Ghandi: An Exemplary Leader

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Ghandi was a man with no official title who led his country to freedom because he stood up for his core beliefs. He saw value in those who needed his help, and was beloved by his followers. Great dignitaries paid homage to Ghandi after his death for the honor he brought to his country.
How would you describe Gandhi’s leadership style? Provide specific examples.
Ghandi proved himself to be an exceptional leader. The first leadership style theory that relates to Ghandi is the born again leader. A twice born leader is someone who faces adversity or struggles but their resilience allows them to develop their own beliefs and ideas. Ghandi never saw himself as someone who would lead his country. However, when he saw that people needed help, he stood up and took action. He had a strong vision to improve his country and relied on his intuition and passion in order to guide his actions.
Ghandi was a leader who understood himself and the world around him. Ghandi's leadership style characteristics are those of a transformational leader. A transformational leader understands the needs of his followers. Ghandi made all decisions in good conscious because he was a visionary. As he traveled, he gave speeches and advice to many people along the way. One of the most powerful skills that Gandhi had was the ability to relate to his followers. Not only did he speak to them but he had the ability to make them listen. He presented his ideas in a manner that people could understand and gave hope to those whom he shared his ideas. Gandhi also took the initiative to see the different lives of the people who needed his leadership. Ghandi observed their living conditions and saw how they struggled to survive. His passion drove change. All of the le...

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...r. As a human being, that is very challenging to do. He believed in the idea of community and equality. For example, when his wife refused to clean. Gandhi spoke to her about being an active participant of their community. He wanted her to see the bigger picture and her role in that society.
Another leadership example from the movie that Gandhi portrayed is that he cared about all of the people. When plans were being made to create Pakistan for the Muslims using Indian territory, Gandhi opposed this notion because he wanted one government for all people in India.
I was particularly moved by Gandhi after India's freedom. Gandhi did not take praise or became boastful of his accolades because he felt that he did what was needed of him. Gandhi did what he did because he thought he was doing what was right. He did what he did because it was purposeful to the country.
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