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Industrialized Dog Breeding

- Puppy mills. Hearing that term should make a person furious. Puppy mills are dog breeding operations where profit is placed above animal welfare. Puppy mills represent a serious concern, not only for the dogs, but for future generations as well. The United States government must eliminate puppy mills by having mill owners be incarcerated instead of just fined, allowing more searches of certified breeders, and have congress pass a nationwide law. Background Information Within the background of the American dog breeding society lies a dark secret....   [tags: breeding operations, puppy mills]

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Selective Breeding of a Laborador Retriever

- ... The Labrador retriever’s original country is Canadian province of Newfoundland, along the East Coast of Canada. The Labrador retriever did not originate from Labrador. The Male Labrador Retriever has reached maximum height of 24.5 inches while as female Labrador Retrievers has reached maximum height of 23.5 inches. Its weight ranges from 30 to 36 kg. Its color may be black, yellow or chocolate and has a short, straight and dense coat. The coat is easily cared for with once a week grooming....   [tags: character, paws, companionship]

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The Process of Horse Breeding

- Horses have been domesticated for about five-thousand years. (Klinkenborg) Humans have domesticated horses and have controlled horses’ actions. There are many opinions in the horse related world that feel strongly about this topic. People need to raise awareness to the things we are doing to these wonderful animals. It all begins with the breeding process. That is the root of a lot of other problems that have occurred. People working with horses need to realize when to intervene and acknowledge the effects they have on their horses regarding the breeding process....   [tags: horses, domestication, mare, stallion, health]

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Genetic Effects of Intensive Breeding

- ... This is caused by population size and fragmentation, and leads to differentiation between populations. Brown (1965) did a study on the selection in a population of house mice containing mutant individuals. The mice were trapped in a barn, and examined for fur colour and eye colour (Figure 3). Mutant mice were homozygous for yellow fur and pink eyes. Mice that had dark fur and dark eyes were either homozygous dominant or heterozygous. Cats were then introduced into the barn at the beginning of Spring and removed at the end of Summer....   [tags: getting a specific genetic trait from a species]

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Breeding Habits of Water Birds

- Chapter 1. INTRODUCTION Many species aggregate for feeding, roosting and nesting activities, which are prevalent among water birds (Weins, 1992). Why animals form breeding colonies is a major unresolved question in evolutionary biology. The topic continues to stir lively debate (Danchin & Wagner 1997, Tella et al., 1998) and has been the focus of long term studies (Hoogland 1995; Brown & Brown 1996; Danchin et al. 1998). One of the principal issues has been whether colonies form due to limited breeding habitat; with animals forced into nesting aggregations at a nest cost, or result from social benefits of clustering (Food finding, reduced predation; Lack 1968; Alexander 1974; Hoogland & Sh...   [tags: Biology ]

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Human Responsibilities in Domestic Breeding

- Human Responsibilities in Domestic Breeding Introduction For centuries humans have taken on the role of selectively breeding various animals in the pursuit of specific traits or behaviors. A question that is often ignored, and which I want to address, is what responsibility do the breeders have in selecting dam and sires for a mating, in regard to the offspring from that cross. In the past, animals were regarded with varying levels of respect and moral status. In early hunter-gather societies, animals were perceived as being fully rational, sentient and intelligent beings and thus be treated with due respect and consideration (1)....   [tags: Animals, Domestication, Inbreeding]

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Selective Breeding vs Transgenesis

- Selective Breeding vs Transgenesis Selective breeding is a way for humans to nurture desirable traits in plants and animals, but it is much older and less scientific than transgenesis. In selective breeding, two members of the same species are paired as breeding partners in order to encourage desirable characteristics in the offspring. For example, cows that have been observed producing large volumes of milk may be bred to pass that trait on to ensuing generations. This process helps ensure an increase in the milk yield of future cows....   [tags: plants, aninals, dna, rna]

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Selective Breeding versus Transgenesis

- ... The irish potato famine in the 1800s is a perfect example of this. The irish attempted to solve their problem of feeding a population by planting the “lumper” potatoes. However the farmers didn’t want to risk introducing new traits into the potato population and stuck with their trusty “lumper” potatoes. To achieve this they propagated the potatoes causing all of them to be clones of each other and therefore genetically identical. The genetically identical potatoes were all affected by the same disease Phytophthora infestans, which was a rot that caused all the non-resistant potatoes to turn to an inedible slime....   [tags: human manipulation, biological implications]

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Pedigree Breeding

- The purpose of this paper is to discuss the trend of increased health problems in the modern canine being caused by inappropriate breeding practices. Definition of Terms: COI- Shows the relationship between two purebreds found by the formula: Fx = Sum[(½)n1 + n2 + 1(1 + FA)] (“About Inbreeding”). Dystocia- Painful and troubled labor (“Dystocia Definition”). Elbow Dysplasia (ED)- Painful disorder in the elbow joint caused by improper bone growth (Maki). Exophtalmosis- A condition in which the eye comes out of the socket (“Exothalmos”)....   [tags: Genetics]

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End Breeding Programs

- End Breeding Programs Have you ever been to a Seaworld Shamu show or park. Where you aware of the cruelt that goes on behind the lights and magic of the shows. Those creatures that you see doing tricks are depressed and enclosed in their own personal inferno. More and more marine animals, like orca whales (also known as killer whales,) are being captured and forced into captivity. Not only does being in captivity limit their freedom but it also damages their mental and physical health. Seaworld Parks are notorious for continuing the captivity and breeding of orcas in their parks in programs called “breeding programs.” With these breeding programs, marine animals are born into the poor condi...   [tags: marine animals, cruel treatment]

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What´s Selective Breeding?

- ... However, the humans back in those times realized the diversity of each banana tree and how each banana was different. They also knew (even without the knowledge of the concept of genetics and selective breeding) that when two parent banana trees that produced fruit with desirable traits were cross bred (bred to produce offspring); there was a likely chance that the offspring would also have these desirable traits. Softer skin, smaller seeds, sweeter fruit, shorter width and longer length may have been favorable traits in the banana that the humans back then desired....   [tags: organism, offspring]

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Animal Breeding Ethics

- Horse racing has become increasingly popular as demonstrated by the growing amount of money bet on events each year. The Kentucky Derby, horse racing’s most well known event, is an applicable example. While lasting just over two minutes, the main race generated $112.7 million in wagering, up 7.8% from the year prior. ( Some critics, however, feel that the sport as a whole has become artificially supported through genetic enhancement used to achieve the high level of precision and strength necessary to excel....   [tags: Animal Rights ]

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Performance Testing Programs for Horses and Their Use in Selection and Breeding

- Performance Testing Programs for Horses and Their use in Selection and Breeding Introduction When looking for a horse to purchase many people have in mind exactly what they are looking for from the breeding to the color. Although I do not shop on color, there are blood lines that I know without a doubt that I want in a horses pedigree. Of course, the bloodlines that are wanted may change depending on the use of the horse. By working two race horse sales for a ranch I was able to get insight on what buyers are looking for in prospect horses....   [tags: equinology, thoroughbreds, genetics]

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The Genetic Aspects of Selective Breeding in Holstein Dairy Cattle

- Holsteins are the most common dairy breed throughout the world. They have been genetically improved to produce a higher yield to become more profitable for the dairy industry. The first Holstein originated in Europe approximately 2000 years ago (1). They emerged from the Netherlands in the provinces of Northern Holland and Friesland. Interbreeding of the black Batavian cattle and the white Friesian cattle created a black and white cow that could make use of the rich pasture lands of the Rhine region....   [tags: increments in milk production]

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Plant Reproduction and Breeding

- Plant Reproduction and Breeding I did my research on plant reproduction/breeding. What is PLANT REPRODUCTION/BREEEDING. How DO PLANTS REPRODUCE. This information will be included in my report. I will tell you how many ways plants can reproduce. And I will give an example of each way of reproduction there is. Plant Reproduction Plant Reproduction is to make off springs. Plants reproduce two ways sexually and asexually. Sexually means there are two sources and asexually means there is one source....   [tags: Papers]

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Non-GMO Plant Breeding Techniques

- Non-GMO Plant Breeding Techniques Works Cited Missing Introduction In 1997 genetically modified foods were introduced to commercial agriculture in the form of herbicide resistant soybean seed (Farnham, Wang, and Wisner 2000). The seven years since have marked a major change in the way people worldwide look at food and its production. It has become an important issue for farmers, consumers, the government and world economies, as the safety and ethics of GMOs are debated. In response to the use of GMOs, and the overall distrust many consumers have toward them, there has been an explosion in the marketing of organic foods....   [tags: Food Agriculture Science Papers]

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Marriage and Breeding in Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

- Marriage and Breeding in Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen In this essay I will be discussing how Jane Austen approaches the themes of marriage and breeding in the novel Pride and Prejudice. I shall also be talking about the social, historical and cultural background to the novel. Jane Austen was born in 1775, into an upper class family. Wealth and class are key issues for the time, but at the time at which the novel is set the relationships between classes is beginning to break down....   [tags: Papers]

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The Falling Population of the Endangered Asiatic Lion

- ... These successful signs allow the breeding to commence correctly and for litter to go ahead. Furthermore, these good or sometimes bad signs (if the mates are not in need of each other) are constantly noted down for reassurance purposes. However, due to the Asiatic Lions having poor mate skills and often deformed or low sperm cells, this makes it hard to breed successfully2. Furthermore, the Asiatic Lion Males are often proving their dominance over the female which also makes it hard to breed3/4....   [tags: hunting, gender, breeding attempts]

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Zoo's Efforts to Help Conservation

- Since approximately 1250 B.C., ancient Egyptians had created and practiced the capture and display of animals in what are now known as zoos (Fravel). Records describe such exotic animals as birds, lions, giraffes, and tigers in captivity (Fravel). Since then, zoos have continued to entertain millions with the exciting chance to view exotic animals up close and personal. Even in ancient Greece, exotic animals were on display in fighting arenas, and in enclosed viewing areas. Originally in America, zoos were just created so that royalty and the wealthy could flaunt their exotic animals to the public (Leolupus)....   [tags: animal breeding, animal rights]

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Artificial Selection: Specific Overall Trait

- Throughout the history of evolution there have been many different methods and ideologies that have affected the gene pools and phenotypes of species, one of those being "Artificial Selection". Artificial Selection is when humans breed animals of the same species together to create a specific overall trait. (Wikipedia,, 2010) A great example of artificial selection is the history of dog breeding. Throughout history humans have bred dogs to further develop more ideal physical and behavioral characteristics, and through it we achieved this wide range of different domesticated dog breeds that are very different from their ancestors, both physically and behavioral....   [tags: dog, breeding, physical, behavioral]

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Puberty and Sexual Maturity in Male Crabs

- Results of the present study show that the level of allometry of male chelae does not change abruptly at pubertal moult and therefore immature and mature crabs cannot be distinguished on this basis. This replicats the findings of Sumpton (1990b) for Charybdis natator, in which he did not find any evidence of discontinuities in the relative growth of male chelae. It is however well documented for portunid crabs that the level of allometry of male chelae does change suddenly at the pubertal moult in such species as Scylla serrata (Knuckey, 1996; Imtiaz et al., 1998), S....   [tags: Allometry, Breeding, Fecundity]

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The History and Science of Dogs

- ... Creating a dog that is highly trainable dog and a superior snout”. All these hybrid breeds are so successful because of how the dogs DNA is formed. The discovery of deciphering the dog genome was discovered by the Researchers at the National Institutes of Health on The Science of Dogs “Every piece of DNA is made up of four different chemical components A, C, T, and G, the dog has 2.4 billions of these letters in the combination known as base pairs. Sequences of the letters ACTG make up thousands of Genes that specify each component of the dog”....   [tags: pets, domestication, breeding]

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Biological Diversity and the Ways It Can Be Destroyed, Restored and Maintained

- For my topic I chose to explore biological diversity and ways that it can be destroyed, restored, and maintained. In class, we were taught that diversity is the number of distinct species of animals, insects, plants, etc. that are living in a particular area. We found out that diversity is greater in the tropics and less towards the poles. This is called the Latitude Diversity Gradient and could be due to one or more of three theories. They are the cradle hypothesis that says the area where species tend to be born is in the tropical latitudes, the museum hypothesis that says the tropical latitudes provide a better habitat for species that go extinct in other latitudes, and the destination h...   [tags: captive breeding and reintroduction programs]

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Chinese Government and The Environmental Problems

- China has approximately 20% of the world’s population, which is around 1.3 billion people (Morris, 2009, p. 111). Also, China has become one of the worlds biggest manufacturing countries within 30 years (Fawssett, 2009, p. 27). However, such rapid development has come at a cost, which has created various environmental problems. Coincidentally, China has 16 cities on a list of the 20 worst polluted cities in the world (Fawssett, 2009, p. 15). Therefore, this essay will explain the reasons for China’s environmental problems, then evaluate the claim that the Chinese government and people, are tackling these environmental problems....   [tags: agricultural pollution, livestock breeding]

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What is a Puppy Mill?

- What is a Puppy Mill, How are animals being at Puppy Mills. Animals are being severely neglected by the owners. Responsible breeding practices end up killing. Animals get abused and usually are left to die with no food, water or even locked in a cage. Puppy mills are operating all over the U.S. After breeding for amount of times and don’t get time to recover and cant reproduce anymore are often killed off. Puppy mills usually house dogs in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions, without care, food, water and socialization....   [tags: unsanity conditions, breeding practices]

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The Life of the Mysterious Assateague Ponies

- Assateague “Ponies” (Equua caballus) The mystery remains just that as to how these unique and gorgeous ponies arrived on the Assateague seashore. Folklore has it that they swam onto the shore after a Spanish shipwreck during the 16th century. Others believe they immigrated by Colonial Virginia farmers to graze on the island after the legislature enacted laws requiring fencing and levied taxes on all livestock due to crop damage caused by free-roaming farm animals. In either instance, they survived in and adapted to their environment in just the ways needed to flourish until today....   [tags: breeding, ocean, population]

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Transgenic Animal with Human DNA

- ... Transgenic animal with human DNA can benefit humans by utilising transgenic animals as disease models (Armao 2013; Bemis & Jo 2011; Martin & Caldwell 2011; Wolchover 2011). AIDS mouse, alzheimer's mice, oncomouse and transpharmers animal are some transgenic animals that are used as disease models (Martin & Caldwell 2011). According to Susan Wilson, associate director of Sanders University Animal Care, animals are modified by inserting human disease gene into an animal for the animal to be studied as disease models (Armao M 2013)....   [tags: selective breeding, animals rights]

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Reader Response Essay - Slave Purchases and Breeding: Unruly Slave

- Reader Response Essay - Slave Purchases and Breeding: Unruly Slave While reading the letter written to Andrew from G.B. Wallace many things ran through my head. There were three main thoughts though, a difference in society and acceptance and a different language and form of writing, and the way some of the words and terms were used. I found all three of the topics very interesting when I further looked into them. The thing that really hit me was how common and normal slavery and slave trade was in 1855....   [tags: Reader Response Essays]

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​​​​Giant Pandas: An Endangered Species

- ​​​​Giant Pandas: An Endangered Species Currently, Giant Pandas are highly endangered with only 1,600 living freely in the wild and roughly 300 living in zoos or breeding centers. This low number of existing pandas means the species has a relatively high risk of becoming extinct. The pandas reside mostly in China around the basin area of Yangtze, which poses a major problem, because this area is currently one of China’s most thriving regions with constant destruction and new development. Therefore, the bears are pushed into small areas without the living conditions they are accustomed to....   [tags: reproduction, zoos, breeding centers]

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Reader Response Essay - Slave Purchases and Breeding: Unruly Slave

- Reader Response Essay - Slave Purchases and Breeding: Unruly Slave My initial response to G. B. Wallace’s letter was one of confusion. As I reread the piece given the title “Slave Purchases and Breeding: Unruly Slave, Wallace, G.B” I realized that it was nothing more than a business letter between a slave owner and an associate of his that could presumably help him out of his situation. The language of the letter created a small barrier, since it was out of date in comparison to contemporary American language, but with a little effort, I could see the author’s intentions....   [tags: Reader Response Essays]

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Who Were th Neanderthals?

- Neanderthals are modern humans closest extinct relative. They are part of the genus homo (Homo neanderthalensis) meaning they are very closely related to present day Homo sapiens, or modern humans. Fossil evidence suggests they lived from approximately 200,000 to 28,000 years ago when they became extinct. Neanderthals lived generally in central to southwest Asia and Europe. The first discovery of a Neanderthal fossil occurred in 1856. This fossil was found in Neander Valley in Germany. In German the word for valley is thal, so in 1864 geologist William King fittingly suggested naming the fossil specimen a Neanderthal....   [tags: genetics, appearance, breeding]

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Local Movement of Sharks

- The capability of movement is one of the defining characteristics of animals. This act of motility can be performed in a variety of ways, such as swimming, flying, or walking, and for a variety of purposes. These purposes include finding food, mating, finding a suitable habitat, or to escape predators. More specifically, types of movement can be placed into two broad categories: local movement and migration. The great white shark, Carcharodon carcharias, is a species of shark that exhibits both of these movement behaviors and frequently they result in shark-human interaction....   [tags: organisms, breeding, animals]

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Estrus Synchronization Protocols

- ... The recommended dose is 10mg intramuscularly. Another PGF, Cloprostenol, also known as Estrumate, is a synthetic PGF and therefore causes fewer side effects. The recommended dose, 100 to 250 µg is administered intramuscularly. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) is the other hormone used alone to synchronize estrus by stimulating large dominant follicles to ovulate. Extracted from the urine of pregnant women, hCG is a glycoprotein hormone that works directly on the ovary and can be administered through IM or IV....   [tags: current breeding practices]

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Genetically Modified Organisms

- Genetically modified Organism's have been prominate in our food supply for over twenty years. Over these years the way we produce livestock and produce has dramatically changed for the worst. GMO’s were created in a lab, where Scientist would literally force foreign DNA into a crop. This completely changes the genetic makeup of these crop. Why do they do this. They wanted to make a crop more resistant to weather, bugs, and lasted longer. The FDA allowed companies, like Monsanto, to add them to our food supply without any significant testing....   [tags: food supply, cross breeding, ]

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Bee Breeding Techniques

- A strange phenomenon grasped the world of beekeeping in the fall of 2006: vast amounts of beekeepers’ hives were collapsing for no reason whatsoever. Beehives full of apis mellifera all over the United States are suffering from what is now known as Colony Collapse Disease or CCD. Over the years, researchers have come up with a slew of theories as to what might be causing CCD such as pests, viral pathogens, fungi, bacteria, and even cell phones, but no definitive reason can be attached to this bizarre overtaking....   [tags: Animal Studies]

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Put An End To Puppy Mills

- Essential Question: What are solutions that can end puppy mills. Puppy mills are mass breeding facilities that show little to no care for animals. They are created so companies can breed animals to make purebreds. The animals are not well taken care of and many of them die from either disease or giving birth too many times in their life span. There should be laws and guidelines to regulate the operation of puppy mill facilities. Puppy mills bring torture to animals and need to be stopped. Puppy mill breeding causes many health problems for the animals involved....   [tags: animal abuse, mass breeding facilities]

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The History of Animal Husbandry

- A lot of people don’t know what the term animal husbandry actually means. Through my research I have come to define it as the care for and breeding of animals. Animal husbandry has been practiced since the age of the Neolithic Revolution. It is still being done today and probably will still be done in the future. Today animal husbandry is very common and is actually a great way to make a living. A variety of animals can be domesticated and used for the practice of animal husbandry. It is a misconception that animal husbandry is only for the use of agricultural or farm animals....   [tags: care, breeding, domestication, health, safety]

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The Dangers of Pigeon Breeding: Bird Fanciers Lung

- Bird Fancier’s Lung is a disease that affects mostly pigeon breeders but also can be linked to chickens, turkeys, parakeets, feather duvets, moldy hay, sawdust, grain, or excessive fungal growth on walls (Extrinsic Allergic Alveolitis, n.d.). Diagnosis of the disease can be a difficult task. Patients suffering from the disease will develop influenza-like symptoms, cough, and shortness of breath. Crackles may be heard over the lungs, and respiratory function tests show a restrictive abnormality (Davis, 1983)....   [tags: disease, feathers, antigens]

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Pointers On Raising Rabbits

- POINTERS ON RAISING RABBITS For Beginners: - Raisers can start with one male and two females - It is best to buy them when they are 2 months old right after they weaned. - Be sure to buy your breeding stock only from reliable sources. - Select your rabbits that are the offspring of prolific does who knew how to suckle or nurse their young. - Pick out aggressive, well develop bucks. - Bucks and does selected should be both vigorous, healthy and free from defects. - Raisers should provide each animals with its own cage, which should be placed in a quite area that is not directly exposed to sunlight....   [tags: Rabbit Breeding Raising Guide How]

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The Great North American Black Bear

- The Great North American Black Bear The North American black bear, scientifically known as Ursus americanus, is a type of bear that is indigenous to Northern America. Subspecies such as the Ursus americanus luteolu (Louisiana black bear) and the Ursus americanus floridanus (Florida black bear), have small populations and are found in Louisiana and Florida respectively. However, the North American black bear, which has an overall population of approximately 600,000 is distributed across Canada and Mexico, and can be found in at least 40 states in the United States (Powell, Zimmerman, & Seaman, 1996)....   [tags: habitat, breeding, diet]

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Conservation of Endangered Marsupials

- Conservation of Endangered Marsupials Marsupials are creatures that are a very unique group of mammals. Many creatures are becoming threatened, and some have already become extinct. Threatened marsupials could be a pool of agricultural, medicinal, or genetic wealth that we do not yet have the technology to utilize. There are many methods to conserving these genetic pools; one of which is through reproduction manipulation. Artificial insemination, embryo transfer, and nuclear transfer are ways in which marsupials can be conserved if proper adjustments are made....   [tags: Breeding Genetics Reproduction Essays]

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Exposing Puppy Mills

- Puppy mills have been in the United States for many years, they are underground run organizations so they are not easily monitored by animal control units. Puppy Mills are places where purebred dogs are kept in small confinements, are severely neglected and are forced to mate until their bodies cannot handle it anymore, which then they are inhumanely killed. The puppies then are sent off to pet stores, leaving the bitches and studs there to continue the abusive cycle. Animal rights activists are trying to find ways to expose the breeders who run the puppy mills and encourage the public to not buy puppies from pet stores because puppy mills are who supply them with the puppies that are for sa...   [tags: Animals Dog Breeding]

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Ligers Informative Speech

- Ligers Informative Speech The clip you just saw is from the popular movie 'Napoleon Dynamite.' Many of you have probably seen it before but I bet you never thought about any of it as being factual, did you. Well, even though the description was a bit off, ligers really do exist. According to Encyclopedia Americana, ligers are a hybrid cross between a male lion and a female tiger (also known as a tigress). It is nearly impossible for them to exist in the wild because most lions live in Africa and most tigers live in Asia, however under the right circumstances they can be bred....   [tags: Tiger Lion Breeding Animals Essays]

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Biotechnology: Definition of Genetic Transfer

- ... Selective breeding has implications for many aspects, such as the ecosystems, genetic diversity, the health and survival of the organism, and the population’s evolutionary rate. Also named artificial selection humans have have used the principles of natural selection to help then take control of the breeding process to produce an offspring with a more desired trait. Selective breeding or artificial selection involves breeding a specific organism based on a specific phenotypic trait so that the desired trait is passed on to the next generation....   [tags: gene, cloning]

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The Status, Distribution and Conservation of Indian Heronries

- The information on heronries in India pertains mainly to a few regional studies (Mahbal, 1990, Nagulu and Rao, 1983, Naik et al., 1991, Naik and Parasharya, 1987, Parasharya and Naik, 1990, Santharam and Menon, 1991, Sharatchandra 1980, Singh and Sodhi, 1986), several site specific studies (Chaudhuri and Chakrabarti, 1973, Datta and Pal, 1990, 1993; Gee, 1960, Nagulu, 1983, Neelakanatan, 1949, Neginhal, 1983, Paulraj, 1984, Ragunatha, 1993, Ragunatha et al., 1992, Sanjay 1993, Subramanya et al., 1991, Subramanya and Manu, 1996, Urfi 1989c, 1990, 1992, 1993a,b; Vijayan, 1991) and a number of site records (Abdulali, 1962, Ali, 1960, Baker, 1935, Barnes, 1886, 1891, Barooah, 1991, Bates and Low...   [tags: Animal Behavior ]

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Costs and Requirements of Caring for Bearded Dragons

- Bearded Dragons are becoming quite a common pet. Bearded Dragons can come in many different morphs or colors. Bearded Dragons are a very docile reptile. In addition, it is very easy to take care of in comparison with other reptiles. There several things a person would need to start a breeding pair of Bearded Dragons. Such as, two Bearded Dragons, a food source, a habitat, lighting, and incubation area. In addition, breeding requires other special aspects like making sure that there is one female and one male....   [tags: Animal Research ]

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Wolves: An Excellent Example for Dominance Behavior

- Wolves provide an excellent example for dominance behavior and the interactions within social groups. Researchers such as L.D. Mech spend their lives observing the behaviors of wolves in order to better understand leadership and dominance behavior across species. Because displays of leadership and dominance differ between wolves living in the wild and wolves living in captivity, examining both allows a greater understanding of both types of behavior. Wolves in the wild form packs in which one male and one female, considered “alphas,” preside over the pack and act as its leaders....   [tags: social interactions among animals]

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Outline: Adopting a Dog is Better than Buying a Dog from Pet Stores and Puppy Mills

- I. A few years from now you might be living in off campus housing or you have graduated college living life more on your own in an apartment or house. II. You are feeling good and free and more like you can live by your own rules, but something is missing. III. There is an absence of some happiness, slobbering, begging, and love. IV. You grew up with a well-loved dog, and your sofa is starting to look bare without anyone to shed on it. V. According to the U.S. Humane Society, about 58% of people will get a dog after the age of 24 (ASPCA, 2014), which means probably many of you in this class will as well sometime in your life....   [tags: love, humane society, living conditions]

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Black Turnstone

- As an adult, the black turnstone is a stocky, short legged bird that has dark colorings but white across its wings and back. Its tail is white with a black terminal band. As a hatchling they are brownish with a brown gray tail. The beak of the turnstone is black, short, and thick. The bill is about 20-27 millimeters long and slightly upturned. This helps them flip over rocks to get food. Both males and females are about 22–25 cm and weigh 100–170 g. Other names of this bird are Tournepierre noir and Vuelvepiedras negro....   [tags: Animal Research ]

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Mating Preference in Male Stickleback Fishes

- Three spined stickle back fishes are small fishes with a deep body with three spines in front of the dorsal fin and are therefore are named stickle back because if the spines on the dorsal fin. These fishes are brownish, green and pale or orange reddish on the underside and are about 6 cm in length. The breeding male fish usually has a red belly and blue eyes. The three spined stickleback fishes are found in Northern Asia, northern America and Europe and some parts of southern and central Europe such as Belgium....   [tags: animals, mating preferences, fish,]

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Pros and Cons of Genetic Engineering

- Genetic Engineering is highly controversial since some people believe that genetic engineering is playing God. As this fact there is opposition to the progression of the field by people who do not see the value in genetic engineering, or they fear what genetic engineering may lead to for us as people. There is a history of discover that belongs to genetic engineering, which has led to numerous products that have emerged which have brought numerous applications to the society of the world. Though there are benefits to genetic engineering, there are also drawbacks to genetic engineering including ethical and legal issues that are dealt with in today’s society in order to try and regulate the...   [tags: Genetic Engineering]

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Restoration of the Red Wolf

- ... Methods used by biologists: Initial Restoration: Ref: (1) Throughout the 1970’s, the US Fish and Wildlife Service developed a criteria to help identify the red wolf from the other the canids in order to protect them. Between 1974 and 1980, the US Fish and Wildlife service used this to identify and discovered that there only 17 red wolves remaining in the world. Other additional breeding programs would show that 14 of these red wolves were to become the founders of a breeding programme for red wolves....   [tags: endangered species, wild canids]

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Hat the Domestication of Dogs Influenced a Shuffle in their Genetic Make-up

- Has the domestication of dogs influenced a shuffle in their genetic make-up.   RESEARCH QUESTION; Has the domestication of dogs influenced a shuffle in their genetic make-up. WHAT IS A GENE; the definition of a gene is “a distinct sequence of nucleotides forming part of a chromosome, the order of which determines the order of monomers in a polypeptide or nucleic acid molecule which a cell (or virus) may synthesize” (Oxford online dictionary, 2014). This can be understood to be a component of Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) which determines hereditary characteristics and or traits in an organism....   [tags: genetic science]

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Genetic Modification of Forest Tree Species

- Biotechnology can be defined as a “collection of tools for modifying tree physiology and genetics to aid breeding, propagation and research” (Burdon and Libby 2006). These tools include the use of tissue culture, genetic engineering (genetic modification) and the use of genetic markers for marker assisted breeding (Harry and Strauss 2010). Tissue culture is the process of growing plants in a cultured medium under controlled conditions from small plant parts. The plants produced in this manner are then transferred to the greenhouse and then grow....   [tags: bioengineering, biotechnology]

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Increasing Food Production in Underdeveloped Countries

- Many developing and developed countries are concerned about the adaptation of crops towards various abiotic stress conditions in food production industry. Considering the crop improvement and food production, they are highly influenced anticipated variations in temperatures and rainfall. This review deals with the following aspects of agricultural biotechnology: (1) the role of two key biotechnology approaches namely, molecular breeding and genetic engineering in crop development; (2) explains the integration of these two modern technologies with the conventional breeding technique, which makes crops more tolerant to abiotic stresses and (3) Potential constraints for crop production that nee...   [tags: agriculture, genetic, crop production]

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The Wedge-Tailed Eagle (Aquila Audax)

- The Wedge-tailed eagle (Aquila audax) is the largest Australian bird of prey 1, 2, 3, 5 . One of the most characteristic features of the Aquila audax is its long, wedge like tail1, 3, 5, 7 . They’re also identifiable by their narrow wings and distinctive shoulders when perched 1, 3, 5, 7. The beak is yellowish-grey, the eye brown to dark brown, and the feet off-white. The wedge-tailed Eagle also has feathering all the way to the toe1, 2, 3,5,7. The adult Aquila audax is largely dark brownish-black, excluding the reddish-brown hackles on the back of the neck and a narrow, speckled grey-brown band across the upper wing1, 3, 5 ....   [tags: birds of prey, Australia]

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Conquering North Carolina's Endangered Aves

- Conquering North Carolina’s Endangered Aves North Carolina has nine birds that are listed as FE, Federally Endangered, and five birds that are listed as FT, Federally Threatened (Protected). Endangered species are in danger of becoming extinct, whereas threatened species are likely to become endangered (What). The Wood Stork, Ivory-billed Woodpecker, Bewick’s Wren, and American Peregrine Falcon consist of four of the nine FE birds. Of the five FT birds in North Carolina, two of them are the Bald Eagle and the Northern Saw-whet Owl (Protected)....   [tags: habitat destruction, hunting, poaching]

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Analysis of Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler

- After reading excerpts from Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf I have come to understand that Adolf Hitler insists that a master race of Germans is the only way for humanity to overcome the boundaries that it has placed itself in and continue to evolve. Adolf Hitler makes it quite clear early on in this passage that he views the human race as not just one unified species, but as many sub species crammed into one. Upon reading you begin to notice his views on the master race when he speaks on what happens when two races that are not equal mate and create offspring....   [tags: master race, humanity]

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History Genetically Modified Organisms

- Introduction What is Genetically Modified Organism. Plant Biotechnology is continuing its development within modern day science. With the increase understanding of scientific studies has led the improvement of plant productivity, quality and health. This understanding also contended potential issues on plant growth (Monsanto 2011). Plant biotechnology uses genetic engineering, which is the process of manipulating genes through isolation and reintroducing the DNA into the cell. This gave birth to Genetically Modified Organism, which are organism according to Dr....   [tags: Genetically Modified Organism]

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Global Cut Flower Trade

- The global cut flower trade exceeds US$27billion in annual retail sales and thrives on novelty. While modification of flower color is clear means that of making novelty, additional} as more factor are characterized, addition traits lend themselves to manipulation notably through the extension of classical breeding following gene-splicing. Traits targeted for manipulation resulting in novelty is classified as for the buyer or the producer. Whereas classical breeding has targeted each category, it's client traits, which, due to its relative gain, is drawn because the initial flourishing tries by genetic engineers to form market novel cut flowers....   [tags: slaes, buyer, producer, engieers]

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Wild Horse Management

- PZP works by affecting the immune system of the mare. Most female mammals have a membrane surrounding her eggs called the zona pellucida. On the zona pellucida there are multiple glycoprotein receptors known as ZP3 receptors. Sperm normally attach themselves to these receptors, initiating fertilization. After a female horse is vaccinated with the porcine zona pellucid vaccine, her immune system is activated and starts producing antibodies from the vaccine. These antibodies then attach themselves to the ZP3 receptors, disrupting the shape of the receptor....   [tags: mare, vaccine, zona pellucida]

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Developing a Method to Diagnose Tritrichomonas Fetus-Infect Bulls

- The purpose of this study is to develop a method to  diagnosis Tritrichnomonas fetus-infect bulls, and ultimately eradicate bovine trichomoniasis from cattle. Currently in  US cattle. Tritrichnomonas foetus is the causative agent of  Bovine Trichomoniasis, which may be zoonotic and capable of causing opportunistic infections in human beings. Tritrichnomonas foetus is a sexually transmitted protozoan disease. A signal mating service with an infected bull results in 95% infection among susceptible nulliparous cows....   [tags: erradicating bovine trichomoniasis]

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Dog Behavior: Should Dogs Be Blame for ther Agressive Behavior?

- All living organisms on Earth is created through genetics. Our traits, or genes, composes who we are. In our genetic makeup there are traits that hold certain qualities that are different from others. Genes determine our height, skin color, and presumably defines a bit of our personality. This genetic variety makes it easier for us to understand ourselves better and at the same time our indifference from others. When humans are conceived , we have no control of the genes that we will inherit. However, in the case of animals such as the pit bull, the ease of manufacturing a dog to our desire is shocking....   [tags: Blame, Mauling, Genetics]

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Effects of Climate Change on the Boreal Forests in Canada

- ... The prime breeding ground for most of the ducks in the continent is the prairie potholes in the boreal. Drought and high temperatures due to the increasing global warming is likely to dry out the boreal forests breeding grounds for ducks as a result of melting of the permafrost in the subsurface. For instance, the total surface area of ponds in Alaska since the 1950s has decreased by about 31%, and the number of ponds has also decreased by about 50% (Randerson, 1130). The climate change in the boreal forest in Canada can also alter the suitability of habitats by changing the distribution of plants and trees due to global warming....   [tags: environmental issues and concerns]

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How Genetic Engineering will Affect the Human Race in Gattaca

- If you could change things about yourself whether physical or mental, what would you change, and why. In the movie Gattaca, a science fiction film directed by Andrew Niccol, characters are genetically modified before birth to avoid all and any imperfections that could occur in their lifetime. This movie stars Ethan Hawke and Jude Law as the main characters Vincent Freeman and Eugene Morrow. Supporting roles are played by Uma Thurman and Loren Dean as Irene Cassini and Anton Freeman. Gattaca gives us a futuristic idea of how genetic engineering will affect the human race and discriminate those of less genetic superiority....   [tags: dna, traits, superiority]

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The Effects of Climate Change on Migratory Birds

- Global Warming is making our temperatures and ocean levels to rise at a rapid rate (Carey 3321). This behavior has become a threat to our biodiversity. Biodiversity is defined as the basis of all life on planet earth. The term biodiversity has become a popular topic today because people are beginning to understand the importance of biodiversity. Moreover, rapid climate change is putting species at risk of extinction because these species cannot adapt to such rapid changes in a short amount of time....   [tags: Global Warming Essays]

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The Ethics and Morality of Eugenics in Society

- My research revolves around the ethics and morality of eugenics (Science of heredity and good breeding), and whether society should be in favor of influencing genetics in order to create a more favorable genetic pool. This topic interests me because I find great interest in political and cultural issues, and I have always been fascinated by whether eugenics would actually work and if governments should be in support of it. The sources I found were all scientific journals from credible books. I did this to because I needed to gain information on studies that have taken place in the name of eugenics as well as establish that eugenics is high priority within the scientific community.Taking this...   [tags: disabled, eugenics, influencing genetics]

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Transgenic Animals Help to Increase Food Production

- Other than plants, another application of LMO in agriculture is on the animals. Transgenic animals help to increase food production and quality in order to improve human lifestyle. As the growth population is increasing, so does the food demand, transgenic animals can produce more food to keep up with the growth in human population in the next 50 years and also the following years. Since the animals are able to grow faster, the food production will increase and the price of the meat will become cheaper....   [tags: farm, agriculture, LMO]

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Should Wild Animals Be Kept In Captivity?

- On February 24, 2010, Trainer Dawn Brancheau was killed by a captive killer whale which dragged her into its tank (McCarthy). This is not the only case where a trainer of ordinary person has been put in harm’s way because what is supposed to be a wild animal is being held in captivity. Wild animals should not be kept in captivity because it can lead to mental illness and abnormal behavior. Capturing wild animals for entertainment is not a new practice; it has been going on for years. In fact, “136 killer whales were captured in the wild and held in captivity since the first on in 1961” (McCarthy)....   [tags: entertaintment, houston zoo, abnormal behavior]

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The History and Evolution of Dogs

- (word count includes Annotated Bibliography) Throughout the world there are many different countries that contain diverse cultures, religions, and life styles. There is however certain aspects within these countries and cultures that acts as a common ground between one another. One dominant aspect is the existence of dogs within these cultures. Dogs are common throughout the world, either as a domestic pet, a protector on a farm, or an assistant for hunting; amongst others. Regardless of the reason for having a dog most people have either owned one for themselves or has known somebody who has owned one at some point in their life....   [tags: Informative Essay, Research Paper]

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Animal Adoption, the Price of Love

- ... Even though the below chart shows that animals in Los Angeles County the dog intake (Fig 1, Wahl, 2014) from 2009-2014 has stayed steady and in (Fig 2, Wahl, 2014) shows that from 1997-2013 euthanized animal is on the decline. Benefits of Adopting Animals that are lucky to enjoy adoption from a local shelter come with a guarantee that they are healthy, they have been spayed/neutered, and that they have a well behaved temperament. In addition, if the pet does not work out, many shelters offer an exchange program, within a certain amount of days....   [tags: pets, animal euthanization]

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Should Animals Be Kept in Captivity?

- There are billions of animals in captivity around the world. These animals are in zoos, breeding centers, and research laboratories. All those animals lead to out lash because of the stress of being in a small confinement habitat. Is it ethical to keep animals in captivity for research, breeding, or for our enjoyment. Over the years keeping animals in captive has not changed in safety and the well-being of the animal. The reasons that animals are held in captivity could favor some people and others not....   [tags: habiat, safety, well-being]

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The Harm of Puppy Mills

- So you want to adopt a puppy. Well there are two main places that your puppy could have been born. First, your puppy could have been born at a puppy mill. This is an inhumane, mass breeding location that can be very detrimental to your new pet. Another location that your puppy could have been born at is a breeder. This is a more humane location for your puppy to have been born. When adopting a puppy you should avoid going to a pet store because most pet stores receive their puppies from puppy mills; inhumane and overpopulated puppy breeding places....   [tags: Pet Adoption, Inhumane Treatment]

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Benefits of Genetically Engineered Food

- The scientific breakthrough of genetic engineering can completely alter human history. Genetic engineering, also known as genetic modification, transforms genetic material in living organisms in order to produce desirable traits. Although the manipulation of genetic material in food seems uncommon, over majority of food contain ingredients that were genetically altered. The entire world’s food supply can potentially be modified to produce more desirable traits in both plants and animals. There are absolutely zero negative health risks associated with genetically modified food and numerous researches conducted before releasing a genetically modified food to the public....   [tags: modification, desirable food]

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Problems Facing Breeder Reactors as a Future Energy Source

- Breeder Reactors: A Foreseeable Option. Abstract: Fission of nuclear particles has the potential to produce massive amounts of energy and electricity to help mankind. Breeder reactors bring forth modern technology at its finest; mankind is becoming more and more creative to make reactors which can be optimally efficient and cost-effective at the same time. By being able to harness plutonium-239 with a blanket of uranium and start chain reactions consistently, breeders seem to be a viable option to help produce electricity for a bigger population....   [tags: Global Warming Environment]

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Ethics of Zoos

- There are many places where people can go to see live animals such as aquariums, zoos, and safari parks. A pleasant way to define a Zoo is to call it “an establishment that maintains a collection of wild animals”. (Google def) Another way to say that is a facility in which animals are “enclosed in cages for public exhibition”. I believe zoos are ethical; however, changes need to be made to eliminate problems I have discovered. In this argumentative essay, I will be arguing the ethics of zoos and certain problems that need to be addressed that people are not aware of....   [tags: aquariums, safari parks]

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All About Sea Lions

- Sea Lions Sea lions are very social and super talented. They are true party animals, both on land and in the water. They can balance a ball on their nose, climb up a ladder, honk a horn and swim up to 13 mph. Kingdom – Animalia Phylum – Chordata Class – Mammalia Order – Carnivora Family – Otariidae Genus – Zalophus • External ears with flaps and big eyes. • Long flippers in the front which are like wings with no claws. • Five digits in the back limbs with extensions of cartilage. • Nails are on the middle three digits....   [tags: california, weight, lifespan]

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How Koalas Live

- How Koalas Live Koalas live in complex social groups and contrary to popular opinion, they are not migratory animals. Koalas are highly territorial and in stable breeding groups, individual members of koala society maintain their own "home range" areas. In this example , 'Arnie' is the dominant male, and his home range, the largest at 1km x 300-400m, and 33 hectares in area, overlaps the home ranges of both males and females. Arnie regularly traverses the area of his home range in a single night during the breeding season....   [tags: Free Example Essays]

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Current Outbreak of Dengue and Its Consecuences in Health and Society

- With the current dengue outbreak being the worst since 2010, deaths from this dangerous disease have reached 25 from more than 12,000 people infected. The four fold increase in rates from last year shows this years outbreak reaching worrying heights. A number of measures are being taken to try and contain the outbreak and stabilise numbers as the year progresses. These include the use of BTi for the first time in Malaysia by the MoH and local councils in fogging programs, the continuing development of a tetravalent vaccine that's in the late stages of clinical trials....   [tags: Malaysia, Mosquitoes]

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Genetic Engineering

- What are the advantages and disadvantages of genetic engineering . To start with , genetic engineering is another term used for genetic manipulation which is a process consisting the addition of new DNA to an organism. The whole purpose of this process is to add new traits that are not already available in the organism. Genetic engineering is often mistaken with breeding which is technique that is mostly used with animals in order to create faster or stronger offspring....   [tags: isolating and mixing DNA]

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