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Alexander Dumas' "The Count of Monte Cristo"

- The Count of Monte Cristo, a captivating novel written by Alexander Dumas, tells the story of a young French sailor, Edmond Dantès, in 1815 who spends fourteen years in prison through the acts of his jealous and conspiring enemies. He eventually escapes with hatred and a vengeance that calculatingly dictates the kind of man he develops into. In this novel the Count of Monte Cristo, in secret Dantès, seeks nearly unrelenting revenge when he returns to Marseilles looking for his enemies. Acting under the self proclamation of divine providence, Dantès spends the first ten years of freedom, a prisoner of no emotion other then vengeful hatred....   [tags: Count of Monte Cristo, Alexander Dumas, ]

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Shakespearean Influences on Alexandre Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo

- Alexandre Dumas was a well known author who came along about two centuries after William Shakespeare, whom he studied well. In fact, connections of literary elements, symbolisms, and themes can be found between his works and Shakespeare's. However, Shakespeare was a playwright and Dumas was a novelist. In this paper, some of the aforementioned similarities will be revealed to you and evaluated; specifically, they will be between The Count of Monte Cristo and any of Shakespeare's works. Perhaps the most obvious usage appears at the end of The Count of Monte Cristo when Valentine is "poisoned" to appear dead, but in reality she is then stowed away on the Isle of Monte Cristo to await Maximill...   [tags: the count of monte cristo]

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The Influence of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet on Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo

- Alexandre Dumas, author of The Count of Monte Cristo , was greatly influenced by Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet . He used Shakespeare's way of using poison to incorporate one's love and perseverance to be with their true love. Alexandre Dumas was born on July 24, 1802 and started writing books and performances in 1822, he was inspired by William Shakespeare, Lord George Gordon Byron, and Sir Walter Scott . William Shakespeare was his greatest inspiration, Shakespeare's work influenced Dumas's book, The Count of Monte Cristo....   [tags: the count of monte cristo]

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Vengeance in The Count of Monte Cristo

- Vengeance in The Count of Monte Cristo The corpse of Madame de Villefort lay stretched across the doorway leading to the room in which Edward's lifeless body resided. Eyes filled with tears, the miserable M. de Villefort revealed the sorrowful scene to Dantes. After beholding the results of his revenge "Monte Cristo became pale at this horrible sight; he felt he had passed beyond the bounds of vengeance, and that he could no longer say 'God is for and with me.'" Set in France during the turmoil of the Napoleonic Era, The Count of Monte Cristo is an intricate tale of obsession and revenge....   [tags: The Count of Monte Cristo]

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The Count of Monte Cristo

- The Count of Monte Cristo The Count of Monte Cristo is an interesting tale about a sailor named Dantes who changes his whole persona in order to get back at his enemies. Dantes becomes a number of different people in order to carry out his plans. The changes Dantes went through made his different stages as a sailor and later as a mastermind of vengeance seem like day and night. Although Dantes seems very naïve at the beginning of the story, he becomes very sharp during his stay in jail....   [tags: The Count of Monte Cristo]

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Identity Changes in The Count of Monte Cristo

- Identity Changes in The Count of Monte Cristo The Count of Monte Cristo is a very sourceful book with characters creating different and new identities. Fernand changes to Count de Morcerf during the time of Dantes' imprisonment, Mercedes changes to Countess de Morcerf after her marriage to Fernand, Cadderouse changes to M. Pilletin, Benedetto changes to Andrea Cavalcanti to disguise and murders Cadderouse, and last but certaintly not least Edmund Dantes with the various identity changes....   [tags: The Count of Monte Cristo]

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Analysis of The Count of Monte Cristo

- Analysis of The Count of Monte Cristo The theme of The Count of Monte Cristo is one of vengeance and forgiveness, power and powerlessness. When Dantes is unfairly given a life-prison sentence by his enemies (Villefort, Danglars, and Fernand), he spends every waking moment planning his revenge. As soon as Dantes miraculously escapes and returns to the world with riches, he sees it as a sign that God has opened for him the door of revenge. He is no longer his former self. Fourteen years behind bars in a dark cell has given him a criminal’s mind....   [tags: The Count of Monte Cristo Vengence Power Essays]

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Revenge Does nNot Bring Happiness in The Count of Monte Cristo

- It is believed by many that it is human nature to deem themselves to be a tantamount to God. Such is the case when one decides to take revenge against those who wrong him. Though vengeance seems like the perfect way to achieve justice, a sense of equity, in actuality it is merely an unsatisfactory hypocritical action. This is the definitive realization of the protagonist, Edmond Dantès in Alexandre Dumas’ “The Count of Monte Cristo”. The protagonist comes to understand that after a lifetime of searching for justice, he really only yearns justice from himself....   [tags: The Count of Monte Cristo]

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The Count Of Monte Cristo Review

- The Count of Monte Cristo was written by a mixed frenchman Alexandre Dumas in 1844. This was around the time of the French industrial exposition was going on as well as the Franco Moroccan War. This is also around the time that Napoleon was in power in France. Alexandre Dumas was born on July 24th, 1802 in Villers-Cotterets, France. His birth name was Dumas Davy De La Pailleterie. He was and still is a widely read french author as his works have been translated into over one hundred languages and his books have also been made into a little over 200 movies....   [tags: alexandre dumas, monte cristo]

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Identity in The Count of Monte Cristo

- Identity in The Count of Monte Cristo An identity is more than just a name. Sometimes an identity is the first thing and possible the only thing a person notices about one or the other. A person's identity can represent their culture, their race and sometimes, even possible their family background. My identity is what represents me. For those who does not know me personally but knows my name, knows my identity. This identity is what people will recognize me as for now and possible for ever....   [tags: Monte Cristo]

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The Metamorphosises of Dantes in The Count of Monte Cristo

- The Metamorphosises of Dantes in The Count of Monte Cristo In Alexandre Dumas's The Count of Monte Cristo the main character, Edmond Dantes, takes on various identities. Some people have even argued that his continuing metamorphosises verge on Multiple Personality Disorder. Those people are wrong. Though he does exhibit similiar symptoms, Dantes differs from MPD sufferers in that he is fully conscious of the new identities he takes on. In fact, he does changes intentionally....   [tags: Monte Cristo]

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Women in The Count of Monte Cristo

- Women in The Count of Monte Cristo possess unique personalities, but intensely similar restrictions. Currently, women in the United States, as well as other countries, are able to have jobs, travel, and participate in many other activities that the ladies Dumas portrays are not allowed to. Feminist analysis of this book reveals the ways of the time and the delicate balance of society’s typical structure. In The Count of Monte Cristo, Alexandre Dumas realistically conveys that when women violate their traditional roles, the balance of life is disrupted....   [tags: mother, caretaker, dumas, dantes]

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Archetypes in the Count of Monte Cristo

- In modern times, phrases such as “an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind,” are commonly used. Also, the mere word revenge holds negative connotations as it is seen as immature and unnecessary. The theme of revenge uses archetypes to develop ideas without having to reiterate their meaning. According to the creator of the term, Carl Jung, “archetypes are defined as being a collectively inherited unconscious idea, pattern of thought, image, etc., universally present in individual psyches.” (Dictionary) The Count of Monte Cristo, one of the novels that pioneer this theme, tells the story of a man’s quest for revenge on those who betrayed him....   [tags: film analysis, alexandre dumas]

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Revenge of The Count of Monte Cristo

- Alexandre Dumas was a historical French novelist and a famous play writer of the eighteenth century romantic era. One of the novels Dumas is most famous for is “The Count of Monte Cristo” of 1844. It is a story about a poor sailor named Edmond Dantes who was cruelly framed for treason, deceived, and sent to prison for a long time. After he discovers how his fate has come to be, he devises a very clever plan to escape and get his revenge on all parties involved with his mistreatment. To this date, “The Count of Monte Cristo” is one of the most well-known tales regarding love and revenge....   [tags: Alexandre Dumas, French Novelist, Analysis]

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The Count of Monte Cristo

- Mercédès Contrast of Madame de Villefort Love and hate are most common and basic traits that portray characters in novels. Hate is strong characteristic to have because it can bring out the worst qualities out of person those who are considered loving people. Love is quality that describe as passion or affection for others.In the Count of Monte Cristo Mercédès and Madame De Villefort have these qualities and they are both very different. They are very different because Mercédès is beautiful loving women and Madame De Villefort is a hateful woman who is jealousy and greedy....   [tags: Characters, Mercedes, Villefort]

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Valentine de Villefort: The Count of Monte Cristo Character Analysis

- In the Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas, a reserved character encountered many experiences and complications that helped them become more mature and independent. Valentine, or Mademoiselle de Villefort, . In the later parts of the novel, she went through a test set forth by the Count, a mysterious and educated man, to test her love and loyalty towards Maximilien, her true love. The test altered how Valentine acted and even helped her see outside of her enclosed life and glimpse at reality with all its imperfections....   [tags: alexandre dumas, monte cristo, villefort]

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The Count of Monte Cristo: Revenge and Justice

- Revenge is best served cold or so says the well-known expression. This idea of revenge that they seek is usually to restore a balance and take an “eye for an eye” as the bible says. Revenge, if by chance everyone were in Plato’s perfect utopia, would be in a perfect form, where justice and revenge would be one, and the coined phrase an “eye for an eye” would be taken literally. By taking an eye for and eye, and punishing those who did wrong equally as they did wrong, there is justice. However, this revenge sometimes goes to far and is consequently not justice....   [tags: the bible, Hammurabi’s Code]

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Eyes of Revenge: The Count of Monte Cristo

- ... The horses escape and terrorized Madame Villefort and Edward her son. The Count saves them by having his slave lasso them. The Count invites them to his party and reveals that there was a murder at his house where Danglars used to live. Villefort’s mother and father in laws were killed. Valentine’s grandfather has a stroke and doctors said he was poisoned. He narrowed down that she poisoned him when she bought his drink. She was to be condemned to death but instead was disinherited. Frantz was to be betrothed to Valentine but called it off....   [tags: Alexander Dumas novels]

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The Count of Monte Cristo: Classically Entertaining

- The Count of Monte Cristo is fabulously entertaining with its mixture of revenge, love, suspense, and action sequences; transporting audiences back to a time when honor and loyalty were highly valued and a man’s last name was more important than the man himself. It seems there is something for everyone in this film. While the beautiful love story speaks to the romantic, the dueling swordplay and thought of buried treasure speaks to the inner child. Everyone in between will likely be moved by some aspect of the film....   [tags: Film Review ]

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Eyes of Revenge: The Count of Monte Cristo

- ... His daughter that he claimed is known as Madame Petel (Oxenhander 471, “Dumas, Alexandre”). Dumas was a man who wanted to be involved in any way possible. He decided to enlist in the National Guard, where he became a captain. He also took a role in the July 1830 revolution in Bastille where France got its independence (Liukkonen). Before Dumas became the illustrious writer that everyone knew about, he worked a clerk for a couple of years. He began writing at young and wrote vaudeville plays that were light musical comedies....   [tags: Alexander Dumas novel analysis]

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The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

- "Count of Monte Cristo" by Alexandre Dumas 1. "Suddenly, toward nine o'clock at night, he heard a faint noise coming from the wall next to which he was lying [....] to his scattering thougts." (Dumas 43) After being imprisoned, Edmond lost all his hope and spirit and swore to abstain from eating. He fought to starve himself to death to escape from his suffering. As soon as Edmond hears his neighborhood scratching and working away on the wall between them, he becomes galvanized by hope that he isn't alone....   [tags: story analysis]

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Views on Vengeance in The Count of Monte Cristo

- In The Count of Monte Cristo, Dantès goes from a happy, successful sailor to a dark vengeance seeking man. Though Dantès is advised many times not to seek out vengeance by his close friends like the Abbé, his emotions get the best of him and he attempts to carry out his wicked plan. Throughout the whole Bible, God instructs us to not repay evil with evil, and to leave revenge to him. Furthermore, in this story itself, Dumas drops hints about his perspective on the matter as well. Lastly, my view on vengeance is that it is for God to avenge and not man....   [tags: sailor, god, wicked plan]

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The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas

- The novel, The Count of Monte Cristo, written by Alexander Dumas, is a story with a plot that is full of madness and vengeance. This story taking place during the Napoleonic Era shows us how a very naive character, Edmond Dantes, is betrayed by his “friends”. He is put in jail where he is to live the rest of his life. This unjust act stimulates anger in Dantes which arouses a feeling for vengeance in him. When he escapes from prison he plans his revenge and takes action until he has completed what he started and wished for....   [tags: act of man or providence? ]

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Shakespeare’s Influence on "The Count of Monte Cristo"

- Alexandre Dumas had many influences. One of Dumas’ most notable books, The Count of Monte Cristo , for instance had many influences. One of Dumas greatest influences in his writing is Shakespeare. Dumas had been a fan of Shakespearean writing, and it shows in his style and ideas. Being influential, Dumas used some of Shakespeare’s ideas in his own stories. The most obvious influential idea Dumas used, was the use of a sleeping potion. The idea of two lovers being reunited through the use of a sleeping potion closely resembled the theme used in Romeo and Juliet ....   [tags: Literary Themes]

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The Count Of Monte Cristo: Revenge

- The Count of Monte Cristo: Revenge The Story of Edmond Dantès, the Sailor, who Becomes the Rich & Powerful Count of Monte Cristo and Takes Revenge on all his Enemies. Chesky Hoffman June 17, 1996 Dr. Goodale In this essay I will show how Edmond Dantes punishes his four enemies with relation to their specific ambitions. Edmond is sent to jail due to his enemies' jealousy. After he escapes he becomes rich and powerful and gets back at them. Before I relate to you how Dantes gets back at his enemies I would like to familiarize you with the story....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Influence of Shakespeare on Dumas' "The Count of Monte Cristo"

- Alexandre Dumas was very familiar with the works of William Shakespeare and was greatly influenced by the ideas in Shakespeare’s dramatic writings and poetry. Although Dumas did not often allude to Shakespeare’s literature, he took many of Shakespeare’s concepts and used them in his own works of literature. In The Count of Monte Cristo, death by poison, vengeance, and forbidden love are all plots that Dumas borrowed from Shakespeare. “The Count of Monte Cristo creates an intricate world framed with historical events but filled with creative genius.” “Alexandre Dumas practically rewrites Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet” throughout the novel of The Count of Monte Cristo....   [tags: Authors]

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The Count Of Monte Cristo

- The Count of Monte Cristo   	The Count of Monte Cristo, written by Alexandre Dumas, tells the story of a man, Edmond Dantes, a sailor who goes through being betrayed by his enemies and thrown in to a dark prison cell to planning revenge on his enemies. His behavior and personality changes after spending 14 years in jail for a crime that he didn’t commit. Edmond Dantes was thrown in jail ,after being framed by his enemies, accused of committing treason and being a bonapartist....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Count Of Monte Cristo

- The Count of Monte Cristo By: Alexandre Dumas Type of Literary Work: Historical Novel This book is an example of a historical Novel. It is historically accurate, and consists of characters that could have existed in the nineteenth century. Theme:Judgment Day comes to us all inevitably. We all pay for all evil and injustices of our life, yet sometimes there will be someone so viciously wronged, that he will return like a wrath of nature, with and unquenchable thirst for vengeance. Such a vendetta is the building block for the theme of this novel....   [tags: essays research papers]

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A Summary and Analysis of the Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

- Book Title: The Count of Monte Cristo Author Name(s): Alexandre Dumas Publisher/City & Date of Publication, Number of pages: Barnes & Noble Books, New York, NY, 2004; 591 Pages Literary Genre: Historical Fiction (10 points) Author Biography: Alexandre Dumas was born on July 24, 1802, in Villers-Cotterêts, France. Dumas was a playwright and a novelist whose books have been translated into over 100 different languages. He is the one of the most widely read French authors ever. One of his acquaintances once said, “He is the most generous, large-hearted being in the world....   [tags: ship, treason, irony]

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The Count Of Monte Cristo

- The novel begins in 1815, when Dantès is a happy young man, about to become captain of Morrel’s ship The Pharaon and he is engaged to his fiancée, Mercedes. However, Dantès is unaware that his shipmate, Danglars, is jealous of his success and promotion as captain, and that Mercedes’ cousin Fernand is jealous of Mercedes’ love for Dantès. Both Danglars and Fernand contrive a plan to frame Dantès as one of Napoleon’s agents, a particularly damning charge as the King at this point is fighting to retain power in the face of Napoleon’s large and loyal following....   [tags: Alexandre Dumas]

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The Count of Monte Cristo

- The Count of Monte Cristo Journal In the beginning of the book The Count of Monte Cristo we meet Edmond Dantès; he comes across as a model of honesty, ability, and innocence. “He was a fine tall, slim young fellow, with black eyes, and hair as dark as a ravens wing; and his whole appearance bespoke that calmness and resolution peculiar to men accustomed from their cradle to contend with danger (pg 4).” Regardless of his youth, he is a useful leader to his sailors. He was also very devoted to his father and fiancée....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Use of Dishonesty in The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

- In this book, The Count of Monte Cristo, many readers find the use of honesty in the novel to be problematic. The Count of Monte Cristo or in other words Dantes, is dishonest by lying to everyone about who he is. Because he was in prison for such a long time, his looks changed and when he got out no one knew who he was. As everyone is thinking that Dantes is dead from prison, he really escaped and changed his name to The Count of Monte Cristo. Changing his name was a way to disguise him from being Dantes....   [tags: prison, revenge, disloyal]

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Edmond Dantes Reborn As The Count Of Monte Cristo

- Edmond Dantes: Reborn as the Count of Monte Cristo Everyday people seem change themselves in one way or another, but sometimes people change their appearance and personality to the point where those who were close to them, can not even recognize them in a crowd. The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas, is a story of a sailor, Edmond Dantes, who was betrayed during his prime time of his life by the jealousy of his friends. Dantes is sent to prison where he spends countless years planning an escape with the help of a fellow prisoner....   [tags: Literature]

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Psychoanalysis of The Count of Monte Christo

- The novel, The Count of Monte Christo, provides much insight into the psychological makeup of not only the characters within the novel, but also of its author Alexandre Dumas. Indeed, in light of how The Count of Monte Christo addresses the interplay between justice, revenge, jealousy, greed, power and transformation, it reflects many of events in Dumas’ life and that of his father, Thomas-Alexandre Dumas, who was the biracial progeny of a French aristocrat and a Haitian slave of African descent....   [tags: Alexandre Dumas, literary analysis]

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the count of mountie cristo

- The Count of Monte Cristo I want to begin by introducing you to this great book written by Alexandre Dumas. This novel was published by the Penguin Group in 2001. It was a story full of love, adventure and betrayal. It began as a sweet romance . Then a third party began to reveal his perverse intentions to feed off of the innocent . It was a envy , jealous, and deceit. After the sad and unfortunate body of this suspenseful thriller there was a twist in the story. A great success for our Edmond and his only true love ....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Count of Monte Christo

- The Count of Monte Christo I want to introduce you to, “The Count of Monte Christo,” by Alexandre Dumas. It is a story that starts as a love story that turns to betrayal and revenge. The Count of Monte Christo is set in France about 1804 in a large city. There was confusion to who led France, King Louis or Napoleon. France was divided by the two ruling parties. The main character is Edmond Dantes. He did many things in this story. He was a sailor, a lover, a friend, a captain, and a prisoner....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Count of Montecristo by Alexandre Dumas

- People have weaknesses and sins that can take complete control of their minds, or make them break down as a person. These things are meant to be kept a secret, but once someone finds out about them, they have the power to take advantage and eventually put you down. In the novel, The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, a man by the name of Edmond Dantés, otherwise known as the Count of Monte Cristo, has suffered to the extent in prison because he had been sent there by the jealousy of others....   [tags: story and character analysis]

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The Count of Montecristo by Alexander Dumas

- ... Not wanting to jeopardize his own career Villerfort sends Edmond to jail for treason. While in jail Edmond begins to think about suicide and falls into a depression. Edmond then begins planning his way to get revenge on the men who wronged him beginning with his plot to escape jail. Edmond Dante begins as a happy man with a soon to be wife as well as a job as a ship captain, Edmond then gets sent to jail and falls into despair as well as thoughts of suicide, once Edmond escapes the prison he begins to take action on those who wronged him becoming more and more angry until his revenge filled spree is ended....   [tags: book and story analysis]

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The Influence of Shakespeare on Dumas

- The Influence of Shakespeare on Dumas Alexandre Dumas was the writer of many famous books such as The Count of Monte Cristo and The Three Musketeers. Dumas was influenced by many different authors and play writers, but one significant influence on Dumas’ writing was the work of William Shakespeare. Dumas used Shakespeare’s ideas of poison and romance in his novel The Count of Monte Cristo. Experts say that one pivotal element that Dumas used in The Count of Monte Cristo that is also used in the plot of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is the notion of pseudo-poison in the tale of two lovers ....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Shakespeare’s Influence on Alexandre Dumas

- In many stories over the years reoccurring themes such as forbidden love, poisoning, and a transformation in the main character have been used. The story of The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas has some famous influences and similarities such as Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth by William Shakespeare. The themes of forbidden love, poisoning, and transformation in the main character are timeless portrayals in current novels and dramas. The themes are as significant as they were in yesteryear as well as the present....   [tags: Authors]

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Shakespeare’s influence on Alexandre Dumas

- Shakespeare’s influence on Alexandre Dumas Did Dumas rationally rewrite some of the ideas from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Or was it just a coincidence of them being so much alike. Some of the similarities included poisoning of people, appearing to be dead, and revenge on others; they both used elements of allusions, figurative language, point of view and tone to convey the theme of revenge in their writing which concluded to be one of the best of their time and also today. However, Dumas’ just might’ve been inspired by Shakespeare’s plays that he wanted to make his own version of it....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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The Theme of Chivalry in Today's Literature and Movies

- The basics of chivalry, which are bravery and loyalty, are present in literature and movies of today. Loyalty is present in the book The Count of Monte Cristo while bravery is present in the movie National Treasure. The Count of Monte Cristo is about a man who is wrongfully imprisoned but remains loyal to his family in his course of vengeance. National Treasure is about another man who acts bravely in his search for treasure. Chivalry was the code of conduct for knights in medieval Europe. Chivalry came from the French word “chevalier” meaning, “knight.” This code of conduct for knights originated from feudalism, the social-political system that governed medieval Europe....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Two Paths of Revenge

- In 'V for Vendetta' directed by the Wachowski brothers, and 'The Count of Monte Cristo' directed by Kevin Reynolds, there are two characters known as V and Edmund Dantes. These two characters are similar in that they are seeking revenge, but ultimately they are different. When looking into their paths of revenge, differences between the two are revealed. The first difference is why the two want their enemies to suffer. The second difference is the influences of the people close to them that affect the outcome of the paths of revenge....   [tags: Character Analysis ]

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To Count or Not to Count

- To count or not to count. Summary The main purpose of the census is to provide data for reapportionment, the redistribution of the 435 seats of Congress among the 50 states, every ten years. Due to the Apportionment Act of 1929, there is a permanent method of distributing the constant 435 seats in the House of Representatives based on population. To be fair, each state receives one seat, but the remaining 385 is based on the census. The census, however, is not an accurate compilation of data as this counts both Americans overseas and non-citizens....   [tags: Census]

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What Makes Good Or Evil?

- ... “The problem of innocent suffering does not trouble Monte Cristo, even though his revenge wreaks devastation on whole families.”(Aubrey 2) Even though he is sent to prison wrongfully, he should not be able to ruin so many lives for his act of revenge. Also, over the course of the book, he confuses his desire for revenge and claims various times that his revenge is for justice. “Revenge is mostly about “acting out” (typically through violence) markedly negative emotions. Revenge is, by nature, personal; justice is impersonal, impartial, and both a social and legal phenomenon.” (Seltzer 1) Revenge is the thing that clouds his morals most, and the fact that he even thinks he is God-like for...   [tags: Morality, Ethics, Oscar Wilde, Moral]

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Influencing Alexandre Dumas

- Influencing Alexandre Dumas The works of Shakespeare have a great influence on other cultured works around the world. Other writers have written their own variations on Shakespeare’s themes of his plays, and adapted his style into their storylines. One of these writers consist of Alexandre Dumas, having written the famous classics The Count of Monte Cristo , The Three Musketeers, and The Man in the Iron Mask to name a few. He was fascinated by the plays of Shakespeare which displayed a plethora of adventure, love, mystery and human behaviors in his characters....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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The Importance of Gaining Knowledge

- ... While at times his social status caused him pain, he was determined to increase his knowledge and strive for freedom. Similarly, the Count of Monte Cristo was in a lower social class and unjustly imprisoned. But, while in prison, he was able to increase his range of knowledge. He considered the knowledge he was gaining as a treasure even more valuable than monetary possessions. He says, “My real treasure is…the rays of intelligence you [the Abbé] have elicited from my brain” (Dumas 221). In both cases, Douglass and the Count of Monte Cristo compared knowledge to something as necessary as bread, or valuable as treasure....   [tags: class, systems, power, learning, freedom]

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Controversy Surrounding Alienated Characters in Literary Works

- Authors often times include a character(s) in their novel who they have alienated from the society that they have created for their narrative. These characters could be anyone from the foil character(s) to the protagonist him/herself. Authors incorporate these characters as they give substance and genuineness to their work. In the novel, The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini and The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, such characters are presented in similar but different ways. These differences are crucial however, because they are what make each novel unique....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Money Matters

- "All we have to do is kill him, take the diamond and money, then leave." Gaspard Caderousse looks at his wife with a gleam in his eye. The rogue thinks about what would happen if he lets his wife do the arduous task of killing the jeweler. He already had seen the jeweler's two pistols. She would rush in to the jeweler's room and stab the jeweler; the jeweler would shoot and kill her. All Caderousse would have to do is go upstairs, make sure the jeweler is dead, get the diamond, come downstairs, collect the banknotes and leave with the diamond and money....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Belo Monte Dam Complex

- ... There has been an influx of 20,000 migrant workers to the areas of construction and has led to a spike in criminal activity and conflict between workers and locals. Locals are seeing an increase of mental illness and STDs in their communities due to construction and the spread of prostitution to the area (“Brazil’s). According to the Xingu Forever Alive Movement, a collection of environmentalists and human rights activists in Brazil, all 24 ethnic groups living on (their own) tribal lands in the Xingu river basin would be directly or indirectly affected by the Belo Monte Complex....   [tags: hydroelectric energy sources]

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Belo Monte Dam Conflict

- In Brazil, the construction of the Belo Monte Dam is in conflict with the indigenous tribes that have been protesting against the project for years. The government replies with, “the dam is crucial to meeting growing energy needs” (BBC News, 2011), and on their part, this is true. This 11,000-megawatt hydroelectric “dam would be the third biggest in the world” (Velasco 2011). In order to avoid an inevitable energy crisis, the means of capturing energy must move forward while thinking about what we must do before it is done; the Belo Monte Dam will put the environment in harm’s way as argued by the people in this region, so we should sought after possible benefits for the loser in the final d...   [tags: Energy ]

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An Example Of Communication Word Count

- ... Therefore, she believed the graduates were "smarter than [what the class of 1962] was" because they had chosen to attend college rather than attend purely because "it 's what [they] did in those days". Ephron clarified "things are different for [the graduates]" because Ephron 's cohort "weren 't meant to have futures; [they] were meant to marry them" and differently, the graduating class of 1996 had "women doctors and women lawyers". Grateful that times had progressed she still believed that, despite three decades of changes, there was still a "glass ceiling" that limited women and it was most evident in "the pay differential between men and women." Commencement speeches are generally...   [tags: Graduation, Commencement speech, Nora Ephron]

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Coin Harvey, Prophet of Monte Ne

- William Hope Harvey was born the fifth of six children on August 16, 1851 to Colonel Robert Trigg Harvey and Anna Limbroux. Called Billy in his youth, Harvey went to school in a log house during the civil war, taught a term at sixteen, and graduated law school at nineteen. The book, “Coin Harvey, Prophet of Monte Ne” by Lois Snelling, was commissioned by the Benton County Historical Society to chronicle Harvey’s life from his birth on a farm in Buffalo, Virginia to the impact he would have on the Northwest Arkansas area well after his death on February 11, 1936 in Monte Ne, Arkansas....   [tags: William Hope Harvey]

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The Real Count Dracula

- The Real Count Dracula It all started with Count Dracula, a blood sucking, immortal monster. Dracula could turn into a bat by night, and if he was touched by even the smallest ray of light during the day, he would burn into a smoking pile of ash. Dracula had fangs that he used to break the skin on the necks of people he drank the blood from. Dracula could live as long as he wanted to, if he could survive that long. Dracula lived in Transylvania. Many people have heard different stories of Count Dracula, and not all are the same....   [tags: power, vamipire, enemy]

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The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

- The Butterfly Diving Bell sits on my bedside table . It was a busy day when I finished and I'm struggling with how to express my appreciation for the best of the author , Jean - Dominique Bauby . As a beautiful French dessert , each crafted wonderful phrases should be savored. Posted by Bauby bears a sense of humor combined with depression that required for reading and slow digestion . He must have been a Morrissey fan . For those who are not familiar with Mr. Bauby , he was a former general editor of Elle magazine Parisian version ....   [tags: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly]

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Cristo Rey New York : A Study Program

- ... I remember making sure I wore my best attire my first day at Sidley, which consisted of a soft striped cotton button-down, a navy blue pencil skirt, beige flats, and pearls with my hair braided to one side. I definitely looked the part, but once I had physically met my supervisor my cover was up. She could tell just how nervous I was, but did not push me. Sitting in a regal conference room covered in marble, she informed me of what I would be doing and the team I would be working with. After my supervisor, Keisha, had introduced me to the team, the Department of Training Lawyers, which branched off to other Sidley offices across the US, I noticed that my supervisor and I were the only p...   [tags: Multinational corporation, Corporation]

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At the Sands with Count Basie and Frank Sinatra

- At the Sands with Count Basie and Frank Sinatra The year was 1966 Frank Sinatra was at the peak of his career. There he stood on the stage in the Copa Room at the Sands Hotel and Casino in front of Count Basie and his Orchestra recording what is considered the best album of his career. The album “Sinatra at the Sands” would be his first album recorded live to be released and the album would achieve gold in sales. Sinatra was in his environment, a cozy salon style venue with an enthusiastic crowd in Las Vegas....   [tags: career, singer, orchestra]

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Count Zinzendorf and His Christian Community

- INTRODUCTION Count Nicholas Ludwig von Zinzendorf was a pious nobleman who served in the court for the king of Saxony. Being a generous man, he allowed a small group of Moravian refugees to establish a village on his estate. This village was named Herrnhut, and under Zinzendorf’s leadership became a unique Christian community. Zinzendorf was one of the most influential leaders of the modern Protestant missionary movement. In addition, he was responsible for the rebirth of the Moravian Church, authored many hymns, and pioneered ecumenical evangelism....   [tags: missionary, leader, hymns, missions]

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History Of Monte Carlo Method

- It could be argued that current physics research could be divided into three areas - theoretical, experimental and computational. Numerical approach, in which systems are mimicked as accurately as possible using a computer or in which computer models are set up to provide well - behaved experimental systems are increasingly providing a bridge between theory and experiment, for instance; the Monte Carlo method (MC) and the molecular-dynamics method (MD). In Monte Carlo method the exact dynamical behavior of a system is replaced by a stochastic process, whereas the MD methods are based on a simpler principle and consists of solving a system of Newton's equations for an N-body system....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Learning Causation Through The Monte Carlo Method

- ... In the first of four experiments Bonawitz has a children split into two groups, a short wait condition and a long wait condition. In the short wait the children had two trials back to back; while in the long wait condition there was a two week period between the two trials. Children were presented an assorted of red and blue chips in an 80:20 ratio and were both of which activated a machine. Chips were placed in the bag and it tip over into the machine. Children were asked which of the chips activated the machine....   [tags: Scientific method, Experiment, Hypothesis, Theory]

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Evaluation Of A Bayesian Markov Chain Monte Carlo

- ... Hazard ratio (HR) data were used in preference to dichotomous data when available. A binomial likelihood with cloglog link was used for mortality and dropouts due to adverse event as lnHR, to allow for different study durations, since a longer follow-up would likely make a difference in study results for these outcomes. This model was also used for total and cardiac SAEs although in this case, there might be studies where multiple events are counted per patient, although this could not be confirmed....   [tags: Standard deviation, Normal distribution]

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Monte Verde

- After long, often bitter debate, archeologists have finally come to a consensus that humans reached southern Chile 12,500 years ago. The date is more than 1,000 years before the previous benchmark for human habitation in the Americas, 11,200-year-old stone spear points first discovered in the 1930s near Clovis, N.M. The Chilean site, known as Monte Verde, is on the sandy banks of a creek in wooded hills near the Pacific Ocean. Even former skeptics have joined in agreeing that its antiquity is now firmly established and that the bone and stone tools and other materials found there definitely mark the presence of a hunting-and-gathering people....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Queen 's Parlour - Original And Direct Representation Of Being Franz Josef Or Wilhelm II

- ... It 's unladylike and unsuitable for princesses.” “But I didn 't mumble—” “And don 't argue with me!” commanded the queen. “I don 't fancy arguments, and I won 't have them in my parlour. Now—,” The Queen popped open a gold pocket-watch. “You must hurry, child—we 're wasting valuable time.” “Time.” Agatha reminded herself of what her Grandmother Marlvera had warned. ‘Never stay too long. Always keep your eyes on the clock, and no matter what happens, NEVER lose your nerve.’ Those were her words; she was quite clear....   [tags: English-language films, 2005 singles, The Queen]

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Analysis Of Eugene O ' Neill 's Most Eye Opening Plays

- Eugene O’Neill is regarded as America’s greatest playwright, and also the only American to ever win a Nobel Prize for Literature. His plays were a wake up call for the nation and world alike, and he is credited with changing the way Americans viewed the theater. Before O’Neill, the American theater was viewed as childish and purely for entertainment, but O’Neill used his expressionist writing style to transform it into a strong social medium for change. One of O’Neill’s most eye-opening plays was The Hairy Ape, a play about a poor ship worker who is questioning his identity and searching for his place in society, but ultimately decides that he doesn’t fit in any social group....   [tags: Working class, Social class, Middle class, Marxism]

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A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

- James Joyce in his novel “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man” says “The object of the artist is the creation of the beautiful.” (134) For Stephen Dedalus after the reoccuring stream of consciousness throughout his youth, one of the factors of his creation into the artist is women. Indeed it is the women throughout the novel that shape Stephen into the man he finds himself becoming toward the end. Six women in particular that form specific functions in Stephens life are: Stephen’s mother, Eileen, Mercedes, the Virgin Mary, the prostitute, the birdlike woman by the water....   [tags: Literary Analysis, James Joyce]

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Analysis of Diving Bell and the Butterfly

- The Diving Bell and the Butterfly is a script which falls somewhere in the middle of the Classical Design Triangle. It presents moments of causality in a non-linear temporal arrangement. The single protagonist, Jean-Dominique Bauby, is passive due to his affliction yet struggling with both his inner conflict to resolve his life’s choices and the external conflict to regain some semblance of a normal existence. Plot points for this script were not as clearly defined as they are in a script which fully utilizes the Classical Hollywood narrative structure....   [tags: script, classical, acts]

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Stephen's Sexual Desire and Religious Morality

- Throughout his life, Stephen is consumed by conflicting desires, the strongest of which being his sexual desire towards women versus religious morality. Confused and ashamed by these “sinful” thoughts, Stephen comes to view women in one of two extremes: they are either pure, virginal, and decent, like Emma, or impure, sexual, and corrupt, such as the prostitutes he visits in Belvedere. However, it is Stephen’s individual experiences with women from both ends of this spectrum that become the motivating factor behind both his art and personal growth as an artist....   [tags: sexuality, religion, morality, James Joyce,]

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Victorian Values on Sex and Sexuality

- James Joyce sets A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man in the Victoria Age. The Double Standard of Morality by Josephine Butler and Victorian Theories of Sex and Sexuality by Elizabeth Lee give us insight into ideas people had about sex and sexuality during the Victorian era. We see that sex was considered an unavoidable part of life. Sex was “man [and] woman's ultimate goal” (Lee). Victorians believed that “the essence of right and wrong [was.…] dependent on sex” (Lee). Meaning that how you were publicly known or not known for your sexual actions was how you were viewed as either good or bad....   [tags: Literature, Victorian Age, James Joyce]

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Revenge And Redemption : Revenge

- ... We then progress through the story and arrive at the rising action which is when Victor returns back to school after his mother’s death and sisters recovery of scarlet fever. Victor sets out to create a living thing upon his return and this is when it all goes down hill, he successfully creates the monster but he is horrified at the site of the creature he then runs like fearful gazelle leaving the creature/monster to wander (very smart Victor). Skipping ahead the monsters causes quite a bit of trouble and strangles a lot of people, and this is all caused by him not being provided with a connection with anyone....   [tags: Frankenstein, Mary Shelley, Brad Pitt]

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You Never Thought You Had to Think to Count

- ... Well, this is exactly what she said: “There was once a saying that counting was the hardest thing to do in math.” Then everyone then started to think. I image that is what you are doing right now. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14…. and so on, trying it out. You might think, what is this crazy sixth grader talking about?. That wasn’t hard at all. You are right. It is not hard. The hard part is counting the things that come to you exactly as you discover them. Did I miss one. Did I count one twice....   [tags: math, shortcut, numbers]

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Bram Stroker's Dracula: The Man Behind the Count

- ... His nickname comes from his father, who was known by the name Dracul, meaning “Dragon”. Dracula literally means “Son of Dracul”, or “Son of the Dragon”. His father held throne in Wallachia, a kingdom in Romania, until 1442, when Turkish forces invaded Transylvania. Tepes and his brother were sent to the Turkish Sultan as ‘official’ hostages a year later, for education in change for loyalty to the Sultan. During a war with Hungary in 1447, Vlad II Dracul (Dracula’s father) and Tepes’s eldest brother were killed by Hungarian assassins....   [tags: impaler, torture, monster]

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Similarities Between Vlad the Impaler and Count Dracula

- Vlad the Impaler vs Count Dracula The being that is Vlad the Impaler and the story book character Count Dracula have similarities beyond coincidence. To begin to understand how Vlad the Impaler and Count Dracula are so much alike, it must first be understood that Count Dracula was based off of the historical being Vlad the Impaler. It is possible to compare and contrast between these two legends by merely picking up a book on the subject or even just going to a website that has information on the two....   [tags: satan, god, holy water, crucifixes]

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Boxing: Down For The Count

- Boxing: Down for the Count The tenth edition of Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary defines boxing as "the art of attack and defense with the fists practiced as a sport." I could be mistaken, but there is a certain emphasis placed on the idea that boxing is practiced as a sport. It is rather ambiguous. Is boxing a sport to begin with. Is boxing something else that is just practiced as a sport. Is it, can it, or should it be practiced as something else rather than as a sport. Maybe I am just making too big a deal out of a simple definition here....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Anna Karenina by Count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy

- One of literature’s most beloved works is Anna Karenina, written by the famous Count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy in 1877. Leo Tolstoy was a Russian author who wrote many epic-length novels as well as short stories in the genre of realistic fiction. As a writer, Tolstoy tends to focus on the major and minor details of everyday Russian events, and in the space of a single page can enlighten the reader of a character’s entire past and lifestyle. He is a master of close-ups: short segments in a novel that describe something in great detail....   [tags: literary, story and character analysis]

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The Calories That Count : Removing The Junk From The American Diet

- ... Commercials filled with cartoon characters, the offer of toys, promises of happiness, and an idealized representation of food. In 2009 food companies allocated 1.79 billion dollars purely in marketing food items to children (FTC, 2012). This calculated practice of targeting impressionable children with unhealthy food items has been seen as a threat by many countries around the world. Several countries including Sweden, Norway, and Finland have completely banned corporate sponsorship of children’s television in an effort to combat the undue influence exerted by commercial entities over the countries youth....   [tags: Fast food, Fast food restaurant, Burger King]

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Anemia: Low Red Blood Cell Count

- Definition: Anemia is a common condition that afflicts many people around the world. Anemia is a Greek word meaning ‘without blood’. The modern definition of Anemia is any condition characterized by an abnormal decrease in the body’s total red blood cell mass. It is also defined as a condition in which a person has fewer red blood cells than normal and feels very weak and tired. Anemia Causes: The causes of Anemia are all related to the Red Blood Cells (RBC). It is cause d mainly due to impaired RBC production or increased RBC destruction and is caused due to blood loss and fluid overload....   [tags: common human ailments]

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The Woman With No Name in Monte Hellman's The Shooting

- The Woman With No Name in Monte Hellman's The Shooting Works Cited Missing Generally forgotten by critics, and classified as alternately a cult classic and a B-movie (in reference to both its budget and its reception), Monte Hellman's The Shooting is a film worth revisiting. At a remote camp in the middle of the desert, a Woman With No Name arrives to hire two men to lead her to the town of Kingsley, days after one of the camp members was shot dead and another ran away. On their descent into the scorching desert, it becomes apparent that the Woman has misled her employees as a hired gun joins their party and they continue their journey, it would seem, to execute somebody....   [tags: Film Movie Shooting Hellman Essays]

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Stomata Leaf Peel Count

- Stomata Leaf Peel Count Aim: · To examine the stomata on the upper and lower epidermis of a leaf. · To investigate and find out which side has more and why. Prediction: I predict that there will be more stomata on the underside of the leaf (the lower epidermis) than on the upper epidermis because that way the maximum amount of sunlight can enter the leaf without many stomata blocking the way. Also, a lower number of stomata would increase the surface area and therefore increase the amount of area available for light to hit....   [tags: Papers]

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Modeling Uncertainty for Economic Effects in Tunisia and Jordan

- ... Disability weights for cystic echinococcosis were assigned in a similar manner based on the results of albendazole treatment of 547 patients from past studies. A significant challenge in estimating the burden of echinococcosis is that of missing data. In wealthy countries there are often good data sets from public health statistics or from hospital records. Thus relatively accurate estimates of the incidence of disease can be made. However, most of the burden of echinococcosis is in developing nations with 40% being in China alone (Budke et al., 2006)....   [tags: monte-carlo, cystic echinococcosis]

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The Marquise of O: the Count's Destruction of Communication

- Throughout Heinrich von Kleist's "The Marquise of O-" communication breakdowns caused by Count F- cause much needless confusion and are the fault of many tribulations. Much of the Count's flaws that hinder communication happen because he tries to protect his honor by concealing the truth. Because of this cowardice and his self delusions of his own perfect moral character, Count F- communicates incorrectly to the Marquise and her family. The Count's perception of himself as a humble military man is challenged when he is asked to identify the Marquise's assailants....   [tags: European Literature]

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