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The Dayton Accords

- The death of the Marshal Josip Broz Tito in 1980, led to a major political transition of Yugoslavia. By taking the Presidency of Serbia in 1987, Milosevic began to pursue authority over Yugoslavian Federation, thus encouraging a different style of rule, the ultra-nationalistic tendency, and advocating for “incendiary Nationalism” towards other ethnic groups and nations of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Simon and Smale). The shift from the Tito’s social-communist ideology to the Serbian-centered nationalism of Milosevic created an unequal representation on the Federal level of the six constituent Socialist Republics and two Socialist Autonomous, thus, as a result of the rise of ethnic na...   [tags: War in Bosnia and Herzegovina]

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The Ghetto District Of Dayton

- You can see this theory in place throughout the whole movie In Time. Will Salas grew up in the ghetto district of Dayton and according to Marx’s theory could be labeled as part of the proletariat. He works for a factory that makes the devices that are touched to the arms of the people and are used to transfer time to and from individuals. He was exploited for his work and at one point in the movie he goes to get paid and he gets paid less than normal and he asks why and the payer said that the quota was raised for the workers to an unreasonable amount and that he did not meet the quota....   [tags: Sociology, Marxism, Working class, Max Weber]

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The Dayton Woman’s Club

- Dayton, Ohio has a well known history that stretches back for Centuries. Sometimes, you take for granted the history of where you were born, but if you take a time line and look back, its clear to see how important it was to reflect on the different stages of triumph and victory that certain historical places like the one that will be talked about in this paper, that is The Woman’s Club. (This historical site) The Woman’s Club has been around for decades, and has been a very important tool for the history of Dayton....   [tags: Social Issues]

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One of Dayton’s “Gems”

- It was once quoted "I see great things in baseball. It's our game - the American game”. Walt Whitman is the author of this quote and its date can be traced to back to sometime during the fight for the abolition of slavery. The American Civil War was fought from 1861–1865, during a time where the future of America could not be foretold. When they were not on the battlefield, soldiers often took part of a recreational sport on a different kind of field. People of all backgrounds participated and enjoyed the game....   [tags: Local History]

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The Dayton Canoe Club

- At the dawn of the Twentieth century, cities, like Dayton, had factories being erected almost every day. The Industrialism period brought many people to cities looking for jobs. As cities became crowded and people overworked, a movement began to spend more time outside enjoying nature and all it has to offer. This created an opportunity that Charles W. Shaeffer saw, and jumped on (Dalton 11). He gave way for the idea of a club for those to spend time together, outdoors, to be involved with one another and to bring the community together as one....   [tags: Community History]

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Dayton Country Clubs

- There are several different historic country clubs in Dayton, Ohio including the Miami Valley Golf Club, the Dayton Country Club, and the Walnut Grove and Moraine Country Clubs. These country clubs and golf clubs provided entertainment and fun for Dayton families. In fact, in a newspaper article from 1971, the president of the Walnut Grove Country Club, William Blankenship, claimed to thrive on the fact that his club was indeed family oriented. They offered swimming instructions for young members to take while their parents golfed, good food, affordable family membership prices, and even occasional redecoration to keep things interesting....   [tags: Community Analysis]

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City Of Dayton : Internal Promotional Opportunity

- CITY OF DAYTON INTERNAL PROMOTIONAL OPPORTUNITY This is to announce that resumes are being accepted for the position of: TITLE: POLICE MAJOR The City of Dayton Police Department is looking for a Police Major to assist in the management of the Department by planning and administering the functions of a major work group or unit. RESPONSIBILITIES: A Police Major is responsible for the command and administration of a major unit, work group, or division of the Department. The incumbent is responsible for all division activities and will coordinate services with other units, work groups, divisions, City departments and agencies, other units of government, outside law enforcement agencies an...   [tags: Police, Law enforcement agency, Human resources]

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Dayton 's Solution : Diversity And Discrimination

- Dayton’s Solution to a National Issue: Diversity and Discrimination “Pressing”, for lack of a better word, describes the urgency for which a study must be promulgated, specifically a study that attempts to unravel, at the minimum, a piece of the profound racial disparity that plagues the United States and puzzles its citizens. Across the nation, major cities are experiencing an outcry from an array of minority parties, all of which find singularity in the disapproval of the recent president-elect....   [tags: Education, Sociology, Higher education]

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Cox’s Dayton Daily News

- The Dayton Daily News was a valued newspaper source in the year 1898, and is still valued today. The year 1898 was a year of extreme success for James Cox, being the year he bought and began to work toward the foundation of the Dayton Daily News. During the years of Cox’s success he was also able to run for governor of Ohio, be elected into congress, host a radio talk show, and become a member of the House of Representatives. Cox took part in many activities throughout the Dayton area. When the Dayton flood occurred in 1913, he was quickly available to help by offering small boats to transport drowning survivors to safety....   [tags: Business]

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Outsourcing Information Technology at Dayton Public Schools

- Outsourcing Information Technology at Dayton Public Schools Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions (CBTS) has engaged with the Dayton Public School District to provide Managed Information Technology Services (MITS) to the staff and students. CBTS has been a partner of DPS since June of 2000. The existing contract, initiated on May 8, 2005, is a seven year contract. The program is just ending the first two-year option or year five. Sharing the DPS vision has forged a partnership that we value and look forward to continuing....   [tags: Marketing]

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