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7th Arsenal Band Biography

- 7th Arsenal Band Biography Lethal Injections, Lethal Intoxication, and Army of Sinners were all possible band names before 7th Arsenal chose the first part of their name based off the number of band members. Regardless of where they were inspired to select a name for their band they will complete their goals one step at a time. They may deduce the number of band members though will have the same charisma they started out with as a group of seven. There sound may lethal, downright sinful, but the current five person line-up is a work in progress....   [tags: Biography]

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Dan Brown: An Un-Authorized Biography

- A writer of seven books and musician with five albums to his credit, Dan Brown is a man of many talents. While his music has not been very successful, his books have. As of 2009, his books have sold over 80 million copies and have been translated into over 40 languages. (Wikipedia) Being the oldest of three children, Dan Brown was born on June 22, 1964 in Exeter, New Hampshire. His father, Richard G. Brown, was a mathematics teacher and wrote textbooks from 1968 to his retirement in 1982. (Wikipedia) Brown's relationship with his father was the inspiration for Sophie Neveu and Jacques Sauniere's in The Da Vinci Code....   [tags: Biography]

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Alexander Graham Bell: A Short Biography

- Alexander Graham Bell: A Short Biography Upon hearing the name Alexander Graham Bell, we remember the inventor of the telephone. However, Alexander was much more than just the inventor of the telephone. As a matter of fact he was an audiologist. His family was the leading authorities in elocution and speech correction. He had improved and carried on his families business, along with his brothers. Alexander had created the phone at an early age among inventors- only 29. Later in his career Bell has worked on a variety of inventions and all inventions have become successful....   [tags: Biography]

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Biography: Oprah Gail Winfrey

- Oprah Winfrey is a household name, not only in America but throughout the world. She has graced Americans’ televisions for the over twenty-five years. Oprah has impacted many lives across the globe, whether it be first hand or through her powerful words of wisdom and encouragement. Many know of Oprah as we see her today; however, they don’t have knowledge of her past and the circumstances that shaped and molded her into the woman that we all know today. Oprah Winfrey did not always have the things she possesses today, but it was the determination and drive that brought her this far....   [tags: Biography, Humble Beginnings]

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Biography of Charles Dickens

- Charles Dickens, like many of the great authors who lived in his generation, wrote rather dark fiction, conjuring the image of- as stated by the second resource- ‘plum pudding and Christmas punch, quaint coaching inns and cozy firesides, but also of orphaned and starving children, misers, murderers, and abusive schoolmasters.’ Quite a transition between the two, so let us go on a mystical quest of writing a paper, to figure out what exactly made him so screwed up, although, given, that’s the best state of mind to have when writing....   [tags: author, mood, biography]

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Pablo Picasso- A Biography

- Pablo Picasso was one of the most recognized and popular artist of all time. In Pablo’s paintings and other works of art, he would paint what he was passionate about and you can see his emotions take control throughout his paintings and other works of art. Pablo Picasso works of art include not only paintings but also prints, bronze sculptures, drawings, and ceramics. Picasso was one of the inventors of cubism. ” Les Demoiselles d'Avignon” is one of Picasso famous paintings; this is also one of Pablo’s first pieces of cubism....   [tags: Artist, Biography, Paintings]

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Biography of J.K. Rowling

- J.K. Rowling has severely influenced fantasy writing forever. Her multi-million dollar empire of the Harry Potter series has sold mililions of copies of books in over thirty five different languages, and the Harry Potter movie series has made over one million dollars in box office sales. She has created a whole new world, a world that millions of people around the world can connect to. J.K. Rowling has inspired many, including me, to write and to make your life the way you want it to be. I would like to spend the day with J.K....   [tags: biography, writer, fantasy]

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MLA Biography Project

- MLA Biography Project: Bessie Coleman Bessie Elizabeth Coleman was born January 28,1892 in Atlanta, Texas. Her mother wanted to move back to Texas by that time Bessie was only 2 years old. Waxahachie, a town of fewer than 4,000 people. She was the tenth out of thirteen children in her household with her two parents Susan and George Coleman. Susan and George were married for 17 years with up’s and down. George was mixed with African American and part Cherokee. But Susan was a straight African American from the roots up....   [tags: Bessie Coleman, Biography]

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A Brief Biography of Rubin "Hurricane" Carter

- One, two, three. The Hurricane gets the Knockout. Rubin “Hurricane” Carter was an African American boxer whose name was spoken over well-known media programming throughout the country. Rubin Carter got the nickname of “the Hurricane” because of his fierce left hook. A New Jersey promoter by the name of Jimmy Colotto gave him this nickname when he saw him box and it has stuck with him ever since (Company). He won 21 matches in his career and overcame immense racial prejudice to achieve his life-long dreams and goals....   [tags: Biography, African American Boxer, The Hurricane]

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A Brief Biography of Ludwig Prandtl

- Fluid Dynamics is a subject that is well over 2,000 years old. Archimedes, da Vinci, Galileo and Newton are all classical forerunners of modern fluid dynamics researchers such as Bernoulli and Euler (Anderson 42). However, until the early 19th century, this subject was not well quantified; instead, textbooks were comprised of endless tables and figures demonstrating phenomena. When Daniel Bernoulli, Claude Navier and George Stokes introduced mathematics to the realm of fluid flow, new research was possible, but this work was highly theoretical and required extensive use of differential equations (Eckert 15)....   [tags: Biography ]

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Chrisopher Columbus: A Short Biography

- Christopher Columbus was not trying to prove that the earth was round. People already knew the earth was round. He was trying to find an alternative way to India for trade. He planned to sail across the Atlantic from Europe to Asia, but the world was bigger than Columbus thought. It is not know exactly when Christopher Columbus was born, but most scholars have concurred that he was born sometime between August and October of 1451 in Genoa. Before being translated into English, his name in Italian is “Cristoforo Colombo.” He was one of the many children of Domenico Colombo, a wool-weaver and a merchant, and Suzanna Fontanarossa, who was the daughter of a wool-weaver....   [tags: Biography]

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Biography of Adolf Hitler

- Adolf Hitler is known to be the reason behind the Holocaust. Hitler was a conniving and devious dictator who took the lives of thousand of people because he believed that people who were not Aryans were not superior to those who were. However, men and women first saw Hitler as a man with a charismatic personality and dynamic leadership skills. He was born in Braunau-Am-Inn, Austria on the 20th April 1889. Adolf Hitler was the fourth child of Klara and Alois Hitler (“The History Makers of World War II: Adolf Hitler”, 2007.)....   [tags: Biography]

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Biography of Walt Disney

- Biography of Walt Disney Real name: Walter Elias Disney Date of Birth (location): 5 December 1901, Chicago, Illinois, USA. Date of Death : 15 December 1966 -BIOGRAPHY During a 43-year Hollywood career, which spanned the development of the motion picture medium as a modern American art, Walter Elias Disney, a modern Aesop, established himself and his product as a genuine part of Americana. David Low, the late British political cartoonist, called Disney "the most significant figure in graphic arts since Leonardo DaVinci." A pioneer and innovator, and the possessor of one of the most fertile imaginations the world has ever known, Walt Disney, along with members of his staff, received more t...   [tags: Biography Disney]

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Biography of Abigail Adams

- Biography of Abigail Adams Abigail Adams was an amazing American. She was born in 1744 in Weymouth, Massachusetts colony. In 1764 she married John Adams, who later became the second President of the United States. She was the first president’s wife to live in the White House. Abigail Adams was born on November 11, 1744. She lived in Weymouth, MA in the parsonage. It was a big house with many rooms. Abigail lived with her parents William and Elizabeth Quincy Smith. She had two sisters and one brother, Mary, Elizabeth, and William....   [tags: Biography Bio]

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Biography of Abigail Adams

- Biography of Abigail Adams Abigail Adams helped plant the seeds that would start women and men thinking about women's rights and roles in a country that had been founded on the ideals of equality and independence. Introduction Abigail Adams was born Abigail Smith on November 22, 1744, in Weymouth, Massachusetts, a farm community about fifteen miles southeast of Boston. Her family on both sides had lived in the colonies for several generations and was well established in the more influential circles of society....   [tags: Biography Bio]

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The Father of Microbes: Biography of Louis Pasteur

- Louis Pasteur was born in the town of Dole, France in a family of tanners. He was born in December 27, 1822, in a time when the germs and microbes hadn’t been discovered. The profession of tanner is a person who gets leather to become soft and strong. This profession came from his great grandfather who owned a tanning business since 1763 (Notable Biographies, 2008). As children, the Jean-Joseph and Jeanne Roqui Pasteur, taught them to be loyal, respect, financial security, and hard work. By the year of 1831, Pasteur went to Ecole Primaire and to College d’ Arboix (Pasteur Brewing, 2008) where it is believed that he witnesses treatment of rabies on victims which killed 16 on that day....   [tags: Biography ]

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Muhammad, A Biography Of Prophet

- Muhammad, A Biography Of Prophet A short history about the world's fastest growing religion and of the man, who seeded the plant of Islam himself, Muhammad (saw)....   [tags: Muhammad Biography Prophet]

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A Biography of Josephine Baker

- A Biography of Josephine Baker Josephine Baker was born Freda Josephine MacDonald in St. Louis, Missouri to her unwed parents: Carrie McDonald and Eddie Carson. Her father soon left the family and Josephine had to help her mother support herself and her three younger half-siblings. At age eight, she got a job working as a maid for a white family (Robinson). At age 12, she had dropped out of school to work. By age 14, she had moved out, been married, and separated from her first husband. She would later go onto marry and divorce three more men....   [tags: Biography Biographies Essays]

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Biography of Henry David Thoreau

- Biography of Henry David Thoreau Henry David Thoreau was born July 12, 1817. He was born in Concord, Massachusetts. He lived a wonderful life as a poet and essayist. Its sad to say that he pasted away on May 6, 1862 in Concord. The first year of his life his family moved away, but also returned five years later. He grew up in a village and later reached his manhood. His favorite thing about the village was the woodlands, streams, and meadows. He was the third child in his family. As his life was expanding meeting new people he grew into a friendship with Ralph Waldo Emerson....   [tags: Biography Thoreau Philosopher]

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Biography of J. Gresham Machen

- Biography of J. Gresham Machen John Gresham Machen was born in Baltimore, Maryland on July 28th 1881 to parents Arthur Webster and Mary Hones Gresham. From an early age Machen was taught lessons of the bible and of Jesus. His family attended a Presbyterian church called Franklyn Street Presbyterian. (Wikipedia) Machen's father was a lawyer and therefore Machen was considered to be brought up in a rather privileged home. He attendee a private college where he was educated in classics such a Greek and Latin....   [tags: Biography Theology Religion Machen]

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Jane Austen Biography

- Jane Austen was born on December 16th, 1775, in the village of Steventon, which was near Basingstoke, in Hampshire. Austen was the seventh of eight children of Reverend George Austen and wife, Cassandra. She was taught mainly at home by Mrs. Cawley, who was the sister of one of their uncles. From 1785-1786 Jane and her sister Cassandra went to the Abbey boarding school of Reading. At home Jane and her brothers and sisters loved to write and perform plays. Her father had over 500 books in his personal library, their Jane would read the books all day long....   [tags: Biography]

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George Washington Biography

- George Washington was born February 22, 1732. He was elected as the first president by the Electoral College unanimously in 1789. Washington is commonly called the "Father of his country" since he played a major role in fighting for independence and helped form the government we now have. Many of his leadership practices became the template for the way politics have proceeded following his terms. For example his use of a group of counselors known as a "cabinet" is still in practice today. He only served for two terms and then stepped down which became, for the most part, the accepted norm for future presidents....   [tags: Biography]

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Biography of Mark Twain

- Biography of Mark Twain Mark Twain was a writer whose works revolved around his childhood experiences growing up on the Mississippi River. The main source of his writing was the time he spent in Hannibal, Missouri as a young boy. He also used his childhood friends in many of his work, such as modeling the character Sid in Huck Finn after his brother Henry. Twain also used the happy times in his life to express his feeling in his writings. Twain used the trials of his life to make his works humorous and all-time American classics....   [tags: biography biographies bio]

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Biography of Mark Twain

- Biography of Mark Twain Twain, Mark, pseudonym of Samuel Langhorne Clemens (1835-1910), American writer and humorist, whose best work is characterized by broad, often irreverent humor or biting social satire. Twain's writing is also known for realism of place and language, memorable characters, and hatred of hypocrisy and oppression. Born in Florida, Missouri, Clemens moved with his family to Hannibal, Missouri, a port on the Mississippi River, when he was four years old. There he received a public school education....   [tags: Mark Twain Biography Writer]

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Biography of William Faulkner

- Biography of William Faulkner William Faulkner was an enormous man in literature despite the fact that he stood less than five foot six. He reshaped the way in which the world views literature today. Faulkner was one of the greatest influences to American culture of his time. In fact, his influence spread throughout many years to come. Faulkner started out as a child with a dream, and with this dream he redefined the literary society of America. William Cuthbert Faulkner was born on September 25, 1897, in New Albany, Mississippi....   [tags: Biography Faulkner Writer Author]

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Jack London: A Biography

- Jack London: A Biography        John Griffith London, better known to us as Jack London, was born to Flora Wellman January 12, 1876, in San Francisco. (Ranch Album)  His father was presumably W.H. Chaney, who left Flora after finding out she was pregnant. (Stasz, 9)  Flora met and eventually married John London on September 7, 1876 bringing John's two other children, Ida and Eliza, into the family. (Ranch Album) Flora enlisted the help of a wet nurse and, with the help her and Eliza, Jack London was raised.  For the next ten years, John and his family relocated several times within California, moving from farm to farm trying to become financially successful....   [tags: Biography Biographies Essays]

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Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Biography

- Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Biography Throughout the course of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s life, poetry played the hand of fate. All of the major events that took place in her life seem to coincide with her poetry. Poetry made her famous. It gave her solace, and comfort, somewhere to drown her sorrow. It introduced her to her husband, and (indirectly) divorced her from her father. Poetry was not only a part of her life, but an integral part of her soul. Creative Beginnings It all began in Gosforth Church, with the marriage of Mary Graham Clarke, and Robert Moulton....   [tags: Biography Biographies Browning Essays]

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William James Basie's Biography

- William James Basie's Biography During the heyday of the swing era, many big bands flourished. Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, Glen Miller, and Chick Webb fronted big bands that could swing, but none of these legends could swing like the Count Basie Orchestra. Count Basie proved that a big band could still swing, without losing the spontaneity so essential to jazz. William James Basie was born August 21, 1904 in Red Bank, New Jersey (Hare, par. 3). His father was a coachman and caretaker for a wealthy judge, and his mother took in laundry to help with the family's financial situation....   [tags: William James Basie Biography]

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Max Wilson Woodard Biography

- Max Wilson Woodard Biography He was born in Palestine, Texas to the parentage of Clyde Burette Woodard and Marye Regina (McClung) Woodard at 9:45 AM at the Palestine Sanatarium. His parents lived in Elkhart, Texas where his father was the owner and operator of Woodard Cleaners and his mother, Bubbie, as he called her, was the owner and operator of a beauty shop. 1938-1941 His first dog was an English Shepard named Rex, who was a one man dog and his constant traveling companion. Beginning at about age three, he and his dog Rex had an insatiable desire to explore any place that was outside the house and within walking distance....   [tags: Max Woodard Biography]

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Biography of Cesc Fabregas

- Biography of Cesc Fabregas The rise to stardom of a young soccer sensation by the name of "Francesc Cesc Fabregas Soler" has been nothing short of remarkable. Better known as Cesc Fabregas, Cesc has achieved more in his career at the slender age of 20 years old then most soccer players have achieved in their whole careers, and yet his skills and stardom can only increase with more seasons behind him Cesc Fabregas was born on the May 4, 1987 in Arenys de Mar, Catalonia, Spain. He was destined to be a soccer player and was signed up by Spanish giants Barcelona FC at the age of 13 as a trainee....   [tags: Soccer Athletics Sports Biography]

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Alain Leroy Locke Biography

- "Much of the creative work of the period was guided by the ideal of the Negro which signified a range of ethical ideals that often emphasize and intensified a higher sense of group and social cohesiveness... The writers ... literally expected liberation .... from their work and were perhaps the first group of Afro- American writers to believe that art could radically transform the artist and attitudes of other human beings". - Dictionary of Literacy Biography Alain Leroy Locke was on born on September 13 1886 in Philadelphia ,Pennsylvania to Mr....   [tags: American Philosopher Biography]

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Biography Of Eugene O'Neill

- BIOGRAPHY OF EUGENE O’ NEILL Eugene Gladstone O’Neill was born in a New York City hotel room on 16th October, 1888,he son of famous actor James O’Neill and Ella O’Neill, spent the first seven years of his life touring with his father’s theater company. These years introduced O’Neill to the world of theater and the difficulties of maintaining artistic integrity. His father, once a well-known Shakespearean, had taken a role in a lesser play for its sizable salary. Family life was unstable. O'Neill's mother frequently accompanied her husband on tour and, although they had a long-standing summer home, Monte Cristo Cottage in New London, Connecticut, the family was constantly on the move....   [tags: Biography Writer Author]

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William Shakespeare's Biography

- William Shakespeare's Biography On an April night unknown, in 1564, at a humble home in Henley St. in the quiet town of Stratford, England Isle of Wight, John and Mary Shakespeare gave birth to a poet. William Shakespeare was born on what is believed to be the 23rd of April the feast day of patron saint the dragon-slayer St. George, and though there are no known records either to confirm or deny, this date was subsequently accepted, has been established, and is widely celebrated as the day of both his birth and his death....   [tags: Biography Essays]

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Robert Frost’s Biography and His Works

- Robert Frost is one of the most famous and popular poets of all time in America. He won Pulitzer Prize for poetry four times and presented a poem at the President John F. Kennedy’s inauguration. Frost’s diverse life events, including his family relations, educational background, and various job experiences, significantly affected his works such as “The Road Not Taken,” “Acquainted with the Night,” and “Out, Out-.” Robert Frost’s family relations truly affected his work, “Acquainted with the Night.” He married his wife, Elinor Miriam White, in 1895 and had six children....   [tags: Biography ]

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Biography of Karl Marx

- Biography of Karl Marx Few names evoke as strong a response as Karl Marx. Some consider him a genius and a prophet, while others see only evil in his ideas. Everyone agrees that Marx stands among the social thinkers with the greatest impact on the world's people. There are many people who pass into and out of our lives. It is those great people that are remembered forever. One great person is Karl Marx. He is an extraordinary person that has changed and shaped the way of the future. Marx had many great experiences and achievements throughout his lifetime for which he is remembered....   [tags: biographies Biography Karl Marx Essays]

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Biography of Alexander Hamilton

- Biography of Alexander Hamilton Summary Alexander Hamilton was most likely born on January 11, 1757, although the exact year of his birth is unknown. Hamilton was born on the Caribbean island of Nevis or St....   [tags: Hamilton Founding Father Biography History]

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My Biography

- I started my journey of life in the early 90’s and ever since I have been up against barriers and met many different types of characters. All with their personal gain is put first without a thought for others. Anyways let’s start from the beginning, I started my educational career in 1997 at welbourne primary school/ boy was it fun it had everything a kid could ever imagine, a massive sand box, shiny new tricycles, super fast scooters and loads and loads of coloured paint. It was unbelievable we were given milk and cookies and we got to sing as well as the fundamental steps of life, the alphabet and numbers....   [tags: Biography,]

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A Brief Biography of Marie Curie

- Madame Marie Curie’s passion for science and physics was and is, as illuminating as the glow from the element radium she is known for discovering. Marie Curie has left a magnificent imprint on the world of science and medical advancement in several ways, through determination, passion, and wisdom. Madame Curie, with the birth name of Marie Sklodowska, known to friends and family as Manya; she was the youngest of five children, and came into this world on November 7, 1867. Marie was born in Warsaw, the Russian section of Poland, now recognized as “the Vistula territory.” “Russians were replaced by Poles in all offices.”(Giroud 8) This would have an extreme impact to how Marie and her siblings...   [tags: Science, Biography]

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Biography Of Genghis Khan

- Biography of Genghis Khan The old world had many great leaders. Alexander the Great, Hannibal and even Julius Caesar met with struggle on their rise to power. Perhaps Genghis Khan was the most significant of all these rulers. To prove that Genghis Khan was the greatest ruler, we must go back to the very beginning of his existence. We must examine such issues as; Genghis¹s struggle for power/how his life as a child would affect his rule, his personal and military achievements and his conquests....   [tags: Biography Genghis Khan Bio Bios Essays]

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Steven Spielberg Biography

- Steven Spielberg Biography Steven Spielberg: Revolutionary and Visionary Who would have thought that a brilliant career in filmmaking could have originated with a modest jar of Skippy Peanut Butter smeared on a neighbor’s window in a tiny Cincinnati suburb. One might not think that such an average boyhood prank could evolve a boy into a man who would become the most financially successful film director in history. Well, that is exactly where Leah Spielberg, Steven Spielberg’s mother, would trace her son’s initial entry into becoming one of our nation’s most creative storytellers....   [tags: Biography Biographies Bio]

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Edwin Hubble Biography

- Edwin Hubble Biography Hubble nació en Marshfield (Missouri) el 20 de noviembre de 1889. Ingresó al instituto de Wheaton, en donde participaba activamente en las actividades deportivas; su deporte favorito era el fútbol, aunque el también participó numerosas veces en pruebas atléticas en pista. En el día de su licenciatura del instituto en 1906, el director dijo, "Edwin Hubble, te he vigilado durante cuatro años y no te he visto estudiar ni siquiera 10 minutos." Se detuvo por un instante emocionante para Edwin y continuó, "Aquí tienes una beca para la universidad de Chicago." En la universidad el disfrutaba trabajando como tutor y en su último año trabajo como ayudante de laboratorio de Ro...   [tags: Biography Biographies Spanish]

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Chris Crutcher Biography

- Chris Crutcher Biography Chris Crutcher was born on July 17, 1946 in Dayton, Ohio. His father was an Air Force pilot and his mother was a homemaker. Chris grew up in Cascade, Idaho. As a child there was not much for kids to do in Idaho, a tiny logging community north of Boise, so many children turned to sports. Chris got his education from Eastern Washington State College in 1968. His hobbies were running , basketball, swimming, biking, and competing in triathlon. Chris has an older brother who was valedictorian of his class....   [tags: Biography Writer Author]

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Biography of Salvador Dali

- Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dali i Domenech, Marquis of Dali de Puebol was born on May 11, 1904 in Spain. His father, Salvador Dali y Cusi, was a middle class lawyer and a notary. His father was very strict with raising his children. On the other hand his mother, Felipa Domenech Ferres allowed Salvador more freedom to express himself however he wanted, we can see this in his art and how eccentric he was throughout his life. Salvador was a bright and intelligent child, and often known to have a temper tantrum, his father punished him with beatings along with some of the school bullies....   [tags: Biography and Artwork]

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Biography of John Steinbeck

- John Ernst Steinbeck Jr is one of America’s greatest novelists. Steinbeck was born February 27th, 1902 and died of a heart attack on December 20th, 1968.(nobel page 1) He is the son of John Steinbeck and Olive Hamilton. Steinbeck wrote 27 books. Some of his best known work includes Of Mice and Men (1937), The Long Valley (1938), and East of Eden (1962). Since Steinbeck was raised and grew up in the early 1900’s, his novels were greatly influenced by the hard rural labor that many people worked in....   [tags: legacy, biography]

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Constantine, A Biography

- In 305 Constantine entered into battle with his father against the Picts, unknowingly for the last time. Constantatius died at a camp in York in northern England. His soldier immediately named Constantine, Augustus, and his career as a twenty-year-old ruler began. Sometime during his rule he experienced a profound conversion and became a Christian. Under God's divine influence he defeated Maxentius at the following battle at the Milvian Bridge along the Tiber River. The very next day Maxentius's body washed ashore and they paraded his body through town....   [tags: Biography]

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Biography of Sir Isaac Newton

- Isaac Newton is considered by many to be one of the most influential people in human history. Born on January 4th 1643 (New Style calendar, December 25th 1642 on the Old Style) at Woolsthorpe Manor in Woolsthorpe-by-Colsterworth, Isaac Newton was involved in the fields of physics, math, astronomy, among other fields. Best known in the Physics community for his three laws of motion as well as his description of universal gravitation, he was also responsible for much during his life. Born three months after the death of his father, a farmer also named Isaac Newton, he was born prematurely....   [tags: Sir Isaac Newton Biography]

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Biography of Susan B. Anthony

- Susan Brownell Anthony, being an abolitionist, educational reformer, labor activist, and organizer for woman suffrage, used her intellectual and confident mind to fight for parity. Anthony fought for women through campaigning for women’s rights as well as a suffragist for many around the nation. She had focused her attention on the need for women to reform law in their own interests, both to improve their conditions and to challenge the "maleness" of current law. Susan B. Anthony helped the abolitionists and fought for women’s rights to change the United States with her Quaker values and strong beliefs in equality....   [tags: biography, women's right]

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A Biography on Entrepreneur Donald Trump

- I would like to begin with a quote from an incredible American Entrepreneur, Donald Trump, which goes "My policy is to learn from the past, focus on the present, and dream about the future." A strong quote that helped him from a downfall that almost nobody thought he would bounce back from. In 1990, he underwent a debt so large from the range of 975 million to almost two billion dollars where he almost went bankrupt. He had to hand over a lot of holdings to the creditor bank but by the end of 1990s, he bounced back....   [tags: Biography]

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Charles Dickens and his Emotions: Biography

- One of the most influencing writers in English literature is Charles Dickens, in full Charles John Huffam Dickens. He was born on February 7, 1812, Portsmouth, Hampshire, England and died on June 9, 1870, Gad’s Hill, near Chatham, Kent. He was an English novelist, generally considered the greatest, the terrific and the most admirable person of the Victoria era. His most accomplished novels – Bleak House, Great Expectation, Little Dorrit, Dombey and Son, Our Mutual Friend, and David Copperfield- are works of surpassing genius, thrumming with energy and imagination....   [tags: biography, writer]

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Biography of Leonardo da Vinci

- Leonardo was born in 1452 in the small town of Vinci. In the 1460 the family decided to settle in Florence, where Leonardo was given the best education that Florence could offer. In about 1466 he was an apprenticed to Andrea del Verrocchio, a Florentine painter and scultor. In Verrocchio's workshop Leonardo was introduced to many activities such as sculptural projects and paintings. Finally in 1478 Leonardo became an independent master on his own. In 1482 Leonardo entered the service of the duke of Milan, Ludovico Sforza after writing a letter to the duke describing his mastery in engineering....   [tags: Biography]

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Review of Eugene Talmadge Biography

- The Wild Man from Sugar Creek: The Political Career of Eugene Talmadge, By William Anderson, Louisiana State University, 1975. xviii + 239pp. William Anderson presents a well-written history of the rise and fall of a Georgia demagogue, Eugene Talmadge. Anderson's narrative provides insight into Talmadge's popular support and how he orchestrated the perception of being a "man of the people." He also has a smooth flowing writing style that keeps the story moving and the reader interested in following along....   [tags: Biography]

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Clara Barton's Biography by Elizabeth Brown Pryor

- Clara Barton's Biography by Elizabeth Brown Pryor The author, Elizabeth Brown Pryor, wrote her biography of Clara Barton with the intent to not only tell her life, but to use personal items (diary and letters) of Clara’s found to help fill information of how Clara felt herself about incidents in her life. Her writing style is one that is easy to understand and also one that enables you to actually get pulled into the story of the person. While other biographical books are simply dry facts, this book, with the help of new found documents, allows Pryor to give a modern look on Barton’s life....   [tags: Clara Barton Biography]

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A Biography Of William Edward Burghardt Du Bois

- A Biography of William Edward Burghardt Du Bois To the many who admired him, William Edward Burghardt Du Bois was, by strong-willed dedication and intellectual perseverance, an assailant of inequality and a guardian of liberty. A herald of "Black Nationalism and Pan-Africanism" (Hynes), he passed away in self-imposed isolation with his ancestors in his land of comfort, the magnificent Africa (Hynes). Branded as a "radical," he was overlooked by those who held on to the hope that his substantial offerings would be hidden in his grave beside him (Hynes)....   [tags: Biography Du Bois]

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Biography of TS Eliot

- Thomas Stearns Eliot was born on September 26, 1888, in St. Louis, Missouri, the seventh and last child of Henry Ware Eliot, a brick manufacturer, and Charlotte (Stearns) Eliot, who was active in social reform and was herself a not-untalented poet. Both parents were descended from families that had emigrated from England to Massachusetts in the seventeenth century. William Greenleaf Eliot, the poet's paternal grandfather, had, after his graduation from Harvard in the 1830s, moved to St. Louis, where he became a Unitarian minister, but the New England connection was closely maintained--especially, during Eliot's youth, through the family's summer home on the Atlantic coast in Gloucester, Mass...   [tags: Biography, Poets, Biographical Essay]

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Biography of Simon Bolivar

- Simon Bolivar was born July 24th, 1783 in Caracas, Venezuela. His family consisted of a slew of wealthy Creoles, or those born in America but of European decent. However, early on in his life he was faced with tragedy when first, his father died when he was three and then his mother soon followed as he neared the age of only six. Although his parents’ deaths seemed untimely and tragic but, because of the wealth of the family, Bolivar had great access to two very important tutors who would mold his later ideals of independence....   [tags: Biography, Accomplishments, Latin America]

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Biography of Jules Verne

- Introduction Jules Gabriel Verne (1828 - 1905) was a novelist, poet and playwright, renowned as one of the pioneers of science fiction as a genre. As a person who was born, brought up and lived most of his life in France, it should come to no one’s surprise that his primary language was French. As a science fiction fan myself, I thought that one of the first writers to take this genre seriously would be the perfect subject for this essay. Undeniably Jules Verne has had a huge impact on literature as well as many disciplines of science and even geography....   [tags: biography, playwright, novelist]

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Biography of Madeleine L'Engle

- Two artistic parents raised their child to be one of America’s greatest authors. Madeleine L’Engle was born on November 29, 1918, in Manhattan to Madeleine Barnett and Charles Camp. Her full name was Madeleine L’Engle Camp but she was commonly known as Madeleine L’Engle, after her grandmother(Martin). Her father was involved in World War I, but retreated back to the United States, due to damaged lungs caused by mustard gas. Upon his return he wrote short stories, movies, and plays, as Madeleine Barnett was a pianist....   [tags: lewis carrol award, biography]

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Biography of Jonathan Barnbrook

- Jonathan Barnbrook born in Britain grew up in Lupton just outside of London he had studied graphic design at Central St. Martins in London and graduated from the royal college of art in 1990. Barnbrook was a graphic designer, filmmaker and typographer; though throughout his career as a post-modernist designer he had became widely known for his typography and his graphic design was heavily influenced by politics and readings. Barnbrook had produced works for commercial clients and personal works strongly believing that design could be used as a weapon for enforcing cultural and social change....   [tags: English, Graphic Designer, Biography]

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Biography of Siddhartha Gautama

- Siddhartha Gautama the great Buddha was born in Nepal 583 BCE. His father Suddhodana, was king of a large tribe called the Shakya. His mother was Queen Maya; she passed after Siddhartha’s birth. When Siddhartha just was a few days old, a prophet prophesied he would be either a great conqueror or a great spiritual teacher. The King Suddhodana wanted the first outcome of his son as a conqueror and prepared him to be a conqueror. King Suddhodana raised Siddartha in luxury and isolated him from the knowledge of religion and human suffering....   [tags: biography, contributions, discoveries]

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Albert Osborn, A Biography

- Albert S. Osborn (1858 - 1946) is a pioneer in forensic science that was involved and developed all of his time to the study of evidence in questioned documents. Question documents involves with handwriting. So, the job of the experts is to find out how, when, and by whom certain documents were prepared. They also search and involve with dating the documents, ink identification, copy, and forgery - copying someone's signature. Albert Osborn has started to devote his life into the field of question document around 1910....   [tags: Biography]

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Alzina Parsons-Stevens, A Biography

- Alzina Parsons-Stevens, labor and industrial worker and child welfare worker was born in Parsonfield, Maine in 1849, a town named after her paternal grandfather, Colonel Thomas Parsons, who received the land for his service in the American Revolution. Enoch Parsons, who served in the War of 1812, was a relatively prosperous farmer and small manufacturer. He and his wife, Louise (Page) Parsons, had seven children, of whom Alzina Parsons was the fourth daughter and the youngest child. Enoch Parsons died in 1862, leaving the family in difficult financial straits....   [tags: Biography]

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Biography of Nikola Tesla

- Nikola Tesla was born in Smiljan, Croatia at midnight between July 9th and 10th 1856. He was intelligent since his early childhood. He soon became interested in engineering and he studied it at the Technical University in Graz, Austria, from 1877 to 1880. Right after that he went to the University of Prague in 1880, but his father had died and he withdrew his studies from the University soon after. Tesla always dreamed of becoming an electrical engineer and to invent a new type of power transmission instead of Direct Current (DC)....   [tags: Biography]

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Garrett Morgan: A Biography

- Garrett Morgan Garrett Augustus Morgan was born on March 4, 1877 in Paris, Kentucky, the seventh of eleven children to Sydney and Elizabeth Morgan. His parents had previously been slaves, freed by the Emancipation Proclamation. At the early age of 14, Morgan decided to travel north to Ohio in the hopes of receiving better education opportunities. During those times, there were better opportunities for blacks in the northern part of the country. Still, Morgan’s formal education never surpassed elementary school....   [tags: Biography]

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Biography of Frederick Douglass

- Frederick Douglass was a combative African American slave born the year of 1818 in Tuckahoe, Maryland who fought his slave breaker during an unfair dispute and beat him. He demonstrated how a man was turned into a slave since birth then how a slave was turned into a man. As a rebellious runaway slave that later became known as the greatest abolitionists in history believed in his liberty more than his own life. Not only was he one of the most scholarly and effective orators but he also became revolutionary....   [tags: Informative Essay, Biography, African Americans]

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Thomas Hobbes Biography And View On Justice

- Thomas Hobbes Introduction Thomas Hobbes sees human from a mechanistic view that life is simply the motions of the organism believes that a state of nature in human kind will eventually become a state of war of all against all. He attempted to justify the absolute power of the sovereign on the basis of a hypothetical social contract in which individuals seek to protect themselves from one another by agreeing to obey the sovereign in all matters. The key element in Hobbes’s view on human nature was the importance of desires....   [tags: Biography]

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Langston Hughes Biography

- “James Mercer Langston Hughes, known as Langston Hughes was born February 2, 1902 in Missouri, to Carrie Hughes and James Hughes.” Years later his parents separated. Langston’s father moved to Mexico and became very successful, as his for mother, she moved frequently to find better jobs. As a child growing up Langston spent most of his childhood living with his grandmother named Mary Langston in Lawrence, Kansas. Mary Langston was a learned women and a participant in the civil rights Movement. When Langston Hughes was 12 years old his grandmother passed away....   [tags: Biography, Writer, Poet]

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Amelia Earhart Biography

- Amelia Earhart Many fantastic aviators have shown their talents throughout the centuries. Americans have been fascinated, time after time, with the ability to fly. One woman in particular took her fascinations and abilities and became one of the greatest aviators of her time. Amelia Earhart was a very famous, record-setting woman aviator. Amelia, while on her around the world flight in 1937, disappeared and left many people, even today, trying to figure out what happened to her. Amelia Earhart was a courageous woman who set high standards for woman aviators to follow....   [tags: Biography, Pilot, Woman]

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The Biography of Buddha

- While the existence of Buddha is certain, the details about his life story and the substance of his Dharma or teachings often vary from sacred text to text. The inconsistencies in the details of Buddha’s story are a result of multiple scriptures about his life and teachings and the fact that they were not recorded until about 400 years after his death. Some of the texts contain what seem like exaggerated and even mythical type stories about Buddha’s life, all of the texts still consist of a consistent message, the texts just don’t always send that message the same way....   [tags: Rebirth, Eras, Teachings]

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The Biography of Bonhoeffer

- The biography Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy showcases the vast contributions that Dietrich Bonhoeffer achieved during a life that was cut suddenly to short. Bonhoeffer is memorable for his activity within an anti-Nazi resistance, founding the Confessing Church, creating many new theological ideas, and being brave enough to enter back into a warzone to stop the ongoing eliminations of innocent people. Although, he was hung weeks before Germany surrendered and Adolf Hitler was conquered, Bonhoeffer left an important theological legacy....   [tags: theology, God, spirit]

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Al Capone Biography

- Al Capone was an Italian criminal working the streets of America. He started his life with petty crime in Brooklyn, New York. After escalating his way up in Brooklyn, Capone moved to Chicago for bigger and better things. There Capone had prominence supremacy as one of the giant bootlegging forerunners. His collected and composed ways, made crime into a business that we see in today's mafia. Capone changed crime into a profession, which in turn made it a business. The word mob or mafia is a title that is often heard....   [tags: Biography]

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Al Capone Biography

- “When I sell liquor, they call it bootlegging. When my patrons serve it on silver trays on Lake Shore Drive, they call it hospitality.”-Al Capone [Woog, 25] Al Capone was one of the most notorious gangsters during the 1920’s. He was a self-made business man. He had a ready smile and a quick handshake, which if you did not play your cards right, could turn out to be fatal. It took 500 gangland murders to make Capone the boss of Chicago. He was public enemy number one. Capone single handedly gave Chicago the nickname “The Lawless City.” Alphonse Capone was born in Brooklyn, New York, on January 17, 1899....   [tags: Biography]

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Al Capone Biography

- Al Capone was possibly the largest and most feared mofia boss America has ever seen. This 1920’s gangster made his mark on the world through organized crime during the Prohibition era. He is solely attributed with Chicago’s reputation as a lawless city. Alphonsus Capone was born on January 17, 1899 in Brooklyn, New York. As a child he was a member of the Brooklyn Rippers and the Forty Thieves Juniors “kid gangs.” Capone quit school at age fourteen in the sixth grade. He worked a few odd jobs in Manhattan in a bowling alley and a candy store....   [tags: Biography]

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Al Capone Biography

- “By Instinct Capone Was A Heartless Mindless Killer” Considered the most notorious gangster in history, Alphonse Capone, otherwise known as Scarface Al, was born in New York, 1899, in a small apartment in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. Having many run-ins with the police growing up, he was always around the local street gang led my Johnny Torrio. After beating one of his sixth grade teachers, he quit school, and quickly learned the way of the streets, joining the Torrio gang, call the James Street Gang....   [tags: Biography]

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James Madison Biography

- Like his close friend Thomas Jefferson, James Madison came from a prosperous family of Virginia planters, received an excellent education, and studied law "though only informally" and quickly found himself drawn into the debates over independence. In 1776, he became a delegate to the revolutionary Virginia Convention, where he worked closely with Thomas Jefferson to push through religious freedom statutes, among other liberal measures. The youngest member of the Continental Congress, Madison was of smaller than average height for a Virginian of the period; reports have him standing either five feet four or five feet six inches tall....   [tags: Biography]

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William Shakespeare Biography

- "All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players." ( This quote, written by William Shakespeare, illustrates that everybody is a little part of the big world, merely playing his or her "role" as a human. It very much describes the bard himself, being a little part of that "stage". Although his part was small, he still made an incredible impact. William Shakespeare was a fabulous playwright, writing great plays and putting forth ultimate effort. Shakespeare's early life shaped him into what we know him as today....   [tags: Biography]

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Walt Disney Biography

- Throughout history, there have been many notable American figures that had enormous impacts on almost everyone's daily lives. Although, one figure stands out among many, and that man worked his hardest to make his dreams come true, Walt Disney. Disney made a reputation of brilliance and "[t]he combination of Disney's desire to try new techniques and his striving to make a better product set him apart from most other animators" (Nardo 25). How could anyone forget classics like Mickey Mouse, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Fox and the Hound, the Little Mermaid, and many more all created by Disney....   [tags: Biography]

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Biography of Aristotle

- Aristotle was a Greek philosopher and scientist who lived from 384-322 B.C who was born in Stagira, Macedonia. His father played a major role in society as a physician in the royal court. Young Aristotle took a liking to Plato and decided to go to his academy at the age of seventeen. For the next twenty years, Aristotle remained there first as a student then as a teacher. After the death of Plato, Aristotle moved to Assos in the Asia Minor where he tutored his friend Hermias who was the ruler there and decided to marry his niece....   [tags: biography biographies ]

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A Foggy Biography

- When one is in a fog, one can see nothing but an endless amount of grey, covering the area. When one is outside of the fog, one sees a cloud. Fogs and clouds serve as metaphors for many subjects. They could mean the last bit of opportunity before a bitter ending, or lack of clarity, or even lack of boundaries. Many writers use such metaphors in books, and they have become almost cliché. Poets also use such techniques less frequently. Both Sylvia Plath and Carl Sandburg have used those themes at least once....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Biography of Sir Isaac Newton

- Isaac Newton's life can be divided into three quite distinct periods. The first is his boyhood days from 1643 up to his appointment to a chair in 1669. The second period from 1669 to 1687 which was the highly productive period in which he was a professor at Cambridge University. The third period (nearly as long as the other two combined) saw Newton as a highly paid government official in London with little further interest in mathematical research. Isaac Newton was born in the manor house of WoolsThorpe, near Grantham in Lincolnshire....   [tags: Sir Isaac Newton Biography]

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Biography of John F. Kennedy

- A young boy, just breaking into his adolescence, at Choate boarding school was living in the shadow of his older brother. Unlike his older sibling he had no spectacular athletic talent and was often plagued with many different illnesses. The fact that his grades stuck strictly in the average margin only cast the shade further over him. It also didn’t help the young boys case that he defied authority on campus on a regular basis. One day while sitting in chapel, he took comments about the undisciplined boys on campus, branded “muckers”, as a personal challenge and created a crew of “miscreants” and dubbed the clique “The Muckers Club”....   [tags: President Biography Kennedy]

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