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Outdoor Classroom Environment: How to Support Children from Diverse Backgrounds

- 1.Discuss two examples of how teachers can support children from diverse backgrounds in the outdoor classroom environment Teachers can support children diverse background by providing children with music during outdoor classroom time. Music comes in different styles. Furthermore, you can choose music for all different backgrounds. For instance, one day a teacher can play Fiesta which represent Mexican background. “Music enables us to reflect, record, and nurture awareness, understanding, and appreciation of cultural and ethnic diversity while providing knowledge, skills, and understanding of ourselves, our community, and the world” (   [tags: music, children, backgrounds]

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The Us And Australian Corporate Backgrounds

- The US and Australian corporate backgrounds both differ in industry and company level. With respect to the former, differences are observed in the industry mix of firms characteristics across the two economies. Specifically, a greater concentration of mineral resources public companies is observable in Australian market. For instance, these firms constitute 26% of our sample for the period 2003-2013. With respect to the firm-level differences are also highlighted in both economies. For instance, Schultz et al....   [tags: Board of directors, Corporate governance]

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Race, Racial And Ethnic Backgrounds

- “Race, one begins to conclude, was the key factor in dividing the people of western America. Its meanings and distinctions fluctuated, but racial feelings evidently guided white Americans in their choice of groups to persecute and exclude. Differences in culture, in language, in religion, meant something; but a physically distinctive appearance seems to have been the prerequisite for full status as a scapegoat” (Hoffman, Blum, Gjerde, pg. 56). The term "race" has not had a consistent meaning throughout its history of use....   [tags: United States, Race, Racism, Race]

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Diversity, Cultural, And Ethnic Backgrounds

- Diversity. The differences between people is referred to by diversity. Practitioners work aside people from a wide range of social, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, which includes people of different genders, people with disabilities or people who have different cultural traditions. Practitioners have the responsibility of embracing and valuing diversity in order to reach the individual needs of the children and their families. All children and young people are unique individuals, and in early years’ settings, staff must ensure that each individual child is valued and respected equally....   [tags: Discrimination, Egalitarianism, Affirmative action]

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Religious Backgrounds Should Be Legal

- In Appiah’s context, it describes how people with religious backgrounds should be able to make their own decisions and be respected by others. In a way, I do agree with Appiah. However, there are certain things that can be argued with Appiah’s statements. Yes, people should be able to practice and do what they want to do. Everyone in the world had the right as a human being to make their own decision, it is part of what we want to do that makes us who we want to be. Regardless of what others may think, its once we make our own dissention, it is then when we see who we really are....   [tags: Religion, Islam]

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Diversity Is A Difference Between Ranges Of Backgrounds

- Part A 1. Diversity is a difference between ranges of backgrounds. This including race, religion, color, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, age, education and skills. Diversity can easily impact the workplace because a person who can’t respect a differences, and deficiency of other employees, that can lead to racism, bullying, etc. The diversity in the workplace: • Religious belief, ( christian, buddhism, Islamism, hinduism,paganism, shinto, and a many more other religious belief) • Cultural behaviours, (most people in the world think that when you are shaking your head it means “no”, but in india when people shake their head it means yes....   [tags: Disability, Discrimination]

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Cultural Backgrounds of Frank and Rita

- Cultural Backgrounds of Frank and Rita Through close analysis of three or four scenes from different parts of the play, show how Willy Russell brings out the cultural backgrounds of Frank and Rita in Educating Rita. Comment on how Frank and Rita's attitudes to culture change in the play. Through close analysis of three or four scenes from different parts of the play, show how Willy Russell brings out the cultural backgrounds of Frank and Rita in "Educating Rita". Comment on how Frank and Rita's attitudes to culture change in the play In carrying out the objectives we have been given to write this coursework, as outlined in the title, we must evaluate the themes and dramatic techniques...   [tags: Educating Rita Willy Russell Plays Essays]

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Multicultural Counseling Techniques For Culturally Diverse Backgrounds

- D1 1.) Think of situations in which you might encounter clients with culturally diverse backgrounds. What aspects of cognitive behavioral therapy do you think might work well in multicultural counseling. How might you have to modify some of your techniques so that they would be appropriate for the client’s cultural background. While thinking of situations in which I might encounter clients with culturally diverse backgrounds I could think of a lot while working in a community agency or even in my own private practice....   [tags: Cognitive behavioral therapy, Psychotherapy]

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The Value Proposition For Young People With Troubled Backgrounds

- 1 The value proposition is to help young people with troubled backgrounds (caused by separated parents, drug use, violent behavior etc.) improve their lifestyle and independence through workshop activities and special team of advisers. We continually provide support and ensure that you stay on track. Benefits to consumers are: • Consumers are assured of a boost in confidence and independence • Potential employability skills are improved on if already present • Improved social connections and networks among peers through teamwork and interacting with professional speakers • It provides a good experience that can only make you stronger mentally 3 The business model used is based on Al...   [tags: Strategic management, SWOT analysis, PEST analysis]

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Meeting People Diverse Backgrounds Can Be Challenging At Times

- Meeting people diverse backgrounds can be challenging at times. We all have our perceived view of the world, and other cultures are no exception to this rule. Due to internet, mass communication, faster air travel, and a litany of other means of transport the world has become a smaller place. We are now in contact with many different races within their original home lands as opposed to meeting them in America. What is fascinating is while it appears the world has shrunk due to the aforementioned reasons, as a society of people we have not been able to communicate effectively nor fully understand other cultures....   [tags: Culture, The Culture, Communication, Bible]

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Children Of All Backgrounds Were Ignorant Of Culture

- When I was in elementary school, I remember sitting on the bus one morning hating my hair. I hated my hair so much that I began undoing all the plaits and barrettes that my mother had so carefully braided that morning. In that moment, I hated being different than all the other girls in my school who had long, soft, flowing hair. I grew up in a predominately white community in the late 1990s, early 2000s. There was only 13% African Americans and even less of other “minorities” in Calvert County, MD....   [tags: Black people, African American, African diaspora]

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Academic Failures Of Students From Diverse Backgrounds

- Quote 1: “... cultural difference adherents argue that the academic failures of students from diverse backgrounds cannot be attributed to to perceived disadvantages existing within a culture. Instead, school failure results principally because there is a mismatch (difference) between student’s cultures and the cultures of schools themselves.” Text to Self: In one of my classes in high school, there was a student who had recently emigrated from a country in Southeast Asia. She spoke a decent amount of English, and seemed to be a dedicated student....   [tags: Culture, Family, Education]

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We All Come From Different Backgrounds

- We all come from different backgrounds. We all have different histories and those differences bring new ideas and hopes and dreams for each of us. so again i have a big question . My question is, what does it take, what will it take, to finally unite humanity. by this im trying to say What has to happen before we lay down our petty playground fights, and become human , become one . Honestly at this point I would give anything, to see what we, as humans, are actually capable of. So again, I ask, what would have to happen in the world, for us to finally come together in a way that cannot be undone....   [tags: Human, Thought, World War II, Tragedy]

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Devout Catholicism Backgrounds

- Unlike many, Flannery O’Connor only had a body of work consisting of merely thirty-one short stories, two novels and a few letters and speeches. While those numbers are peculiarly low for your conventional author, O’Connor is one that should not be disregarded. She was considered one of the most prominent authors with the basis of Roman Catholicism in the twentieth century. Being born as an only child to a very stanch Catholic family in Savannah, Georgia, in the year 1925, there should have been no surprise that the writings of this woman would be heavily backed by the Catholicism beliefs and practices....   [tags: Flannery O'Connor, Biography]

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Providing Support to Children and Families From Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Backgrounds

- In this essay a range of strategies to support children and their families from culturally and linguistically backgrounds will be discussed using different perspectives and concepts. As suggested by Kaiser & Rasminsky (2003) “culture is like a second skin and it only becomes visible when we brush up against one that is different” (p.53).Culture is important part in our lives , it can include the food we eat , beliefs , values and the way we look at our world. As a teacher it is important to understand our own culture, before we try to understand children’s and families culture....   [tags: Culture ]

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A Teacher Should Have Knowledge And Understanding Of The Diversity Of Students ' Backgrounds

- Graduate teachers should have knowledge and understanding of the diversity of students’ backgrounds and how this impacts on student learning (AITSL, 2014). They should also be responsive to the learning needs of students across the full spectrum of students’ backgrounds and abilities/disabilities (AITSL, 2014). Similarly, Lead teachers require this same knowledge and understanding, however they need to specialise in the local educational context, through expert and community knowledge (AITSL, 2014)....   [tags: Education, Educational psychology, Pedagogy]

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Is Diversity A Major Obstacle? Education For People From Different Ethnic Backgrounds?

- Diversity Paper There has been a major change in the past thirty years regarding the amount of immigrants coming to the United States. The impact the immigrants have had on education and diversity is unbelievable. There are many factors which contribute to the element of diversity in education, such as each student 's culture, the different languages each student speaks, promoting gender equality amongst students, and working with students who have exceptionalities. As today 's educators, teachers must understand diversity from an omniscient perspective and the influence it has on students, making the process of getting an education as equal and pleasant as possible for all students....   [tags: Education, Culture, Teacher, Gender]

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Personal Reflection On Counseling People From Various Backgrounds And Cultures

- “In general I believe that counseling people from various backgrounds and cultures can be difficult. One thing however is steady, understanding. I believe in taking the time to research my clients, reading up on different cultures and staying current with generational differences. My philosophy is a great counselor is always learning. There is no one human being who knows everything. We all have to continuously educate ourselves. Factors such as; race, background, socioeconomic status, gender, sexual orientation, values and beliefs are all important when counseling someone....   [tags: Culture, Religion, The Culture, Oppression]

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The Education Team Performance May Be Hindered Due For The Different Cultural Backgrounds Of The Nurses

- In a study, Li writes, “Healthcare team performance may be hindered due to the different cultural backgrounds of the nurses” (2014, p. 316). A report mentions that the IENs have less confidence in providing culturally competent care to the patients of the different culture due to lack of understanding of health beliefs, values and behaviors of that culture (Lampley, 2008). For instance, in Philippines, most of the decisions are made by the doctors. Nurses just follow doctors’ order in decision making (Tregunno, et al., 2009)....   [tags: Health care, Healthcare, Health care provider]

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America Is A Melting Pot Which Accounts For People Of All Different Cultures And Backgrounds

- America is a melting pot which accounts for people of all different cultures and backgrounds. Although America has yet to declare an official language, our official language recognized all around the world is Standard English. As with many languages around the world, American Standard English branches off into several dialects be it Southern, Midwestern, or New England, which are separated by region. American Linguist William Labov published his work The Study of Nonstandard English in 1969. Labov argues that it is imperative that educators contextualize non-standard English using standard English, and that Standard English and Nonstandard English are more closely related than many instructo...   [tags: English language, Dialect, Language]

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Teaching Children Who Come from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds

- New Zealand is a diverse and multicultural society, some ethnic groups established themselves in Aotearoa many decades ago such as the Chinese, Croatian and Indian communities and other groups have arrived more recently such as Koreans and South African(student guide). As an early childhood teachers that it is important to appreciate, understand and respect different cultural and religious ideas. The whole environment of early childhood setting needs to reflect a multicultural and multilingual approach....   [tags: Education ]

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How Religion Can Unite Other People From Different Cultural Backgrounds

- Religion can unite various people from different cultural backgrounds but, it can also cause divergent opposition. Buddhism shares and explains many different teachings and philosophies including the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path which strongly relate to sunyata, or emptiness. I was intrigued by these concepts because of the manner in which they influence the daily life of Buddhists. Foremost, the Buddha believed that religion should have absence of authority, ritual, tradition, and supernatural; and that it should be powerful self-effort....   [tags: Four Noble Truths, Gautama Buddha]

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The Peak Performers Come From Many Different Lifestyles And Backgrounds

- Peak performers come from many different lifestyles and backgrounds. A peak performer sets long-term goals to achieve and takes small steps to achieve those goals. People are not perfect, they make mistakes every single day. Peak performers do not dwell on those mistakes, they overcome those obstacles to achieve their goals. “They are masters, not victims, of life’s situations.” According to an article by Bethel University, to become a peak performer a person must be able to push themselves past their comfort zone....   [tags: Learning, Psychology, Kinesthetic learning]

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Traffic Stop Frequencies Among Individuals From Diverse Backgrounds

- Traffic Stop Frequencies among individuals from diverse backgrounds Currently in our society, minority individuals are being incarcerated at increasingly high levels when compared to majority individuals. This can be easily seen in the demographics of our prison system. Currently, our prison population of comprised of 40% African Americans and 38% white even though African Americans only make up 13% of the population and whites makes up 68% of the overall population. The question which plagues our society is, what is causing this discrepancy between incarceration rates of different races comparative to their population....   [tags: Ethics, Value, Prison, Scientific method]

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The Social Determinants of Health Contribution to Mr. A’s Myocardial Infarction

- “The health of individuals and populations is influenced and determined by many factors acting in various combinations. Healthiness, disease, disability and, ultimately, death are seen as the result of … human biology, lifestyle and environmental (e.g. social) factors…” (Mary Louise Fleming, 2009) There are many unchangeable contributing factors that play a role in a person’s health condition, this can be anything from the gender and location that they were born into, to genetic impairments and the lifestyle that their parents raised them in or even government policies; but for as many unchangeable factors, there are also changeable factors....   [tags: Pacific islander health backgrounds]

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Why Affirmative Action Should Be Eliminated

- Imagine waking up tomorrow and reading in the local paper that the government was giving tax breaks to minorities in order to prevent discrimination. Congress insists that the deductions will “help level the playing field” in American society, claiming that diversity is necessary in creating an ideal nation, but is this attempt to prevent disparities and racism not an act of inequality in itself. By putting this policy into place, the government is giving advantages to minorities without showing the same generosity to Caucasians of the same economic backgrounds....   [tags: Minority Backgrounds, Student Performance]

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Considerations for Contract Law

- ... Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Co demonstrates that the rules of offer and acceptance benefit ordinary members of society. This is due to the rational of the case, the deposit of money showed an intention to be bound; therefore the advert was an offer. The buying and using the smokeball amounted to acceptance. Thus, the large corporation Carbolic Smoke Ball Co set out false contracts to raise their profits had backfired due to the simple principles in contract law. Therefore, the ordinary member of society Carlill benefited through the rules of offer and acceptance....   [tags: judiciary, backgrounds, handicapped ]

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Cultural Backgrounds of Authors Used in A Stench of Kerosene and Veronica

- Cultural Backgrounds of Authors Used in A Stench of Kerosene and Veronica 'A Stench of Kerosene' is a story about a young woman, Guleri (whose family live in Chamba), living with her husband, Okeke, and his family. Guleri has never borne Okeke a child, and because of this Okeke's mother makes him re-marry. The remarriage of Okeke occurs when Guleri goes away to visit her family, for the harvest fair. When Guleri hears of Okeke's new wife she soaks her clothes in Kerosene and kills herself....   [tags: Papers]

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The Main Points Essential for Developing Early Literacy

- The home-school connection in developing early literacy is critical. Most educators recognize that children learn in a socio-constructivist way, through making meaning of their world around them. However there is often a mismatch between literacy practices of homes, communities and cultures and those of school (McNaughton, 2011). It is critical that the home-school connection is nourished and promoted. This will lead to students gaining a greater opportunity to learn and extend their literacy skills....   [tags: indigenous & non-English speaking backgrounds]

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Are Zara Purchase Intention For Zara Factors Between The Respondents Of Different Backgrounds, Tests Of Variance?

- o establish whether there were differences in purchase intention for Zara factors between the respondents of different backgrounds, tests of variance were carried out using Student’s T-Test and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). The results of comparison are presented in tables 4.9 – 4.20. 4.4.1. Zara purchase intention by GENDER. Seeking to establish whether there were differences in Zara products purchase intention between the respondents of different genders, Student’s t – Test was carried out and the results are presented in tables 4.9 & 4.10....   [tags: Statistics, Analysis of variance, Arithmetic mean]

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Polititical scandals

- When it comes to the importance of checking state and local politicians, I think it is extremely important to a certain extent. Any job should require some background check when the job is publicly related. Police officers for instance have an extensive background check if they have suspicion of a current or upcoming officer. Officers can contact a number of friends, relatives, bosses, etc. of the officer to ask questions, in hopes of catching the individual of guard. I feel that this is somewhat necessary for someone that we are supposed to trust to protect and serve our communities....   [tags: checking politicians backgrounds]

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The Most Diverse Nation is the World

- The Most Diverse Nation is the World When I lived in Japan and talked with my friends about Americans, I had a strong impression that my friends think the average American is white. Of course they realize that there are many other ethnic groups in the U.S. but they do not realize the true extent of racial diversity in America. In their minds, an average American has white skin, a tall nose, long legs, wide eyes, and a muscular body. So I wondered what could have led them to this image of the average American....   [tags: Ethnic Backgrounds Ethnicity Cultural Essays]

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The Theory Of Background Music

- This chapter is mainly discussing about the literature throughout the past. The theories in background music would be discussed first, and followed by the formation of the drivers and outcomes of background music, which is basically the “stakeholders” of background music. At last, empirical researches prior conducted would be thoroughly browsed and followed by a simple conclusion from the studies. 2.2. Theories in Background Music There exists a fair amount of articles related to store atmospherics....   [tags: Emotion, Psychology, Music, Background music]

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The Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation

- Even though the equal balance of matter and antimatter created in the beginning of the universe as proposed by the Big Bang theory might have annihilated each other before any stars could form, the inflation model of the Big Bang accounts for the unequal level of matter-antimatter existing today and how stars could form before matter-antimatter reactions destroyed the universe. The existence of the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation is in line with what is predicted by the Big Bang Theory, specifically that the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation exists....   [tags: Cosmic microwave background radiation, Universe]

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My Background On My Family

- I cannot exactly remember when I started feeling different from my peers because I was never bothered by the idea of being multiethnic, until the moment I could not categorize my background into a box for a school form. My parents always made my brother and I feel proud about our multiethnic and cultural heritage. I was never ashamed of my background but at times I felt too diverse due to the fact that my dad’s ethnic background is Indian and my mom’s ethnic background is Chinese and Portuguese, though they are both from Guyana....   [tags: Religion, Hinduism, The Culture, Culture]

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Background Of Personal Histories And Accounts

- The following short compilation of personal histories and accounts are centered around a few people living in the Portland metro area who identify as Latino or Hispanic. The questions I asked them were focused on highlighting their personal stories and life experiences about living in Pacific Northwest while having a family background of hispanic or Latino heritage. I wanted to show their struggles as well as any positive experiences they’ve had as a result of their ethnicity and identity. The first people I interviewed were Sam Loewen and Jacob Loewen....   [tags: United States, Hispanic and Latino Americans]

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Women And Cultural Background On Women

- Throughout my years and experiences of being a young woman in religion, I could now define a woman in religion to be one who plays the character of a submissive to her spouse, or someone who walks in the shadow of a man. The definition of women in religion is derived from the important historical, social, cultural and economic factors. Also my experiences growing up as a young lady in the church and my cultural background on women in Christianity churches. All these various factors have contributed and have shaped my view of what it means to be a woman in religion....   [tags: Woman, Female, Gender, Girl]

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Background Investigation into Potential Applicants

- This essay will explore the many different issues that a security manager must consider when hiring security personal pertaining to the information requested in the form of background investigations and the legal ramifications of what information can be obtained and what information if any is off limits to the investigation of an applicant. As a manager of a security firm one would want to be cautious as to who should be hired and for what position that applicant should be able to fill. With this being stated it is not uncommon for a security firm to require the applicants volunteer to a background check as well as physical and mental testing in order to be hired for a high security position...   [tags: Corporate Security]

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Social Class And Family Background

- America has always taken pride in being the land of opportunity, a country in which hard work and sacrifice sits in a better life for one’s children. Economic growth has made that dream a reality for generations of Americans, including many people who started out poor. Too many of America’s most disadvantaged children grow up without the skills needed to thrive in the twenty-first century. Low levels of performance among the most disadvantaged create long-term problems, particularly in an economy in which higher skill levels are more and more valued and the wages available to less-skilled workers are deteriorating....   [tags: United States, Education, Socioeconomic status]

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Background Of Leaning Leadership Book

- Background of Leaning Leadership Book The purpose of Learning Leadership book is to answer a fundamental question: How do people learn leadership and how they can learn to become leaders. James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner have written this book as an exclusive guide for leaders to become the best leader by practicing the five fundamentals of becoming an exemplary leader. The book provides a framework to help people of all levels and backgrounds to develop their leadership style and become the best leaders they can be....   [tags: Leadership, Charismatic authority, Sociology]

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America Needs Background Checks for Gun Purchases

- Tragedy after tragedy, people find themselves mourning over the lives lost. And over and over again, they look back to see how they could have prevented it. People continue to argue and constantly debate what actions should be taken, and while doing so, more and more people lose their lives at the hands of gun violence. It’s clear to see that not much has been done to keep these weapons out of the wrongs hands: the shootings at Columbine High School and Virginia Tech have shown that. What would happen if there were to be another devastating shooting to occur....   [tags: Pro Gun Control, Universal Background Checks]

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Jewish Background Q&A

- 3a. Describe the basic attitudes of first century Jews towards Gentiles. Attitudes of first century Jews towards Gentiles are viewed as being complex. Gentiles can be defined in many ways some of which could mean foreigner or heathen. Jews viewed nations of the world as evil and therefore were adversary of God. Gentiles no doubt fell into this category. Some of these feelings derived from the oppression during the Intertestamental period and various anti-Semitic measures taken against them. In addition these feeling perpetuated through a long history of their zeal to protect particularistic and elitist privilege....   [tags: Religion]

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Reference Checks, Background Checks for BioServerSystems

- Completing the proper background checks on potential employees is an essential step in the hiring process. Failing to do so can cost an organization time and resources in the hiring process, but equally important is the cost on a company’s reputation (Tate, 2012). BioServerSystems (BSS) has learned the hard way that failing to perform the appropriate checks can impact stakeholders trust in a company. Unscrupulous individuals can infiltrate an organization, creating costly expenses in legal fees, hiring costs, and costs to the organizations reputation as a result of failure to carry out due diligence in the hiring process....   [tags: hiring process, potential employees]

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Associating : Communication Competence And Cultural Background

- Associating: Communication Competence and Cultural Background Previous researchers have found that for a person to achieve better and more effective communication competence, it is necessary to develop skills that allow an appropriate participation in specific situations. The ability to listen, ask questions, and express concepts or ideas effectively is an important part of communication competence. Intercultural communication presents an unexplored and challenging field that needs to be understood for a better development in communication....   [tags: Culture, Cross-cultural communication, Perception]

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Background Factors Of Small Group Interactions

- As I discuss background factors relating to small group interactions, we first have to ask, “What constitutes a small group”. In my experience and interpretation of what constitutes a small croup is that at minimum, you need three people and no more than 12 people. Within a small group the ability to get to know each other’s ethnicity, backgrounds, beliefs and morals are made easier. Small groups tend to be more focused on goal accomplishment or task completion. There are the six relevant background factors relating to small group interaction....   [tags: Morality, Psychology, Sigmund Freud, Gender]

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Diversity, Racial, Religious, And Gender Background

- In an era where globalization has increased we have observed an increase in multicultural teams in numerous companies. According to a multicultural work force can be defined as: “one wherein a company 's employees include members of diversity of ethnic, racial, religious, and gender background.” A variety of backgrounds maybe an asset if all employees contribute their resources, however it can also so be a source of conflict. In multicultural workplaces, disputes are almost inevitable and often based on different needs, interests, perceptions, or cultural norms....   [tags: Culture, Communication, Writing, Sociology]

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Scientific Background of the Auroras

- The colored lights that dance in the sky, changing from shimmering curtains to whirling vortexes dressed in blue, green and red. The shining curtains of light whip back in forth as you stare in awe, witnessing one of wonders of the natural world. These magnificent light shows are known as the Aurora Borealis and Northern Lights in the north and Aurora Australis and Southern Lights in the south. The Aurora Borealis can be seen in areas near magnetic poles located in the North Pole such as Canada, Alaska, Greenland and Siberia....   [tags: Location, History, Scientific Background]

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How Does Student And School Background Impact Teaching?

- IV. How does student and school background impact teaching. My the background of my school and its students certainly impacted my teaching style. My teaching style is something that I have observed carefully during my time at Mott Hall II. I can honestly say that my teaching style has changed quite a bit during initial student placement. There were a lot of challenges working with 8th grade students. For the last several years I have been exposed to higher level of education, this certainly impacted my teaching style negatively....   [tags: Education, School, Teacher, Student]

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How Cultural Background Affects The Nursing Care

- Globalization and immigration are two major forces increasing cultural diversity around the world. Technological advancements, increasing international travel, and ethnic strife in countries such as Syria are some of the factors contributing to this trend. As a result, most individuals live in a multi-cultural society and are trying to preserve their identity while interacting with people from varying backgrounds. The health care industry is not immune to increasing diversity and to adapt, organizations and employees must learn how to provide culturally congruent care (Emami & Safipour, 2013)....   [tags: Nursing, Health care, Health, Patient]

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Hampden-Turner's Seven Dimensions of Culture

- In nowadays economic and technological advancement as well as unlimited communication means, the work environment is more heterogeneous then ever, especially in terms of cultural background. This has provided for broad and diverse communication and interaction styles, behaviors, expectations and manifestations almost in every economic unit. On the other side the multinational corporates are the most eminent example how the cultural diversity can be enriching and productive as well in same time cultural and background differences can cause differences in understanding and even cultural shock or conflicts....   [tags: cultural background, differences]

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Background And Background Of Apple Company

- 3.2 Context and background of Apple The background of Apple Company initially used to be an Apple computers, when they initially began in California USA and transformed into a multinational company that was started without a proper planning and image in mind. I phone, iPod and Macintosh pcs are the most prominent products of Apple. Steven Wozniak and Steven p. Jobs were friends from high school. Both of them were very much interested in electronics. They both dropped out school and started getting jobs in Silicon Valley, Wozniak for Hewlett-Packard and jobs for Atari....   [tags: Apple Inc., Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, IPhone]

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Leadership and Communication: How Each Generation Communicates

- ... How Each Generation Communicates Each generation’s culture, technology, society, media, and life events have a significant impact on the way they perform. “A person’s generation is a highly influential factor that we all recognize, at least instinctively, when we talk and listen to individuals of a generation different from our own. For these reasons, people who grow up during the same era tend to be exposed to many of the same stimuli from the surrounding culture through the news, media, music, and other cultural factor”....   [tags: generations, background, motivation]

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Preservation of Each Other´s Cultures

- “Preservation of one’s own culture does not require contempt or disrespect for other cultures” (Chavez). This quotation by Cesar Chavez argues that by preserving something, people are not thinking that other things are not good for their culture. The preservation of their cultural circumstances allows them to empathize with their heritage and it also educates people of other miscellaneous cultures from different regions of the world. In Iron & Silk, Mark Salzman reveals that his journey to China, which brought him home to the United States of America, shocked him....   [tags: hertiage, educate, background, influence]

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Backward Substraction Algorithm for Stationary and Dynamic Background Video Sequences

- Identifying moving objects from a video sequence is a fundamental and critical task in many computer-vision applications. A common approach is to perform background subtraction, which identifies moving objects from the portion of a video frame that differs significantly from a background model. Most methods for foreground region detection in videos are challenged by the presence of quasi-stationary backgrounds flickering monitors, waving tree branches, moving water surfaces or rain. Additional difficulties are caused by camera shake or by the presence of moving objects in every image....   [tags: Computer, Application]

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Characteristics Of The Learners ( Age, Background, Experience, Knowledge Base, Level Of Responsibility

- Part a) Consider the appropriateness of the task in relation to the characteristics of the learners (age, background, experience, knowledge base, level of responsibility ...). In your response reference to theorists such as Piaget, Vygotsky, Kohlberg and Erikson (studied in EDC1100) would be beneficial. The task is well suited to the students within this class. It provides equity in student learning and allows for differentiation were necessary, taking into account the individual student characteristics like intellectual impairments, the diversity of cultural backgrounds, gender, the varied range of abilities, the student’s relationships with each other and its age appropriateness....   [tags: Assessment, Educational psychology, Education]

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorders and Social Background of an Individual´s Symptoms

- Obsessive compulsive disorder according to the DSM-IV-TR is anxiety distinguished by complaints and recurring thoughts of actions (BehaveNet Clinical capsule, 1996-2010, n.p.). In the DSM-IV-TR it classifies Obsessive disorders as persistent idioms, impulses, and pictures, which cause anxiety and stress of compulsive acts or mental acts that the individual is compelled to perform as a reaction to compulsion (BehaveNet, n.p.). The obsession is an informal aspect and compulsion of the individual’s personal actions of the obsessive compulsive disorder, which he or she is completely conscious of but struggles with the psychological need to perform behaviors (Krebs et al, 2009; Shiraev & Levy, 20...   [tags: Anxiety, Depression]

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What I Know About My Friends From A Different Background

- There is a saying “walk in a mile in my shoes…then maybe you’ll understand why I do, what I do.” This quote is a bit longer than the usual “put yourself in someone else’s shoes,” but they essentially ask a person to take a moment and try to see the perspective of another person to understand them. While growing up, I often heard these saying and I thought I completely understood them. If I wanted to understand someone who was going through a rough time, I should take a moment and see the world through their eyes, especially here in college where I am exposed to people of different nationalities, cultures, and upbringings, I realize I can also apply this mentality to everyday interactions....   [tags: Culture, The Culture, 1985 singles, Thought]

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Black or White: A Contrast of Liberties

- My life, as it stands today, is rarely affected by my racial background; I was born to a Caucasian mother and African American father out of wedlock. I came into this world in 1972 and was adopted by an interracial couple who also reflected the same backgrounds as my birth parents. Upon superficial appearances, many white folk are unaware of my racial mixture; for all intents and purposes, I look like a run of the mill white boy. Rather interestingly though, black folk can just tell; often, they cite that it is my hair, nose, and lips which provide the subtle clues....   [tags: caucasian, african-american, racial background]

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An Artist With A Background

- Halifax-based William Robinson, an artist with a background in both music and sculpture, combines sound, image and object in durational works that explore both the fluidity and the constitutive resistance of matter. These often grand, theatrical events are the result of a lengthy, painstaking process of research into the way things are reshaped, both physically and through cultural intervention, how they acquire or lose significance through use and experience. In Robinson’s work, materials – which most definitely include sound, especially in the form of noise - are broken-down, rearranged, composed, and decomposed again, subjected to the linear trajectory of the musical score, the narrative...   [tags: Musical notation, Music, Musical composition]

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Background to the Quran

- THE QURAN Background The Quran is a highly revered book in Islam. It is not only valued for its contents, but also more essentially for its status as Revelation. For this reason it is not a common practice among Muslims to make any significant reference to the history of the Quran. More appropriately, they make reference to the history of the Revelation of the Quran . According to the Islamic story, Allah revealed the entire Quran to Muhammad in the Night of Majesty. Afterwards, it then descended to the prophet Muhammad in stages over a period of 23 years....   [tags: Islam ]

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America 's Lack Of Firearm Background Checks, Illegal Immigration, And The Fight For A Better Life

- Throughout the course of North American history, one may deem this so called “opportunistic way of life” to live or migrate towards, can sometimes be more problematic than figured. These so-called “problematic” issues many Americans now struggle with can be from the social worker’s lack of increased minimum wage payment, to argumentative firearm background checks, to the occasional illegal immigrant that wholeheartedly crosses the boarder in search for a better life. Although these highly debated and current issues circulate through popular news feeds like mad, one may not ideally process and compel just how these issues can impact themselves and the others around them....   [tags: Immigration to the United States, United States]

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The Role of Background Knowledge in Reading

- 1. Introduction With the passage of time and the spread of technology wider than ever, there is a vast amount of knowledge and information which require from individuals faster response to these developments around the globe. One of the most effective ways for individuals to be up-to-date with the world around is to read. Reading is a skill which any learner needs along with other skills. Reading, as defined by Macmillan Dictionary, is the process of recognizing written or printed words and understanding their meaning....   [tags: Education]

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The Need For an Educational Background on Cloning

- Clones would also have an increased risk of birth defects, if they survived to term. It would be obligatory for doctors and nurses to care for these children. The care that a cloned child might need, would be focusing on physiological and psychological needs. Nurses could also assist the clones and their family with identity crises, by counseling them. This would help them develop a close bond, and would convey acceptance. This bond would help the child develop security as well. This makes education on developmental abnormalities and cloning crucial for the medical society....   [tags: nuclear transfer, genetically identical, dna]

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The Political Background Of The State Of Texas

- After the October rush ends election season begins. On November 6, 2012 the people of Texas were headed cast their vote for the new president. The two runners were Barack Obama the incumbent and Mitt Romney (NBC, 2011). The people of Texas were in favor of the runner up, Mitt Romney. Romney had fifty-seven percent of the state’s vote compared to Obama who had a measly fourth-one percent (NBC, 2011). Texas was only one of the fifty states fighting for Romney. The end resulted with Barrack Obama winning the 2012 presidential election....   [tags: United States, Barack Obama, United States Senate]

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The Moral Philosophy : History And Background

- Moral Philosophy History & Background The Moral Philosophy has been developed primarily over the course of the last century (Reamer, 1993). While the concepts of morals and ethics have always played a part when working with human beings, the focus of the subject as a whole has shifted over time. Originally, the profession of social work began with an emphasis on the client and centered upon their actions in the process. This means that the morality under question was that of the individual coming to the professional for help (Reamer, 1993)....   [tags: Ethics, Philosophy, Morality, Meta-ethics]

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Academic Background And Purpose Of A Career

- Statement of Purpose Academic Background and Purpose of Study There comes a point in every student’s life when he has to make a choice of his career. I am now at the threshold of choosing my career and I have chosen to train myself in different aspects of Business Management. I have done my senior secondary in Commerce from one of the top schools in India. While doing my study in this field, I realized that the current level of knowledge is not efficient to reach the higher levels and build a successful career....   [tags: Management, Business school, Business]

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Cultural Background Of The Aboriginal Community

- The Canadian population is composed of people with different cultural background that consist of different communities of immigrants and natives. The Aboriginal community is one of the native community living in Canada holding 4.3% of total population as per National Household Survey 2011 (Statistics Canada, 2011).The Aboriginal people are culturally diverse in Canada having unique historical, linguistic and social contexts. Distinct cultural background of the Aboriginal communities is one of the reason they are experiencing inequities and disparities in health status compared to the non-aboriginal people....   [tags: Health care, Health care provider, Healthcare]

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A Reflection On My Family Background

- As the son of an American mother and Greek immigrant father, difference was always the rule rather than the exception for me. While it could seem that my family background would nurture my interest in multiculturalism, it was the discord of this cultural mix that defined my artistic journey and led me to engage and empathize with the stories of people across the world. When I came out to my parents the summer after my freshman year, my father greeted my story with a profound lack of empathy. My mother, though slightly more open, met the news of my sexuality with similar incomprehension....   [tags: Psychology, Understanding]

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The Cultural Background Of Boko Haram

- “Nigeria has always been a divided country plagued by weak governance, ethnic cleavages, and corruption”("The Historical Background of Boko Haram", 2014). Also, “Boko Haram was born in this context, with religious fervor growing in the Muslim north and finally manifesting itself in violent Islamist terrorism"( "The Historical Background of Boko Haram", 2014). When the British pull out the region, it left the Northern parts of Nigeria unstable and not ensuring that northern Nigeria opened the door to corruption by terror groups....   [tags: Terrorism, Nigeria, Islam, Osama bin Laden]

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Background Checks On Private Sales

- Background Checks on Private Sales Gun violence affects a tremendous amount of individuals throughout the United States. Everyday a crime is committed with the use of a gun, most of which are obtained legally. With background checks on privately sold firearms these rates would decrease, due to the fact that it would deny convicted felons, or under age people from purchasing a life threatening weapon that could be used to commit further crimes. However, it is true that sometimes background checks do not catch everything and can lead to a gun in the hands of the wrong person....   [tags: Firearm, Crime, Columbine High School massacre]

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Brief Background on The Kosovo War

- Kosovo Precedent Justification.   Introduction Throughout history there has been a power struggle between the oppressed and the oppressors, which can be identified by the historic process of imperialism. Imperialism once thought of being a heinous action carried out by the oppressors or in other words the powerful, wealthy, and influential states. These countries venture out and try to colonize other underdeveloped countries so that they can extract resources, labor, and wealth. The oppressed are forced to abide by the rules of the powerful minority....   [tags: syria, power struggle, ukraine]

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Background and Management at Palmas Bank

- This chapter of Local currency explains background, management at Palmas bank. Palmas bank is a suburb of Fortaleza located in Northeastern Brazil, which developed country examples take community bank and community organization the state capital of Ceará in Fortaleza. Local currency of Palmas bank makes a contribution in poor residents and local economy that has an effect coming into the sense of solidarity to use and invest alternative money between residents and local business. The history of community organizations and facilities in Palmas has made living room and life resource establishing community organizations and facilities by local residents....   [tags: local currency at Fortaleza, Northern Brazil]

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Background: Being Raised in the South

- The phrase cultural background can describe many aspects of your life to include your communication style, one’s behaviors, values and beliefs. The environment in which you are raised shapes many future goals and interactions. However the model of your past environment does not predict the future for everyone. Often, your past environment sets a framework for illicit a positive change in your life. As a black child, born in the discriminatory south in the 1960’s, this era of time has taught me a lot about life and people....   [tags: personal experience and reflection]

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A Brief Background Of Tyco International

- 1. Tyco – A Brief Background Tyco International was founded in 1960 and was regarded as an important electrical and electronic components provider, fire protection system maker and electronic security service provider. It is a diverse producing and serving corporation. Tyco has done business in over 1000 locations in 50 countries and hires 69,000 employees around the world (TYCO, 2012). Tyco International has expanded rapidly and broadly since its IPO in 1973 and has numerous companies among the Fortune 500....   [tags: Dennis Kozlowski, Tyco International, Enron]

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General Background Of A Business Model

- General background Designs by Kate is a company that sells women’s jewelry using the direct sales method. DBK has seen sales success and growth despite unfavorable economic conditions and slow growth in the retail industry. With all of this being said Kate Creevey founder and CEO of DBK is concerned with her company’s top-line growth trajectory which has slowed down as of late. This issue has been attributed to a couple factors. The first factor is a “slowdown in the rate at which new sales representatives were transitioning to “leader” status and beginning to build their own teams.” This is a major issue because team building is central to DBK’s business model and success....   [tags: Sales, Selling, Marketing, Sales variance]

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Description And Background Of Waste Management

- Context and Background Waste management is an area of study related to the management of waste in terms of collection, transport, storage, transfer, processing and disposal of waste in an environmentally friendly, health responsive way in align with the best practices and technology. Solid Waste Management (SWM) is one of the key concerns in current Sri Lankan environmental context. Infrastructure, resources and latest technology know-how on SWM is lacking in the most parts of the country and thus contributed to creation of many health, socio- economic and cultural issues (Bandara, 2011)....   [tags: Waste management, Recycling, Waste]

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Background And Significance Of Home Births

- Background and Significance In recent years, the number of home births in the U.S. has increased. Although fewer than 1% of births in the United States occur at home, the rate is much higher in other countries, such as 30% in the Netherlands (Ecker and Minkoff, 2011). Internationally, a majority of births take place in the home, with up to 80-95% in certain Asian and African countries (Fullerton et al., 2007). Unfortunately, the topic of home birth is divided between midwives and obstetricians....   [tags: Childbirth, Obstetrics, Midwifery, Home birth]

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Background And Research Problem Of Teaching

- I: Background and Research Problem Teaching in the 21st century expects teachers to not only teach their subject matter, but also integrate technology in their classroom. Teachers must stay up to date with their content as well as adapt new digital and/or instructional tools for their classroom such as technology apps in order to support student learning according to (Pilgrim, Bledsoe, and Reily, 2012). Envision the following classroom situations: imagine walking into a classroom where a teacher uses a Prezi presentation regarding Spanish weather expressions, a brief animated video clip that displays using the weather expressions in major cities around the world as their backdrop, and...   [tags: High school, Education, Teacher, School]

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Background Of The Criminal And Crimes

- Background of the criminal And Crimes: John’s behavior all started to change when he was 7 after he moved from New Lots, Brooklyn to Little Italy, the Bronx. John is the youngest of seven and the only one with a different father. His older sister can relate to him since they both have the same parent. Their father always took them out like they were his own children. After moving to the Bronx, John went from being a B student to failing one. The work wasn 't hard, he was just afraid of the new environment he was surrounded by....   [tags: Crime, Gang, Criminology, High school]

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History And Background Of Forensic Investigations

- How is Geographic Information Systems used and applied to a certain profession. Do you think GIS is more important in one profession than another. Why is GIS important to use in a profession. All of these are common questions to think about when looking at different professions. The profession that interested me the most is Forensic Investigations, which is kind of like a Crime Scene Investigator. When I graduate college, I want to go into the forensic field, and this paper gives me a good opportunity to look at the different GIS used in this particular field of study....   [tags: Forensic science, Fingerprint, Sherlock Holmes]

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