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Horizontal violence and The Effects on Nurses and Patients

- Horizontal violence is not a topic that medical faculties discuss on a day-to-day basis, but it is an enormous problem within the health care system. In this research the author looks at bulling from a registered nurse (r.n.) aspect .The effects on patient centered care can be detrimental for patients and r.n.’s. The work place needs to be a safe place for not only the patients but also the employees. With the rise of new graduate nurses who are employed by the medical facilities, they too are starting to face horizontal violence within the first year on the job, which leads to retention of nurses in the medical field....   [tags: nurses bulling]

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Substance Usage and Addiction of Nurses

- All over the world, nurses suffer from the addictive properties that many of the drugs provide. "(Drug addiction) is a disease that tells you that you don’t have it. It’s the only disease I know that argues with you and says, ‘Look, despite all the evidence, you don’t have a problem’" (Kunyk and Austin, 2005, p. 385). This leads to a lot of substance dependent nurses to work impaired as they don't see their drug usage as a problem. In the recent decade, increasing amounts of nurses have begun to see the effects of substance usage and addiction while on the job....   [tags: addition, medicine, nurses]

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Scope of Practice for Nurses

- Scope of practice for nurses Table of contents 1. Nursing 2. Scope of practice for nurses 3. Understanding whether a task is within the scope of practice 4. Bibliography   Nursing A nurse is a health care professional who cares for ill or disabled individuals, their families and communities ensuring that they attain, maintain or recover optimum health and functioning (Crosta, 2013). There are several kinds of nurses classified depending on their education and experiences. As an example, • In the UK Nurses are classified as: o first level nurse o second level nurse o specialist nurse o manager • In the United States nurses are classified as: o licensed practical nurses (LPNs) o regist...   [tags: nurses, law, task]

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The Role Of Nurses And Decision Making

- In this log, one of the most important aspect of law in reference to the role of nurses and decision making will be discussed. I chose Confidentiality as the topic to be discussed and this log will also define it with regards to how it affects and make an impact to the nursing practice. Maintaining confidentiality is fundamental and essential for the nurse and patient relationship as it gives confidence and expectation to them that the nurse will be able to respect their right to privacy and by ensuring confidentiality(Griffith & Tengnah, 2014)....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Florence Nightingale, Nurses]

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Nurses During The American Civil War

- Subsequently, women volunteered through national or local associations or by getting permission from a commanding officer (“Nursing”). In April 1861, Dorothea Dix assembled a collection of volunteer female nurses which staged a march on Washington, demanding that the government distinguish their desire to assist the Union’s wounded soldiers. She organized military hospitals for the care of all sick and wounded soldiers, aiding the head surgeons by supplying nurses and considerable means for the ease and aid of the suffering....   [tags: wartime nurses, dorothea dix]

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Compassion Fatigue in Pediatric Oncology Nurses

- Pediatric oncology nurses are given the unique opportunity to make connections and build long-term relationship with their patients and families. Standard treatment protocol for many childhood cancers span over the course of years, with long-term surveillance and follow up visits after treatment has finished. Due to their patient’s chronic diagnoses and the acuity of their conditions, pediatric oncology nurses work in an environment of increased stress. The high stress environment puts the nurses at an increased risk for compassion fatigue; so it is the responsibility of both the nurse, and the institution to be aware of the symptoms and to effectively manage the condition should it arise....   [tags: health, pediatic oncology, nurses]

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How Nurses can Provide Empowerment

- As nurses, it is important that we “be both empowered and competent enablers of patient empowerment.” (Burkhardt & Nathaniel, 2014, p. 493) We took an oath to follow an ethical code which requires us to act as our patient’s advocate while providing safe nursing care. Nevertheless, we cannot make every medical choice or decision on their behalf. We also cannot empower them, “because to do so removes the element of choice.” (Burkhardt & Nathaniel, 2014, p. 501) We can, however, “facilitate empowerment by working directly with patients and through addressing social, political, and environmental factors affecting empowerment of individuals and communities.” (Burkhardt & Nathaniel, 2014, p....   [tags: nursing, nurses, empowerment]

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Role of Nurses in The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

- In 2009, President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) and former ANA President Rebecca M. Patton, MSN, RN, CNOR witnessed this historical moment. American nurses celebrate with satisfaction, because their hard work paid off, enacting historical health care reform legislation that benefits not only nurses but their patient as well. Despite that the health care reform is now a reality, is important to keep working in order to make sure that the reform is implemented effectively (Routson, 2010).The ANA has been in favor of a health care reform that would provide high quality medical services for all....   [tags: Nurses and ObamaCare Essays]

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The Theory of Planned Behaviour: Nurses Attitudes towards Older Patients

- The Theory of Planned Behaviour: Nurses' Attitudes towards Older Patients ABSTRACT The Theory of Planned Behaviour was tested in a study for its ability to predict intention to behave in specific ways towards older patients. There were 172 subjects from 3 Scottish universities, Napier, Edinburgh and Abertay Dundee. The results gained from a questionnaire suggest that the Theory of Planned behaviour can be used to predict behavioural intentions of nurses when working with older patients. Nurses’ intention to behave was predicted by their attitudes mostly, perceived behavioural control also carried a significant beta weight although social norms were found to be non– significant....   [tags: Psychology Nurses Patient Behaviour Essays]

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Nurses Vs Paramedics : Nurses And Paramedics

- Nurses Vs Paramedics Nurses and Paramedics are similar but have very different roles when it comes to caring for patients, paramedics work in a care environment out with the hospital and have differ-ent responsibilities to nurses, a paramedic can administer a list of drugs if a patient requires them with-out the consent from a doctor whereas a nurse needs confor-mation from a doctor before they can administer drugs. Nurs-es tend to work in hospitals in a range of different set-tings within a healthcare environment such as accident and emergency, acute medical wards, surgical wards etc....   [tags: Nursing, Academic degree]

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The For The Future Nurses

- For the Future Nurses “I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy – I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.” Art Williams describes people who are looking for the easy option with this quote. Something may be simple, but not necessarily easy to do for most people. It’s the people who willingly do the task many times, which make it look easy. Repetition improves skill to its greatest. Nursing school isn’t the easiest to overcome, but if you study and are willing to put in the effort, then you will eventually succeed at being a qualified nurse....   [tags: Nursing, Nursing specialties, Registered nurse]

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The Demand For Nurses

- ... The healthcare field is ever changing and requiring more and more from nurses, as they are an integral part of the healthcare system. So, in order for nurses to evolve their education has to as well. For this to be accomplished ever organization associated with becoming a nurse has to be on board with the trend of promoting education and preventing barriers from such education. “Above all, what is needed to achieve this goal is the will of nurses to return to higher education, support from nursing employers and others to help fund nursing education, the elevation of educational standards, an education system that recognizes the experience and previous learning of returning students, and...   [tags: Medicine, Health care, Health, Nursing]

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Education of Nurses

- The field of medicine is a continually evolving field. There are developments in medicine made daily that affect both medical professionals and patients. While the positive progress of medicine offers many obvious advantages, it is important that the knowledge of everyone involved with health care grows with these advancements. With the evident importance of nurses in the healthcare setting, the education of nurses is clearly significant. There are many problems in the nursing field that are associated with the inability to set standards at the entry level (Jacobs et al., 1998)....   [tags: health-care, field of medicine]

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Nurses and Innovation

- Nurses Bridge the Gap Though the word ‘innovation’ conveys a sense of excitement related to modernization, advancement and progression, its concept has been around since the beginning of time. The most basic definition for innovation comes from Webster’s Dictionary (2013) as “a new idea, device, or method.” Innovation is defined by numerous disciplines or occupations differently, based on the particular field from which the explanations originate. An insightful and appropriate definition related to healthcare, located in current literature, is given here: “the introduction of a new concept, idea, service, process, or product aimed at improving treatment, diagnosis, education, outreach, prev...   [tags: health care innovation, leadership]

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Ethics for Nurses

- This hypothetical situation illustrates a common problem faced by nurses, as the roles we serve can be multifaceted and demanding. It is often tempting to cut corners, especially if we feel there will be no actual harm done. This, however, does not justify professional misconduct nor allow us to expand our practice beyond our designated scope. Not only do the Nursing Practice Acts define our role as nurses, they also designate what nurses may not do. The purpose of the Nurse Practice Acts is to protect the patient from harm....   [tags: Ethics, nursing, health care]

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History Of New Graduate Nurses And The Retention Of Nurses

- ... They are also responsible for the development of critical thinking skills and the safe and reflective practices of these new nurses. Nurses who precept need to be educated to help the nurses effectively fill these roles (Boyer, 2008). Horton et al. (2012) created the Nurse Preceptor Academy (NPA), a one-day class designed to enhance preceptors understanding of their roles. Learning objectives of the NPA included: assessing the learning styles of preceptees, learning effective communication skills, providing constructive feedback and evaluation, and resolving conflict....   [tags: Education, Nursing, Learning styles, Nurse]

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Nurses Needs For Nurses During The Nursing Shortage

- Nurses Needed [Video] (2008, October 24). In Now on PBS. Retrieved October 7, 2015, from This video from PBS is provided to shed light on the needs for nurses during this nursing shortage. In the video it is stated that the United States is approximately running at 100,000 nurses short and is climbing. The video then takes the watcher through the experiences at a busy hospital. Emphasizing the need for patients to have essential nursing care at all times by monitoring, managing, and responding to the patient day and night....   [tags: Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Nurse]

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Nurses Are The Staple Of American Medicine

- Although most nurses do not get enough recognition in medical environments, nurses often do the same tasks as physicians. Even though becoming a doctor requires more education, nurses are the staple of American medicine. From Florence Nightingale to present day, nurses continue to build relationships and provide care for a wide variety of patients. There are differing views regarding the importance of nurses, but I believe they are just as important as physicians and can make just as much of an impact as any other medical provider....   [tags: Health care provider, Patient, Health care]

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Nurses Are Vital For The Healthcare System

- ... The relationship between doctors and nurses is often noted as problematic filled with barriers that result in a form of tension between who is detected as more resourceful and professional (Pullon, 2008, pg.140) often with the doctor consuming the greatest amount of recognition. In fact, doctors in respect to primary care tend to label themselves as the “biomedical part of primary care” (Pullon, 2008, pg.139) with nurses and other health occupations below them being seen as a supplementary component to a consultation....   [tags: Medicine, Health care, Nursing, Nurse]

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Nurses are the Heartbeat of the Healthcare System

- “By 2025, the shortage of registered nurses is projected to grow to an estimated 260,000, twice as high as any U.S nursing shortages since the 1960’s” (Cullen). Nurses are the backbone of the health care system. They provide overall care and treatment to the patients. Further, while the patient is being admitted, staying and leaving the health care facility, nurses are addressing all of their needs and the families concerns. When facilities do not have adequate staffing the patients and the nurses suffer....   [tags: Healthcare]

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The Code Of Ethics For Nurses

- ... In the value statement 6 and 7, the code of ethics for nurses in Australia declares that nurses uphold moral and legal right to priorities individual safety and then make care plan and conduct appropriate nursing performances to patients (NMBA, 2008). Consequently, nurses should have moral and legal right to make a clear judgement of working safety with diverse patients, whether in direct or indirect nursing practice. As nurses can legally refuse to care for family members, refuse to care for a patient who has threatened causing harm physically or legally, or refuse to take heavy workload during the shift to be able to provide safety patient care....   [tags: Nursing, Health care provider, Medicine]

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The Code Of Ethics For Nurses

- In today’s world one of the most competitive and most rewarding jobs are in the Health Care Field. This field is composed by different areas of specialization that focus on treating, preventing, and diagnose anything that is threatening their patient health. Different professional individuals devote their knowledge to take care of the health of their patients. However, from all the professions, the professionals that spend the most time with the patients are the nurses. Nurses a lot of time with the patients implementing the orders given by the physicians and monitoring the patients status....   [tags: Nursing, Health care provider, Patient]

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The Nursing Leadership Problem For Nurses

- Background The nursing leadership problem is there are not enough bachelor prepared nurses to staff hospitals nationwide, because Magnet hospitals have a goal to have 80% of nurses in the hospitals to have a four year Bachelor of Science in nursing degree by the year 2020 (Sarver, Cichra, & Kline, 2015). This problem of the shortage of nurses stems from the baby boomers retiring and needing more medical care. So to offset the need for nurses, more two year programs for nurses have begun around the area to increase the nurse population to accommodate the baby boomers....   [tags: Academic degree, Bachelor's degree]

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This Unrealistic Depiction of Nurses on Television

- When one imagines a female nurse in America, one may think of a smiling woman in pink scrubs helping a new mother care for her baby, a comforting hand to hold in a time of need, or even a soft voice counting, “One, two, three...” before administering an injection. Nursing is a profession that is dominated by women at ninety-two percent (US Department of Labor) and is accurately characterized by its commitment to the care for individuals and the promotion of healthy living. According to the American Nursing Association’s Code of Ethics, “The nurse, in all professional relationships, practices with compassion and respect for the inherent dignity, worth, and uniqueness of every individual, unr...   [tags: Nursing]

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Nurses Of The Era Of American History

- Nurses have been apart of American history since the very beginning. Their roles in history have formed this country to the way it is today. One thing that was a big turning point in the field nursing was the Second World War. The country called on nurses, and like everyone else of that era, the nurses stood up to the job. When one thinks about wars, the mind automatically thinks of the men who went out on the battlefield and fought for their country. The nurses were the ones who tried to keep those men up to par to keep fighting....   [tags: World War II, World War I, United States, Nursing]

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Nursing Care For Nurses For Patients

- ... These patients are the top priority to nurses. In order for them to do their jobs correctly they must care for the patient. (Rhodes, 2011) “The students described the importance of establishing the nurse-patient relationship, is based on the care that the nurse gives the patient.” (Rhodes, 2011) Nursing is all about the care of the patients. It’s essential that nurses show care to the patients. Care, it’s an important part of being a n. As there are many types of nursing: ER nurses, Cardiac Nurses, Neonatal nursing, clinical nurses, and surgical nurses....   [tags: Nursing, Patient, Nurse, Nurse education]

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The Orientation And Support For Student Nurses

- ... 2006). Unfortunately, with any facility, sometimes the best nurses are not the best preceptors. According to Benner’s Novice to Expert model, a novice is defined as “a beginner with no experience, but knows general rules for performing tasks, and is considered limited and inflexible” (Benner, 2013). Novices are brand new nurses who need optimal learning settings with a preceptor who is passionate about teaching and providing experiences to the new nurse. Lastly, preceptors need support from coworkers and supervisors in order to feel positive with a preceptor role....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Nursing shortage, Education]

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Should Nurses Be A Registered Nurse?

- ... A master 's degree is required to prepare for a nursing field or to teach. For some fields, such as nursing research, a Ph.D. is needed. There are many bachelor 's degree programs in nursing in the United States which can take up to five years to complete maybe even more. In all to become a registered nurse you need either a bachelor’s degree, associate’s degree or diploma from a nursing program and must be licensed. The job responsibilities for a registered nurse varies depending on how advanced you are or what diploma or degree you have....   [tags: Bachelor's degree, Academic degree]

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Nurses Collaborating As Partners With Physicians

- Nurses Collaborating as Partners with Physicians in Improving Healthcare Katie Workman Weber State University Nurses Collaborating as Partners with Physicians in Improving Healthcare What would be the ideal healthcare system. The health care system is complex. It is always evolving and improving. There are many different opinions and points of view. Despite being so complex healthcare and those who provide it have a common goal of, among other things, providing quality care and positive patient outcomes (“Working together”, 2015)....   [tags: Health care, Patient, Health care provider]

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The Competency Of New Graduate Nurses

- With the increasing demands in Health Care needs, newly licensed competent nurses are a commodity that simply do not exist. Every year there are new nurses graduating from Associates and Bachelor’s degree programs that enter the workforce. Nursing students that complete their respective degree program- whether it be an Associates or Bachelors degree- sit to take the exact same state sanctioned nursing licensure exam. Upon successful completion of this exam a student quickly transitions from student to professional (sometimes in as little as two days) and is now deemed competent to practice safely and effectively....   [tags: Nurse, Nursing, Skill, Nurse education]

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The Competencies Of New Graduate Nurses

- With the increasing demands on Health Care needs, newly licensed competent nurses are a commodity that simply do not exist. Every year there are new nurses graduating from Associates and Bachelor’s degree programs that enter the workforce. Nursing students that complete their respective degree program- whether it be an Associates or Bachelors degree- sit to take the same state-sanctioned nursing licensure exam. Upon successful completion of this exam, a student quickly transitions from student to professional (sometimes in as little as two days) and is now deemed competent to practice safely and effectively....   [tags: Nurse, Nursing, Skill, Nurse education]

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Emotional Cost of Being a Nurses

- ... This, according to the study, has been considered as a great contributor to various errors and the states that impose a compulsory overtime system for their staff in order to make up for lack of enough manpower end up straining these workers even more (Jennings, 2007). Nursing as a practice has a great toll on the body no matter the number of hours that these individuals work in the field. The work involves walking up and down, movement of patients to various sections of the hospitals or having to stand while dealing with the family members of different patients and all these contribute to muscle strain....   [tags: movement of patients, healthcare]

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Stereotypes And Wrongful Perceptions Of Nurses

- There have been many stereotypes and wrongful perceptions about nurses and has grown over the years. Nurses in the public eye are viewed mostly as females who help and comfort those in need. Nurses in the public eye are female who are often viewed as sex symbols or objects. Nurses are also viewed as inferior or invisible when compared to the doctor who is often times viewed as a man. The media has made people view nurses as a female who is young, hot, and is often below and follows the orders of a handsome smart male doctor....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Female, Woman]

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Quality And Safety Education For Nurses

- ... They cause injury to patients and their loved ones. Events are possibly able to occur in all types of settings. Innovations and strategies have been created to identify hazards to progress patient and staff safety. Nurses are dominant to providing an atmosphere and values of safety. As an outcome, nurses are becoming safety leaders in the healthcare environment(Utrich&Kear, 2014). Nurses prevent and avoid patient and staff injuries by following the protocol guidelines of the health care procedures....   [tags: Nursing, Patient, Health care, Hospital]

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Nurses At Allina Health Workers

- Nurses at Allina Health Nurses at Allina Health have been on strike since June 19, 2016. The Minnesota Nurses Association and its 4,800 members began their strike after failing to negotiate a new three-year contract with Allina Health. The main issue at hand was the expense of the nurses’ health insurance, but other issues were included. Nurses at Abbott Northwestern and Phillips Eye Institute in Minneapolis, United in St. Paul, Unity in Fridley and Mercy in Coon Rapids, MN participated in the strike....   [tags: Health care, Nursing, Ethics, Nurse]

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Nurses ' Right : Safe Harbor

- Nurses’ Right: Safe Harbor Cheree’ M. Kirkwood Texas Tech University Health Science Center School of Nursing Introduction The nursing profession is a profession where people put their trust in you to provide care that is not only effective, ethical, and moral, but safe. Not all health situations are simple or by the book. Not all hospitals have the same nurse-patient ratios, equipment, supplies, or support available, but all nurses have “the professional obligation to raise concerns regarding any patient assignment that puts patients or themselves at risk for harm” (ANA, 2009)....   [tags: Nursing, Registered nurse, Patient]

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Impact Of Staffing Models On Nurses

- Cultural Key Issues By the year 2020, there is expected to be over 54 million senior citizens age 65 years or older. Despite medical technology and advanced medications, seniors older than age 65 have four times the number of hospitalizations days as compared to younger age groups (Curtain, 2007). Health care demands are increasing due to the aging United States population, and the present-day Medicare system is not capable of funding this. Health insurance emphasis is now on efficiency, profits, customer satisfaction, ability to pay, and competition (Curtin, 2007)....   [tags: Nursing, Health care, Health care provider]

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The Code Of Ethic For Nurses

- Since you examined the number of moral issues you will face in this profession, look through the code of ethics that you chose for this assignment and explain How would the code of ethic for nurses advise nurses in the moral issue of heavy workload of nurses and staffing difficulties. American Nurses Association (ANA) established the code for nurses as all members of the profession would adhere to the same moral and ethical standards. As I exam this first moral issue that nurses face I looked at the foundation of the code which is built on autonomy ANA defines “Autonomy as agreement to respect another’s right to self-determine a course of action; support of independent decision making.” Se...   [tags: Nursing, Patient, Ethics, Health care provider]

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The College Of Nurses Of Ontario ( Cno )

- Introduction The College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) is the governing body of all registered nurses in Ontario and is regulated. The CNO provides expectations and guidelines to follow, which need to be met by each Registered Practical Nurse (RPN) individually. As a nursing student, I am taught about the CNO and the importance of referring back to the guidelines while caring for patients. While gaining experiencing in the nursing field through my clinical settings, I have realized as a nursing student there are areas I need further development in....   [tags: Nursing, Registered nurse]

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The Code of Ethics for Professional Nurses

- ... In regards to Mr. Doe´s, the nurse may feel like not giving him his medication is not promoting good and may be harming him, but it would still be violating his autonomy and right to refuse treatment. Veracity is a principle that denotes telling the truth; when interacting with patients, nurses must deliver objective, honest and thorough information (Burkhardt et al., 2014). If the nurse hid Mr. Doe’s medication in his ice cream this would violate the principle of veracity. The acquirement of consent from a substitute decision maker would be necessary if Mr....   [tags: discipline, patients, healthcare]

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Good Performance Recognition in Nurses

- Literature review: Meaningful recognition defined in 2005 by (AACN) with the statement "recognition of the value and meaningfulness of one's contribution to an organization's work is a fundamental human need and an essential requisite to personal and professional development. People who are not recognized feel invisible, undervalued, unmotivated, and disrespected" (AACN, 2005). In the past, nurses received recognition from both physicians and from close nurses managers (McClosskey & Grace, 1990)....   [tags: motivate, self esteem, satisfaction]

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Critical Thinking: A Key for Nurses

- ... These new nurses will have the mentor who are highly experienced and will evaluate the details of the work of the new nurses. However, new nurses may have a good idea or decision and we have to listen to them and evaluate their opinion. A good outcome will appear when nurses follow the criteria of critical thinking by using mental processes and decision such as assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation and evaluation. For example, one nurse working in ICU in my hospital. She was handling a critical patient with heart disease....   [tags: problems, process, learn, apply]

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Licensed Practical Nurses ( Lpn )

- ... Some patients have a difficult time accepting a disease or its treatment options. As a practical nurse you consult with RN supervisors regarding patient care and assessments. In some settings LPN 's communicate directly to physicians. Communicating information to the proper people assists in increasing the effectiveness of care plans (Role). As practical nurses we are only one part of a patient care team. Other important members include RN 's, CNA 's, physicians, physical/occupational/speech therapists, dietitians, volunteers, and more (8 Roles of the LPN)....   [tags: Nursing, Registered nurse]

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Nursing And Code Of Ethics For Nurses

- According to the International Council of Nurses (2015), nursing involves the care of all sick or well individuals in all settings, regardless of age, family, group and/ or community. Nurses have a duty to promote health, prevent illness and care for the ill, disabled and dying people. While they are also defined in Australia through ‘the enrolled nurse, registered nurse and nurse practitioner competencies, and the code of conduct and code of ethics for nurses in Australia’ (NMBA 2015). As optimum patient care is clearly a key priority to nurses, the nursing process provides great assistance with this....   [tags: Nursing, Healthcare occupations, Registered nurse]

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Why Nurses Are Dissatisfied With Their Jobs

- ... 255). In order for a nurses to obtain empowerment in their careers, they need to know its four key components: having opportunity for advancement or opportunity to be involved in activities beyond one’s job description; access to information about all facets of the organization; access to support for one’s job responsibilities and decision making; and access to resources as needed by the employee. (Manojlovich, 2007, Theory of structural empowerment section, para. 2) Therefore, for nurses to see themselves as empowered, they must be free of oppressive leadership, work in a structurally empowering environment, as well as, believe they are capable of providing patient care independen...   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Nursing board certification]

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The Quality And Safety Education For Nurses

- The Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN’s) goal is to prepare future nurses with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes (KSAs) that are needed to continuously improve the quality and safety of the healthcare systems within which they work. QSEN focuses on six main competencies; patient-centered care, teamwork and collaboration, evidence-based practice, quality improvement, safety, and informatics. As we have learned in earlier classes these competencies and their KSAs offer a base to help us and other nurses as we continue our education and become RNs....   [tags: Health care, Health care provider, Healthcare]

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The Need For Quality Nurses Nationwide

- ... McClelland 's Theory McClelland’s needs-based motivation model is referred to by multiple other names, however, for this paper it will be referred to as the “Acquired Needs Theory”. In the 1940s Abraham Maslow created his famous theory of needs and set the groundwork for David McClelland who in 1961 launched his book, “The Achieving Society” (Mind Tools, n.d.). McClelland’s Acquired Needs Theory explores the thought that “needs are acquired throughout life…needs are not innate, but are learned or developed as a result of one’s life experiences” (Buchbinder & Shanks, 2007, p.27)....   [tags: Motivation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Nursing]

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Nurses Work At The Hospital

- Registered nurses are mostly about giving care to patients and teaching them proper health guidelines to be healthy both physically and mentally. Nurses are caregivers, who take care of patients, give them medicine, feed them, bathe them, & take them to the restroom. Nurses work at various fields. For example, when we think of a nurse, we think of the one who works at the hospital and checks in on patients to see how they are doing and if they are comfortable, but there is more to that. Nurses work at nursing homes, schools, medical offices, armed forces, emergency rooms, and big industrial companies where they build stuff....   [tags: Nursing, Academic degree, Bachelor's degree]

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Recruitment And Retention Of Nurses

- ... Losing experienced employees also means the loss of valuable organizational knowledge (Buykx, Humphreys, Wakerman, & Pashen, 2010). As a result of the negative consequences of employee turnover, employers are working hard to retain the best and brightest employees. New hires are increasingly of a generation that do not expect to spend long careers with one single employer (Sherman, 2015). Frequent turnover and a non-commitment generation have led companies, including hospitals, to look at different and innovative ways to retain their employees....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Nurse education]

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American Association Of College Of Nurses

- American Association of College of Nurses (AACN) along with its fellow organizations in the Tri-Council for Nursing, which include the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, the American Nurses Association, the American Organization of Nurse Executives, and the National League for Nursing, strongly endorsed the Institute of Medicine’s The Future of Nursing and called for collaboration among stakeholders. One of the “four key messages in the report is that nurses should practice to the full extent of their education and training, calling for actions that maximize the contributions of all nurses and eliminate barriers that prevent them from practicing to the full extent of their educatio...   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Nurse education]

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Nurses And The Health Care System

- Nurses play a huge role in the health care system. A nurse is a bridge between doctor and patient. s/he is a compassionate, understanding and nonjudgmental yet firm and grounded. S/he is probably one of the most important yet least appreciated person in a patient’s life. When many think of a nurse they probably recognize them by a white hat and uniform. Today those white uniforms have been replaced with vividly colored scrubs worn by both male and female nurses, and many other employees in healthcare....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Florence Nightingale]

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Nurses Should Not Be A Nurse

- Nursing students must surpass most of the key challenges that they may encounter in able to be successful nurses. Nurses should possess qualities related to caring because being efficient and good in theoretical studies may not be enough. Like others might say, a nurse should be passionate and should not only think of it as a profession. Caring can never be taught in any universities because it should be innate to oneself. To be a registered nurse in Australia, I have to entirely complete a 1 year university degree program....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Nursing board certification]

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Nurses Association : A Nationwide Concern

- ... The increasing acuity level of patients, in addition to shorter hospital stays, have created a revolving door for hospitals. Top that with less nursing staff to take care of each patient, and you have stressed out, over-worked nurses caring for higher acuity level patients. I have witnessed, first hand, how nurse staffing and patient acuity, have affected patient care. In 2012, a San Antonio hospital downtown closed its doors to adults, which in turn, affected nearby downtown hospitals with an influx in their adult patients....   [tags: Patient, Nursing, Hospital]

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Improving The Capacity Of Nurses

- ... It can be defined as the procedure of deciding what problems or needs require immediate attention and which ones can be delayed until another time because they are not pressing. There are several levels of prioritization that nurses can use to organize their time (Lake, Moss & Duke, 2009). The first is the ABC plus V, which includes such problems as airway, cardiac or circulation, vital signs and breathing. Activities of the second level of prioritization are the ones that are immediately subsequent to those in the first level....   [tags: Management, Health care, Nursing, Patient]

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Demand for Nurses on the Rise

- The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts the demand for nursing personnel to greatly increase between 2014 and 2020. With an expected rise in patient population and a large departure of nurses who have reached the age of retirement, the demand for nursing talent is predicted to increase drastically. This limited amount of staffing has opened the doors for entry level nurses world-wide. Employers invite newly graduated nurses to join their staff regardless of whether or not they have earned a bachelor’s degree (BSN) or an associate degree in nursing (ADN)....   [tags: degree, compensation, compassion]

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What Nurses Do For A Nurse

- ... During a time of illness a patient is the one who experiences the physical symptoms but it has been said by many, and I agree, it is the whole family that goes through the illness collectively in many ways. It weighs on their hearts and minds greatly and they often have to take on caretaker roles unexpectedly. In my personal experience sometimes it takes a small village to take care of a sick person adequately. When my father-in-law got diagnosed with cancer, in order for nobody to lose their job, we all took turns....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Patient, Question]

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The Professional Role Of Nurses

- Nursing is a highly respectable and honorable profession in the field of medicine. Since the emergence of the field of medicine in the world the role of nurses is highly appreciated all around the world. With the help of their kind attitude and effective communication, nurses can help the patients get complete information about their morbidity and act accordingly. Nurses can also help the patients come out of the emotional trauma experienced by them as a result of the frequent episodes of illness....   [tags: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Writing]

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Personal Views of Nursing and Nurses

- While nurses can be found all around the world, they are viewed differently from person to person. These views vary on everything from their responsibilities and job descriptions, to their value and the important role they play in their patients medical care. After 10 years of working with nurses, my views have changed multiple times. In the following definitions, I will explain my current views on these important concepts in nursing and their connections to a persons health. Nursing concept of person The concept of person encompasses many more things than just the individual patient....   [tags: health, patient, profession]

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Professional Code Of Ethics For Nurses

- ... The conflict at hand is whether the line of respect has been crossed by either party in the current circumstances. As a nurse, we are taught to remain unbiased about patient’s history, lifestyle, and their health conditions. If the nurse or any individual in the health care profession over steps their boundaries, then to “respect individual persons” is violated. Once the loss of being neutral with a patient has occurred, it is difficult to withhold a sense of professionalism again. As a patient, the severity of the circumstances that they are in may vary depending on their past experiences....   [tags: Health care, Health care provider, Patient]

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Comparing Nurses and Medical Assistants

- Within this essay the discussion of what the differences are between two professions in the medical field. These two professions consist of nurses and medical assistants, or other wise known as M.A’s. Each of these professions have their own descriptions and skill sets. These two professions also have differences in salary and qualifications needed to work within that pacific field. Even though these two professions are in the same field, they have many similarities and differences....   [tags: Career Essays]

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Challenges Nurses Face in Healthcare

- Ethical climate moral distress, and trust worthiness are some of the few challenges that nurses face. According to Filipova, her researched proved that there is a direct correlation between ethical standards and their climate, by stating that “ethical climate has been associated with ethical behavior, developing knowledge about ethical climate in nursing facilities takes on a critical role (Filipova, 2009, para. 574)”. Climate plays a huge role in ethics because as a society we tend to form relationship with coworkers....   [tags: Nursing]

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Nurses And The Delivery Of Nursing Care

- Advocacy Nurses take a holistic approach to the delivery of patient- and family-centered care and, in doing so, the nurse plays several roles to address the different needs of the patient. Advocating for all the patient’s, as well as their caregivers’, needs to be met should always be incorporated into the provision of quality nursing care. (Walker et al., 2015). Applying the concept of advocacy to the delivery of nursing care is a key element of this author’s professional foundation. Consequently, this author will advocate for his patient’s rights to autonomy, privacy, and justice....   [tags: Nursing, Culture, Nurse, Concept]

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Ethical Issues of Importance to Nurses

- The sequencing of the human genome has a new approach to health care in regards to promotion, maintenance, and treatment. Genetic research is defined as a new approach to a better understanding of the genetic components of common diseases: Cancer, diabetes, stroke, and creating new gene-based technologies for screening, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of both rare and common diseases. Nurses are a main aspect within the first line of care, and therefore will contribute fully in genetic-based and genomic-based practice activities such as collecting family history, obtaining informed consent for genetic testing, and administering gene-based therapies....   [tags: public domain,genetic and genomic healthcare]

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The Role of Registered Nurses

- Registered Nurses are individuals who dedicate their lives to not only make a change in the world but in people’s lives as well. They live their life day by day to cure health issues that their patients may by dealing with or in the process of trying to overcome. Nurses assess and treat patients, carry out procedures under the instruction of doctors and collaborate with varies health professionals. They also coordinate the work of others who’s involved with the patient to keep them updated. Being a registered nurse is a serious profession which requires patience and dedication....   [tags: healthcare professionals]

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Effective Discharge Teaching for Nurses

- One must understand that patients who are prescribed warfarin are at a high risk of bleeding. According to Sanderson et al. (2009) “many patients were unable to link known risk factors as contributing” to DVT to their therapist (p. 25). Although patients are admitted for major lower extremity surgeries, some of these patients also have chronic diseases, such as cerebral vascular accident (CVA), coronary artery disease, diabetes, cardiac, renal disease, and obesity and might take a complex medication regimen....   [tags: healthcare professionals]

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Nurses Should Be A Nurse

- From the moment you first decide to be a nurse, you become apart of an important population in the healthcare industry. When you choose a career in nursing you are hopefully deciding to join this with a passion. You must be prepared for births, patient deaths, and illnesses. A nurse has to be mentally prepared for all kinds of situations and all kinds of emotions that are associated with their work. Out of all the work and sometimes stresses of being a nurse you have to be able to care. A nurse commits his or herself to care for others no matter how long it takes....   [tags: Nursing, Medicine, Health care]

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The Core Responsibility Of Nurses

- ... My action at this point includes informing about possible consequences when she chooses to continue the same behavior, encouraging the colleague to obtain professional help to stop the chemical dependency, and telling the truth about her problem to her manager. It is important to keep it confidential and to treat her with compassion as mentioned in the Code of ethics for registered nurses (CNA, 2008). If the colleague continues this behavior and disclosure of her situation has not done by the colleague, nurses are obligated to report appropriate authority such as the nurse manager (CNA, 2008, 2009; CNO, 2009, 2014a)....   [tags: Ethics, Nursing, Patient, Autonomy]

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Intimidation of Nurses in the Workplace

- Intimidation of nurses in the workforce continues to be a problem. Intimidating behavior affects not only the nurse but patient care as well. The nurse might be intimidated by peers, patients or physicians. Intimidating behavior is not healthy and should be addressed. In this paper the issue of nurse intimidation will be discussed. The discussion will include definitions of intimidation, the impact of intimidation on the nursing profession, the impact of intimidation on patient care, solutions for handling intimidation, implications for nursing curriculum, and future research possibilities regarding the topic of intimidation....   [tags: Nursing Profession, Nursing Career]

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Principles and Standards for Reistered Nurses

- ... “The regulation of nursing practice is essential to the protection of public health and welfare” (ONA, 2012; p.1). These regulations set up the standards for becoming an RN. One of the first standards is that an RN will only be licensed after completing an “educational program approved by the state board of nursing and pass a licensing examination before a license to practice is granted” (ONA, 2012; p.1). To become an RN I completed my associate degree in nursing (ADN) at Columbus State Community College....   [tags: practice, regulations, patients, career]

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Women 's Role As Nurses

- ... The figure farthest away is astride a white horse and appears to be caring a cross. All three figures are depicted in a dramatic lighting effects in art know as chiaroscuro, to create a feeling of tensions and action. In the upper left corner is the bright, large Red Cross symbol on a dramatic light background. The purpose of this illustration as to evoke a feeling of position, and motherly duties to care for and aide those fighting for their country. With the ending of World War I and the continued unrest and turnsole around the world, The American Red Cross recognized the future need for nurses to serve the military....   [tags: World War I, World War II, League of Nations]

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Leadership And Management Application For Nurses

- Leadership and Management Application Nurses may encounter situations where they have to apply leadership and management skills. In this assignment, I have been able to think from a nurse manager perspective which members of the interdisciplinary team should be part of my patient’s plan of care as well as their functions. Also, I have explained what leadership style would be the best fit to manage my patient’s care as well as necessary changes to enhance my performance as a nurse manager. Finally, I have chosen a change theory to use as a framework to approach my patient’s needs and I have reflected on how this theory would help my team to accomplish our common goals....   [tags: Nursing, Health care, Leadership, Management]

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The Future Of Advanced Practice Nurses

- ... In addition, many RNs graduated from an education program outside a university system. This inconsistency of academic training creates issues related to competencies in leadership role and development, nursing globalization and public health with health promotion and prevention. Regulatory Barriers Due to the lack of standardization in education and failure to prove the value of the APN, two major parties continue to restrict the deployment of APN. State-based Limitation Currently, the scope of practices of the APN is limited by different state, regardless of the training an APN receives....   [tags: Nursing, Health care, Health economics]

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Peer Assistance Programs for Nurses

- Substance abuse among health care professionals is an issue that is continually gaining more attention due to the harmful affects it can have individuals as well as the patients. Substance abuse can greatly hinder the ability to provide quality care and if left unchecked could lead to serious implications within the health care facility. There are a significant amount of nurses and health care providers that deal with substance abuse problems. At one point, it was estimated, that 2-3%, of all nurses were addicted to drugs (Trinkoff, & Storr, 1998)....   [tags: Nursing ]

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Nursing Career Paths For Nurses

- Nurses are involved with nearly all aspects of a patient’s care, from providing comfort and hygiene to giving medications, and updating medical records. A wide range of career opportunities is open to registered nurses. A nurse may pursue many nursing career paths. Those paths span from pediatrics to geriatrics, part-time, full-time, clinics to specialized roles. Interpersonal communications in nursing comes in good deal with patients that can be bad and good. Nursing has become one of the most respected professions in the world....   [tags: Registered nurse, Nursing]

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Communication Between Nurses And Patients

- ... Thirdly, studies have depicted that patients have a problem when doctors and nurses, medical terminology that is not understood or clarified well. Finally, the question will be answered as to whether unconscious communication can change or lead to a diagnosis. Some doctors have suggested that communication is full of language barriers that makes doing a nurses job harder or leads to patients having complications with grasping the details of a procedure or treatment plans. Flores identifies that much of America is not able to speak English, and it causes major problems with interpreting symptoms into a diagnosis with even one or two words misunderstood (229)....   [tags: Health care provider, Patient, Physician]

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Communication Between Nurses And Patients

- ... The conclusion can be made as to whether communication can change or lead to a diagnosis. Some doctors have suggested that communication is full of language barriers that lead to a nurses’ job being harder or leadings to patients having complications with grasping the details of the procedure or treatment plan. Flores identifies that much of America is not able to speak English, and it causes major problems with interpreting symptoms into a diagnosis if even one or two words are misunderstood (229)....   [tags: Health care provider, Patient, Communication]

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Community Health Nurses Are Needed

- Community health nurses are needed. These nurses can be the voice and the advocate especially for children. Community health nurses are not only strong clinicians they also have experience in home care, care management and school in addition, they also have to be strong critical thinkers, able to be an advocate and have analytical abilities. Violence and abuse in children exist more than what society realizes. These children need advocates; community health nursing is needed in order to help these poor children....   [tags: Child abuse, Domestic violence, Abuse, Violence]

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The For Qualified Registered Nurses

- According to the World Health Organization (WHO, 2010) global survey, around 92% of the nurses and midwives reported nurse staff shortages, in terms of that the inadequate number of registered nurses is a persisting problem throughout the world. In Australia, there is evidence indicating that in the future approximately 109,225 nurse position will be facing a deficiency by the year 2025 due to ageing and low retention rate (Health Workforce Australia, 2012). However, approximate 11,000 students are graduating from nursing and midwifery school across Australia each year and start looking for employment opportunities at the same time....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Registered nurse, Graduate school]

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Nurses and Non Verbal Communication

- Non Verbal Communication Xu, staples and Shen define nonverbal communication as “facial expression and body language” and further mentions that communication is a reciprocal process between 2 or more people relaying understanding, ensuring the output is acknowledges and correctly conveyed. Video three’s interview indicates poor non verbal communication between 4:36 and 4:54. The Nurses’ body language is closed, leaning over the interview documents, not facing the patient, nor making eye contact....   [tags: body language, facial expression]

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Staffing And Safety For Nurses

- Staffing and Safety The shortage that the nursing division faces can be because of the lack of people working in the field (Hassmiller & Cozine, 2006). In likeness of the nursing shortage, sufficient care of patients have been on the decline, and the staff that is present incurs abysmal work environments (Hassmiller & Cozine, 2006). Because of the substandard working conditions, nurse leave the work force thus creating shoddier work environments (Hassmiller & Cozine, 2006). Encouraging new nurses to join the task force in such array proves to be difficult as the effort to comply with the job’s demand is challenging with an insufficient number in staffing (Hassmiller & Cozine, 2006)....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Patient, Florence Nightingale]

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