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Truth Is The Pursuit Of Truth

- ... The mind is able to comprehend information before having accepted or denied it as the truth. Yet if pressed for a judgment before one has been reached, we are sufficiently flexible to be able to incorporate prior knowledge and experience into the judgment to make an informed guess (Street& Richardson, 2015). Based on these findings, human nature is to seek out truth, not deceit, through experience and prior knowledge. It appears humans prefer to consider new experiences truthful on first intuition and rely on what they know to be “true”....   [tags: Truth, Religion, Epistemology, Belief]

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The, The Irrevocable Truth

- ... He notices that things around him are being other than what they appear. For instance, the “Ocean-vue” is deciptive in its name because its supposed to have a view of the ocean and yet it is covered by “new bath houses” which prevents any scenic views of the ocean, or the “old White House inn” which is “collapsing itself like a rotten wedding cake” and other illusory as the “Atlantic Lodge or the Spinnaker”. As he learns the deceptive names for these localities, he applies it in his own reality....   [tags: Truth, Reality, Existence]

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The Categorical Imperative And The Problem Of Truth

- The Categorical Imperative and the Problem of Truth Kant’s argues that his Categorical Imperative (CI) or, more properly, his multiple versions of the CI are universal in the sense that they apply to everyone at all times. If the CI actually is universal in this sense, it fulfills one of the major traits necessary for a moral principle (Pojman 7). The vagueness of the CI, however, makes its universalizability hard to assess. To simplify the issue, this paper will examine Kant’s response to Benjamin Constant’s objections to telling a murderer the truth....   [tags: Morality, Truth, Immanuel Kant]

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Nietzsche 's Philosophy On The Truth

- Everyone thinks they know the truth, actually is. The real question is, do we really know what the truth is. There are many ideas on what the truth is. Descartes and Nietzsche have an idea on what in the world truth is. Nietzsche argues that the whole idea of truth is just an illusion. He says it is fake and we really tight. On the other hand, Descartes proposes that the truth is there in some cases, but not in other ways. The way, the truth is there, is Math and Science. Nevertheless, by taking a closer look at their arguments about what truth actually is, I will argue that Nietzsche position is a better account for what truth actually is because it shows the reader how fixed on the trut...   [tags: Logic, Truth, Thought, Mind]

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Is The Media Coverage Tainting The Truth?

- Is the Media Coverage Tainting the Truth. The media has become a major channel for the public to obtain their information. However, the media has taken advantage of their powerful position by embellishing the actual news so that viewers will be more interested and keep watching their program. One of the most exploited events in the media is Ebola. The media has blown the threat of Ebola out of the water and incited fear induced panic throughout the states. Kalev Leetaru, the Yahoo. Fellow in residence at Georgetown University justifies the media’s coverage of Ebola by saying that the media did not cover Ebola until it hit the United States, however this argument is irrelevant to the fact th...   [tags: Fear, Anxiety, Ebola, Truth]

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The Moral Truth Of Science

- ... Despite achievements of science, some people are still confused into quality of science because of damage that cause to the death of some children after having vaccination. Scientists could spend a lot of years making experiments, testing, but there are some mistakes that they are impossible to know and solve until it happened. Are all mistakes from the lack of experiments. Not really. There are still hidden things that we could not know about; people will never know everything so mistakes are not exception....   [tags: Religion, Faith, Truth, Belief]

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Locke's Theories of Truth Correspondence

- Monism vs. Dualism John Locke’s Essay on Human Understanding his primary thesis is our ideas come from experience, that the human mind from birth is a blank slate. (Tabula Rasa) Only experience leaves an impression in our brain. “External objects impinge on our senses,” which interpret ate our perceptions of various objects. The senses fill the mind with content. Nothing can exist in the mind that was not first experienced by the senses. Dualism resembles Locke’s theory that your mind cannot perceive something that the senses already have or they come in through the minds reflection on its own operation....   [tags: truth, locke, philosohpy, ]

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The Nature and Importance of Truth

- What exactly is truth. What is true. These questions are two completely different questions. In order to answer what is true, you must first determine what truth actually is. If we look in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, we see the definition that says “The things that are true”. This is not what we are looking for in a definition of this word, but really there is no defining line between what is true, and what is not. Truth is essentially divided into two main types of truth. There is empirical truth that is what is observed, what can be tangibly learned from observation....   [tags: coherence, empirical truth,correspondence theory]

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The Truth Will Set You Free

- ... Meaning that they only know the meaning of what is shown to them through the shadows so they are tricked into a false reality. They are shown this, but they don’t question it because it’s all they know and they don’t have the information or truth to question the information that they are being fed. This case is exactly like 9/11 cause all americans, for the most part, have universal thoughts about what happened because were were all given the same information of what happened. Since it’s told through what we think of as reliable sources, like the shadowcasters to the chained people, we don’t question the truth of what happened....   [tags: Truth, Reality, Sun, Meaning of life]

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Metaphysical Theories That Reject The Existence Of Truth

- ... I am again able to express commitment to my belief in the second law of thermodynamics by stating the ‘the second law .. is true’ even if I cannot explain what the law is. Another linguistic device offered by the truth predicate is generalisation. Suppose there existed a philosopher (A) so great that I would commit myself to all claims A makes. This is very much doable for the claims that I can simply repeat, perhaps I know A believes colour is mind independent and thus I can state that this is true....   [tags: Truth, Logic, Alfred Tarski]

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The Theory Of Truth Determines A True Statement

- A. Justice B. Definitions a. Elenchus is a method of questioning someone to test for how genuine and consistent they are in something that was said earlier. b. Lying is an act of deliberately deceiving or telling false statements with an intention c. BS is someone who acts like they know what they’re talking about but in reality either doesn’t or does not care d. Proposition is a statement that expresses a statement that is uncertain. It could be true or false. e. Correspondence theory of truth determines a true statement by seeing how it relates and corresponds with the world f. An argument is a discussion where individuals express their diverse sentiments about a topic....   [tags: Morality, Truth, Justice, Existentialism]

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Why Is The Pathway Of Truth Not Often Chosen?

- ... Everyone has to experience the acquisition of knowledge to forge the future they are meant to have. I no longer wait for the future, I make my own future. This I learned on my struggle to find myself. I felt my original struggle was too hard and got lost in my pursuit. I underestimated the power of knowledge and decided to follow another path before I wandered back to the original path, carrying a better understanding of life. We have many struggles and life lessons as we age. We have to experience life before we fully form into an adult....   [tags: Knowledge, Truth, Experience, Understanding]

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Expressionism Of Truth Through Art Making

- It goes without saying that the depiction of truth through art making has been tackled in countless ways by a breadth of individuals. So, it is no surprise that the way truth is taken on varies as much as the individuals themselves. Moving against the tendency to look outward to show reality (as we see through the work of Impressionists, or a given artist in the scope of Modernism) we find that there is something dissociative about the work of those we identify as Expressionist. The focus on the subjective, imaginative, spiritual, and the use of memory sets the Expressionists apart....   [tags: Expressionism, German Expressionism, Truth]

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The Convenient Truth From Abraham Lincoln

- The Convenient Truth From Abraham Lincoln to Barack Obama, all politicians have the same mindset. They all want to convince the public of their ideas and beliefs. These people are so good at what they do, they may convince citizens of beliefs they never thought they ever would. Most people will never understand how Germans could agree with what their own country was doing during World War 2, however, they never had the personal influence of Adolf Hitler. Not many people want to have King Jong-un as their leader, but the people in North Korea love him....   [tags: Global warming, An Inconvenient Truth]

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The Truth About Cultural Relativism

- ... More importantly, cultural relativism contradicts itself because it tolerates intolerance. Recurring to the previous example, a conservative culture has the right to reject them or furthermore, incarcerate them because that what’s that the majority of members of that society believe in. Another interesting point against cultural relativism is the inability to be wrong. How could a culture come to evolve if it 's impossible to be wrong as long as something is socially accepted within a culture....   [tags: Morality, Truth, J. L. Mackie, Culture]

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The Truth

- The “Truth”      Every thought that ever entered our mind is a consequence of our struggle to reach out for the truth. Since our early age we have been thought to believe that there has to be right and wrong and we continuously searched for the “correct” answer. Unlike school’s multiple choice tests, life thought us that there is more than one correct answer. At one point we learned that some questions don’t have answers at all, or they are way too complex for our mind to understand them. Yet we never stopped struggling to reach out for the ultimate truth....   [tags: Definition True Truth Philosophy Essays]

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Taking the Side of Ms. Narwin from Avi's Nothing But the Truth

- If you’ve read the book nothing but the truth by Avi, you know that there are many sides you can take. It seems every time you turn a page you can form a new opinion. With every opinion you can form new points of view and sides. One of the main points of view is Ms. Narwin’s. My reasons for taking Ms. Narwin’s side are one, Ms. Narwin meant nothing against patriotism by sending Philip out of the class, two, Philip isn’t doing anything in the sake of Patriotism, three, Philip is a liar who gets around the truth, four, not only does the gossip of people blow things our of proportion, but the press defiantly does too, and five, there is a teacher/student stereotype that gibes the student a “p...   [tags: Nothing but the truth]

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The Truth Must Contain Its Own Meaning

- What is called truth must contain its own meaning and is worthwhile to exist. Painful or dangerous truth can be distinguished into two types: one of them is those truth judged by the society which contain bad or passive meanings itself while another kind of truth doesn’t define to be negative but may cause pain or danger when people heard others revealing about it. As for teachers, their responsibility is not only teaching students the basic academic knowledge from books, but also need to pay attention to their mental and psychological development and try to build up a healthy and harmonious environment for students to grow up....   [tags: Truth, Education, Knowledge, Reality]

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Access to the Truth

- Access to the Truth In “Zen and the Art of the Writing Tutorial,” Paul Gamache asks, “do you think of yourself as an Expert. Do you have access to the truth?” I like this question because it seems to contradict some of his other assertions. For example, he claims that he sometimes does not provide his students with the help they want; rather, he gives them the help he deems they need, and he only gives them the assistance they desire when he decides that it is also what they require. How does he know exactly what they need....   [tags: Truth Writing Expertise Essays]

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Rene Descartes 's View On Reality And Truth

- ... Vaughn and p. 552). Furthermore, since Descartes could not truly trust what he believed to be his senses, he could not acquire any information without the possibility of being deceived. Because the senses cannot be completely trusted, one cannot find truth and knowledge through senses. An example to demonstrate the meaning behind Descartes reality and dreaming experiment is, one can believe to sense touch and sense danger within a dream when in truth there is in fact none to be found. Who is to say that this vary paper is indeed real, or just the deception of ones senses within a dream....   [tags: Perception, Mind, Sense, Truth]

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Is It Too Late? Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth

- An Inconvenient Truth is a documentary film in which basis are put long-term researches of changes of climate, level of carbonic gas in the atmosphere, and conditions of polar ices. In this film, El Gore, a presidential candidate of 2000 and former vice president of the United States, explains the scientific and political view of global warming and its serious consequences that we already observe on Earth, and other more tragic consequences that are still to come in the near future if we do not reduce emissions of exhaust gas in the atmosphere....   [tags: Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore, ]

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How Can You Rightfully Justify A Truth?

- ... This situation is very crucial in terms of the perplexity that one side is battling while the other side is neutral in such circumstances; obviously, all actions are done in a practical manner, but going in depth about justification of truth, one person cannot become convinced because of mental insecurity. So, can knowledge be considered a justified belief. Not in most cases. Many things can be justified including the decisions made, actions, desires and emotions. Concerning propositions and justified statements, a belief can further be understood by an individual or a group of individuals....   [tags: Epistemology, Truth, Logic, Critical thinking]

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The Documentary ' The Pursuit Of Truth ' And The Fog Of War By Errol Morris

- In their traditional form, documentaries are seen to be in line of the pursuit of truth and allegedly providing an observational objective reality, but in actual fact documentaries produce a fractured compressed reality containing issues likened to adaptation. Documentaries roots are in cased within reality, albeit its reliability relies upon the creativity of the filmmaker. Commonly on how an adapted text may be seen as being a reading of the initial source, the resultant documentary will always be interpreted through the eye of the filmmaker....   [tags: Truth, Reality, Documentary film, Objectivity]

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Comedy in "The Ugly Truth" Directed by Robert Luketic

- The ugly Truth directed by Robert Luketic was a delightful and entertaining movie. Katherine Hiegl and Gerard Butler are both well known actors who work marvelously together in this movie. There is something in the movie for all men and women, whether they are on his side or rooting for her. The story of the central couple will grab the hearts of all those who watch it. What makes this movie shine specifically is the script of the storyline and the chemistry between the main actors; however, as a romantic, comedy it could have been better....   [tags: ugly Truth, director, Robert Luketic, ]

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Analysis Of Patrick Ness 's ' More Than This The Truth '

- ... Concerningly, it’s these events that make him say to himself, “I’m ready,” as he progresses to kill himself. He feels a surge of grief that almost stops him from committing suicide because he knows he is telling the truth, he knows he no longer wants to live. In fact, it’s this pinnacle moment of grief that makes Seth feel like there is nothing more to life. Ironically, his grief is also the very reason that he wakes up in the real world and lives for the first time in years. Furthermore, sometimes life is disguised with misfortunes and misery that hide the true meaning behind the pain....   [tags: Meaning of life, Suicide, Truth, Death]

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John Gibbons' Truth in Action

- John Gibbons' "Truth in Action" ABSTRACT: John Gibbons tries to show that the notion of similarities and differences between different cases of events reveals the relevance of relational properties, which are of causal relevance. Based on such considerations, Gibbons' main claim is that the truth value somebody assigns to his or her beliefs has causal power. This means that the deflationary theory of truth becomes false. The questions therefore are: (1) What are the similarities and differences between different cases....   [tags: John Gibbons Truth Action Essays]

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Power Relations Exposed in Truth and Power

- Power Relations Exposed in Truth and Power In "Truth and Power" Michel Foucault revisits the major theoretical trends and questions of his career. He is a thinker who knows no bounds of subject or field. His ideas stretch from literature to science, from psychology to labor. He deals in a currency that is accepted everywhere: truth and power. Foucault spends much of his career tracing the threads of truth and power as they intertwine with the history of human experience. He especially loves to study asylums and prisons because they are close to an encapsulated power structure....   [tags: Truth and Power Essays]

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To What Extent Various Types and Methods of Proving Truth are Valid in Mathematics, Art and Ethics

- Truth commonly defines as fact or reality. In further study truth has been distinguish into differences meaning according to area of knowledge and issues. Sometime we need multiple to prove a truth but sometime we just need a method to release a fact. That various method leads to many arguments when we need to gain the knowledge. Hence “To what extent various types and methods of gaining of truth are different in mathematics, art and ethics” Most of mathematicians claim that mathematics’ truth was an absolute truth....   [tags: logic, absolute truth]

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How Reliable Are the Different Ways of Knowing When It Comes to Leading Us towards the Truth?

- Before we get to answer the question above, let us first discuss about what Truth really means. To me personally, there is no such thing as an absolute truth that exists in this world. The reason is because what we believe to be true might not be so by other people. Different people have different mindset and beliefs that they hold as their basis on having an opinion. There are three theories of truth: Correspondent, Coherence, and Pragmatic Theories. Correspondent theory states that a statement is true if it correspond to a real life situation....   [tags: perception, language, theories, truth]

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The Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore

- Ever since man first made contact with the moon in 1969, there has always been a continuous eagerness to gain more knowledge about the unknown realm of the universe. This has lead to countless endeavors in the dynamics outside of earth. On a study that was done in 2011, space shuttles flew around earth in a total of “135 missions starting with the Colombia in April 1981 and ending with Atlantis on July 21” (, 2011). It is also recorded that NASA had conducted space trips that amounted to 542,398,878 miles traveled, or 21,156 orbits around earth, have spent a total of 1,332 days, 20 hours, 1 minute, and 34 seconds, and have flown 355 individuals between this span of time (scien...   [tags: truth, fiction, documentary]

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Alfred Jules Ayer's "Language, Truth and Logic," the Major Thesis on Logical Positivism of its Time

- In 1936 Alfred Jules Ayer published a book named, Language, Truth, and Logic. At the time of its publication, it was understood to be the major thesis of Logical Positivism (Macdonald). In order to understand the Verification Principle, one must first become somewhat familiar with Logical Positivism. Logical Positivism is a school of philosophic thought that combines empiricism, the idea that observational evidence is indispensable for knowledge of the world, with a version of rationalism incorporating mathematical and logico-linguistic constructs and deductions in epistemology, the study of knowledge (Log Pos)....   [tags: Alfred Jules Ayer, Language, Truth and Logic, Logi]

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The Truth Project: The Search of Truth

- Why do we believe what we believe. This question is rarely asked of anyone directly. We live in a culture where the “why” is superseded by the “what”. “What do you believe?” has always been a popular topic for discussion. However, when a believer is no longer faced with the ‘what’ and instead challenged by a ‘why,’ lines begin to blur and minds start to blank. What can we possibly offer in response and from where can we derive our answers. Isaiah 6 gives us the solution: we must gaze into the face of God....   [tags: culture, why, what, jounrey, exposes]

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“Beauty is truth, truth beauty”

- Of the five odes written by John Keats, this ode was written to show the beauty of love through a work of art. This work of art is a Grecian Urn, one side adorned with a woman being pursued by a “bold lover” and on the other a priest leading a heifer to be sacrificed. The beauty of this poem is given in five stanzas of iambic pentameter with a two part rhyme scheme, giving the poem a sense of a two part structure and, furthermore, two meanings just as there are two sides of the urn. The manifest meaning is one of the picture being timeless and the love eternal, while the latent meaning is that of silence and how love can be expressed without word or sound....   [tags: Poetry Analysis]

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Tim O'Briens' Perspective and Statements in Regard to Storytelling and Relationship to the Truth in The Things They Carried

- Tim O'Briens' Perspective and Statements in Regard to Storytelling and Relationship to the Truth in The Things They Carried Each day that we live our lives we are faced with the opportunity to believe and tell many stories and dramatizations. As a young child in Hebrew School you were taught that the world was created in six days and on the seventh day God rested. In a Christian home you were told about Saint Nick. On a juvenile level, stories serve a purpose to teach something and to give hope....   [tags: O'Brien Things They Carried Truth Analysis]

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The Truth About Lies in Nothing But the Truth

- "Nothing but the Truth" is a pun, really, to the theme of the book. In a court of law, the judge will make a witness swear on the bible that they will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Which is not always the case. People tell small lies, exaggerate, and often bend the truth, so to speak, and the end result is something far from the truth. This book is about honesty, or its lack thereof. Specifically, the theme is about how bending the truth can create more problems then just telling the truth would have been....   [tags: suspended, anthem, reporter]

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The Truth is in the Details

- When I received the assignment of comparing and contrasting the “Naturalist” to that of “Landscape and Narrative”, admittedly I was a bit dismayed at the idea of analyzing two writings I seemed to comprehend very little of. Upon reading them over and over, jotting down idea after idea, and crumpling up paper after paper, I came to the conclusion that I may or may not be over-thinking the assignment. My interpretation, though a bit underdeveloped, is this: Barry Lopez, in “The Naturalist” explains what it means to be a naturalist, the expectations a naturalist, and the modern naturalist’s ideology....   [tags: Comparative, The Naturalist]

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The Truth Will Be Revealed

- The Truth Will Be Revealed Young Goodman Brown is a short story that emphasizes that evil exist in the world. The protagonist, Young Goodman Brown, went on a journey through the forest and he meet an old man. The reader later on finds out that the old man was the Devil himself. While Brown was traveling, he finds out information that surprise him. It made him question the environment he lives in and the people in his life. Young Goodman Brown written by Hawthorne shows how corruption and secrets exist in a society to a point where one, such as Young Goodman Brown, is deceived of the truth....   [tags: Young Goodman Brown, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Sin]

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The Path to the Truth

- The Path to the Truth Saul Bellow is known as one of the most influential and important writers in the post World War II era and has won numerous awards for his work including the Pulitzer Prize, a Presidential Medal of Freedom, and the Nobel Prize for literature. One of Bellow's famous short stories, "A Father-to-Be" follows a single day in the life of a young scientist, Rogin, who is starting to feel pressure from his fiancee, Joan, and the stress of marriage and possibly fatherhood. "The Gonzaga Manuscripts" is another short story of Bellows that is examined by many critics....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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The Quest For The Truth

- “The Quest for the Truth” In his short story, “Conversion of the Jews,” Philip Roth illustrates a conflict between faith and reason through a young boy’s endeavors to find the truth. A thirteen-year old Jewish boy, Ozzie, habitually questions Rabbi Binder, since Ozzie’s logical reasoning frequently disagrees with Rabbi Binder’s religious faith. Consequently, Ozzie often finds himself in trouble. One day, he claims that Rabbi Binder “[doesn’t] know anything about God” and runs to the roof, refusing Rabbi Binder and the firemen’s orders to come down....   [tags: Judaism, Halakha, Israel, Religion]

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The Theories of Truth

- ... Take, for example, the correspondence theory which states a truth must correspond to a fact. First, we must define what fact is. Perhaps one definition is something that can be physically verified and always be the case. What, then, of moral truths. The correspondence theory holds a strikingly weak position on these, as moral truths are hard, if not impossible, to correspond with a fact. After all, how do we ensure something is a fact if it’s intangible and unverifiable, and seem to be in constant flux....   [tags: correspondence, coherence, pragmatist]

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Flexibility of the Truth

- "Story-truth is sometimes truer than happening-truth." (171) When most people read this quote in Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried, they think story truth is emotional truth while happening truth refers to the facts and reality. But beneath the surface we see that the truth is never actually told. No matter how you tell a story the actual truth will never be revealed. The actual truth is for our own sense of self. Throughout the story “The Lives of the Dead”, O’Brien recalls his history with Linda, his first love....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Tim O'Brien]

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Nearer To The Truth

- Art itself has a way of invoking thoughts through many different mediums of art. Often art opens our minds to many other possibilities and forces us to think beyond what we normally would. Consequently, this makes us reconsider our previous thoughts on any subject and our beliefs as well. Visual arts can transfer real emotions into something that is not true, making it a lie that brings us nearer to the truth. When a painter paints a picture, they can be drawing from their surroundings or real life experiences....   [tags: Art]

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What is the Truth?

- Before I begin to pen ink on paper I want to ask you a question. “What is the truth?” I like any prolific author am trying to be concise about my whole contexts. Before long it suffices me to say you will know enough and be equipped well enough to understand the discontinuity of these passages. I want to make it clear that before your journey reaches its end you will come across many liars. Many books, characters, its plot holes and all its indigenous narratives have been successfully misinterpreted by lying associates....   [tags: personal narrative]

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The Truth

- The Truth How can we define truth when we don’t even know the interpretations of what truth is. What I found very interesting was this quote "Half of a truth is not the Truth". I believe that when we tell the truth we never tell 100% of the truth. We might be embarrassed about the whole truth or maybe we just don’t want to tell how we handled the situation so we remove our part or change our part from the truth. Telling the truth is hard, we never know how the opposite side will react on the truth....   [tags: Papers]

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What is Truth?

- In “Richard Cory,” Robinson compares the ideas of truth versus perception and leaves readers with the impression that although some things may appear to be a certain way, it is not always what it seems to be. This raises the question, what exactly is the definition of truth. This has been questioned by many different people throughout the years. It is definite that in today’s day and age truth has been reconceived and those who may see it clearly usually choose to fend off and bypass it. Nowadays, the truth is rejected and abused....   [tags: perspective, objective, understanding]

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Truth or Lie?

- In 2008, 21% of adults in America aged 18 and older were current cigarette smokers while another 21% had been former smokers and 58% had smoked less than 100 cigarettes in their life, according to a CDC survey (Pleis 10). These statistics result in almost half of the United States population being smokers at one point in their life. The tobacco industry is huge in order to provide cigarettes to the quarter of Americans that currently smoke. The statistics that resulted from the survey did not even include other types of tobacco products, which are just as harmful....   [tags: Advertising ]

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What is Truth?

- Truth can be defined as conformity to reality or actuality and in order for something to be “true” it must be public, eternal, and independent. If the “truth” does not follow these guidelines then it cannot be “true.” Obviously in contrary anything that goes against the boundaries of “truth” is inevitably false. True and false, in many cases does not seem to be a simple black and white situation, there could sometimes be no grounds to decide what is true and what is false. All truths are a matter of opinion....   [tags: Philosophy ]

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Truth and Memory

- The usage of recreational drugs has a negative effect on the body, and can interfere with one’s memory. The main question is whether this addiction to recreational drugs is the main cause of the mind that interferes with the issue of truth and memory and how is it this shown by creative nonfiction writers. I argue that the addiction to such drugs as cocaine and crystal meth can mess with the author’s cognitive ability, therefore tying it to which ties into memory. When the authors are addicted to these drugs, their brains are affected to the point that they can no longer distinguish between truth and memory and thus result in blurred and false memories....   [tags: Drugs]

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The Inhumane Truth

- Since 2003, 3,503 American soldiers have died while fighting in the Iraqi War (“Casualties in Iraq”). Similarly, 3,562 American babies have died due to abortion—but that is since yesterday. This jaw-dropping statistic is painful to even try to fathom, but is all too true. Every year, 42 million unborn babies are killed worldwide because of many various reasons that most often point to the fact that the mother is either extremely selfish or inanely uniformed (“Abortion Statistics”). This inhumane act has become a somewhat acceptable option for ending an unintended pregnancy in society today; however, a deed as despicable and morally reprehensible as abortion should not be allowed anywhere, es...   [tags: Ethics ]

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The Sad Truth

- ... Thirdly, there are 17 bloodstained teardrops on each vamp to commemorate all the women that were killed on the Highway of Tears. This symbol is of great importance, because it is a quantitative representation of the message portrayed in the vamp. Finally, there is a stop sign on the highway. I believe that this symbol is particularly unique, for, although these signs are common in residential areas, it is very rare to come across them on highways. With this being said, this stop sign does not serve the same purpose, and is put in place, in order to tell the murderers to stop, and think before taking the valuable life of an individual....   [tags: Indigenous Australians, Indigenous peoples]

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The Truth Of The Gospel Of A Pluralist Society

- ... Each of us should have a personal faith of our own.1 Cleverly, in response to this dichotomy, Newbigin uses the claim of science on fact to show that scientists use an agreed upon set of assumptions, like Christianity, to make claims to truth. These assumptions become the lens through which we observe the world. The Christian lens is the Gospel through which “the Christian community is invited to indwell the story, tacitly aware of it as shaping the way we understanding, but focally attending to the world we live in so that we are able to confidently, through not infallibly, to increase our understanding of it and our ability to cope with it.” Christians are invited to be a part of a c...   [tags: Christianity, Jesus, Pluralism, God]

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The Face Behind the Truth in Cinema

- Oscar Wild once said, “The truth is rarely pure and never simple” and he is right. But no matter what the outcome is, or how complex the truth is, we will always strive for the truth. The concept of truth is no stranger to film documentaries, and one filmmaker that certainty was aware of that was Dziga Vertov. During the 1920’s Vertov created a newsreel series to promote the concept of ‘Kinopravda” which translated to English mean “Film truth.” Unfortunately, Vertov was ahead of his time, and this concept disappeared along the filmmakers’ path....   [tags: Direct Cinema, Film Movements]

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Sojourner Truth: A Voice for the Oppressed

- Since the beginning, the United States` government, racial slavery had conquered various American identities. “Racism sprung early colonial times due the slavery riot incidence misinterpretations, leading full men, women, and children racial slavery of all different ethnic backgrounds” (Hooker 1). African-Americans held a life long work and Caribbean island shipment originating and affective progression to American colonies. “An importation of 4,000,000 Negroes were held in bondage by Southern planters” (Webstine).Advanced time went, and Northern states nurtured a rapid industrial revolution; Factory introduction, machines, and hired workers replaced any agricultural need of existing slaves...   [tags: racism, discrimination, prejudice]

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Truth in All the King's Men

- In America today, when the name of honor is often adulterated by glaring headlines proclaiming the guilt of an immoral politician or the fall of a disgraced executive, it is easy to forget that the country was founded for the pursuit of truth, for only in truth can people find real happiness. Thomas Jefferson famously included the pursuit happiness as an unalienable right in the Declaration of Independence, but in an intimate letter to William Roscoe, a British historian, Jefferson wrote, “This institution will be based on the illimitable freedom of the human mind....   [tags: Literature]

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Oedipus Rex: The Search for Truth

- THESIS STATEMENT Throughout Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex, Oedipus frantically searched for the truth, but due to his pride, remained blind to his own connection to the dire plague that infected Thebes. PURPOSE STATEMENT Through critical analysis of Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex, the work Oedipus Rex, and other research it is affirmed that Oedipus searched for the truth but due to his pride could not see his connection to the plague that infected Thebes. INTRODUCTION Everyone desires to know the truth. It provides peace of mind, reassurance, closure, and a knowledge of what actually matters and what is superficial....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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The Media: Is It Really all the Truth?

- Malcolm X once said “The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” In 1990, fifty-nine year old Delbert Ward was accused of killing his brother Bill Ward. Delbert was one of four brothers who lived on the family’s land operating a small farm producing milk from cows. During and after Delbert’s trial, loads of media preyed upon the ill-educated man and the village like vultures....   [tags: bias, discrimination, mass]

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Buddh The Sun, The Moon, And The Truth

- ... You can 't attract a positive life if you are constantly thinking negative things. You won 't do or perceive the things to get it. Therefore, focus on thinking more positive, uplifting thoughts about yourself, others, and even the world around you. 3. Stop Fighting Hate With Hate "Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule." You cannot stop hate by being hateful. You already know this. If you get into an argument with someone, and start yelling at each other, you don 't suddenly feel good about each other; instead, you cause a negative energy between the two of you until you come back together from a place of love and understanding....   [tags: Mind, Thought, Personal life, Psychology]

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The Face Behind the Truth in Cinema

- ... His film “Man with a Movie Camera” (1929) anticipated some of the key concepts that Direct Cinema and Cinema Vérité Filmmakers had. Vertov’s goal was to reveal truth by observing and recording everyday life. This shows that Dziga Vertov, Cinema Vérité and Direct Cinema all share the same objective. Another similarity would be that as well as Direct Cinema and Cinema Vérité practitioners, Vertov opposed to the use of actors. One of the reasons that makes easy to mistake to Cinema Vérité and Direct Cinema with each other is their goal to uncover the truth with objectivity, since both movements were influenced by a visionary methods ans techniques from Vertov and Flaherty....   [tags: documentary, movements, objective, reflective]

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A Brief Note On Truth Or Dare?

- ... Our shoulders were always attached and we did literally everything together. But no we weren’t dating, we were just really best friends. “Ugh, I don’t want to stay for the entire game. It’s so cold!” Lilah grunted as she stuffed pizza in her mouth, her voice muffled. We all agreed, it was way too cold for us to perform especially when the brass instruments got so cold that people’s lips turned blue. We all decided in our spare time, during dinner, to play some truth and dares. As people came and went by, we shared loud laughs....   [tags: Pizza, Pizza Hut, Chicago-style pizza, Friendship]

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Socrates: The Stubborn Seeker of Truth

- Socrates: The Stubborn Seeker of Truth Socrates had one of the most critical minds in Greece. His personal thoughts and concepts influenced those of the different Athenians. He was a man of truth, who sought truth in others. He was a man who searched for wisdom, when the wisdom was already inside him, which he eventually saw. His beliefs about Athenians remained consistent, and he also thought Athenians were sheep, who were unable to do things on their own, and thus, needed shepherds. Socrates wanted everyone to step out from his or her personal comfort zones and achieve a higher view of life that was unique to each of them....   [tags: Biography]

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The Problem Of Perception And The Absolute Truth

- This statement relates to the problem of perception; and how one cannot perceive an absolute and true reality, without the interference of filters of knowledge. It defines the ongoing search for the absolute truth. Empiricist David Hume felt that, “all the materials of thinking -- perceptions -- are derived either from sensation or from reflection”, and thus all one (thinks one) sees, touches, tastes, hears and smells and what is mentally reflected upon, contributes to a constructed reality. However at the same time, empiricism is limited by its subjectivity, as senses can be deluded or incomplete, and one’s reflection upon one’s senses may be different from somebody else’s....   [tags: Perception, Sense, Mind, Nervous system]

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The Truth Of Faith And Faith

- ... It’s one thing to trust in the church, but another to have faith in Christ. By trusting in God to be our salvation and learning the truth at church, we are able to come closer to Christ. Besides just trusting in the Church for a relationship with Christ, it is important to find the truth in understand God as the trinity. This first came from the understanding the relationship between the Father and Son being homoousios with each other. Origen was the first person to see the relationship as being one of the same, and eventually expanding on that idea that Jesus Christ, the Son, was ad intra meaning the Son was created from within the Father....   [tags: Christianity, Trinity, Jesus, Holy Spirit]

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The Last Hope for Beauty In Truth

- Literature, as does philosophy and art, follows a continuous wave; with every the crest of a new era, there is a trough from the pervious era. When a new age of style and ideals surfaces, the ideas are often directly against the ideas of the previous period. The Romantic period was an era of emotion, it was no longer about logic or preciseness as it was during the time of Enlightenment period. Both artists and poets of the Romantic period, like John Keats, focused on the expression of feeling and demonstrated an affinity for nature....   [tags: Literary Elements]

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Analysis Of Hunt And Gather Truth

- “To Hunt and Gather Truth” Some of the most interesting and admittedly frustrating discussions in my high school literature classes ensue when I ask what a particular text means. The first step in this of course is comprehension; we don’t know what a text means if we don’t know what it says. And even here we can run into some trouble. Not long ago a student of mine quite enthusiastically defended her interpretation of a poem and insisted that poems can have more than one correct interpretation....   [tags: Meaning of life, High school, Marriage]

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Analysis Of ' An Inconvenient Truth '

- Make a Change Americas freedom was accomplished by the 13 colonies working together, and fighting together. Slaves were freed by rallying and doing marches.Great acts and challenges have been overcome by people working together. If there is a will there is a way. People think that a challenge known as Global Warming is too big to overcome. A man named Al Gore “used to be the next President of America”(Al Gore) has made many claims and arguments in how people are the main reason of global warming....   [tags: Global warming, Earth, Rhetoric, North Pole]

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The Truth Behind Creation As A Worldview

- Noah Futter Mr. Lorigan Period 1 8­8­16 The Truth Behind Creation Since creation, there have been a multitude of points that support creation as a worldview. These details definitely support creation as a major conception of the earth. Many well-known scientist disregard evolution. Evolution does not follow the theory of thermo dynamics. Most of all, evolution lacks the support of fossils. Thus, many well-known scientists rejecting evolution, evolution disregarding the theory of thermo dynamics, and the lack of fossils, since creation, definitely support creation as a worldview....   [tags: Evolution, Charles Darwin, Paleontology, Fossil]

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Education Is The Pillar And The Foundation Of The Truth

- Education is highly underestimated in the Lord’s church. We rarely invest much thought into our teaching. Our idea of a Bible class is reading the text of a book or answering true or false on a copy and pasted worksheet. It is no wonder that the modern church has members that are biblically illiterate. The prophet Hosea condemned the northern kingdom for their lack of knowledge and it is likely he would say the same thing today (Hos. 4:6). This is especially shameful for us since the church is intended to be the pillar and the foundation of the truth (1 Tim....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Educational psychology]

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The Roles of Power and Truth

- Power and truth play different but equal roles in maintaining control in a nation. Modern societies create regimes of truth that are enforced by power structures such as government, discipline and laws. When it comes to power, the government, queen or dictator is in charge. They tell their citizens what the main expectations are and how to abide by them. Nevertheless, the government should uphold fairness and not abuse its power unless it is necessary. Power is something that is earned; it is not something that is granted by default....   [tags: modern societies, government, laws]

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Analysis Of Truth And Bright Water

- ... Because of the unjust hiring standards, Tecumseh will only ever be able to find employment in job sites where Europeans would never want to be employed. Tecumseh faces a great obstacle in how to be successful financially, which could impact his decision to stay and make residence in Truth and Bright Water without realizing that the world is the Garden of Eden ready to be freely explored by all people. Unlike Tecumseh’s unsuccessful employment, Monroe Swimmer is an aboriginal artist who left Truth and Bright Water to restore paintings for famous museums around the world....   [tags: Culture, Popular culture, Volkswagen Karmann Ghia]

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The Truth Is The Greatest Enemy Of The State

- ... At this point in time, the Germans were feeling like it was them against the world, and everywhere they looked around them there was little to sew hope in. For example,The Weimar Republic, which was the period of time between WWI and Hitler’s rise to power was a breeding ground for “degenerate” activities and culture that contrasted with the traditional beliefs of the German people. Berlin was the sex capital of the world at the time where homosexuality was rampant and even the art that was produced during this time was considered scandalous in comparison to the traditional beautiful European art of the past (Darkmoon)....   [tags: Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany, World War II]

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Hip Hop : The Truth, And The Problem

- In the words of rapper Busta Rhymes, “hip-hop reflects the truth, and the problem is that hip-hop exposes a lot of the negative truth that society tries to conceal. It’s a platform where we could offer information, but it’s also an escape” Hip-hop is a culture that emerged from the Bronx, New York, during the early 1970s. Hip-Hop was a result of African American and Latino youth redirecting their hardships brought by marginalization from society to creativity in the forms of MCing, DJing, aerosol art, and breakdancing....   [tags: Hip hop music, Gangsta rap, Chicano rap, Hip hop]

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The Truth Of The Assassination Of Jfk

- ... It then exits under right nipple in the direction of his right wrist which ends up shattered. Finally, the bullet ended in Connally’s left thigh (McAdams, “The Kennedy Assassination). 2. 70% of the class did not believe the path of the bullet was possible. B. Oswald was not capable of executing a shot of this level. 1. Oswald had the status of a marksman, which was relatively low compared to the skill level that is necessary to make a shot at that difficulty (Olmsted, “The Truth Is Out There”)....   [tags: John F. Kennedy, John F. Kennedy assassination]

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Analysis Of ' Falsehood Flies And The Truth '

- ... The motive was to raise a class action lawsuit against the drug company who manufactured the triple injection (Deer). The study involving the 11 subjects was outrageously rigged and many of the subjects were already preselected clients of the attorney Richard Barr. Recently, through a series of trials regarding the evidence Dr. Wakefield had his name erased from the UK Doctor’s register on December 21, 2010 and the directors of his business in Texas ousted him. The Lancet retracted the original story....   [tags: Vaccination, Immune system, The Lancet]

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The Truth Of The Cry Of Witchcraft

- The body of civil law that once governed the Roman people, the Digest of Justinian, states in article 22.3.2, Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat. The burden of proof lies upon him who affirms, not him who denies. This presumption of innocence, the idea that all men are innocent until proven guilty, lies at the heart of all court systems on our holy earth. If not for this principle, any manner of blind accusations could be made, all of which would hold equal merit. The very situation has arisen here in Salem....   [tags: The Crucible, Elizabeth Proctor]

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The Bible Is The Word Of Truth

- D.A. Carson introduces the essay by explaining the overall difficulty of interpreting the Bible in honesty and truth. Because the Bible is the Word of Truth, Carson informs the reader of the importance in understanding the Word of God before accepting the difficult task of interpreting it. He continues by focusing on the idea of hermeneutics and three primary ways that the interpretation of text has changed in the past few years. Historically, interpretation was both a science and an art. A science due to the fact that there were codes that were used in the understanding and an art because judgment and insight was used in order to determine any underlying details that the original author may...   [tags: Bible, Religious text, Translation]

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Science and Religion in the Search for Truth

- During our class discussions, we have talked about evolution and science and whether or not it goes against or have connections with religion and the way we view God and his creations. Science is the study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. Religion on the other hand, doesn’t need any proven evidence because its what you believe in. With all the articles we have read in the last few months, the writers tend to have different opinions on whether they conflict or compare....   [tags: Creation, Astronomy, Belief]

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Torture Is Truth : The Ministry Of Love

- ... Winston was honest with O’Brien and told him his true opinions to the questioned he was asked. O’Brien would then, in response to Winston’s answers, either send a shock of electricity through his body, ranging on a scale of 1-10, and then repeat the question or approve of his response and move on to the next question. This process would repeat until Winston truly believed that his opinions about Oceania and his memory were incorrect and that whatever Big Brother says is fact. The end result of the interrogations and torturing was that Winston agreed with Big Brother and realized with a smile that, “He had won the victory over himself....   [tags: Torture, Enhanced interrogation techniques]

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The, Trust, And The Fabricated Truth

- Faith, Trust, and the Fabricated Truth Media can influence every aspect of the world, however, there is a limit: the media cannot skew evidence and fabricate lies without harming their power to influence their consumers. The truth behind these fabrications is almost always uncovered by the public in some way, shape or form. The truth is what can ultimately break a person or even a large conglomerate. In Ethan Watters’ article, The Mega-Marketing of Depression in Japan, the pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline created a market for Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) in Japan by implementing media campaigns for shape the Japanese cultural definition of depression....   [tags: Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor]

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The Truth Of Black Lives Matter

- Today there are many controversial subjects discussed throughout the media. One of the most discussed is race and the Black Lives Matter movement. Recently, I came across an article titled “The Truth of ‘Black Lives Matter’”, written by The Editorial Board. The article was published on September 3, 2015, to the New York Times. In the article, The Editorial Board writes about what they believe African Americans are facing as challenges in society today, including the all-too-common police killings of unarmed African-Americans across the country....   [tags: African American, Race, Martin Luther King, Jr.]

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Pearl - Major Vehicle of Truth

- In the novel, The Scarlet Letter, the Pearl acts as a major vehicle of truth. She, the daughter of Hester Prynne, a young woman of a committed adultery, illustrates the significance of the letter in which her mother wears. Pearl is used to show the real truth of what happens through the novel, and the suffering and pain that the scarlet letter causes. One day, while Pearl and Hester are in the forest, Pearl tells Hester that the sun does not shine on her. She states that the sun doesn't shine on Hester because of what she wears on her bosom....   [tags: Classic American Literature]

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