Investigating Which Social Class Achieves More in the Education System

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Investigating Which Social Class Achieves More in the Education System

Research has shown that children from working class backgrounds do

not, on average, do as well in school as those from middle class

backgrounds. They are also less likely to go on to further and higher

education. Firstly, I am going to gather secondary information in

order to see what research has already been gathered on this

particular topic, and then I will gather my own information to see if

what I have researched is correct.

I have decided to break down my question as follows:

* I am going to look mainly at working class pupils but include some

information on middle class pupils as well.

* I am going to identify which social class does better.

* Look at some of the reasons behind this.

To find my secondary information I am going to look in textbooks,

newspapers, on the internet and maybe try and find some Government

Statistics. I will have to make sure that the information that I

collect is as up to date as possible. To do this I will look for

information that has been updated/written in the last two or three

years. (2002 - 2005)

For my primary research I have decided to use questionnaires and

interviews. I have chosen questionnaires because they will be quick

and easy for me to do. Interviews are suitable as they are also quick,

so won't take up too much of my time. I have not chosen to do any

observations, as they would take up too much of my time and I could

spend that time doing something else. To make my questionnaires

representative I will need to ask equal amounts of both males and

females. I have chosen to pick 12 males and 12 females, all from Year

11. This is because I know most people in Year 11 so can get the

questionnaires to them easier.

For my secondary information I have collected data from various

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