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Reaction to the Film Ghandi "The way of truth and love has always won. Tyrants may seem invincible, but in the end they always fall." Mahatma Ghandi The film Ghandi proved to be insightful, educational, and inspirational. The film traces India's rocky path towards decolonization, led by the "Great Spirit" Ghandi. Mahatma Ghandi led India's struggle for independence from the British Empire before 1948. The trials and tribulations of India and her people touch on many social issues. The film depicts cultural changes, which were brought about by the impact of social and political change during British colonization consequential decolonization efforts. The film itself served many lessons of unity and justness, yet the hero himself was a prime example of courage, humility, and patience. It is rather difficult to pinpoint main predominate themes from this movie, as every word and action taken by Mahatma is a lesson in life. The ideal of courage seemed extremely prevalent, as Ghandi himself is a model of courageousness. It takes courage to speak out against oppressors. Only a courageous man would take the initiative to lead a country to freedom. Ghandi shows his courageousness through his peaceful resistance and through his speeches. Every jail sentence he served and every hunger pain he endured prove his courage. A situation where Ghandi proved himself to be a calm and collected man is when he met with General Smuts. He appeared at the generals office, in his prisoners attire and spoke diplomatically yet firmly about his opinions. The general did not intimidate him, nor was Ghandi ashamed of his own "dirty" appearance. He exuded self-confidence and in the end, General Smuts agreed to repeal the law. Another of Ghandi's attribu... ... middle of paper ... ... and idolized at times. I find this rather peculiar, because Ghandi did not want to be revered and he certainly didn't seem to like attention, he was far too humble for that. I was also disturbed by the submissivness of Ghandi's wife. At times I felt that she was only his shadow, not his equal partner. I am not sure if this is because of the movie's point of view, or if in reality she was just a passive female. She did not take an active role in her husband's agenda, and neither did she voice her opinions. Mahatma Ghandi was not a head of state or even a diplomat, yet he impacted millions of people. His virtues of courage, persistence, and humility and his wisdom helped free a nation from its oppressors. He peacefully accomplished his goal, and was a martyr for society. He is an icon of past generations and will continue to be so for many generations to come.

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