]

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Online Education Vs. Education

- As technology has advanced, education has evolved alongside it. Instead of the typical learning in classrooms, students today are able to pursue their education through computers and the internet. Even though online education lacks the same social interaction as classroom learning, online education is just as good as, if not better than, classroom learning because it puts more focus on the individual student while being more flexible and accessible. To begin with, one of the main perks to online education is it puts more focus on the individual student....   [tags: History of education, Education]

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Benefits of a Bilingual Upbringing in Influence of Bilingualism on Memory Generalization During Infance by Natalie Brito and Rachel Barr

- Influence of bilingualism on memory generalization during infancy” by Natalie Brito and Rachel Barr observes the advantages of early life experiences within a multi-language environment. In the article the author’s discuss different studies implemented to support the hypothesis of the advantages of being introduced to a second language early in life. The authors additionally study the memory of infants through stimuli. In which the authors implement their own study to further their hypothesis. Brito and Barr also discuss the benefits of being bilingual not only as an infant but as the children grow into adulthood....   [tags: cognitive hippocampus, learning ]

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Education Is A Common Option For College Students

- Educational success is what most people want to achieve in their lives. For most people, education is an important key to having a happy and stable life. That is why people strive to achieve the higher education. There are two main ways that a person seeking a college degree can attend college and that is by taking face to face classes and by taking classes online. According to Ganesh, “twenty-three percent of college graduates have taken online courses, and of those, about fifteen percent have earned a degree completely online” (67)....   [tags: University, Higher education, Education]

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Types of Childcare and Estimated Costs

- Types of Childcare and Estimated Costs Childcare is a necessity for a large number of working families and single parents. Fortunately, there are many options available to meet both the needs of the family and their budget. Each option comes with advantages and disadvantages. We will provide some basic information regarding each type, as well as some guidelines in regards to estimated cost. Childcare Centers These are larger facilities that care for infants through school age children. They offer a variety of program options....   [tags: necessity for working families]

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Flexible Organization

- A proper flexible organization provides its work force arrangements where employees are given greater freedom to balance their work and personal commitments such as family, higher education, community activities, religious commitments, professional development, and general interests. Above is Atkinson's model of a flexible firm. He argued that firms increasingly seek 4 kinds of flexibility functional, numerical, pay, distancing. Functional flexibility is a qualitative approach to work, and refers to management's ability to deploy and redeploy particular sections of the workforce on a wide range of tasks in response to market demand as and when required (Sparrow 1998 cited in Teicher & Hollan...   [tags: Business Management]

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Students Should Select A College Or University Based On The Learning Delivery Method

- Students should select a college or university based on the learning delivery method that best fits their learning style and meets their needs. While there’s no significant difference in the effectiveness of learning online versus learning in a traditional classroom (Hauck, 2006) there are differences in how information is conveyed that impacts the delivery method students may prefer. Traditional classrooms typically use a pedagogical approach to teaching students, which is teacher/instructor centric (Bethel University, n.d.)....   [tags: Education, Educational psychology, Adult education]

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My Current Leadership Style Is Management By Exception Passive ( Mbe P )

- I believe that my current leadership style is Management by Exception-Passive (MBE-P). I have always been of the opinion “if it isn’t broke don’t fix it”. This type of leadership can cause problems among subordinates. Social loafing is when subordinates put forward less effort and hide their idleness in the group. Little individual accountability leads to this condition. My goal in the next five years is to get away from my MBE-P style, and push myself to become a more transformational leadership style....   [tags: Problem solving, Management, Work ethic]

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Usefulness of The Statement of Cash Flows Versus The Income Statement

- USEFULNESS OF THE STATEMENT OF CASH FLOWS VS THE INCOME STATEMENT PART 1: A. A cash flow statement records the actual movement of a company’s cash, it shows where cash has come in from and what has actually been paid during the year. The cash flow statement records cash movements from three activities: operating, financing and investing. Operating activities adjusts the profit for non-cash expenses and gains and the changed in working capital and provides the cash actually received after conducting operations....   [tags: liquidity, capital, company, ]

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Porter 's Generic Strategy Typology And The Miles And Snow Strategy

- Porter’s generic strategy typology and the Miles and Snow strategy typology are both examples of generic strategic models that a decision maker may find useful (Parnell, 2014). Both generic strategy frameworks explain generic business strategies by utilizing four different strategy types. A few of the strategies may share some common traits, however the frameworks are different in the approach they take to view and describe strategies (Parnell, 2014). Porter’s generic strategy model states that business units need to decide whether or not they want to focus on differentiating their products or have a focus towards obtaining the lowest cost possible (Parnell, 2014)....   [tags: Strategic management, Porter generic strategies]

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Henry Hap Arnold: The General Who Created the Air Force

- "This country begs for air power" (House, 2009). These words were spoken by the commander of the Combined Air Power Transition Force, General Walter D. Givhan speaking of the Afghan fighting force’s needs. One might ask themselves how this say so much. From World War II to today’s conflict in Afghanistan the American ability to employ Air Power against opposing forces has allowed us to remain a nation that’s military effectiveness cannot be matched. However, one might ask themselves who envisioned such an ultimate ability....   [tags: visionary leader, world war II]

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Job Satisfaction At Australia And The United States Of America

- Did you know people spend about 92,120 hours of their life working, meaning that people could spend almost half of their lifetime being unsatisfied with their job. Accordingly, job satisfaction is a very important concept to understand and assess in order to have a pleasant lifetime while working. Job Satisfaction can be identified as the employee’s positive or negative feelings towards their work, not referring exactly to the company they might be working for. A formal concept by the Cambridge Dictionary would state that job satisfaction is “the feeling of pleasure and achievement that you experiment in your job when you know your work is worth doing or the degree to which your work gives y...   [tags: Employment, Human resource management]

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Results of Post-Fitness Test on An Athlete's Fitness Level

- Introduction In order to succeed and perform well in any sport a specific level of fitness is required. To improve upon performance, an athlete’s fitness level must also improve. This is achieved by utilizing the principles training during program design. In the duration of this essay, a five week training program the athlete completed will be assessed to validate its effectiveness. This will be discussed by examining the training program in relation to the principles of training and the comparison of and post test results....   [tags: Athletic Training, Sports]

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Can E-learning Replace the Traditional “Chalk and Talk” Delivery?

- Teaching tools have changed dramatically from blackboards and chalks to whiteboards and smart boards in the last few years. Along with this natural evolution of teaching tools comes the internet with electronic learning (E-learning) as a great resource for students. E-learning consists of all forms of electronic delivery that supports learning and training. E-learning give students control over their learning process. Nonetheless, having the internet so close to one’s fingertips could sometimes hinder the learner’s experiential learning....   [tags: Education, Technology ]

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How to be Physically Fit by Doing Physical Exercises

- What is physical exercise. There are no other safe options to be physically fit but to do physical exercise. But first what is physical exercise. Physical exercise is any bodily activity that increase or maintain physical fitness. To be able to do physical exercise you need healthy body, endurance, strength, flexibility, balance, etc… It helps ourselves to be healthier, and we should do this regularly to maintain or to improve our body and health. Being Obese is really hard like you always get bullied in school, hard finding clothes, hard to breath, and etc… If you are overweight physical exercise can really solve your problem you just really need to persuade yourself to be norm...   [tags: Healthy Lifestyle Essay]

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Home Based Education : The Fastest Growing Educational Segment

- Home-based education is the fastest growing educational segment in the nation. Between the years 1999 and 2011, the homeschool population has doubled and continues to grow at a rate of 2%-8% per year (Ray, 2014). I experienced this firsthand because I was homeschooled from kindergarten through high school. Stereotypically speaking, homeschoolers can be considered incompetently educated, socially weak, and poorly equipped for college. However, homeschooled students statistically score higher on standardized tests, have more intelligent relationships, and perform better in a college environment....   [tags: Homeschooling, Alternative education, Unschooling]

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The Impact Of Creative Movement Within The Academic Classroom

- The Impact of Creative Movement in the Academic Classroom Creative movement is a common term for dance classes, but has recently been applied within the academic classroom. There has been complications with implementing creativity and kinesthetic movement in academic classes due to the heavy focus on standardized testing scores. Incorporation of creative movement is imperative because it allows teachers to promote and foster individual growth. The use of creativity and kinesthetic movement in academics also teaches students to learn with the brain in mind and develop awareness of bodily movements....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Gender identity]

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Organizational Resources And Capabilities : Applying Concepts And Tools

- Organizational Resources and Capabilities: Applying Concepts and Tools The differences between analytical/planned and emergent approaches There are various approaches towards a certain problem or strategy. Some approaches could fit in a given situation and not in another. Analytical/planned and emergent approaches have some differences as well as benefits and drawbacks. Analytical approach is that in which the vision, objectives and intentions of a firm are clearly stipulated and made known to the actors or staff as a way of realizing a certain outcome....   [tags: Management, Game theory, Organization]

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Real Options: Arturo Berhad Should Expand The Business

- (a) (i) WACC= E/V × Re+ D/V × Rd × (1-TC) *Re = Cost of Equity = 16.65% Rd = Cost of Debt = 7.00% E/V=Percentage of financing that is equity= 100/130 D/V=Percentage of financing that is debt= 30/130 TC = Corporate tax rate = 0.25 = 25% WACC= 100/130 × 16.65%+ D30/130 × 7.00% × (1-0.25) Cost of Capital = 14.02% - 2.5% = 11.52% *Re = 3% + 2.1 (6.5%) = 16.65% (a) (ii) Year 0 Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Unit Sales (A) 2,000 3,500 4,200 5,000 5,100 Revenues (B) 17,000,000 29,750,000 35,700,000 42,500,000 43,350,000 Production cost (3,400,000) (5,950,000) (7,140,000) (8,500,000) (8,670,000) Direct Marketing Expenses (1,700,000) (2,975,000) (3,570,000)...   [tags: alternatives, false statements, employees]

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How To Select and Third Party Logisitcs Company

- A key to successful corporation with third-party logistics provider is organized steps that have to be taken in order to select and communicate with potential vendors. There are few models and techniques which help to choose a 3PL. Jharkharia and Shankar (2007) have used the analytic network process (ANP), but Jayanthi, Kocha & Sinha (1999) and Parkan and Wu (1998) have used operation competitiveness rating (OCRA) when choosing 3PL. Yung, Selen, Sum & Huo (2006) have used analysis of variance (ANOVA), which helps to measure financial performance of 3PL, Min and Joo (2006) have used data envelopment analysis (DEA), which benchmarks the efficiency....   [tags: suppliers, communication, transport]

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Ways You Should Change Your Workout After 40

- 5 Ways You Should Change Your Workout After 40 They say that 40 is the new 30, and in some ways that may be true. But the fact remains that once we reach the big 4-0, we have to come to terms with an important truth: our bodies don’t work like they did in our 20s and 30s. While we all know exercise is beneficial at any age, preventing chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease, it’s important to consider how we exercise as we age. Your Body at 40+ Sure, we may get wiser and have more money in our 401K plans, but our bodies begin to change when we hit 40....   [tags: Physical exercise, Exercise, Weight training]

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Relationship Between Resilience And The Supply Chain Management

- Chapter 2. Literature Review The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between resilience and performance in the supply chain. The review of the literature includes SCM, SCRM, disruptions and vulnerabilities to the supply chain, supply chain resilience strategies and supply chain investment. The organization of the review flowed from broad categories to focused strategies to present resilience strategies within the wider perspective of SCM. Supply Chain Management Strategies to achieve resilience within the supply chain are elements within wider efforts of management within the supply chain....   [tags: Supply chain management, Management, Supply chain]

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Written and Unwritten Components of the Constitution

- A constitution is a thing antecedent to a government, and a government is only the creature of a constitution. A constitution is not the act of government, but of people constituting a government, and government without a constitution is power without a right. (1) Thomas Paine A constitution is the system of laws, customs and conventions which define the composition and power of organs of the state, and regulate the relations of the various state organs to one another and to the private citizen....   [tags: Politics, Laws, Rules of Government]

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Split Sides an Analysis of Modern Dance

- “Who knows only his own generation remains always a child.” This quote from George Norlin echoes the edification that cultural exposure can offer. How does African dance relate to do modern dance. The two are so heterogeneous in their make-up that one would not think of them as having similarities. The truth, however, is that all dance forms are linked in some way or another; they all strengthen and sharpen each other. Modern dance has its roots in African dance with the emphasis placed on the connection of weight and gravity....   [tags: aesthetics, piece, movement, dance]

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Competitive Dance: Yes, It Is a Sport

- I have been dancing since age 5; it is tougher than many believe. Learning dance is like learning another language. I know what you are thinking…dance is not a sport it is an art. Truth is the definition of sport is “an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature” Competitive Dance takes at least 10 hours of practice each week, sometimes even more. Want to know more about this sport. Dance competitions are separated into categories, age divisions, amount of kids in the dance and level....   [tags: dance, sport, competitions, strength]

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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and Renewable Energy

- In recent decades, there has been growing interest in renewable energy sources among the world. According to a renewables report [1], 19% of global final energy consumption are from renewable energy and the number is continuing to grow. Particularly, new renewables (wind, solar, geothermal, biofuels) are growing extremely fast. For example, wind power is growing at rate of 30% annually. These renewable sources becomes so attractive is because of its sustainability and little harm to the environment....   [tags: electric power, regulations ]

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Learning From Afar : A Viable Resource

- Learning From Afar: a Viable Resource With the growing advancement in technology a student has more than one option to choose from when obtaining an education. If a student desires to attend a specific school located at a greater distance than he can travel to on a regular basis, the option to attend on-campus or combining on-campus with online learning presents a big challenge for him. In these particular circumstances, distance learning offers the student the similar tools found in a traditional classroom setting....   [tags: Education, Learning, History of education]

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My Experience At My First Fitness Contract

- WARMUP: After noticing how important my warm-up routine was in my first fitness contract, I continued to implement a similar warm-up routine during these past three weeks. Thus, before starting any of the more intense workouts, I did a few body stretches and light walking/jogging for about 15 minutes prior my workout routine. I also learned to drink water right after my warm-up routine which caused me to feel much more resistant during my workouts. My warm-up routines really helped me to psychologically and physically prepare myself for my workout routine of the day....   [tags: Obesity, Exercise, Strength training]

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The Key Skills Of A Public Relations

- It is hard to narrow down three key skills that a public relations (PR) practitioner needs in order to be successful. Tench and Yeomans (2013), say that because of the number of industries and types of public relations firms that exist today. It can become difficult to define three key skills needed in order to be a public relations practitioner, however, after hearing from two PR professionals they highlighted the following three skills as being vital for a PR professional. These skills included flexibility, ability to communicate and being interested in your surroundings such as current affairs....   [tags: Public relations, Communication, Writing]

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The Importance Of Leadership And Management Skills

- The Importance of Leadership and Management Skills in Nursing Leadership and management skills have been and will continue to be two important traits a nurse possessed and demonstrated in her practice. Some terms associated with leadership have been achieving, striving, inspiring, and risking. These terms defined leadership as a process of standing up, taking charge, and achieving a common goal amongst peers to be successful. A person who pertained these characteristics has been known to be a leader....   [tags: Management, Leadership, Nursing, Skill]

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Reflection Paper On Thinking And Critical Thinking

- Hello Prof. Hewitt, and class. First of all let me start off by saying I never knew that there was a difference in thinking and critical thinking. I thought that thinking was thinking, in the unit six reading I found a whole new method to the way I make decisions. We all make decisions every day, I guess I never took the time to realize that there were steps involved. After reading this unit I realized how much of a critical thinker I am and how much I use this process that I never even knew about....   [tags: Critical thinking, Thought, Reasoning, Logic]

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The No Child Left Behind Act

- President Bush quoted, “Clearly, our children are our future…Too many of our neediest children are being left behind” ( The “No Child Left Behind” Act expands the federal government’s role in elementary and secondary education. The NCLB act was enacted January 8, 2002, and has four reform principles to the act: Accountability, flexibility, Researched-based reforms and parental options. Accountability begins with informed parents, communities and elected leaders so we can work together to improve schools....   [tags: No Child Left Behind, USA, ]

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European Labour Markets are too Rigid

- The issue of labour market organisation has probably gained momentum throughout the 1980s all the way into the current crisis and the constant levels of unemployment in Europe are fuelling this debate. With increasing inflation and the oil shocks of the 1970s it was proven that central institutions could no longer keep under their control such an interconnected world trade flow. Deregulation, championed in Europe by the British government of Thatcher, argued that state intervention and central organisation of the economy were inefficient and that it was preferable to leave market organisation to the ‘invisible hand’, market forces, which was considered to be more efficient....   [tags: business, economics]

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Effectiveness of Substance Abuse Control Methodologies

- Substance abuse is a grim issue that affects the Canadian inmate population; it can be defined as overindulgence in or dependence on an addictive substance, especially alcohol or drugs. Within Canada, 80% of offenders entering the federal prison system are identified as having a substance abuse problem (MacPherson, 2004); this goes beyond mere indication of tougher drug legislation, it uncovers further discrepancy. Due to the immense majority of offenders affected by this complex mental illness, in addition to varied levels of individual cognitive ability....   [tags: Substance Abuse]

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Political Ideology of the Conservative Party

- In his 1961, Richard Hornby claimed the Conservative Party was “the prisoner of no rigid set of principles” (Hornby, 1961). Rather, the Conservative party is “sceptical of theory and prefer a pragmatic approach” (Hornby, 1961), implying that “the conservatives [are] least influenced by any given ideology” (Knight, 2006, p34), and that the party “tends to be comfortable working within the assumptions already existing in society” (Ball, 1998, pp 162). This implies that the Conservative party should regarded as Ball states, a way of looking at the world” (Ball, 1998, p 162)....   [tags: British Govermental History, Economic Behavior]

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Political Economy of Yuan-Dollar Exchange rate

-   The Chinese exchange rate policy has been one of the top topics of debate in recent years. It has attracted a great deal of attention in academic and policy area due to the slower pace of economic growth and manufacturing job creation from the beginning of 21st century and recent financial crisis in United States. China has been accused of pursuing new mercantilist policy, that is, encouraging export and impeding import mainly through the manipulation of exchange rate between Chinese currency known as Renminbi and US dollar....   [tags: Job Creation, Financial Crisis]

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The Benefits of Mixed Martial Arts

- For those who do not know, I am a mixed martial arts fighter. Mixed martial arts fighting is “a sport allowing a wide range of fighting techniques that include striking, kicking, and grappling.” ( It is a compilation of forms of different martial arts. Two fighters will face each in the rings (known as the octagon due to its shape) for three to five five-minute rounds. I started taking martial arts classes when I was six years old. I wanted to be a mixed martial arts fighter all my life....   [tags: Contact sports, discipline]

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Delivering Good News for 24 Hours

- ... One major advantage of using an insulin pump is increased control of the medicine delivered. When injecting insulin manually, there are strict guidelines to the time that a patient needs to eat a meal, and how many carbohydrate grams are allowed. The insulin pump allows for skipping a meal if one would rather not eat, the ability to choose to eat a heavier carbohydrate meal and eat more or fewer snacks throughout the day. When patients inject insulin manually, it dictates what they can eat, and how much they can eat....   [tags: silent killer disease, diabetes]

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Description of a Physical Therapist Job

- A physical therapist’s role in the recovering of people from injuries is to help rebuild strength and movement in the parts of their bodies that are hurt. Many people who suffer from accidents or become disabled through an illness seek a physical therapist. You might go see a physical therapist if you are an injured athlete looking for rehabilitation, if you are an elderly person to make daily life tasks easier, after surgery to help your recovery, or even from an impairing disease over the long-term....   [tags: injuries, recovery, physical therapy]

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The Effects of Yoga in Fitness

- ... What this means is that there are different types of yoga that people can chooses that fits their life styles. The choices are hot yoga, power yoga, relaxation yoga, parental yoga, etc. The third benefit is that it involves strength training and flexibility. Yoga’s focus on strength and flexibility has many benefits on the body. The postures that yoga puts people through helps stretch out the body from the inside and out and also makes a person feel good. The next thing is that when the muscles around the spine are reinforced (which is the core of everything), everything else falls into place....   [tags: physical, emotional, intellectual]

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Communication Is Defined As The Grapevine

- In the textbook, communication is defined as “the transfer and understanding of meaning” (Robbins, Judge, Campbell 2009). With a group or organization, communication serves four functions namely: control, motivation, emotional expression and information (Robbins, Judge, and Campbell 2009). For the purpose of this discussion, organization communication will be the main focus, such as the informal form of communication regarded as the grapevine (Robbins, Judge, Campbell 2009) or word-of-mouth information either in confidence or amongst friends or colleagues (Kullard and Pelled, 2000)....   [tags: Leadership, Fiedler contingency model, Management]

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The Uk Constitution And The Constitution

- The UK constitution, although uncodified, is unwritten. This essay will critically assess whether the UK would benefit from a written constitution considering problems with the constitution today. The merits and defects of the current unwritten constitution will be examined, for example devolution and the separation of powers. An unwritten constitution relies on a combination of sources to establish a system of government, including written and unwritten, legal and non-legal sources. Although a written constitution has all the constitutional information in one place, which means there is less chance of conflict when all the information comes from one source, in being unwritten the UK constit...   [tags: Separation of powers, Law, Constitution]

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The United States And Climate Change

- The United States looks favorably upon the change in regime structure for paris which creates an avenue for setting nationally appropriate goals for climate mitigating rather than global goals that failed in the past. In the upcoming convention the US will work to meet financial commitment goals without compromising domestic industry or economy. To an extent, the US also recognizes the common but differentiated responsibility of developing countries. The United States remains committed to the goal delineated by the Copenhagen Accord of 2 ° C above pre-industrial levels and strives to achieve this goal through mitigation and financing adaptation and recognizes that comprehensive climate actio...   [tags: Canada, United States, Refugee, Climate change]

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The 3d Protein Model From Modeller

- As the 3D protein model from MODELLER has been chosen, the structural features of the model was further analyzed analysed to ensure that the structure of the model is highly compatible with the template. The superimposition of the protein model of HSC 70 and its template 1YUW A is deciphered in Fig. 6.7. Basically, the structure of HSC 70 comprises of the C-terminal substrate binding domain (SBD), the N-terminal nucleotide binding domain (NBD) domains, a linker that connect both domains (Jiang et al., 2005), and a catalytic residue, which is lysine Lysine (lysLys) at the position 71 that is responsible for hydrolysis of ATP (O’Brien et al., 1996)....   [tags: Amino acid, Protein, Protein structure]

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