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The Census of:The Tiny Dancer and the Genuine Earring

- The census of: the tiny dancer and the Genuine Earring The accomplishments of this distinguishing woman makes one want to stand-up and applaud with encore. She checks and re-checks that nothing in her life holds her back. In one’s opinion a great candidate for the Nobel Prize. In one’s opinion, one could say, it’s sometimes overcoming life’s burdens that truly exclaim oneself. There was once a life, where all she knew was abandonment, savage abuse and the society around her ignoring her. A life only the punished of horrific crimes like rape and murder should live in....   [tags: Census Analysis]

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Genealogy and The United States Census

- Research paper Ever wonder how far back your family history goes. Do you have any idea where to start looking or what information may be needed to properly find family information. Do you have any clue as to what records would have information. The study of family history better known is Genealogy, is a common hobby of many around the world. Everyone’s genealogy is different. Some family roots can be traced farther back then others, maybe be some more times consuming. Researching your family roots can be done on many sites like,, and   [tags: family history, US Census Bureau]

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The Census Bureau

- The Census Bureau This paper will identify what I learned from the following two websites identified as the following: and The following questions are posed and will be answered in this paper. 1) What did you find that surprised you. 2) How are they different. 3) How are they the same. 4) How might these two market research sources help a company develop a marketing mix. 5) What might each of the 2 sources tell you about consumer behavior in your area....   [tags: Census Bureau Business Marketing Essays]

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To Count or Not to Count

- To count or not to count. Summary The main purpose of the census is to provide data for reapportionment, the redistribution of the 435 seats of Congress among the 50 states, every ten years. Due to the Apportionment Act of 1929, there is a permanent method of distributing the constant 435 seats in the House of Representatives based on population. To be fair, each state receives one seat, but the remaining 385 is based on the census. The census, however, is not an accurate compilation of data as this counts both Americans overseas and non-citizens....   [tags: Census]

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A Survey On Poverty By The Census

- The most recent survey on poverty by the census was done in 2013. From this data it was discovered that homes maintained by woman with no husband made the lowest income, Asian households had the highest median income at $67,065 and the lowest median income we held by African Americans at $34,598 this survey was done by looking at white/ white not Hispanic, African Americans, Asians and Hispanics in the United States. In 2013 the poverty rate for children was higher than that of people between the ages of 18 and 64 and people over the age of 65 making about 1 in every 5 children under the age of 6 in poverty (DeNavas-Walt & Proctor, 2014)....   [tags: Working class, Social class, Poverty]

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The Current Census Of Metropolitan Areas

- I am measuring the the current census estimate of metropolitan areas population in the United States. Metropolitan Areas in the United States are classified by having 50,000 or more residents in an urban setting. According to the government website there are 413 metropolitan areas in the United States. I collected my sample from the U.S. census website by taking all the metropolitan areas and putting the names into a random list generator. I then took the first thirty names off the list and compiled an excel sheet with the corresponding names and population estimates for 2015....   [tags: Statistical hypothesis testing]

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Religions Census

- The US census bureau has not questioned Americans about religion since 1950s but some data had been collected by the federal government for about a century before that. Federal and assistant marshals who acted as censes enumerators until the civil war, collected data from religious leaders and clergy members, on the numbers of churches, their religion as well as the seating capacities and property values. According to censes analysis journal of 2010, the census bureau has been allowed to ask questions about religious practices only on a voluntary basis in some population and household survey (U.S....   [tags: Religion]

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The Effect of the U.S. Census on Computing Technology

- Preface The demand for computing devices derived from the need to efficiently do calculations and process data. There have been many different factors that have impacted the history of computing but none so importantly as the U.S. Census. The U.S. Census required efficient data processing because of the large numbers and various types of data it dealt with. The U.S. Census was the catalyst for the boom of computing technology. Its effects are still felt till this day. History of the United States Census The U.S....   [tags: Technology ]

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Director of Census 2000 Speaks

- Director of Census 2000 Speaks “Let’s take a minute to think about how America lives,” Dr. Kenneth Prewitt, director of Census 2000, said to a gathering of students at Boston University today. “We have people living in igloos, houseboats, tree houses and cabins in the woods,” Prewitt said. “America is not a neat little row of urban houses.” “The census is two things: a count and assigning geography,” Prewitt explained. “The purpose of the census is to let the government know where people are.” At its peak, Census 2000 will be the third largest advertiser in the United States....   [tags: Free Essay Writer]

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The Us Census Bureau Provides Us With Astonishing Findings

- The US Census Bureau provides us with astonishing findings. In 2014 about 20.25 million children in the United States lived with one parent, approximately 17.4 million of them were mother only households. Do these single-parent homes not validate the group of individuals as a family. The bigger threat to the future of family, is the lack of responsible parents. Yes the dream might be to first marry, bear children, watch them grow and be one big happy family, but that is not what reality presents to us....   [tags: Marriage, Same-sex marriage, United States]

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Census Interview Part Four : Are Women Better Off?

- Broedy Jepson ECO 336 Dr. Haupert Census Interview Part Four: Are Women Better Off. Through the knowledge I have gained with this semester of class and my previous four interviews with women who are now roughly 40, 60, 80, and 100, I can confidently say, women have made great strides in achieving equality and gaining respect in the workforce over the past few decades, however through my most recent interview with Kayla, a fellow student at UW - La Crosse, who is 21, I am skeptical of whether women will continue making these great strides or if eventually their progress will plateau off or even regress....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Female, Male]

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Welsh Language Census Report

- Sociolinguistics LING 2150 Assessment 1 Use the census data available on Welsh to build up a picture of what happened to a chosen small area of Wales over a period for which data is available in the census. The focus of your discussion should be on the rise/fall/stability of the minority language. Try to use data about the age of speakers, and degree of literacy. For this essay, I plan to look at what has happened to the number of speakers of Welsh in both Swansea and the Lliw Valley over time by using census data, comparing the two areas which both lie in South Wales in the county of West Glamorgan....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Census Bureau

- Census Bureau The demographics of the census can tell a story of its own. By manipulating the data and comparing the different disbursements of race, age, and ethnicity, we can begin to see a history manifest in the living arrangements of our society today. For example, in reference to the census map titled “Black, Portland—Vancouver, OR—WA by Census Tract,” we find a high concentration of black members living in the northeast community. Cross-referencing our findings with the material discussed in class regarding Portland’s policies toward blacks historically, we can examine the matter with a scientific approach....   [tags: Papers]

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The Government Census Should NOT Focus on Race

- The Government Census Should NOT Focus on Race Lets be honest, does it really matter what race you are. I mean does it really matter where you come from. The color of your skin, the culture and value you carry. Unless you are oppressing one race to feel good about yourself, Why should race matter. The fact is, It shouldn’t matter as long as you are honest and is respectful to others. I’m sure that some of us have experienced this to some extent: When you make a friend who is from a different race, do you still classify him or her as black, white, tall or short, Fat or skinny, someone with long hair or short, Or someone with no legs on a wheel chair, Old or young....   [tags: social issues]

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Compare and Contrast Two Accounts of the Role of the Census in Making up the UK Population

- The census is a decennial practice exercised by nation-states that aims to locate, primarily through an address, and identify the people who inhabit their territories, for the purpose of governing. (Ruppert E. and Isin E., 2009, p. 400) The census is structured as a classification questionnaire system that requires each member of a household to identify him or herself, into group categories such as age, gender, nationality, ethnicity and occupation. The information collected in the census is then used by central governments to make an accurate estimate of the total population, and to understand possible needs for public services, housing, unemployment and transportation....   [tags: Population]

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Race and the Census: Effect on the Social Context of Cultural and Social Identity

- The focus of this research study is to explore the construct of race in the census survey and the effect that it has on the social context of both cultural and social identity. These changes are based on the evolving landscape of the population as it pertains to the characteristics of its people. The Census was first administered in the 1790 and would take place every ten years . Its main purpose was to better respond to the needs of its citizens and how the government would represent the growing population....   [tags: White Majority, American Public]

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Occupational Feminization And Pay : Evaluating Causal Dynamics Using 1950-2000 U.s. Census

- The second paragraph of the United States Declaration of Independence begins with the immortal words “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal”. Though technically his terminology referred only to males, in this country we interpret the word “men” as citizens of every race and gender. This semester we discussed discrimination and its negative effects on society. In two years, I will receive an Associates of Arts in the field of English, but my ultimate dream is to graduate from Southern Methodist University with a Bachelors in Fashion Media....   [tags: Gender, Female, Male, Sex]

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Demographics in Census Data from 1790 and 2000

- Research the census data from 1790 and 2000. Submit a report comparing some of the information contained in the reports. For example, where was the demographic center of the country in each instance. How was ethnicity reported. How is census information used. What strikes you as the most interesting aspects of the reports. The concept of collecting census data has been around for thousands of years. It was a census that brought Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem when Jesus was born. But it wasn't until the United States declared its independence and became its own country that counts were taken so consistently, or census records so well maintained....   [tags: Statistics]

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Poverty Is More Of A State Of Mind, Choice, Or No Money

- People can argue about whether poverty is more of a state of mind, choice, or something that people are forced to live in. As stated on the online dictionary, poverty is defined as the state or condition of having little or no money or goods, and is the condition of being poor. Poverty can be found in an individual household or in individual communities, societies, etc. Wherever poverty is found, the fact is that the people in it are struggling to keep money and goods for themselves or families....   [tags: United States Census]

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The Classification Of Hispanic And How Ineffective It 's Become Through The Census Bureau Using Data And Research

- The way in which Hispanics have been classified has become too vague and many times perplexing. Hispanics can range from having fair skin, light eyes, and straight hair to dark skin, dark eyes, and coarse curly hair, and anywhere in between. Because Hispanics are diverse in their physical traits, Hispanics are difficult to taxonomize. This paper discusses the beginnings of the classification of Hispanics and how ineffective it’s become through the Census Bureau using data and research from the Pew Research Center and the United States Census Bureau....   [tags: United States, Spanish language, Mexican American]

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Knowledge Gained from 2000 United States Census Regarding the Role of Demographics in Education

- In an article about the effect of demographics on education—released shortly after the findings of the 2000 United States Census—Hodgkinson (2000/2001) discusses, rather generally, knowledge gained from the census in terms of its ramifications for educators and educational leaders. Beginning with a discussion of general changing demographics, the author continues by exploring the questions of race and age in America, and concludes with a section on tips for teachers and the importance of demographics....   [tags: multiculturalism, teaching, teachers]

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The American Middle Class

- Increasingly, it seems like everywhere we turn, more and more people, from the politicians to the economists, from Wall Street to Main Street, everyone is talking about the American middle class and the problems they face. Pew Research Center, an American think tank based in Washington D.C. that uses statistics and public survey to establish the social and political trends that shape America and the world, found in their 2008 survey that more than fifty percent of Americans see themselves as middle class and four out of ten people who earn below $20,000 per year considered themselves to be middle class (“Inside the Middle Class.”) But exactly what is the middle class....   [tags: Census, Bureau, cluster]

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Health Justice Network

- According to the Census Bureau (2000), the Asian Americans and Pacific Islander (APPI) population is among the fastest growing population in the United States. The Institute of Medicine (Ulmer, McFadden, & Nerenz, 2009) along with the U.S. Census Bureau (2000) described that Asian American is someone who identifies him/herself as having origins in any of the original countries of the Far East, Southeast Asia, or the Indian subcontinent. In addition, Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander is someone who identifies his/her origins in any of the original peoples of Hawaii, Guam, Samoa, or other Pacific Islands, including the people who identify as Chamorro, Tahitian, Mariana Islander, or Chu...   [tags: Statistics, Census Bureau, Population]

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Community Location and Geographical Boundaries in a Small Area of California

- This is a community assessment for a small area of San José. San José is a large city, the tenth largest in the United States and the third largest in the state of California, (US Census, 2012). The community selected for this community assessment is located in South San Jose, California. The Census Tract representing this area is 5120.53. The boundary lines for this area are Blossom Hill Rd., Allen Ave., Foothill Dr. and Cahalan Ave. Guadalupe Freeway (CA 87), California State Route 85, and US route 101 are ways to easily access this area by car....   [tags: san jose, communitity work, census tract]

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The Family Structure Of A Stable Family

- There are many different types of families that are born in our society. All different that have many ways of showing the supporting and caring,for a stable family structure. The family structure affects the behavior of parents in different ways. There are three types of families the nuclear, single-parent, and grandparent. Firstly, the nuclear family is when both parents and children are living in one house considered traditional. The nuclear family is best known in this society to raise children....   [tags: Family, Mother, United States Census, Father]

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Samuel 24

- Passage Analysis Essay: David takes a Census Historical/Cultural The Biblical passage found in 2 Samuel 24 tells the story of king David taking a census of Israel and Judah and in result of this, receiving punishment from God.The two books of Samuel were previously one book but were divided in the Hebrew Bible in the fifteenth century. The two books, along with I and II Kings make up a four part history of the kings of Israel. Seeing as the books of I and II Samuel cover a large span of time in Israel's history, no one man could have lived through the entire history and written the books by himself....   [tags: Bible, Census, David]

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Social Behavior Theory and It's Roots

- Social Behavior Theory and It’s Roots: U. S. Census of People in Perry County and Health Risk Assessment In the first part of this paper, you will get a good review of Perry County, Kentucky’s population broken down into groups of gender, race, children, senior citizens, and the disabled. After the results are given of the population, I will discuss the population of children in Perry County and two major health concerns that our children face. I will also discuss what kind of community health interventions or public policies that we have to help with these concerns....   [tags: US Census, Perry County, health risk]

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Family Structure Of The Family

- Families There are many different types of families that are born in our society. All different that have many ways of showing the supporting and caring, and being a stable family structure. The family structure affects the behavior of parents in different ways as the caregiver 's stress and the amount of time spend with the child. There are three types of families the nuclear, single-parent, and grandparent. Firstly, the nuclear family is when both parents and children are living in one house considered traditional....   [tags: Family, Mother, Father, United States Census]

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The Change Of Divorce Rate

- There are two primary but opposite opinions regarding the change of divorce rate in the U.S. Since 1980, while vital statistics showed that divorce rate declined by about 20%, some studies found a substantial continuity in marital instability. In order to identify which opinion is correct, the authors aimed to 1) evaluate both vital statistics and retrospective surveys (the Current Population Survey (CPS), the Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP), the American Community Survey (ACS)) that are previously used to measure divorce rate, and 2) to explore the “real trends” in marital instability in the U.S....   [tags: Marriage, Divorce, United States Census Bureau]

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American Community Survey

- Introduction The definition of American Community Survey (ACS) by the U.S. Census Bureau is “an ongoing survey that provides data every year and giving communities the current information they need to plan investments and services [1]. All rights reserved. Used here for educational purposes only." The American Community Survey intended to deliver the most recent demographic, economic, social, and housing evaluation during the years. The ACS is a part of the U.S. Census Bureau and they save some information every year that is approximately in more than 40 different topics....   [tags: U.S census, data, master address file]

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Overview of Poverty in the US and Solutions for Columbus, South Carolina

- Imagine a father that is out of work and cannot provide for his family, a child that is living on the streets and starving, and an elderly man that doesn’t have a home. This is what is happening throughout the nation: poverty, homelessness, and starvation. Many people are experiencing these same situations, in Columbus County, North Carolina, and the problem needs a solution. According to the recent analysis of the general population and the statistics of Columbus County, poverty and hunger are significant issues that could be solved through community aid....   [tags: Salvation Army, US Census]

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Impact of Technology in Australians' Lives

- From invitro fertilisation to autopsy, people’s lives in Australia are potentially subject to scrutiny. The extent to which details of a particular individual’s existence are on show depends not just on the person’s own decisions but also on the decisions of related others, private firms and the state as well as inadvertent access by technology. This essay examines several points in people’s lives where they are most likely to encounter the public gaze, either now or into the future. Specifically, these junctures are the Census, The 100 point ID system and the lens of telepanoramic digital photography....   [tags: Technology ]

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Academic Research Resources

- Students are faced with the need to research a variety of different topics for their assignments, Moreover, the must use academic references for their work, which means a student cannot simple use whatever references he or she finds during an internet search. Academic research can begin with what is written in their textbook, but there is always a need to enhance assignments with other references. There is a whole list of websites pertaining to criminal justice topics that are full of useful information and are considered to be academic references....   [tags: Research Analysis ]

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Contributions Of John T Duncan

- There were some individuals that were found in the 1881 and 1891 censuses and some that were not. James E Pitts, his wife Charity and his family are mentioned in the 1881 and 1891 censuses. This could be verified as the same James Pitts because he is also listed as a butcher in the 1881 census as he was in the city directory. Charity, his wife is also listed in the inquest as a witness. James Pitts job changed sometime between 1881 and 1891. Yet, his wife and family members still stayed the same....   [tags: Working class, Social class, Sociology]

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Australia 's Largest Statistical Collection By The Australian Bureau Of Statistics

- The Census of Population and Housing is Australia’s largest statistical collection by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. For more than 100 years, the Census has provided a snapshot of Australia, showing how the nation has changed over time, allowing Australia to plan for the future. The information provided in the Census helps estimate Australia’s population, which is used to distribute government funds and plan services for housing, transport, education, industry, hospitals and the environment....   [tags: Emotion, Sociology, Failure, Timbaland]

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Poverty and Homicide

- Hypothesis In this study, I will examine the relationship between poverty and homicide. I anticipate that there will be a significant association between the increase of poverty rates and the increase of homicide rates. The null hypothesis states that there is no significance relationship between poverty and homicide. The alternative hypothesis states that there will be a significant relationship between poverty and homicide. The two theories I found to explain the increase of poverty and homicide rates in the urban community are Merton’s strain theory and Shaw and McKay’s social disorganization theory....   [tags: Poverty ]

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Shade Of Citizenship: Race, Citizenship In Modern Politics

- Shade of Citizenship: Race, Citizenship in Modern Politics A very vexing topic of discussion indeed when it comes to the census and its racial undertones. The census can be defined as the scientific method of collecting data as records for the government or state use for the proper control of public properties. However, what completely alters the whole process is its highly comparative analytical stance adopted which inserts in elements of difference. The census is a crucial political instrument for good governance in the proper administration and organization of data collection of the population....   [tags: Government Politics Race Social]

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The Latino And Hispanic Population

- The United States saw a huge influx of immigrants throughout the centuries coming from all over the world; this is part of the history that had evolved the United States over the decades. Most recently, in the last couple decades, migrants or migrant workers crossed the border between the U.S and Mexico which created a huge influx of Latinos. All from varying Latin American countries. The Latino or Hispanic population is the only ethnic category counted separately by the United States Census. According to the U.S Census, a Latino or Hispanic person can be of any race, although, someone of Asian descent wouldn’t identify with being Latino via the Census but is being counted as such....   [tags: United States, Americas, Hispanic, Black people]

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What Are Urban And Rural?

- 1. What is Urban & Rural . (1) Urban : The term 'urban ' is related to town or cities. Unlike in rural areas here majority of the employed inhabitants are engaged in non agricultural activities and it is endowed with large nucleated settlements and industries. Urban areas may be defined by national governments based on their own criteria for example size, population density, occupation of people and type of local government. The multidimensional character of urban areas posed hindrance in giving a precise definition for them....   [tags: Population, City, Town, Population ecology]

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The Collapse of the Soviet Union

- After the collapse of the Soviet Union, a number of Russians remained in the states that were the former soviets. The composition of the Russian speakers that were left in every state is different. The former soviets include Armenia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Latvia, Moldova, Lithuania, Tajikistan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Belarus and Azerbaijan. This essay discusses the percentage of the Russian speakers that were left in every state. It also discusses the change in their numerical composition over time since the collapse of the Soviet Union....   [tags: politics, russians]

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The Social Assessment Of Veterans

- Phase 1. Social Assessment: United States military personnel are devoted to serving and to protect the American people; however, their quality of life after combat deployment still remains an area that is not greatly understood. In that case, this phase focuses on the social assessment of veterans’ quality of life in the United States. There are approximately 21,369,602 veterans in the U.S. of which 7.3 percent are females (U.S. Census Bureau, 2016). The age distribution for veterans in the U.S....   [tags: Household income in the United States]

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Biography of Edwin Stephenson

- ... According to the census, the Stephenson family was residing in Galva, Illinois at this time, and the members of his household included his mother Caroline, 3 boys, Edwin, along with his two older brothers Frank and Joseph, and 2 girls, Edwin’s sisters Mamie and Elsie. There was also one more person named Frank Sandell listed as a “boarder.” I would later discover, in the 1930 census, that this was the uncle of Edwin. Apparently Edwin’s father Charles had died at some point from his birth in 1887 to this census in 1900, because the census states that Caroline was a widow at this time (church)....   [tags: Ku Kux Klan, acquitted of murder]

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Poverty Is An Important Social Factor That Influences The Health Considerably

- Poverty is an important social factor that influences the health considerably. Individuals with low income do not have access to a suitable healthcare, recreational facilities or grocery stores subsequently, the poor population tends to develop quite often negative habits such as tobacco, alcohol, and fast food which increase the morbidity and mortality of cardiovascular and chronic diseases. The analysis presented in this work is focused on the percentage of children living in poverty in the State of Virginia....   [tags: Poverty, Poverty in the United States]

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Anglican Adherence From 1947 to 2011

- How has Anglican adherence changed from 1947 to 2011. Anglican adherence has seen a dramatic decrease from 39% in 1947 to 17.1% in 2011. Which Christian denomination had the highest percentage of adherents in 2011. In the 2011 Religious Affiliation in Australia census data, ‘Catholic’ recorded the highest percentage of adherents, at 25.3%. The 1971 Census included the option of describing yourself as having ‘no religion’ if this applied to you. Why and how has this category changed since 1947. Between 1947 and 1971, even if you did not practice your religion it was still expected that you would identify yourself as being a part of your/ your family’s religion....   [tags: religion, presbyterian, secularism]

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The Libraries of Polk County

- The topic of this paper will be taking an in-depth look at the statistics of the four major libraries within Polk County and focus primarily on children’s and young adults departments. The four major cities are Ankeny, Des Moines, Urbandale, and West Des Moines. Each of these cities has a population of over 35,000. Polk County is the largest county within Iowa and is also home to the capital, Des Moines. ( Below is a map of Polk County that depicts the location of each city that is going to be discussed within this report....   [tags: children's and young adults department]

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The Impact Of Slavery On The Antebellum South 's Economic Development

- It can be said that slavery played a critical role in the overall economic development for the Unites States from1763 to the late 1840s. Using slaves, the south would produce and supply the world with cotton. This in return spurred the development of manufactured goods, businesses, textile factors, shippers, and cotton brokers. Cotton laid the foundation for the American economic growth. Yet the institution of slavery would have a detrimental effect on the antebellum South’s economic development as time went on....   [tags: Slavery, American Civil War]

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Occupations and Industries in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

- ... Industrial and personal business surprisingly showed prominence over the other eight industries New Orleans citizens operated in. Industrial employment embodied 27.5 percent of the working population, and personal business represented 24.2 percent. Notably, the marine industry was one of the lowest industries in district one exhibiting only 5.7 percent of the population. An equivalent simplification process was used for the seventy distinct types of industries listed by Pittsburgh’s fifteenth census....   [tags: career and job opportunities]

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Race And The Categories Of The United State

- Race and the categories that the population in the United State is broken up into has always been an ever-changing concept. Some one that was considered an African American in the past might not be black by today’s standards. Melissa Nobles writes about how the census had a huge impact on the definition and construction of each racial category. Nobles makes the argument that Census collection did not just compile information but it also shaped the way the population identified people in the context of the political, economic and social spheres....   [tags: United States, Race, Black people, Race]

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The Analysis : The Vox Video Surprised Me

- 1) The VOX video surprised me in it statement that race does not exist. I believe that race does exist, that the word itself isn’t defining the biological differences between people, but defining the different skin tones of people. The video explains well what race is, when it says that the historians have said that the idea that the existence of different races helped resolve the contradiction between a natural right to freedom and the fact of slavery, which goes along well to Thomas Jefferson’s statement, “the difference which strikes us is that of color”....   [tags: Race, Human skin color, Ethnic group, Nation]

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The Bureau Of Justice Statistics Website

- After reviewing the Bureau of Justice Statistics website, there are plenty of different components that make up Justice Department. This paper will reveal the different categories found, and descriptions of each one will be provided. First, department that comes into play is the Corrections department. My definition of corrections is when an individual is arrested and goes to jail or prison. However, according to the Bureau of Justice the definition of corrections is as followed: “Corrections refers to the supervision of persons arrested for, convicted of, or sentenced for criminal offenses.” ( Corrections is then broken down into two categories: in...   [tags: Crime, Criminal law, Police, Law]

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The Gay Brothers By Edison Short

- If you were given the task to pick out a homosexual character in a television series, most of us would be able to pick off who that character would be, but why is that. How is it that we’re able to determine the sexuality of a person just by looking at their appearance, listening to them talk or even just by looking at who they associated themselves with. Ever since the first appearance of a same sex couple on the big screen in 1895’s “The gay brothers” directed by Edison Short, every large media outpost has sought to put their own spin on their portrayal of the average gay man....   [tags: Homosexuality, LGBT, Gay, Sexual orientation]

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Minorities to Majorities by 2050

- America is the home to extensive variety of people, racially and ethnically. There are six transcendent races in the USA: American Indian and Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander, Asian, Black or African American, White, and individuals of two or more races. The race characterized as "Some other race" is likewise utilized within the enumeration and different overviews, yet is not official. The United States Census Bureau groups Americans as "Hispanic or Latino" and "Not Hispanic or Latino", "which distinguishes Hispanic and Latino Americans as a racially different ethnicity that creates the biggest minority aggregate in the nation (Edmonston and Passel, 1994)....   [tags: demographis, races, ethnicity, immigration, US]

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Assimilation and U.S. Immigration Policy

- Assimilation as U.S. Immigration Policy America is a country that has an unspoken immigration policy, and that is based entirely upon race. This policy has been in effect since we began racial classifications. In J.L. Hochschild’s paper titled “Racial Reorganization and the United States Census 1850-1930 Mulattoes, Half Breeds, Mixed Parentage, Hindoos, and the Mexican Race. Studies in American Political Development.” The reorganization of races was rooted in who is and who isn’t white. What we honestly know is that being white carries a cache and that has never changed....   [tags: illegal immigrants, neoliberalism]

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Gays/Lesbians Normalization in America

- Homosexuality is an intensely debated issue in the United States, but there are trends indicating an increased normalization of the gay/lesbian lifestyle. According to Lee Condon (2001), the Census 2000 should be remembered as the first gay and lesbian census. During this census, the federal head-counters made an attempt to count gay and lesbian households for the first time. When the data was released, it showed that 1.2 million same-sex, unmarried partners had been identified. Single gays and lesbians were left out of this part of the census count, but a study commissioned by the national gay lobby, Human Rights Campaign, estimated that Census 2000 undercounted gay and lesbian couples by a...   [tags: Homosexuality, Academic Essays]

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The Usa Patriot Act, And The Implementation Of Social Security

- In the past, the government has made some disputable policies and acted in ways that have caused uproar and debate amongst the public. Specifically, the government has a history of creating some questionable rulings regarding the privacy of the public. These ethically arguable decisions can be analyzed in terms of privacy benefits, harms, and rights. Three specific policies and actions of the government regarding privacy are the census records, the USA PATRIOT act, and the implementation of Social Security Numbers....   [tags: USA PATRIOT Act, Federal Bureau of Investigation]

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A Sustainable Economy for The Indian State of Odisha

- The Indian state of Odisha, formerly known as Orissa, is located on the eastern coast of India. It is surrounded on one side from the Bay of Bengal and on the other side shared its borders from many other Indian states like West Bengal, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh. The modern state of Orissa was established in the year 1st April, 1936 and it was on 13th April, 1948 that Bubneshwar got selected as the state’s capital replacing Cuttack. In order to go about talking about formulating a sustainable livelihood policy for Odisha considering its inherent natural resources and impending climate change we need to start from the state’s bounty of natural resources and its topography....   [tags: Sustainable Living]

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The Uninsured in the Town of Prince's Lakes

- The demographics of the uninsured have changed to include many working families who can no longer afford health insurance. The cost of health insurance has increased radically over the past ten years. Both employee and employer are spending over 100% more (The Kaiser Family Foundation and Health Research & Educational Trust, 2011). Not having health care can impact individuals, families, and communities by decreasing physical, social, and mental health. Without prevention of disease and disability, or detection and treatment of health conditions, their quality of life decreases....   [tags: Healthcare]

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The Great Grandmother By Matilda Strelley Nee Johnston

- When I visited Edinburgh about 8 years ago I really felt “at home” which really surprised me as my relatives had come from Glasgow and I certainly didn’t get that same glow in Glasgow last year. However in the mean time I have discovered relatives down the maternal line had come from Edinburgh. The subject of this story is my maternal 3rd great grandmother, Matilda Strelley nee Johnston born in St Cuthberts Edinburgh around 1785.I found her by working upwards from grandmother’s father putting a few pieces together, overcoming the poor handwriting and finally making the connection back to William Strelley MD of Derbyshire....   [tags: Family, Marriage, Genealogy, House of Stuart]

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Oklahoma And Texas The Rivalry Never Ends

- Oklahoma and Texas the rivalry never ends, from football to infrastructure both states citizens believe that they are better than their neighbors. With football being decide at the “Red River Rivalry” game every year, how do we settle which state takes care of its citizens better. Texas seems to win; it has a higher median income of $49,392 (Census) and no state taxes while Oklahoma is at $43,225 (Census)with a 4.5 percent state tax. The United States median income is $53,657 (Census)all of this data is as of 2014....   [tags: Texas, United States, U.S. state]

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Immigrant Status : A Non Citizen 's Position For A Country For Example, Permanent Resident Or Visitor

- By 2011, as it is illustrated in the Figure 5, there were more than 1.4 million non- immigrant women while women who were immigrant by then were slightly more than 1.3 million. Based on the same figure, it is evidence that the population of immigrant women outnumber that of immigrant men (1.2 million) with the period of 2001 to 2011 reporting the highest number of immigrants within Toronto CMA. Footnotes: 6. Immigrant status: A non-citizen’s position in a country—for example, permanent resident or visitor 7....   [tags: Demography, Population, Toronto, Immigration]

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Community Analysis: North County Branch - St. Charles City-County Library District

- History & Geography Portage des Sioux, Missouri, a small river town situated near the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, was settled in 1799 (Mincke, 2004, p. 13). The first permanent home dates to 1805, one year after Lewis & Clark set off on their expedition up the Missouri river (Mincke, 2004, p. 24). In 1975, Charles City-County Library District, the North County Branch opened its first branch — sited on the southern edge of town in a former one-room schoolhouse (St. Charles City-County Library District, 2010)....   [tags: Community Analysis]

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Major Demographic Changes in the Middle East and North Africa

- The major demographic changes in the Middle East and North Africa have been the massive increase in population, and urbanization which has seen the emergence of many large cities throughout the region. The reasons for this have been because of better health care, greater mobility of the population, economic opportunities in the cities and political changes. During the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, a number of European families started moving to the Middle East and North Africa, with many French and other Europeans settling in Algeria from the 1830s....   [tags: world history]

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An Analysis of How the Housing Market Affects Impoverished Neighborhoods

- ... Additionally, I will use tables and line graphs to support the results. III. Results Pulling relevant variables from the two datasets, I compiled Table 1 and Figure 2 (same results, just in visual format), which depict the demographics of the city of Oakland from 2000 to 2010. Table 1 and Figure 1 both show that the population of Oakland decreased about 2.61% from 399,477 in 2000 to 389,301 in 2010. In addition, I have also provided on the same table the number of owner and renter occupied units to illustrate the interesting shift of owner-occupied housing units to renter-occupied housing units....   [tags: city of Oakland, degradation, migration out]

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History Of Lufkin As The County Of The Angelina County

- Lufkin serves as the county seat of the Angelina County and is located in deep East Texas United States. Lufkin was formed essentially due to its proximity to the railroad crossing, booming lumber industry, and the golden expansion era. It was named after city councilman, Captain Abraham P. Lufkin in 1882. Captain Lufkin was a cotton merchant and Galveston’s city councilman. The economic growth of Lufkin was tied to three very well-known families who invested in Lumber: The Kurth’s, Henderson’s, and Weiner’s....   [tags: Crime, Criminology, Theft, Crime statistics]

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Applying Model of Needs to Planning Effective Healthcare Systems

- Introduction In order to define the need of health care and planning appropriate health care system, population level model of needs should be applied. The relationship between poverty and ill health has been researched for more than 100 years(scotch NHS web) and repeated studies have shown a strong relationship between material deprivation, poor health and the need for health care services (course material). In general terms more socially deprived populations experience more ill-health and also underutilize the health care system....   [tags: health-oriented index, england, mapping]

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The Financial Health of the City of Ballwin

- Introduction The City of Ballwin was incorporated on December 29, 1950 as a Class four city under Missouri Law (City of Ballwin, 2013). It has been named one of America’s best places to live in 2005, 2011, and 2013 (Money Magazine, 2005; 2011; 2013). Ballwin has 30,443 residents within the 8.988 square miles, located on both sides of Manchester, and between Rt. 141 and Clarkson Road in St. Louis County (United States Census Bureau 2013). The population is comprised of 5.9% of people fewer than 5 years of age, 24.9% under 18 and 15.1% 65 years old and over (United States Census Bureau 2013)....   [tags: Missouri, urban economics]

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The Electoral College Of The United States

- The Electoral College was originally created by the founding fathers of the United States and put in the constitution. It consists of 538 electors, these ultimately decided who become the president and vice president of the United States. The Electoral College is a process of electors voting and congress counting those electoral votes. The Electoral College was created for two reasons, to create a buffer in between the population and the selection of the president and the government felt it gave more power to smaller states (Schulman)....   [tags: President of the United States, Elections]

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Multiculturalism and Diversity in the Workplace

- Introduction This morning while I was manually brewing the coffee grains using the dripping process (cup brewer), on top of hot milk in a clear glass mug, I notice that the coffee and the milk did not mix completely. The milk wasn’t completely white, but most of the dark bold coffee was settling down on top of the milk. This physical experiment showed me that: these two elements are not as oil and water; they are mixable, but natural method of dripping was not enough to acquire a mixed uniform color....   [tags: Racial Diversity, Ethnic Diversity]

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Cultural Practices in English Speaking Countries

- Prácticas Culturales de los países de habla Inglesa Education and ethnic minority groups in the UK. 1. Historical Perspective: The number of immigrants of non-white ethnic origins in Victorian Britain decreased after restrictions to immigration were put in place and , during the Victorian period their presence in the educational system is negligible and their presence in a formalized school system is purely anecdotic. (Hall 54) In that period the main source of immigration would be that of Irish Catholics, they compose the main group considered as the “other” in the social construct of Britishness....   [tags: UK inequality in school systems]

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The Biracial Population and Personal Identity

- In today’s society the high influx of interracial marriages between Black and White individuals has resulted in the biracial population increasing significantly over the past 30 years (Roth, 2005). According to the 2010 census, the number of American children that categorize themselves as biracial has increased to 4.2 million, making it the quickest emergent youth group in the United States (Census, 2010). This has led to interest in the biracial population; recent literature has shown that amongst many studies, “individuals perceive the relationship between their mixed parentage and their self identity differently” (Rockquemore & Brunsma, 2002)....   [tags: resutl of interracial marriages]

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Han China And The Roman Empire

- Han China and the Roman Empire had many similarities and differences between the two of them in many different aspects and areas. One that is very predominant in differences and similarities is the society that they lived in. Today we live in a very complicated society, but just because these groups were established long ago doesn 't mean they had a simple society or a simple way of life. So I wanted to talk about how their society stacks up against modern times and how we have evolved from that and what parts of each society was huge in their civilization....   [tags: Han Dynasty, Roman Empire, Ancient Rome]

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Common Law Marriage Should Be Legal

- In the passing generations, common-law marriage has increased in popularity. With the increasing popularity of common-law marriage comes questions addressing why it is becoming more widespread, the issues it brings in respect to relationships and the permanence of those relationship, as well had the legal obligations and laws associated with common-law marriage compared to legal marriage. Common-law marriage has became more popular as our society has changed, common-law marriage is a more affordable, and accessible for people....   [tags: Marriage, Family, Common-law marriage]

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Theu.s. Auto Industry And Deep Corruption

- According to an article in CBS’s Moneywatch, Detroit, Michigan is the poorest city in America. Some of the statistics given to support this are listed below: o Percentage of incomes under $25,000: 48% o Percentage of population with bachelor 's degree: 12.7% o Percentage of incomes over $150,000: 1.9% o Total population: 706,663 It is difficult to believe that Detroit, Michigan was once known for its economic good fortune and wealth. The auto industry was the economic force moving Detroit into the limelight....   [tags: Poverty in the United States, Poverty]

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Test Statistic, P Value And Critical Value, Decision, And Conclusion

- All hypothesis tests should include hypotheses, test statistic, p-value or critical value, decision, and conclusion. Please minimize the listing of computer output or the excessive use of appendices in reporting your results. Summarize the results of each regression model simply by displaying the regression equation, the coefficients and their standard errors, as well as the usual summary statistics such as the standard error, R-square and R-square(adj). A policy analyst for the Ontario Ministry of Education wanted to determine what relationships between income and the aggregate level of education might be used to encourage students to stay in school....   [tags: Regression analysis, Linear regression]

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A Portrait of Southside Flats

- Introduction to the Neighborhood Situated on the Monongahela River is the neighborhood of Southside Flats. Within its boundaries is one of the entertainment hubs of Pittsburgh. The main thoroughfare of E Carson St. is inhabited with bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. The early history of the neighborhood saw it as a beacon of industry with its proximity to rivers and railways. At the end of the nineteenth century, it would boast a steelworks factory that employed a sizable portion of the Southside residents....   [tags: Demographics]

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Functionalism : The Land Of Opportunities

- America is believed to be "The Land of Opportunities,", but how can that be true when our own citizens are struggling with keeping the "American Dream" from turning into a nightmare. There is a problem with the availability of opportunities to better the lives of Americans across the nation. "In America the newly developing caste system appears to encompass more than just income inequality, it encompasses inequality in opportunity, in life expectancy, in happiness and in all other aspects of life itself." The transient community is homeless not hopeless, they are valuable members of society but they are never given the chance to prove it....   [tags: Homelessness, Poverty, Population, Socioeconomics]

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An Examination of Censorship

- Censorship is the verb conversion of the word censor – “an official [being or “department”] who examines books, plays, news reports, radio and television programs, motion pictures, letters, etc, for the purpose of suppressing parts deemed objectionable on moral, political, military or other, grounds” (“Censoring | Define Censoring at”). In certain cases, censorship is beneficial to the general public, but often times can cross into the realm of marring human rights. Censorship is an age old concept derived from the mighty Roman Empire....   [tags: Expository, Informative]

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A Community Assessment

- East Side Community Assessment and Windshield Survey According to Allender, Rector, and Warner (2014), public health is a combination of both an art and a science (2014). The mission of public health nursing is to promote health, prevent disease and ultimately prolong life (Allender et al., 2014). In order for this to occur an assessment must take place. An aggregate or community assessment begins with a collection of data. This includes: the community’s health needs, risks, environmental conditions, financial resources through local census data, and a windshield survey (Allender et al., 2014)....   [tags: East Side community assessment, windshield]

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Community Identification Paper

- Community Identification Walnut Park is a census-designated place (CDP) in the Los Angeles County in the state of California. According to the United States Census, the population of Walnut Park was 15,966 in the year of 2010. The United States Census Bureau stated that this small land is 0.7 square miles. The surrounding cities include South Los Angeles, Huntington Park and South Gate. Walnut encompasses the following main streets: Pacific Blvd. and California St. (North to South), Broadway Ave....   [tags: Community Organizing, Community Assessment]

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Changing Families

- Changing Families and the Impact on Surrounding Systems The family has been referred to as the most vital of the social institutions (Alexander, 2010). The definition of what it means to be a family has evolved over the past several generations. In technical terms, the U.S. Census Bureau defines a family as a group of two or more people residing together related by birth, marriage, or adoption. (U.S. Census, 2010). Categories of families that fit this definition include married couples with and without children, blended families, single parent, and extended family households....   [tags: Sociology, Family]

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