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American Government's Reaction to September 11

- The September 11th attacks did leave a mark on the United States. The world watched the media account of the tragic events as they were captured by digital and print media. The author in this article explores different aspects of the tragedy to analyze the both Australian and American thoughts and understanding of the events. She has broken it down into categories: the aftermath of the attacks, interpretations of the attacks, and challenges that impeded existing structures of representation. Questions of how the attack was viewed, and how the terrorist evoked terror and mass terrorism are reviewed....   [tags: terrorism, world trade center]

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ISO 9000 between year 2004- 2014

- Contents 1.1 Graph of number journal related to ISO 9000 between year 2004 - 2014 1 2.0 Certification of ISO 9000 4 3.0 Journal review 6 4.0 Conclussion 9 References 1.1 Graph of number journal related to ISO 9000 between year 2004- 2014 The graph shows the number of studies related to ISO 9000 between the years 2004-2014. Total were collected randomly from a samples of related journal accessible from e- resources by library Sultanah Bahiyah. Based on the result, year 2004 and 2006 recorded the highest number of studies related to ISO 9000 which is a 4 each years....   [tags: Journals, Articles, Studies, Certification ISO]

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Refom Movements in Hinduism: The Brahmo Samaj Movement

- ... by the 1840s the Brahmo Samaj had started their own school. The schools of the Brahmo Samaj are single education institution to offer students a rational and systematic exposition of their own faith (Princeton, 46). Rammohn was strongly influenced by Christianity. He disagreed with the doctrine of reincarnation and fought to abolish certain traditional practices, some of which had been grossly misused (The Heart of Hinduism). The doctrine and traditions he disagreed with were the caste system, polygamy, image worship, Sati, and child marriage....   [tags: christians, ramakrishna.]

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Naxalites Influence

- Naxalites influence and dominance have spreads across the country. The number of districts af-fected by Naxalism has leapfrogged from 55 in 2003 to 195 in 2009 resulting in over one-third of Indian territory dominated by Naxalites (as per one estimate over 40,000 sq km in the country is dominated by Naxalites). The Naxalites infested area is also referred as Red Corridor . Following map shows areas under different level of Naxalites Influence. An analysis of the number of Naxalites related incidents indicates that threat has been gradually growing up in the affected states....   [tags: Crime ]

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September 11, 2001 Changed the World Forever

- As the blood trickled down the flight attendant’s neck, they all prayed that they wouldn’t die. A dark skined man headed toward the front of the plane to claim his next victim. He slowly pressed the cold, red blade of a knife into the pilot’s neck. Many of those who saw screamed. They all knew, then, that they would die. Passengers felt the plane take some wild turns and they realized that they had turned around. Not long after this occurred to four planes, every single passenger died. Terrorists had taken over planes in America....   [tags: September 11 Terrorism Essays]

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Should Children Watch Television?

- Should Children Watch Television.   In United States, “Children watch 4 hours of television every day, 28 hours a week and, sometimes, 10 hours on Saturdays and Sundays. Before their 18th birthday, children may view 25,000 hours of television” (Ni Chang 85). Nowadays, technology has been developed and used in many different ways. Many children spend large amount of time on IPad, smart phone, and computer. Clearly, television has played an important role in most of the younger age group’s life. As a parent, one of the biggest concerns about the influence that television has on the children is that they tend to become aggressive while they watch a lot of violent program....   [tags: violence screen, brain development delay]

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