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The Great Lakes Expand the Growth of Canada and North America

- There is no denying the presences of the Great Lakes, not only are they unavoidable, but they have also been a major player in the growing of civilization in North America and Canada. A person would have to live under a rock, no pun intended, to not know about these phenomenons. Most would ask where did these Great Lakes come from. How did they form. How are they beneficial. What are some of the Great Lakes here. Basically, a Great Lake is an extremely large inland freshwater sea, which is amazing since we are surround by oceans occupied with salt water....   [tags: civilization, ecology, survival]

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Product Green Renovations: Company Offers and Michael Porter’s Five Force Analysis

- 7Ps: Product- Green Renovations provides a service of renovating a client’s house in an eco-friendly manner i.e., using resources that are sustainable in nature, renewable, and less harmful to the environment. For example- installing rainwater harvesting system, put solar panels for several purposes, waste management, water recycling etc. Price- There are 4 basic plans incorporated, the prices are based on these- Small plan- includes any one of the following- Bathroom/ kitchen/ Bedroom for Rs.1,00,000 Medium plan- includes any two- Bathroom+ kitchen/ bedroom+ bathroom/ kitchen + bedroom for Rs....   [tags: Ecology, Environment, Renovation]

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Environmental Impacts of Unsustainable Agriculture in Brazil and Costa Rica

- Since the sixteenth century, foreign dominance over Central and South America has been attributed to farming and plantations. Spaniards introduced the concept of plantation systems to the new world in the island of “La Española” or Hispaniola. From there, it spread through the Caribbean, eventually finding its way into Central and South American countries. Plantation systems were founded on slave labor and brutal methods of exploitation imposed by European colonists on indigenous peoples, and eventually to African slaves, in order to perform labor-intensive farming practices....   [tags: latifundio, history, ecology]

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Is There a Correlation Between Pollutants and House Sparrow Decline?

- Is there a correlation between pollutants and House Sparrow decline. Introduction Looking at recent studies and academic research, I am attempting to find a link in pollution, and the declining House Sparrow (passer domesticus) populations world-wide. A number of hypotheses have been proposed to explain the population decline of the house sparrow in urban areas. These include lack of food, particularly aphids, which adults feed to nestlings, pollution from vehicles running on unleaded fuel, increased predation by domestic cats or sparrow hawks (Accipiter nisus), cleaner streets providing reduced foraging opportunities, loss of nesting sites, particularly under the eaves and in the roofs of...   [tags: environmental effects, ecology]

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The Oyster Population of the The Chesapeake Bay

- The Chesapeake Bay is the largest estuary in the United States .It holds 18 hundred trillion gallons of water. The Bay is about 200 miles long, and is home to more than 17 million people. It has been on earth for millions of years and has survived many different events. The importance of the Chesapeake Bay is incredible; two of the United States’ five major North Atlantic ports – Baltimore and Hampton Roads – are on the Bay. (Chesapeake Bay Program, n/d). The Chesapeake Bay provides shelter and food to all living things in the surrounding area....   [tags: Chesapeake Bay Ecology]

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Causes and Impacts of Water Shortage in China

- If you ask any environmentalist in China what the country’s principal issue is, the answer is always: water. China is becoming drier every year—its fresh water reserves declined 13% from 2000 to 2009 (Cho, 2011). It is estimated that every year China has a water supply shortfall of 40 billion cubic meters (Lu and Liao 1, 2011). The question is, why does China have such a serious problem with water. One of the major causes of water scarcity in China is its climate. If you divide China geographically into north and south by the Yangtze River—which runs roughly from Chongqing to Shanghai—80% of the rainfall falls in the south while 20% of the rainfall falls in the north (Cho, 2011)....   [tags: environmental issues, ecology, pollution]

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The Effects of Climate Change in the World

- Introduction Analyzing the possible effects of climate change still remains a major enigma for both ecologists and environmentalists alike. It is known that extreme hot weather anomalies are becoming more and more prevalent as shown by temperature outliers greater than 3σ now occur in almost 10% of the world’s surface as compared to less than 1% during 1951-1981 (Hansen et al. 2012). Since 1880 the combined land and ocean temperature has increased by about 0.85°C. Additionally the concentrations of CO2, CH4, and N2O in the atmosphere have increased by 40%, 150%, and 20% respectively since the pre-industrial era....   [tags: Ocean, Ecosystem, Ecology]

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The Emergence of Environmental Justice in Literature

- Over the past few decades we have seen a gradual increase in the number of writers writing about issues related to environmental concerns. So far poets, fiction writers and nature writers from different communities were either ignored or misread when they tried to raise their voice for environmental justice concerns. All that is changing now as we see an increasing number of writers exploring issues related to environmental racism and environmental justice through their works. According to Adamson, these authors, who are now gaining popularity among the ecocritics and environmentalists, require a different kind of reading than established ecocriticism....   [tags: Environmental Journalism, Ecology]

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Planet Earth: A Closed or Open Ecosystem?

- 1. Changes in ecosystems have a more direct and brutal influence on human well-being among poor populations mostly in developing countries than among wealthy populations. It has become a matter of urgency to balance the issues of development and environment so that the current generation hands over the earth to their future generation without any further damage to the environment. The development process of any kind should always be sustainable. Sustainable development is a recent concept that has become important for a wide range of people and industries....   [tags: ecology, environmental damage]

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Wolf and Moose Interaction on Isle Royal

- Isle Royal is an island surrounded by the cool Lake Superior. Wolf and Moose are the two largest species on the island, and the wolf and moose interaction is the longest running large mammal predator-prey study on earth (USNPS, 2014). The two populations were once said to exhibit some kind of “balance of nature,” now that is not believed to be the case (Vucetich, 2012). Isle Royal is located fifty-six miles north of Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula. It is the largest wilderness area in Michigan (USNPS, 2014)....   [tags: fauna, ecology, Lake Superior]

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Environmental Impact of Meat Consumption and Production

- Now that we have gone over how animal products affect the environment we can now begin discussing how they affect out our body. In this section I will mostly be referring to studies that have tracked eating behaviors and the outcomes of those dieting habits. Diet is hard to follow because there are so many factors going into why someone may have developed a disease, so it becomes difficult to pinpoint one specific variable. However, the studies being conducted now are coming back with some conclusive evidence which could prompt more research into the issue....   [tags: ecological footprint, ecology]

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The Complexity of Mountain Timber Harvest Management

- Mountain timber harvest management and scheduling is a complex, involves in handling multi-step process that determines economic as well as ecological services of forests over a relatively long period of time (Bettinger et al. 1997; Troncoso et al., 2011). Meanwhile, strategic and tactical decisions in forest planning have long-term consequences on the future development of forests ecosystem. The temporal and spatial configuration of desired forest activities have become increasing concern in tactical forest scheduling programs in the last yrs especially in mountain forested ecosystem....   [tags: ecology, economic, efficiency]

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The Effects of Global Climate Change

- There is damage being done to the environment everywhere right this very moment. What is causing the damage. Global climate change contributes a great amount of devastation to the world every day. This is important because the change is affecting humans, animals, plants and just about anything else that is living. As a result of global climate change, regions, ecosystems, and agriculture will be greatly affected. There are many things causing global climate change such as the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation....   [tags: environmental damage, ecology]

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The World Needs Population Control

- Today there are more than seven billion people living on Earth (Kuo 23). One billion of these people are on the verge of starvation, and even more have absolutely no access to sanitized water (Kuo 23-24). Some say that this is due to overpopulation. Having more people on earth proves the need for more food, water, housing, medication, and other necessities (Kuo 24). Though most people who read this paper will not encounter these problems, they happen all over the world (Cover 444). The world population has almost doubled since 1965 and is currently growing at a rate of more than 80 million people every year (Ehrlich and Ehrlich 557)....   [tags: ecology, growth limits, China]

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Indigenous Traditional Practices in Education

- Indigenous peoples were forced to adopt the non-Indigenous culture through structures of domination that provided the system for downgrading Indigenous peoples and their traditional practices. The history of Indigenous people’s identity, culture, heritage and teachings, has been misconstrued and misrepresented over generations, creating the idealized image of Indigenous peoples as savages that need to be “civilized”. This originated from colonization affecting Indigenous peoples’ values on land and traditional practices....   [tags: Westernization, Ecology, Knowledge]

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Alexandria, Virginia Enviromental Policy

- Like most cities, Alexandria, Virginia faces a series of environmental challenges ranging from climate change and rising energy costs to problems of air quality and traffic congestion (Eco-City Alexandria, 2007). City officials recognize the need for a comprehensive and coordinated strategy to effectively address environmental issues, but Alexandria’s real challenge is pulling together all of their respective plans, programs, and policies and then coordinating them across existing city departments (Eco-City Alexandria, 2007)....   [tags: ecology, climate change]

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Great Lakes Water Pollution

- Introduction The Great Lakes provide almost half the water for the residents of Ontario. The Great Lakes also provides water to residents in Thunder Bay, Port Hope, Sault St Marie, Niagara and many parts of The United States to name a few. With 70% of the Earth covered in water only 0.1% of it is clean accessible drinking water. The Great Lakes plays a major role in helping to provide water for people that live near the American/Canadian border. However this resource is being mistreated. Water pollution is a growing problem in the Great Lakes....   [tags: Environmental Management, Ecology]

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Salt Marshes: Unique Ecosystems

- Eradication of the nutria is almost impossible at this point but conservationists are still doing their best to try and control them. Nutria are year around open season for hunters and some places will even pay you to bring in their pelts. Another invasive species that destroys the salt marsh is the feral pig. The feral pig escaped from domestication stock and can be found on 38% of the continent. Like the nutria, the feral pig can have up to 13 piglets and gestation period of 115 days. Feral pigs are more of a nuisance because they are able to make more of an impact on the vegetation....   [tags: environmental science, ecology]

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Ant-Aphid Interactions

- Ants and aphids are two highly common and successful insect groups that often occur in the same habitats which greatly increases their chances of interacting with one another (Stadler and Dixon 2005). The outcome of these interactions can be either negative (predatory) or positive (mutualistic) depending on what each partner can offer to the other (Stadler and Dixon 2005). Mutualism is defined as an interaction between two species that has a reciprocal positive effect on the overall fitness of both partners (Stadler and Dixon 2005), but can also be viewed as complementary exploitation that results in net benefits for each partner (Flatt and Weisser 2000)....   [tags: Behavioral Ecology]

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The Population Problem

- The Population Problem Imagine a world where there isn't enough clean water to drink and there isn't ample food to eat. We have used up most of the resources that we require to survive. What little that is left is so polluted that it is not fit to be used. Is this our future. What are we doing to keep this from happening. We recycle, we ride our bikes, we compost, but is this enough. It is up to us to find a cure to the ailment that is destroying our planet. We only have one Earth to sustain the entire human race for the rest of its existence....   [tags: over-population, ecology, environmental]

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Salt Marsh Ecosystem

- Salt marshes, usually mistaken for a mosquito infested mud pits, have a higher purpose than what the human population gives them credit for. Salt marshes are a unique ecosystem that makes home to many different species of vertebrates, invertebrates and plants. Salt marsh ecosystem’s serve as nursery grounds for many juvenile game fish such as red fish and black drum and are also home to a very important commercial fish, the bay anchovy (Anchoa mitchilli). The salt marsh ecosystems also serve as a buffer by filtering the pollution out of our waters....   [tags: environmental science, ecology]

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The Florida Everglades

- Introduction Maintaining ecological diversity is necessary for the survival of a biological community. In the United States, American citizens are on the verge of irrevocably damaging one of the country's most unique and diverse treasures - the Florida Everglades. This national park is now the only remaining patch of a river that used to span 120 miles from Lake Okeechobee to the Florida Bay. Dikes and levees created by the Army Corps of Engineers in the late 1940's drained this river to reduce flooding and increase useable water for the development of the region....   [tags: Ecology of Everglades]

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Ecotourism in South Africa

- South African ecologists currently face many challenges relating to the conservation of biodiversity and the growing economy. Excessive hunting and land development, as well as unemployment, all remain growing concerns for this struggling country. Jan-Hendrik, a South African who made contact with us, stated, “South Africa has lots of social and economic problems because most people are poor. To get them to middle class requires the economy to grow through mines and the expansion of living areas” (Hendrik)....   [tags: Ecology, Biodiversity, Economy, South Africa]

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- Ecopsychology You do not have to be good. You do not have to walk on your knees for a hundred miles through the desert, repenting. You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves. Tell me about despair, yours, and I will tell you mine. Meanwhile the world goes no. Meanwhile the sun and the clear pebbles of rain are moving across the landscapes, over the prairies and the deep trees, the mountains and the rivers. Meanwhile the wild geese, high in the clean blue air, are heading home again....   [tags: Religion Ecology Papers]

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Urie Bronfenfrenner's Ecolocial System Presented in the Ecolocy of Human Development Experiments in Nature and Design

- Bronfenfrenner’s Ecological Systems Theory Russian- born American psychologist, Urie Bronfenbrenner (1917 – 2005) developed the ecological systems theory of human development. This paradigm was presented in The Ecology of Human Development: Experiments by Nature and Design, (1979). Bronfenbrenner proposed that interactions with others and the environment are key to human development. He described our environment in terms of an “ecological system” which can be divided into four socially organized subsystems, or “layers of environment,” (Bronfenbrenner, 1979) that support and help human growth....   [tags: environment, microsystems, education]

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What Factors Control Carbon Mineralization and Flux in Bog Soils and How Would These Soils Respond to Global Climate Change?

- I. Introduction: What is a Bog. The word "bog," from the old Gaelic "bogach," is commonly used to refer to any stretch of waterlogged, swampy ground. The words, fen, moor, muskeg, peatland, and mire are also used to describe these areas, which can lead to some confusion over terminology. Specifically, a bog is "a peat accumulating wetland that has no significant inflows or outflows and supports acidophilic mosses, particularly sphagnum" (Gosselink and Mitsch 1993). The vast majority of bogs are located in the moist, cool boreal regions of North America and Eurasia....   [tags: Climate Bog Ecology Papers]

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Composting and the Benefits and Limitations of its Use as Soil Amendment

- Composting and the Benefits and Limitations of its Use as Soil Amendment Composting is widely-known as an environmentally sustainable method of recycling food scraps and garden/yard clippings. According to the United States Environment Protection Agency's (EPA) 1994 report entitled, "Waste Prevention, Recycling, and Composting", food discards constitute approximately 8 percent of municipal solid waste generated nationwide. A case study observed in San Francisco, California, reported that an estimated 31 percent of residential wastes and 19 percent of commercial waste generated is food waste....   [tags: Compost Environment Ecology Essays]

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Nonnative Invasive Plants - The Invasion of America by the Yellow Starthistle

- Nonnative Invasive Plants - The Invasion of America by the Yellow Starthistle Introduction Our planet is made up of seven continents and seven oceans holding hundreds of thousands of environments and ecosystems, each with unique variations, compositions, and distinctions, and each carefully balanced in the functions of its different members. Over time, equilibria have been reached, as the organisms that populate areas stabilized, intermingled, and interacted with weather, soil, water availability, and other innumerable environmental factors....   [tags: Horticulture Ecology Environment]

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We Should Allow Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR)

- Over the last thirty years the United States has been faced with the problem of dependence on foreign countries for oil and the tight control that these exercise on the energy policies and economics of America. Many of these instances include: the oil embargos of the 1970s, the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990, and the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in 2001. Since the 1970s, one solution offered to reduce our nation's dependence on foreign countries for oil has been opening up drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR)....   [tags: Argumentative persuasive Essays Ecology]

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Lateritic Soils in the Tropics: The Problems and Management Possibilities

- Lateritic Soils in the Tropics: The Problems and Management Possibilities The soil name "laterite" comes from a Latin word "later" meaning brick. It is an appropriate name, as soils under this classification are characterized by forming hard, impenetrable and often irreversible pans when dried (Soils and Soil Fertility 1993). Lateritic soils are also characterized by their low soil fertility. Due to the high rate of weathering, and resulting low charge minerals, the soil is unable to retain the nutrients needed for plant growth (Ibid., Coleman 1989)....   [tags: Soil Ecology Tropics Papers]

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What Role Should the Government Play in Protecting the Environment?

- Since the environmental movement began four decades ago, there have been many differing opinions as to what role the government should play in protecting and preserving the environment. What standards should government set and at what expense. Most environmental or “green” issues are often presented as choices of either economic growth or environmental protection. This idea of having to choose between the environment and the economy has often delayed the green movement from making necessary strides....   [tags: Environment Ecology Pollution Papers]

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Environmental Destruction in Southeast Asia due to Golf Course Development

- Environmental Destruction in Southeast Asia due to Golf Course Development The sport of golf has come a long way since it was first played on the wind blown pasture lands of Scotland over 600 years ago. Today, golf courses around the world are in a way their own small ecosystem, where only pieces of the natural environment are a part of these artificial landscapes. Courses are meticulously groomed for both championship and tourist play. The game is taking front stage all over the world and new courses are being constructed everyday....   [tags: Environment Ecology Argumentative Essays]

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The Effect of Clearcut Deforestation on Physical and Chemical

- The Effect of Clearcut Deforestation on Physical and Chemical Properties of Soils Clearcut deforestation is done for a variety of different purposes. Frequently, sites owned by lumber companies are clearcut, replanted, fertilized, and maintained to keep a cyclic supply of lumber of uniform species, size, and age. Some lumber companies claim that in their tree harvesting practices can raise mature lumber in forty years (Wood, 1971), while most tree harvesting is on 70-100 year cycles. Deforested land can alternately be used as grazing or farming land....   [tags: Environment Ecology Trees Essays]

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Teaching Students Ecological Literacy In the Secondary English Classroom

- Teaching Students Ecological Literacy In the Secondary English Classroom In today's world, we are bombarded with industry, economic advancement, and progressivism with new technology. As our world becomes more high tech and produces more products for our consumer world, we may soon face many environmental problems, due to our over-consumption of resources and our excessive, industrial lifestyles. Within all curriculums, I find it highly important to address these issues concerning environmental awareness as well as advocate environmental activism....   [tags: Education Ecology Essays]

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Living Machines, Constructed Wetlands and Sustainable Water Resources

- Living Machines, Constructed Wetlands and Sustainable Water Resources Thesis: Conventional waste treatment plants, Living Machines and constructed wetlands can all be used for water purification, but only living machines and constructed wetlands will provide the human race with a sustainable future. Introduction Our liquid planet glows like a soft blue sapphire in the hard edged darkness of space. There is nothing else like it in the solar system. It is because of water (Miller 311). - John Todd Water is the most important resource on the planet....   [tags: Ecology Environment Environmental Essays]

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Biogenetics - The Dangers of Biogenetically Engineered Organisms

- Biogenetics - The Dangers of Biogenetically Engineered Organisms As I sit here at my desk in front of my computer contemplating what to write about, I look out of the window and watch the bees at work around the large bush that has flowered in front of my house.They busily go from one tiny flower to the next looking for nectar and exchanging pollen. Occasionally one will fly away presumably to inform other bees at the hive about the location and abundance of this bush.More bees arrive to help in the gathering of nectar while others leave to deliver their bounty....   [tags: Biology Environment Ecology Essays]

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The Green Divide: Class Conflict within Klingle Valley

- The Green Divide: Class Conflict within Klingle Valley As a sign of our times, urban development has been occurring throughout the United States and the global arena at a rapid rate. In the course of this development, the green spaces of cities have been affected in a generally negative way. Overall, people have lost recreational sites for play and relaxation, which are crucial to a healthy society. Look at our nation’s capitol. Thanks to the great influx of businesses and firms entering the District, the green space has been slowly declining....   [tags: Green Ecology Environment Essays]

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The Effect of the Kyoto-Protocol on the Earth

- The Effect of the Kyoto-Protocol on the Earth In the article “Global-warming Rules Begin Feb.16” by Traci Watson published in USA Today, Watson’s explanation is that this protocol on global warming is likely to have a ripple effect on the USA, even though U.S. leaders have bowed out of this treaty to avoid its potential impacts on the economy. It seems to other writers that carbon dioxide may not contribute so much to global warming and that this protocol will have a bad influence upon the economy....   [tags: Environment Fossil Ecology Essays]

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The Environment and The Role of Native Americans

- The Environment and The Role of Native Americans "What is man without the beast. If all the beasts were gone, men would die from a great loneliness of spirit. For whatever happens to the beasts, soon happens to man. All things are interconnected. Whatever befalls the earth, befalls the sons of the earth...If men spit upon the ground, they spit upon themselves...Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself." (Perry, 1971) INTRODUCTION Like many eager non native environmentalists, waiting to be engulfed by the green revolution, I saw the Indigenous culture as a link that could bring me closer to the earth....   [tags: Environmental Ecological Ecology Essays]

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Hybrid Cars and the Reduction of Air Pollution

-      The current vehicles that are powered by gasoline pollute, but as technologies improve and the human way of life changes alternatively powered vehicles enter the automotive industry. These vehicles were developed to achieve better gas mileage and to help slow the production of the gasses that cause Global Warming. The hybrid vehicle is one of the most popular alternatively powered vehicles. Hybrid electric vehicles are energy efficient cars or trucks that run on an internal combustion engine of a gas vehicle with the battery and electric motor of an electric vehicle....   [tags: Environment Ecology Automobiles Essays]

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Tropical Rain Forest Soils of La Selva

- Tropical Rain Forest Soils of La Selva Tropical rain forests across the globe are currently threatened by massive deforestation for logging, grazing, and cultivation (Otzen 1993). Such land-use practices alter temperature regimes (Fernandes and Sanford 1995) as well as ground, soil, and surface water, flora, fauna, and microorganisms (Otzen 1993). These changes may result in a loss of soil organic matter, a decrease in soil fertility (Garcia-Oliva et al. 1994, Tissen et al. 1994), severe soil erosion (Otzen 1993), and changes in soil structure and chemistry (Fernandes and Sanford 1995, Sollins et al....   [tags: Ecology Wildlife Nature Essays]

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United Nations Conference on Environment and Development

- United Nations Conference on Environment and Development Introduction As our understanding of global ecosystem functioning continues to increase, so does the knowledge and awareness that the effects of human behavior on the environment are no longer confined to localized microcosms. Humans are not only responsible for impacting the ecosystem in which they directly inhabit, but are now joined as a global community where collective, individual actions are changing planetary ecosystems. Thus, environmental policies developed at an international level to address global problems, such as climate change, ozone layer depletion, and acid rain, must cross several cultural, economic, and political...   [tags: Environmental Nature Ecology Essays]

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Dangerous Animals of the Great Barrier Reef

- Dangerous Animals of the Great Barrier Reef According to Dennis Fulkerson, one of the Australia Explorers (1996), the Great Barrier Reef is "God's underwater playground." Indeed, everyone in the group seemed to have a fabulous time exploring the reef. However, many of the group expressed some amount of fear about snorkelling on the reef, far away from the mainland. I began to wonder if there was really that much to be afraid of. We were only told that it was not box jellyfish season, and, more importantly, not to touch anything....   [tags: Ecology Nature Zoology Essays]

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The Environmental Effects of Fossil Fuels

- The Environmental Effects of Fossil Fuels The situation is scary, but real. The very resources that the world relies upon for energy are also helping to destroy the world. Fossil fuels, such as petroleum, coal, and natural gas, all include some very serious environmental concerns with their essential energy usage abilities. All stages of fossil fuel use have a severe impact upon the environment, from recovery to storage and end use. Thankfully, important legislation has been put together to help to reduce and control the havoc caused by fossil fuels on the environment....   [tags: Environment Ecology Ecological Essays]

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Why People Use Natural Bridges Park

- Why People Use Natural Bridges Park Perhaps it was being born to two hippy children but I find myself making excuses to trek over Highway 17 just to spend hours of my time taking in all the wonders of nature the town holds. One place that I have found that holds so many of the wonders is Natural Bridges State Park. From the trails, the natural bridges and tide pools, down to the monarch sanctuary, the park holds a plethora of nature's precious delights. The trails that wind through this park are breathtaking in many ways....   [tags: Study Ecology Environment]

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The Environmental Tragedy of Coastal Erosion

- The Environmental Tragedy of Coastal Erosion A very high percentage of the American population resides at or near one of the coasts. Preserving beaches is a very costly endeavor and there have been many debates over which way this country should go about doing so. On the east coast the current strategy is, “beach nourishment programs”, whereby sand is taken from available sources and put back onto the eroded beach (Michaels, 01). In 1999 the United States government spent about $150 million on beach nourishment programs, state and local governments along with those who own their own beach property spend even more on such projects (Michaels, 01)....   [tags: Environment Ecology Ecological Essays]

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Phytoremediation: Green Technology for the Future

- Phytoremediation: Green Technology for the Future Phytoremediation is the process by which plants and trees are used to remove or stabilize hazardous pollutants that exist in soil, sediments, surface water or groundwater. The EPA (environmental protection agency) estimates that more than 30,000 sites in the U.S. are in need of environmental treatment, and a great number of these sites are contaminated with highly toxic metals. Abandoned or under-used commercial and industrial facilities, termed as “brownfields,” are a major contributor to this environment concern....   [tags: Bioengineering Ecology Ecological Papers]

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Groundwater Pollution and Drinking Water Scarcity

- "We have the ability to provide clean water for every man, woman and child on the Earth. What has been lacking is the collective will to accomplish this. This is the commitment we need to make to the world." Jean-Michel Cousteau The Issue: Recently, the issue of drinking water quality has become a matter of great importance. Hydrogeologists and water resource managers have realized that the increased demand for drinking water, due to population growth, has placed a huge burden on our nation's groundwater resources....   [tags: Environment Ecology Ecological Essays]

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Groundwater Pollution and Drinking Water Scarcity

- "By means of water, we give life to everything." – Koran, 21:30 Drinking water is our most precious resource, something every human being needs to survive. Yet today over 1.2 billion people a day on average do not have access to drinking water. Even if they might have this access, the chances are good that the drinking water is polluted with many contaminants. In the future, we will probably find that clean drinking water will go to the highest bidder, and even more people will find themselves without easy access to drinking water....   [tags: Water Environment Ecology Essays]

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California Wetlands and The Batiquitos Lagoon

- California Wetlands and The Batiquitos Lagoon As the importance of wetland property has been brought to light by ecologists it is a wonder why so much of it is still being destroyed. In California there are development trade- off's that are made that will destroy one wetland while saving another. This will be seen using the Batiquitos Lagoon in Carlsbad, California as an example. In 1987 an agreement was signed with the Port of Los Angeles and the state of California. This agreement allowed part of the Port of Los Angeles to be filled in for commercial development, if the Batiquitos Lagoon was restored....   [tags: Environment Ecology Ecological Essays]

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Chestnut Blight and American Chestnut Trees

- Chestnut Blight and American Chestnut Trees Since the early 1900's a disease known as Chestnut Blight has infected many American Chestnut trees and causing their removal from forests. A greater look at the history of this fungus as well as the mechanisms of action will allow us to learn on how to preserve the American chestnut. At one point, the American chestnut was virtually eliminated. With the help of government acts and conservation agencies, the American chestnut is slowly growing back in population....   [tags: Ecology Conservation Fungus Essays]

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Water Sources and Uses in Wyoming

- Water Sources and Uses in Wyoming With today’s drought situations, it is more important than ever to be aware of the water sources in Wyoming as well as the various uses of the water and the amount of usable water that is available compared to the amount that must be used. This paper will not only inform about those uses and numbers, but also the highly debated HB 19 bill and the four major river basins in the western part of the country that supply Wyoming with it’s water. We will be talking about where and how Wyoming gets most of its surface water every year....   [tags: Ecology Environment Essays Papers]

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Importance of Recycling at the University

- Importance of Recycling at the University I remember my first semester here at the University and the dark halls of the Bates House Residence Hall. Many a party was concluded with an idea for what to do with the endless piles of cans that had congregated on the floor. One idea, I remember, was to wall someone into his room and another was to see how many we could stand on end without toppling. But, we usually just ended up throwing them in the trashcans in our refuse room. Sometimes out of the five trashcans in the room set aside for trash disposal, three or four would be completely filled with hundreds of cans of various beverages....   [tags: Environment Ecology Essays Papers]

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Philosophical Foundation of Ecological Ethics

- Philosophical Foundation of Ecological Ethics ABSTRACT: Principles of Buddhist philosophy central to the formation of an ecological paradigm of mentality include a dynamic vision of the world, a system of relative truth apart from dogmas, a moral foundation for scientific knowledge, an emphasis on nonviolence and the absence of repressive scientific methods, and the progressive movement of the intellect to Universal Consciousness which postulates the unity of microcosm and macrocosm. The comparative analysis of laws and principles of modern ecological science and basic Buddhist thought points to their common intentional direction....   [tags: Ecology Ecological Philosophy Papers]

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Greening Businesses: Agents of Change

- Greening Businesses: Agents of Change In the book Ecological Footprint, Wackernagel and Rees state that "U.S. resource consumption is so enormous that if the rest of the world consumed what U.S. residents and companies do, the world would require two more planet Earths" (SDIC, 2002, 1). Businesses generate up to 45% of waste in the United States per year (Inform Inc., 2002, 1). This high level of consumption is largely due to companies that base their activities on unsustainable production, cradle-to-grave life cycles that emphasize: no limit to how much is taken, dependence on non-renewable resources, and little accountability for a product beyond its sale (SDIC, 2002, 1) Since the 1970s...   [tags: Environment Ecology Essays]

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Society is Destined for Destruction

- Race to the Future The loud blast of a nuclear explosion, the destruction of our rain forests, and the simple, but yet very harmful items like insecticides, household cleaning supplies and complex medications, are all making a society destined for trouble. Some of these items we use every day, despite all the warnings on the bottles of the cleaners and side effects of the medications. The nuclear products and loss of the rain forest might not be happening in our back yard, but destruction like this can travel a long way, and it’s just a matter of time before we see the effects in our cities and towns....   [tags: Environment Pollution Ecology Essays]

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The Amazon Forest is Disappearing

- The Amazon Forest is Disappearing Nine countries share the Amazon rain forest: Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia and Suriname. The Amazon forest is the largest rain forest ecosystem of the world (Brazil picks Amazon site for sustainable logging, 1998), with 5.5 million square kilometers (The Rape of the Amazon), where also live peasants and indigenous people. The Amazon forest is source of great biodiversity and goods, which is really important for human being....   [tags: Geography Ecology Essays]

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The Implementation of Sustainable Development

- The Implementation of Sustainable Development In November 1992, more than half of all living Nobel Prize winners signed a document called "World Scientists' Warning to Humanity" that began with this stark statement: Human beings and the natural world are on a collision course. Human activities inflict harsh and often irreversible damage on the environment and on critical resources. If not checked, many of our current practices put at serious risk the future we wish for human society. … No more than one or a few decades remain before the chance to avert the threats we now confront will be lost and the prospects for humanity immeasurably diminished....   [tags: Environment Pollution Ecology Essays]

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Social Responsibility of Business Organizations

- Social Responsibility of Business Organizations Social Responsibility, some may say it is an organization’s duty to behave in an economically and environmentally sustainable manner. Well, there is more to it than just that. There are four key theories or guidelines that must be followed to maintain a status of good social responsibility. A company has one a duty to its shareholders, two the duty to maximize profit and avoid harm, three a responsibility to its employees and others who may be dependent on that specific company, and last but not least they have the duty to do good to the world....   [tags: Environment Ecology Responsible Essays]

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Green Companies and Green Abuse

- Green Companies and Green Abuse "Green." What do you think of when you hear this word. Conservative Americans trying to help the earth. People who are willing to bend over backwards to save the natural world. People who will sacrifice their own desires in order to save the land and animals. If this is what you think of when you hear the term "green," you are perfectly correct. To be "green," gives an environmentally protective, conservative, and unselfish appearance, and isn't that what most corporations, organizations and Americans want....   [tags: Environment Ecology Essays Papers]

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Hazards from the Universe

- Hazards from the Universe There are several perilous conditions that exist in our vast universe that could directly impact life as we know it on Earth. These hazards include meteors, asteroids, emission of charged solar particles, supernovas, and problems caused by man. Although the odds of these dangers directly harming Earth’s population are extremely low, if not impossible altogether, something about pending apocalypse seems to excite the human mind. The possibility of a meteorite or asteroid of significant size colliding into Earth poses as a legitimate threat to our planet....   [tags: Ecology Ecological Papers]

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A World Without Cars

- A World Without Cars James Q. Wilson the author of the article "Cars and Their Enemies" briefly ponders the possibility of our world without personal automobiles. He speculates whether our current society would welcome the invention of the personal automobile into a fictitious world without cars. Wilson immediately answers no. Wilson knows, as many well-informed individuals and experts do, that the personal automobile is responsible for contributing to pollution, destruction of rural and wilderness land, and depletion of natural resources....   [tags: Environment Pollution Ecology Essays]

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Golden Rule and Environmentalism

- Golden Rule and Environmentalism Intelligence, humor, simplicity, common sense, lack of philosophical jargon, perspective, wit, answer to questions. In the style of a popular scientist, not a philosopher, Stephen Jay Gould announces his view of an appropriate environmental ethic following the simple, but forever elegant, golden rule. "If we all treated others as we wish to be treated ourselves, then decency and stability would have to prevail"(216), he states. In the spirit of Karen Warren, Gould's perspective on environmentalism 'feels right' to me, as I can connect with acts of respect and benevolence towards humans and can easily extend that feeling to the rest of the earth (especially...   [tags: Environment Ecology Ecological Essays]

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Forest Soils on Acid

- Forest Soils on Acid Forest ecosystems are important both ecologically and economically. It is arguable that the most fundamental dynamic of the forest ecosystem is the forest soil. The acidity of forest soils can alter the chemistry, biota, and hydraulics of the soil, and thus, alter the soil formation characteristics and the soil composition. It follows that the acidification of forest soils demands a great deal of research and attention. Forest soils are commonly found to have pH readings of 4-6, even in areas of moderate to low acid deposition (Binkley et al, p....   [tags: Ecology Nature Environmental Papers]

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Marc Reisner's Coming Undammed

- Marc Reisner's Coming Undammed A dam is a barrier constructed across a waterway to control the flow or raise the level of water. (Dictionary 1) They are put in place with much care and patience. A dam is very carefully planned out. Where they are going to be placed. What type of soil it is going to be constructed in. When the plans are drawn out, every detail is gone over with a fine tooth comb. Marc Reisner has written an essay titled Coming Undammed, is an essay about him talking how he supports dam removals across the country....   [tags: Environmental Ecology Essays]

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Use of Leisure Time

- Use of Leisure Time Most people would agree that Americans are workaholics. Sixty- and seventy-hour workweeks are nearly the norm in this society. College students carry eighteen credit hours plus a part-time job. Therefore, what people choose to do with their precious free time says a lot about them. Knowing the relative amount of time that they spend with their friends or family, shopping, or sitting at home with the TV is a good indication of the entire state of the culture. Even the types of public places people go for recreation are signs of what is important to them....   [tags: Working Ecology Vacations Essays]

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To Save the Earth

- To Save the Earth I wonder how much the front yard of my childhood home is worth. Of course, it's worth less now than before. Once, a stately tree stood in each corner: a tall lilac, a pine, a cherry tree, and a droopy evergreen. My favorite tree lived in the middle. I never knew what kind it was, but every spring it blossomed in delicate pink, and on warm afternoons, I read under its canopy. The front yard no longer looks like that, however. My father removed the lilac bush because it made the lawn too difficult to mow, and cut many of the branches from the pine and my pink-flowered tree so that friends could park their cars on our lawn rather than getting ticketed for parking on the...   [tags: Environment Environmental Ecology Essays]

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Post-graduate Traveling Fellowship Recipient

- Post-graduate Traveling Fellowship Recipient "With every step, you are met by the most bizarre and wonderful forms," she told me. I have never heard someone talk about nature in the way that my host mother in France did. She has not been able to return to what she calls "the jungles of Madagascar"-her birthplace-but images of wild and beautiful greenness have never left her mind. In Madagascar, there are two hundred thousand different species of living things; ninety-three percent of them are endemic to this island....   [tags: Environmental Ecology Teaching Essays]

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Globalization and the Environment

- Economy is not a separate thing from production, consumption and exchange. Economics pays no attention to goods and services provided by nature, air, water, soil and sunlight that produce everything we need for survival and all the riches we are able to accumulate. What is the cost of globalization to the environment. Does globalization have the same goals for a healthy planet and justice for people. Timothy Taylor writes, “Moreover, large multinational companies typically do not perceive it to be in their self-interest to seek out locations where they can pollute most heavily.” He goes on to explain that these companies have a design in place with pollution-control that meets the standards...   [tags: Environmental Ecology Pollution Essays]

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Bio-diesel: Alternative Fuel Source

- Bio-diesel: Alternative Fuel Source Introduction Currently today more than 99% of all fuel consumed is petroleum (3). In the year 2025 the world’s reserves of petroleum will be a dry source (7). Other than the shortage of petroleum, the burning of petroleum also causes many problems such as global warming. In this case, engineers and scientists need to come up with an alternative energy source for gasoline not only because of the shortage, but because of the environmental problems gasoline and other fossil fuels cause for the environment....   [tags: Petroleum Environment Ecology Essays]

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Plastics and Our Environment

- Plastics and Our Environment Works Cited Missing Plastics today play an important part in cutting-edge technologies such as the space program, bullet-proof vests and prosthetic limbs, as well as in everyday products such as beverage containers, medical devices and automobiles. Recycled plastics are used to make polymeric timbers for use in picnic tables, fences, and outdoor toys, thus saving natural lumber. Plastic from 2-liter bottles is even being spun into fiber for the production of carpet....   [tags: Environmental Impact Ecology Essays]

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The Importance of Recycling

- The Importance of Recycling Recycling is an important project everyone should be part of. If we do not recycle many landfills where we put garbage will be filled up faster and we will use more of our natural resources to make the products we could have made from recycled material. My entire life people have been standing over my shoulder making sure I am recycling everything possible. In high school we had huge recycling bins all over the entire school. Down every hall there was a regular garbage can, a garbage can for pop cans, and a bin for paper products and glass bottles....   [tags: Environment Ecology Essays Papers]

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Effects Of Ozone Pollution

- The Effects of Ozone Pollution The term "ozone" has appeared in numerous magazine and newspaper articles and has been a subject of discussion on both radio and television. Despite all the publicity surrounding this term, however, many people are still confused by it. The confusion arises from the fact that ozone is both beneficial and harmful. We know that the ozone layer in the upper atmosphere acts as a filter for the sun's ultraviolet rays, reducing the amount of radiation that reaches the earth's surface....   [tags: Environment Pollution Green Ecology]

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Taoism: Potential Within Passivity

- Taoism is the first major philosophical and religious tradition explored by Peter Marshall, in his book Nature's Web. Marshall calls Taoism "the way of nature," emphasizing that this is the ideal religion from the perspective of ecological sensibility. Passivity is a key element of Taoist thought, and is a repeated concept in the primary Taoist text, the Tao Te Ching. The concept of passivity stresses that the wise person will not attempt to cause change in his world, but will rather be receptive to and allow natural changes to happen, as is the way of nature....   [tags: Taoism Religion Ecology]

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Global Warming

- Think about global warming and all the effects it can have on not just the earth but also on ourselves. Global warming has been a major issue for years but what is really needed is to be taking this issue seriously. This has been proven to cause many health problems, destroy different habitats, and ruin our clean air that we breathe everyday. Humans are the main cause of global warming. As a result of global warming, climate change, greenhouse gases, and pollutants have a negative impact on the world....   [tags: environmental science, ecology, ]

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Malthusian Theory

- Before we can answer this question, we must first determine what the Malthusian Theory is. There have been numerous opinions given on the issue of overpopulation, but Thomas Malthus’ took center stage. Simply put, he believed “that population size increases far more rapidly than food and energy resources and as a result, population growth will always threaten to outstrip food supplies” (Kornblum, p. 535). This logic became what we now know as the Malthusian Theory. Taketia, Theseia, Edweena, Judy, Ryan, and I (LaTonya) have come together to apply this theory to different areas of interest....   [tags: overpopulation, environmental sciences, ecology]

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Panther Conservation

- The Florida panther (Puma concolor coryi) has been on the endangered species list since 1967 with only 130 individuals surviving within a small area in Southern Florida (Sullivan 2004). Prior to conservation efforts, the Florida panther has suffered several population losses due to inbreeding, habitat loss, and vehicular collisions with only an estimated 30 surviving individuals in the 1970s (Maehr 1992). The number one threat to the Florida panther is habitat loss and habitat fragmentation due to urban development in Southern FL within the hardwood hammocks and wetland habitats in which they live in....   [tags: endangered species, ecology]

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International Development Ethics

- ABSTRACT: I discuss the nature and genesis of international development ethics as well as its current areas of consensus, controversies, challenges, and agenda. A relatively new field of applied ethics, international development ethics is ethical reflection on the ends and means of socioeconomic change in poor countries and regions. It has several sources: criticism of colonialism and post-World War II developmental strategies; Denis Goulet's writings; Anglo-American philosophical debates about the ethics of famine relief; and Paul Streeten's and Amartya Sen's approaches to development....   [tags: Ecology Ecological Environment Papers]

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A Melting Planet

- A Melting Planet Although most glaciers and ice sheets reside in areas that man does not inhabit, they are nevertheless important for society and the global environment. Due to anthropogenic activities over the past two centuries, the temperature of the earth is rising at an alarming rate. This rise in temperatures has resulted in an overall loss of ice mass worldwide, including a rapid depletion in mountain glaciers. The effects of glacial melt will have a significant impact on the future of the human race, so it is therefore important to have a firm understanding of glaciers....   [tags: Glaciers Ecology Essays]

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Buffalo Restoration Debate

- Buffalo Restoration Debate Restoration of the Bison is something that has been going on for the past two decades. As a matter of fact, several Native American tribes have come together to form the Inter Tribal Bison Cooperative (ITBC) which has been set out to bring bison back onto the American plains in the midwest. Bison have an intimate relationship in the traditions and rituals of Native Americans. The importance of bison within the culture has made bringing back the bison an important issue in the preservation of wildlife....   [tags: Environment Animals Ecology Essays]

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