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Charisma is an Essential Characteristic for Leadership

-  IGNITE Charisma itself is not genetically inclined and cannot be learned; however, it can be developed based on the passionate skill set one already obtains. Charisma can be defined as a special charm or appeal that causes people to feel attracted and excited by someone. "Charisma." Merriam-Webster, n.d. Web. 28 Mar. 2014. <>. Therefore, charisma is an essential characteristic of charismatic leadership. INSPIRE The nature of an effective leader is to portray self-confidence, integrity, enthusiasm, courage, moral commitment, emotional connection, and drive, as well as having an optimistic point of view....   [tags: inspire, motivation, follow-through]

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The Most Important Characteristic Of The Conductor

- ... The servant as a Leader philosophy is an ancient philosophy, described by Robert K.Greenleaf in his essay “The Servant as Leader” in 1970. Citing James MacGregor Burns the difference between the manager and leader is that manager is more “One who conducts business affairs with economy – with efficiency” and the Leader: “One who goes before to guide or show the way” The significance of the leader is about making the difference in growth of the ensemble. The good conductor in contrast to conductor-manager will not only aim for the putting the presentable concert program ready in a most efficient way....   [tags: Leadership, Servant leadership, Management]

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Characteristic Features of the Middle Ages

- ... For a long time centralization of government and culture was not possible. However, the Roman Catholic facilitated social integration. This was not sufficient to bring the people together; therefore, the medieval period was characterized by the need to build a political system that was based on religious principles. The Catholic Church became very influential in the medieval period attempting to provide both political as well as spiritual leadership. The concept of Christendom developed, this was an endeavor to have one large church-state....   [tags: catholic, military, feudalism ]

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Characteristic of Afghanistan Mujahideen Insurgency

- I. Introduction The Afghanistan insurgency between 1979 and 1989 ended with the withdrawal of the Soviet Union armed forces . This “successful” rebellion was not merely because the Soviet Union saw the Taliban as a simple Islamist movement and underestimated their resistant, but it was also believed that the special characteristics that the Taliban insurgents possess, such as motivation and strategy played important role. This article will assess the special characteristics that identify Taliban as an insurgent group, specifically on the purpose and motivation of their fight, popular support and the strategies and tactics that were used by them to expel the Soviet Union from Afghan soil....   [tags: sucessful rebellion, Soviet Union, world history]

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Characteristic of Organic Compounds

- What are organic compounds, you may ask. Well organic compounds are compounds that always contain carbon, or any compound that contains a carbon atom. But some describe organic compounds as any of a large class of chemical compounds in which one or more atoms of carbon are covalently linked to atoms of other elements, most commonly are hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. But there are a few exceptions to this organic rule, which are carbon monoxide, carbonates, carbon dioxide, cyanides, cyanates, carbides, and thyocyanates, which are all considered inorganic....   [tags: Carbon Atoms, Chemical Compounds]

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Dominant Economical Characteristic

- ... However, the BOSS cannot take for granted that there is no competition, because there are many independent firms that we do compete with. Our competitors may be able to provide a lesser cost because that is all they do. We provide a lot more than our competitors, software that is out there. We offer under one roof our wisdom and our other service, and the BOSS does this by keeping our prices low. Even though we offer so many different services under one roof, we still do a restructuring every three months of our pricing and promotion strategies....   [tags: Business, Small business, Want, WANT]

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Characteristic of Germany and the Netherland's Welfare Systems

- Germany Germany’s welfare state was introduced under Bismarck during the 19th century. His welfare system would survive throughout Germany’s existence and continue in West Germany after the nation’s spit following World War Two. The traditional system has four main characteristics which remained generally unchanged up until the Chancellor Kolh’s administration. The first of these characteristics is that it was a wage-centred social insurance system. Rather than a general tax the system is financed by wage-based contributions, which allows for the contributor to more closely get out what he paid into....   [tags: insurance, unemployment, disability]

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Manipulation, A Dominant Characteristic For People With Antisocial Personality Disorder

- ... Some patients use manipulation was an “attempt to soothe internal feelings of fear” ( Because these patients feel as though their feelings take precedence, they have a tendency to minimizes the feelings of others ( Nevertheless, this behaviour is destructive and needs to be assessed by the nurse promptly. When a patient uses manipulation it can have harmful effects that affect the nursing staff. This can result in nurses feeling vulnerable when working with these patients (Moran and Mason, 1996)....   [tags: Nurse, Nursing, Psychopathy]

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A Common Characteristic Portrayed Throughout Catcher 's The Rye

- ... He feels lost, confused and distant from everyone because he does not remember how to act around them anymore. These rules do not work for Conrad because he chooses not to feel because “when you let yourself feel, all you feel is lousy” (Guest 93). This is where a sense of protection comes in to play. The reason Conrad feels so detached is because he chooses to be this way in order to not deal with his emotional feelings. If he distances himself from others he does not have to come to terms with the grief in his life....   [tags: F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby]

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The Seven Different Styles of Gothic Architecture

- Gothic architecture Name Institutional affiliation Gothic architecture, also known as the eastern style of architecture fits for large structures, where it can be done in total perfection. It was developed due to common architectural problems experienced during the medieval times. Gothic architecture possessed a high rank of learning in attempts by several European writers to trace its derivation, but these attempts have not led to any clear results. Its distinguishing features seem to consist of two particulars, the effect of the terminating parts in a point and the perpendicular line....   [tags: architecture, style, problems, characteristic]

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Characteristic Downfall

- In T.S. Eliot's "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock," the author is establishing the trouble the narrator is having dealing with middle age. Prufrock(the narrator) believes that age is a burden and is deeply troubled by it.. His love of some women cannot be because he feels the prime of his life is over. His preoccupation with the passing of time characterizes the fear of aging he has. The poemdeals with the aging and fears associated with it of the narrator. Prufrock is not confident with himself mentally or his appearance....   [tags: essays research papers]

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How Laughter Is An Essential Characteristic Of Human Nature And A Blessing From God

- ... The celebrated author, Mark Twain, grew up in a Protestant church, but was never a Christian. On many occasions, readers will recognize Twain 's blatant scrutinization and mockery of the Church. Several times he degrades and portrays the Church as hypocritical and elitist. Whether it is making others do his work, or being scared by howls in a graveyard or any other boyhood antics, Tom 's adventures are full of humor, wit, and thought-provoking remarks and is a must read for any serious reader....   [tags: Laughter, Laughter in animals, Tom Sawyer]

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The Role Of Physical And Biochemical Characteristic Of The Variable Domain Of A Heavy Chain Antibody

- ... The light chain of the antibody binds to a variety of antigens whereas the heavy chain interacts with effector cells. The light chain is made of two domains, while the heavy chain has four domains and the amino acid sequence of both, the heavy and light chain, varies greatly between the different antibodies. There exist complex genetic mechanisms which allow vertebrate cells to generate a diverse pool of antibodies with different domain from a relative small number of antibody genes (Fanning LJ, 1996)....   [tags: Immune system, Antibody, Protein, Antigen]

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Lab Report Identifying Unknown Substances by Characteristic Properties

- Lab Report Identifying Unknown Substances by Characteristic Properties Purpose: To identify the unknown substance by characteristic properties. Materials: * 30g white substance * thermometer * 40mL water * 4 evaporating dishes * stirring rod * balance * bunsen burner * graph paper * ring stand * pencil * safety goggles * 10mL graduated cylinder * beaker * 4 test tubes Procedure: 1.) Obtain your materials. 2.) Seperate your 40mL of water into 4 different test tubes, 10mL in each....   [tags: Papers]

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The Universal Characteristic of William Shakespear in The Taming of the Shrew

- The Universal Characteristic of William Shakespear in The Taming of the Shrew In Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare, the author uses a variety of characters portraying all different types of mankind to show a general view of life. The reader directly relates to the conflicts in the plot, and using a mixture of both comedy and irony, Shakespeare is able to obtain an emotional, not critical, response from the audience. G. B. Harrison summarized this writing style by Shakespeare by stating, "When we try to analyze the universality of Shakespeare, we find that he is not particularly original as a thinker, nor is he the only English writer....   [tags: Papers]

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Food Material Characteristic: Foaming Properties of a Protein

- ... The water-binding ability of milk produced from a blending process is dependent on the solubility of its constituent parts and the production process. Gelation Cow’s milk is composed of carbohydrates and two main dairy proteins: casein and whey. When milk is coagulated, it automatically divides out the proteins into semi-solid lumps and a liquid portion. Casein is found in the lumps, or curds, whereas the whey protein is found in the liquid portion. As soon as the cocoa powder is mixed with milk, the casein is immediately adsorbed to strengthen the network formation....   [tags: flavor, water biding]

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Status Characteristic Theory

- Status Characteristics Theory A group of five college students who each belonged to a Greek association had to decide on what hotel to stay in during their spring break vacation in Cancun. There is a valued, collective task within this situation. They all have invested a lot of money for this trip and they all want to make sure they get the most for their money. All of the five students knew each other and the organizations to which they belong prior to this meeting. The characteristics of each are as follows: Name Year Sex Greek Organization Ethnicity Jeff Senior Male Sigma Epsilon European American Bonnie Sophomore Female Phi Sigma Hispanic American Dustin Junior Male Ta...   [tags: Papers]

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State and Evaluate Aristotle's Function Argument that Happiness Is an Objective Feature of the Characteristic Activity of Human Being.

- The happiness is an objective feature of the characteristic activity of human being. Thus, whatever human being’s activity is the final goal is achieve or gain happiness. Many people works for money or their belief, but in fact both money of belief let them get happiness and that why they continues their current career. And I find that the following considerations will provide a convincing argument for happiness is an objective feature of the characteristic activity of human being. First at all, all human activities aim at some good....   [tags: philosophical analysis]

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Pork Chop Plot : A Chart That Shows Contours Of Characteristic Energy ( C3 ) Versus Departure And Arrival

- ... This explains why the spacecraft covered the travel from Venus to Mars in very quick time (four months’ time). Gravity assist: From the analytical model from STK, initial C3 energy of 20.25 km2/s2 is obtained. This corresponds to the V∞ of 4.5 km/s before the flyby. After the flyby, C3 energy increased to 40.25 which corresponds to the V∞ of about 6.4 km/s. The Venus fly by increased the hyperbolic excess speed V∞ by 1.9 km/s. Beta angle: Beta angle obtained from the model of the Earth-Venus trajectory in STK The above figure shows the beta angle made by the spacecraft during its travel from Earth to Venus....   [tags: Orbit, Astrodynamics, Mars, Celestial mechanics]

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Chickering's Characteristic of Total War

- Roger Chickering, a prominent Historian at Georgetown University in the United States of America, argues that total war is “distinguished by its unprecedented intensity and extent. Theatres of operations span the globe; the scale of battle is practically limitless… Total war requires the mobilization not only of armed forces but also of whole populations. The most crucial determinant of total war is the widespread, indiscriminate, and deliberate inclusion of civilians as legitimate military targets " , moreover Chickering reasons that total war “directs attention to techniques of modern warfare at every level of combat” and that “The wholesale involvement of civilians in war, as active par...   [tags: World War I, French Republic history]

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To what extent do you regard The Shield Of Achilles as characteristic

- To what extent do you regard The Shield Of Achilles as characteristic of Auden’s work as whole. At first glance Auden’s poem the ‘Shield of Achilles’ appears to be focused on the classical world. The poem’s classical nature is first indicated by the title- Achilles was of course a famous Greek hero, and throughout the poem there are further classical references, many of which Auden has taken from Book XVIII of Homer’s Iliad- ‘Marble well-governed cities’ (l.3), ‘…athletes at their games’ (l.46), ‘Hephaestos, hobbled away’ (l.61)....   [tags: English Literature]

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The Signalman and The Red Room as Characteristic Nineteenth Century Ghost Stories

- The Signalman and The Red Room as Characteristic Nineteenth Century Ghost Stories There are many characteristics that help to make up a typical nineteenth century ghost story. During this essay certain aspects will be discussed to find out if ‘The Signalman’ by Charles Dickens and ‘The Red Room’ by H.G. Wells contain the elements that constitute a ghost story. The main elements of a typical ghost story include the stereotypical aspects such as distortion of light to create shadow, isolation, and fear as well as emotive imagery, the inclusion of a non-believer/believer and having a suitable ending e.g....   [tags: Papers]

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Characteristic of metacognition awareness

- Generally, knowledge is universal awareness or possession of information and gained trough experience or study. Knowledge brings humans to the successful epoch of creation and achievement. The deep study of knowledge conveys the new theories of wisdom that is metacognition. Metacognition or metacognitive is a study about thinking on what own’s thinking and managing or supervising their own learning (Fauzan, 2004, p. 2). In other research, Lai (2011) explained metacognitive as consciousness of someone thinking or responsiveness of one’s subject matter conceptions (p....   [tags: Procedural Knowledge, Instruction Oriented]

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Déjà Vu: Motifs of Hitler in Richard III(1995) and How They Help Modern Audience to Understand Shakespeare’s Richard

- It is not terribly odd to see directors adapt Shakespearian plays to a different era. In fact, contemporary elements in films like Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet and the most recent Much Ado About Nothing by Joss Whedon have definitely bring valuable new readings to the text. Embracing this trend, Richard III (1995) by Richard Loncraine shifts its background to 1930s Britain. Starring Ian McKellen as Richard, the movie makes an undeniable connection to Nazi Germany; very details include costume design, set and prop, and cinematography choices all closely relate Richard to Hitler, an equivalent villain from modern history....   [tags: background, evil, characteristic, audience]

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The Characteristics Of A Person

- ... Each life stage there our different capacities of skills, stress, and health issues that nurses need to consider before care is given. The sixth and last characteristic is culture (Carr, 2015, PowerPoint slides, Word document). There are many ideas of health and healing in cultures that nurses need to consider. All cultures have systems of their health definition, causes of illness, and treatment. These six characteristics are the foundations of persons. My Understanding of Health Understanding health is very important for the nursing profession....   [tags: Psychology, Health, Maslow's hierarchy of needs]

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Characteristics of a Hero

- One may talk about the heroes they have today, or even ones that have passed from before. If one looks back even farther, some of the most influential heroes are from Bible times. These are the people that God hand-picked and they put their faith in Him. One of the most memorable and influential heroes is Joseph. He showed many different qualities of a hero like trusting God, strength, integrity, devotion to God and selflessness. Jacob and Rachel had many children and one of them was Joseph. As a child, Joseph was by far his father’s favorite....   [tags: bible, joseph, god]

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Characteristics of Cells

- For many year, scientists have been researching and experimenting to understand how life on earth began and what was the turning point. Many studies and research were done in order to answer this question. After many years of research, scientists finally discovered the essence of life to be the cell. In order to consider something alive, the cells in the organism should be able to grow, reproduce, have the ability to process information, and carry out chemical reactions (Freeman 1). Even though cells are small, they are very complex and they are the functional unit in the human body....   [tags: structure, DNA, life]

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Characteristics of Qualitative and Quantitative Methods

- Qualitative and quantitative researcher’s exhibited conflicting ways of approaching a research. Some researchers prefer qualitative over quantitative and vice-versa. Also, it is common for qualitative and quantitative to be used together in a research. But, both methods when carried out correctly provide good research. Plus, both methods have their own unique differences and characteristics. In this paper I will define three of these characteristics in a quantitative and qualitative research design and discuss and compare their differences....   [tags: Research Methods]

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Personality Characteristics of Introverts and Extroverts

- ... There are great characteristics associated with what is considered to be the introvert such as being a thinker. Someone that thinks things thru before acting is more than likely to make rational decisions. It is also very important to have time alone to self-reflect because if one continually derives their energies from another then they are more than likely to have let downs and never learn to create a life that is balanced. If a person was completely introverted then more than likely they would be very unhappy in the workplace and other situations where they would be continually interacting with people....   [tags: reserved, socialize, attributes]

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Foundations and Characteristics of Attachment Theory

- ... 4. Separation Distress: The anxiety that occurs when the child is separated from their caregiver. In assessing these characteristics—which was the purpose of Ainsworth’s Strange Situation Procedure—one could conclude what type of attachment was operating. Types and Causes of Attachment Styles Bowlby and Ainsworth determined that attachment styles could be effectively differentiated into four distinct categories based on the observed attachment behaviors, behaviors that were based on the attachment characteristics....   [tags: caregivers, relationships, behavior]

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Characteristics of children in middle childhood

- Human development refers to the processes of change and stability throughout human life. The early stages of development in children are important in their life span. Children in middle childhood are those who are in the age between 6 to 11 years old. Most children in middle childhood start their formal education in primary school. In this stage, they have more opportunities to expose themselves to people and environment they had never known. In general, children in middle childhood are characterized by 3 major domains which are physical, cognitive and psychosocial (refer to Figure 1 in Appendix 1)....   [tags: Human Development, Metacognition]

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Characteristics And Traits Of A Successful Manager5

- ... It again Characteristics/Traits of a Successful Manager6 assists generate the invitation to enter, and be allowed to explore other people’s worlds An effective manager has done his/her introspection and worked out any weaknesses that may be in them and removes doubts when correcting others. Ineffective managers fail because they do not understand themselves, their weaknesses, who are not able to respond effectively and make concrete decisions. They cannot work with others unless they have first fully understood the process....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Emotional intelligence]

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Essential Characteristics for Professional Success

- ... Everyone is ambitious and this ambitious nature, catalyze a person to achieve something perceptible. Achieving something is a three step process. It starts with the setting of goal, pursuing the goal and reaching the goal while maintaining the highest standard of morality and integrity. I believe that an ambition accelerates an individual to reach his potential. This ambitious characteristic has given me more visibility to senior managers and the organization and this visibility has interpreted into increased opportunities to be trained or mentored, as well as being recognized by others in the organization....   [tags: ambitious, creative, adaptable]

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Improving and Developing Leadership Characteristics

- ... A leader may focus on the activities that bring in them praise and reward, such as actions that cause a rise in the organization rather than making tough ethical choices. So, organizations succeed or not succeed merely because of how well they are lead. A higher authority is important for manage and flexible others as well as being role models of a hard and the others members. A successful leader has good character, competence, compassion, and courage. “Leaders 
Power”....   [tags: managing natural resources, mind, spirit]

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The Characteristics of the Arcric Wolf

- Introduction The Arctic Wolf (Canis lupus arctos) (as shown in the picture underneath) is a subspecies of the Grey Wolf. Today it inhabits the northern regions of North America in a range covering Arctic Canada, parts of Alaska and northern Greenland. Although the Arctic Wolf is smaller than its larger relative, the Grey Wolf, it is bulkier and more adaptive than the latter. Its habitat range located in the north has allowed this subspecies of the Grey Wolf to be less threatened by humans as other members of the species are....   [tags: behavior, habitat, reproduction]

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Characteristics of the Acacia Senegal Tree

- Introduction Acacia senegal (L.) Willd. Leguminous tree, subfamily Mimosaceae is an important multipurpose tree of desert and commonly found in arid of Rajasthan, Gujarat and undisturbed area of Punjab and Haryana. Locally it is known as kumata / khair / kheri. In Gujarat it is known as kagar; goraduja baval. In Hindi it is also known as khor, humath. In other countries, it is known as geelhoak (Africans); alloba (Arabic); gum arbic, Sudan gum Arabic, gum acacia, three-throned acacia (English); acacia du senegal (French)....   [tags: seeds, morphology, diversity]

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Characteristics that Defines a Hero or a Heroine

- The idea of a hero can be perceived in several different ways, mainly people are defined as heroes due to personal life experiences or accomplishments. Though most perceive heroism as that, I however feel that the true heroes are just everyday people trying to do whats right. I believe a hero is someone who is determined to do whats right no matter the cost, a hero is someone who is selfless in bad situations and a role model. A hero does not always have to fall under these categories but it can be anyone that makes a significant impact on someones life, and can be looked up to as a role model....   [tags: caring, role model, accomplishments]

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Characteristics Of Effective Teacher Education

- ... Upon this event, I realized that the teaching is a difficult job. Not only that, but I learned also that an effective teacher has specific qualities such as solid education, the proper behavior in the classroom and the ability to connect with students. The first characteristic that the teacher should have is a solid education and qualification. Education should be relevant to the specific area of teaching. Nowadays, most universities require specific qualifications for candidates who would like to teach....   [tags: Education, School, Teacher, History of education]

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The Characteristics Of Chitosan From Chitin

- ... This is because the spherical structure of the beads allows the expansion of porous network and decreases the polymer crystallinity [18, 26], which is the regular arrangement of the chain, and consequently increases the accessibility to chitosan’s internal amino groups[5, 26]. However, the high water-content of the beads decreases its volumetric sorption capacities [26], so the beads are usually dried out using the freeze-drying or the spacer-inclusion technique[26]. The option of drying the beads was evaluated and it was classified as not convenient for this experiment, as it is not totally necessary, requires highly specialised equipment, and is a dangerous measure as the structure of...   [tags: Electron, Atom, Coordination complex]

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The Characteristics and Culture of Bangladesh

- People’s Republic of Bangladesh, a country in South Asia, formed on the former site of the Pakistani province of East Pakistan. On 26 March 1971, its political leaders announced the creation of an independent state called Bangladesh. The exact founding date is 16 December 1971, when Pakistani troops surrendered to the joint command of East Bengal and Indian armed forces. So adverse is the economic situation in Bangladesh that some have referred to it not as a third world developing nation but as a member of the forth world, the poorest of the poor....   [tags: climate, religion, politics]

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Characteristics of the Male Protagonist

- Long flowing hair in the wind, a strong chiselled jaw with big muscles and a hearty smile, or perhaps no smile at all. Saving princesses, fighting dragons, befriending beasts and being cavalier. This generic stance of the male hero is discussed in Max Luthi’s essay The Fairy-Tale Hero; however, although the norm, this opinion of a male protagonist is not as immovable as it may seem. Max Luthi’s opinion of Grimm’s, Hansel and Gretel is that Gretel is the leading character and that the males are irrelevant to the outcome of the story....   [tags: Male Protagonist Essays]

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Characteristics Of A Good Leader

- ... R. 2015). While working at Texas Children’s Hospital one of the managers truly exemplified this characteristic in everything that she did, she would always say, “that if one desire’s to lead one must first learn how to follow.” There was a huge inspection that was coming up for the health center everything had to be held to the standards of the Joint Commission. According to research by Author (year)…within the same study, that certain day the manager asked the workers to help clean the walls of the facility, it’s a children’s clinic; therefore, the children were always placing their hands on the wall....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Positive psychology, Skill]

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The Six Characteristics of Families

- ... Every time my mom or dad needed him for help, naturally they called him. They forgot that he was not there or not available in that moment. Even when he went to the church, or the school the teachers or the church members always asked him for help. In contrast, another brother loved to rely on my good helper brother even until now. According to the article it states, “There is usually a peacemaker, a clown, a rescuer, and a victim, although there can be many other roles as well”. I believe that your habit shapes your characteristic....   [tags: role, rule, hierarchy, behavior]

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The Different Characteristics Of Leadership

- ... This leader will act as a mentor, provide career advice, assist in enhancing skills, and empowering the staff. Relationship leaders displays the following behaviors: a. Empowering employee – Allows employees to feel or believe he/she have control over dedicated tasks (psychological). Managers focus on inspiring and providing employees to become more skillful, productive, creative, and efficient in tasks. Kinicki & Williams, (2016), Managers focus on implementing participative management (PM) by means of including employee “….in setting goals, making decisions, solving problems, and making changes in the organization.” 1. Inspires employee and display model behavior 2. Delegates tasks 3....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Skill]

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Characteristics of a Young Learner

- A learner is a person acquiring new knowledge, behaviors, skills, values or understanding from a person or a situation. The learner will gain new insight on the subject matter and from then will be in a more enlightened position. Most human beings go to schools to learn about different features and skills. Learning can be done by both the young and adults and each has their own unique characteristics. Characteristics of a young learner. A young learner pays limited attention: This is because they are usually curious and are easily disturbed by the happenings around them....   [tags: Education]

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The Basic Characteristics of Iodine

- Iodine can be described as the heaviest among regularly occurring halogens, which are specifically found in Group 17 (VIIA) within the periodic table. The periodic table involves a diagram that demonstrates how chemical compounds or elements are associated with one another. Iodine’s chemical aspects are identical to the highly placed lighter halogens, which include chlorine, bromine, and fluorine. However, its physical outlook tends to be distinctive as it mirrors a steel-gray element, which transforms it to a mesmerizing purple vapor upon incineration....   [tags: chemical, astatine]

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The Characteristics Of Sampled Group

- ... According to the MPQ, only pop music was favored over classical music in the studied group. 60 volunteers were distributed evenly among three groups. The first group was submitted the experimental condition (RM), the second group experienced the non-musical acoustic control condition (SW), and the final group, which served as the control group, was subject to a period of rest without any acoustic stimulation (R). Each group numbered 20 subjects (see Table 1). Upon evaluation, major differences were not discovered between the three groups....   [tags: Anxiety, Stress, Beck Depression Inventory]

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Key Characteristics of Gothic Architecture

- What architectural changes were necessary in the shift from Romanesque to Gothic cathedrals in Europe and what inspirational changes influenced these changes. A. Plan of Investigation This investigation’s purpose is to analyze the changes in the architectural technique of the Romanesque style of architecture and come to a conclusion as to whether the shift in technique led to the rise of the more grandiose Gothic architecture in Europe. All art is inspired and the influences that caused the change in technique will also be investigated....   [tags: architectural technique]

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Characteristics of an Effective Teacher

- ... The final characteristic of a great teacher is their intellectual spirit, their love for learning and teaching. Integrity is important in everything we do and teaching is no exception, if anything it is magnified. Parents trust you with their children for the majority of the day. They do not get any information about you except that their child will be in your care. Teachers are expect to be lifelong role models to these children. In my experience, growing up in a small town made it extremely easy to find out about everyone else....   [tags: personal experience, integrity, justice]

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Characteristics of School Environment

- Education and the school environment are one of the three primary agents of socialization where children and adolescents spend most of their time over any other environment. With this in mind, it is very important that everything about the school environment rears positive outcomes for children and adolescents because they spend most of their time there. This essay will explore the topic of the characteristics of school environments that promote positive student outcomes and the studies that suggest the importance of these characteristics....   [tags: education, teahcer-student,learning environment]

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Personal Characteristics

- There are many personal characteristics that can affect a person as an individual and his professional success, namely openness, ability to learn and adapt etc. These personal characteristics can sometimes make a person successful and sometimes doesn’t. As I spend more and more time as a professional, I perceive that there are few characteristics that are essential for professional success: namely ambitious, creative and adaptable. These characteristics come out in many different ways. Have you set your goals....   [tags: success, career, goals]

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Musical Characteristcs of Rap

- Musical Characteristcs of Rap Hip-hop culture, once confined to the streets has broken into the commercial realm with force. Hip hop records top the charts week after week, rap videos have taken control of MTV, BET and the BOX, and there are dozens of hip hop magazines on the newsstands. A stroll on any city street in the United States reveals the proliferation of hip-hop styled apparel. The culture itself had much humbler beginnings, however. On the street corners and in the parks, young men and women battled through freestyle rhymes and dance moves....   [tags: Papers]

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Best and Worst Characteristics of My Teachers

- The Five Best Characteristics of My Teachers: 1. Demonstrates Positive Attitude/Behavior: An example would be my first grade teacher. She always presented herself respectfully. She set a good example for all of her students and it influenced them to do the same. 2. Interesting Class/Material: My high school history teacher always kept things interesting. He never did the same thing every day and he rarely lectured us. One day he may have started a discussion and the next day he may have used media to give a more detailed description of the topic that we discussed the day before....   [tags: positive attitude, expectations, negative attitude]

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The Characteristics os Middle School Learners

- My first internship directive was to present a lesson on the characteristics of middle school learners and the middle school philosophy. It is important to note that I designed and taught this lesson before reading chapter five in the Ramsden (1992) text. Consequently, my journal reflection and later evaluation of the experience are appreciably different. To guide my lesson design, I established three student learning goals: (a) identify the emotional, physical, intellectual, and social characteristic constructs specific to the middle school learner; (b) analyze associations between the characteristic constructs and possible impediments to the middle school learning process; (c) generate acc...   [tags: education, middle school philosophy]

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The Ploughman Job and The Job Characteristics Model

- Introduction After skimming the Tony Robinson’s 2004 book of The Worst Job in History, I decided to choose the job of the ploughman. As described by Tony Robinson, back in the dark ages of British History, ploughing means living, if not, it would be impossible to live. With that notion, I presumed that being a ploughman must be one of the common jobs in the dark ages. In the Dark Ages, ploughman seems to contribute a lot in terms of food resources. It was portrayed in detailed that, if a harvest that fails to produce, it was because of an insufficient work done by ploughman and lessen the amount of ploughed fields....   [tags: Tony Robinson, The Worst Job in History]

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East Vs. West: Characteristics of Literature

- Eastern and Western literature dates far back in time. Many of the key characteristics of both styles of writing are what make them what they are today. Eastern literature was represented by many of the pieces we read during class, one of the most prominent ones being The Red Lotus of Chastity. This piece originated during the eleventh century in India. Many key characteristics can be found in this piece identifying it as eastern literature such as the use of Hinduism throughout the piece. The religion of Hinduism originates in the eastern area and is currently practiced there....   [tags: styles, writing, religion, heros]

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Analysis Characteristics of a Socially Competent Adolescent

- Different people develop differently socially. There are those with a shyer disposition and others with a very sociable personality. The purpose of this paper is to analyze characteristics of a socially competent adolescent and how some of those characteristics emerge in preschool age children. Summary of Social Competence Emotional Regulation. Emotional self-regulation is how well an individual manages and internalizes their emotions. This is a characteristic of a socially competent adolescent because in our society there are certain emotional display rules, or standards on “when, where, and how it is appropriate to express emotions” (Berk, 2013, p....   [tags: social, emotions, perspective, motivation]

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The Heroine and Archetypal Characteristics of The Little Mermaid

- ... Early in the story, the first example of heroine actions is presented by the Little Mermaid rescuing the Prince. “When the Little Mermaid found the Prince, she carried him to the surface and laid him on the sand, kissing his forehead before swimming away from the beach” (Andersens 184). The Prince faced a near death experience, and if not for the Little Mermaid, his life would have been cut short. This is only one example, but throughout the story the Little Mermaid signifies the heroine with the validation of her achievement to venture out and make the Prince hers....   [tags: Hans Christian Andersen stories]

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Characteristics Of Good Business Research Methods

- ... The characteristics of good business research methods can be reviewed in light of the scientific method with the first characteristic of a purpose clearly defined in the scenario of medical imaging technologists’ need to better document a patient’s pertinent history for exam for the purpose of reimbursement under new ICD-10 medical coding (Cooper & Schindler, 2014, p. 15). The management dilemma is conforming patient history to ICD-10 requirements. In the second characteristic of research, the process detailed, the participants are the imaging technologists, reading radiologists, code conformity checklists, and imaging procedures for accommodating the needed history into the patient’s re...   [tags: Scientific method, Research, Science, Hypothesis]

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Code Hero Characteristics

- Code hero characteristics are many distinctiveness qualities characters have that other individuals do not acquire. The characteristics describe a “hero”, but the hero does not talk about the characteristics. Frederic Henry for example, expresses many code hero characteristics. His philosophy of life is based on love, loyalty, and respect, but he does not talk or think about. An additional characteristic of Frederic is that he allows fate to play determining roles in life events. As I said previously, Frederic Henry philosophy of life is based on love, loyalty, and respect....   [tags: Character Analysis ]

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Italian Baroque Characteristics

- One of the characteristics of the Italian Baroque is the realistic depiction of human figures, vivid use of color and foreshadowing techniques, especially in the paintings. In addition, the figures of the paintings seem to emerge from the background, giving huge differences between light and dark. The Italian baroque structure has a sense of movement and that of energy when in static form. The sculptures make the observers to have multiple viewpoints. The Baroque architecture has characteristic domes, colonnades, giving an impression of volume and void....   [tags: Art Analysis]

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Similarities and Differences in Parent and Child Characteristics

- Children are like fingerprints, not one is the same as another. Appearance, personality, and the pace at which we develop are unique to each person. Although individuality is celebrated, new parents are often eager to pick out characteristics of their children that are similar to their own. They may notice their infant has the same vibrant, red hair as his mother or loves reading as much as his father. Such similarities and differences between a parent and a child can be caused by a variety of reasons....   [tags: Psychology]

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Characteristics of the US Health Care System

- Unlike Australia, Canada, and Germany, the United States (U.S) does not have universal health care system. The U.S. health care is an unregulated, hybrid system that financed by private and public sectors. The first characteristic of health care system is that it is not centrally regulated by the government. Similarly, the second characteristic of the health care system is “access to health care services is selectively based on insurance coverage” (Leiyu & Singh, 2012, p. 9). Only individuals with insurance coverage have health care access....   [tags: government, insurance, cost]

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Characteristics of a Leader and Two Types of Leadership

- When talking about a leader, there is no set of characteristics that can describe one. But there are a couple of characteristics that may work especially well. Vision is one of those characteristics. A strong vision by definition is the core values of a company. It defines purpose, and describes what leaders see for their business in the future. [2] In every aspect, vision brings meaning to work, and helps people become proactive. A good vision identifies direction and purpose; it is well articulated and easily understood, as well as being ambitious....   [tags: Transformational, Transactional, Vision]

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Autism Spectrum Disorder and its Characteristics

- In 2000, one in every one hundred and fifty children was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Since then, there has been a drastic increase of the incidence of this disorder. In 2013, according to the Centers for Disease Control, autism spectrum disorder occurs in one out of eighty eight children. (CDC, 2013) That is a significant increase over a relatively short period of time. With such an increase, it is important to learn what autism spectrum disorder is and what might cause it. Autism spectrum disorder is the term used for a group of disorders in brain development....   [tags: autistic disorder, Asperger syndrome]

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Friction Factor Determination and Pump Characteristics

- The purpose of this experiment is to determine the friction factors of three different types of piping: 1/8” Schedule 40 galvanized steel pipe, 3/8” Schedule 40 galvanized steel pipe, and 1/2” Type L copper pipe. Also, a characteristic curve of the MTH Model T31H Turbine Pump will be created and compared to the manufacturer’s data. In this experiment, we will learn how to manipulate the whole system including different types of fittings such as pressure gauges, rotameters, and electrical power meter....   [tags: friction, piping system, hydraulics]

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Effect Of Teacher Characteristics On Student Achievement

- ... (Gu, 2014, p. 522) Two questions may be derived from Gu’s call for action. First, what are the input factors that increase teachers’ resilience. Second, how does leadership within a school create and nurture factors that serve to strengthen teachers’ resilience. The answers apply not just to new hires or novice teachers but to more experienced teachers so that they, too, remain teaching in the building as high quality teachers. Boyd offered a call for future research aligned with Gu’s which further sparked my interest in answering the research question, What school-based, controllable factors positively impact teachers’ decision to stay....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Teaching]

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Romantic Characteristics Of Frankenstein By Mary Shelley

- ... Frankenstein visits the mountain in the book to soothe his pain. He more peace in nature then he does with anything else, “These sublime and magnificent scenes afforded me the greatest consolation that I was capable of receiving. They elevated me from all littleness of feeling; and although they did not remove my grief, they subdued and tranquillized it. In some degree, also, they diverted my mind from the thoughts over which it had brooded for the last month.”(Mary Shelly, Cha 10 .117). This gives a bigger picture to the idea that nature has the potential to restore and heal things....   [tags: Romanticism, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Mary Shelley]

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Earthquakes: Unique Characteristics of Transform Faults

- Unique Characteristics of Transform Faults There are many characteristics that make earthquakes along transform fault different from subduction zones, rift zones, and mid-ocean ridge transform faults. For instance, transforms faults are when two plates move past each other, shearing, with no creation or destruction of lithosphere. At transform faults, earthquakes are shallow and run as deep as 25 km. the magnitude of the earthquakes are smaller than 8.5 in the scale of Richter. In extensional boundaries, earthquakes are also shallow, but they occur only along the alignment of spreading and are smaller than 8 in magnitude....   [tags: tectonic plates, move, rift zones]

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The Characteristics of Bipolar Disorder and Modes of Treatment

- Bipolar disorder (manic-depression) is a neurological disorder influencing mood. Without treatment, people afflicted by this disorder demonstrate extreme emotional fluctuations throughout their lives. Yet despite (or perhaps as a result of) the unusual intensity of the bipolar emotional roller coaster, many people with this disorder have been widely regarded as leaders and high achievers in a variety of fields of endeavor. A closer look at bipolar disorder seems to reveal a cycle of extremes from almost "superhuman" endeavor to utter voids of activity or motivation....   [tags: medical, psychiatry, Mental, Manic Depression]

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Characteristics of Business Leadership: The Definition of a Leader

- A woman of fierce passions, boundless energy, unconventional idealism and sometimes diva-like temperament, Mrs. Roddick was one of Britain’s most visible business executives, and not just because of the ubiquitous and instantly recognizable Body Shop franchises. Working on behalf of numerous causes — the rain forest, debt relief for developing countries, indigenous farmers in impoverished nations, whales, voting rights, anti-sexism and anti-ageism, to name a few — Mrs. Roddick believed that businesses could be run ethically, with what she called “moral leadership,” and still turn a profit (The New York Times, 2007)....   [tags: Leadership ]

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Hamlet’s Defining Romantic Characteristics

- To reach a difficult goal, it is necessary to face many arduous obstacles. An example of one of these obstacles would be to make the right decision. Making that decision, however, becomes much more difficult when one’s characteristics get in the way. In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the protagonist’s Romantic characteristics of overthinking without acting, overpowering emotions, and isolation cloud his sense of judgement, bringing about his downfall. To begin, Hamlet’s pensiveness leads him onto the path of his own demise....   [tags: Shakespeare’s Hamlet]

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The Four Characteristics of Services Offered by Air Asia

- The Four Characteristics of Services Offered by AirAsia One of the characteristics of service offered by AirAsia is intangibility. Services intangibility is inevitable and sometimes could be a challenge for every service provider. According to Pride & Ferrell (2011) intangibility of services can be defined as the characteristic that the service is not physical and cannot be perceived by the senses. For instance like AirAsia which provides flight services, it is impossible for the customers to touch the flight as it is a journey to specific destinations....   [tags: airline companies, business analysis]

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Buddhism: The Three Characteristics of Existence

- There are three characteristics of existence. This is an important part of the teaching of Buddha. The teaching of the three characteristics is part of what we might call the doctrinal contents of wisdom. In other words, when we talk about the knowledge and the understanding that is implied by wisdom, we have this teaching in mind. The three characteristics of existence that we have in mind are the characteristics of impermanence (Anitya), suffering (Duhkha) and not-self (Anatma). These three characteristics are always present in or are connected with existence, and they tell us about the nature of existence....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Characteristics of Social Conflict Theory

- Characteristics of Social Conflict Theory The perspective I have chosen is the social-conflict theory. The social-conflict paradigm is a framework for building theory that envisions society as an arena of inequality generating conflict and social change. This type of analysis focuses on the inequalities within our society and the conflict that they cause between the advantaged and the disadvantaged. The first characteristic is inequality. This refers to the unequal distribution of money, gender, class, and age....   [tags: Papers]

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Exploring The Characteristics Of Kate Chopin 's Color Writing

- ... The second characteristic of local color writing is the characters portrayed in the stories. The characters of local color writing are usually stereotyped; women are often portrayed as young or unmarried. The usage of dialect and personality traits that are central to the region is prevalent as well. Once again upon examining Kate Chopin’s stories it is clear to see how these are played out in the following stories, “Desiree’s baby” “The Hour” and “The Awakening”. In “Desiree’s Baby” Chopin describes Armand’s character as being a superior male....   [tags: Kate Chopin, Short story, The Awakening]

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Bechedel's Use of Reversing "Traditional" Characteristics of Gender Roles

- Social conventions placed on both men and women, have haunted the pages of society for decades. The belief that the ideal man allocates more of his time into the masculinity of hard labor than his appearance, while the ideal woman doesn't bother herself with work or anything that hasn't to do with dresses and entertaining, appears time and time again as the social “norm”. Members of our society use these “traditional” characteristics of gender, as an integral factor in assuming a persons sexual orientation....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Personality Characteristics Of A Terrorist

- More and more in the world today, circumstances have brought about changes in how members have used radical protesting. One way used to protest a situation is through terrorism, and the people who exercise violence in the pursuit of what they hold to be just causes are alternately known as terrorists. This movement, although viewed as barbaric, requires a person to view the needs and goals of a particular cause to be greater than that of the well being of others. There are certain characteristic traits that can be found in the majority of terrorism, which can identify a profile of a terrorist’s mind....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur

- Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur ABSTRACT First, there was an interview with a successful entrepreneur. Second, there was a talk on entrepreneurship by a guest speaker, Mr. Azmi Ahmad (the CEO of and later, an "elevator speech" by fellow students on various issues related to entrepreneurship. This collective information and some reading on entrepreneurship journals, books and articles have brought to the idea on writing this paper, towards certain perspective, on successful entrepreneurial characteristics....   [tags: Entrepreneurship Management Leadership Business]

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Characteristics of Romanticism in the History of Art.

- Characteristics of Romanticism in the History of Art. To characterise Romanticism within the fine arts one must consider the historical background from which this movement manifested, as it plays such an influential role in the Romantic artist's development of subject matter and style. The movement itself began around the beginning of the 19th century, and is often dated 1775 – 1830 it is important to note that this was a period of change and revolution in human rights, and the main countries this movement manifested in were Germany, Britain and in France during the French Revolution of 1789....   [tags: Arts Paintings Art History]

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