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Professional Sports - NBA Players are Greedy

- NBA Players are Greedy       How many of us would love to make $2.4 million a year. Or even better, how does $126 million over a six-year period sound. Then again, why stop there. As John Donovan, a sports analyst for Sports Illustrated and CNN points out, with the average salary of players in the NBA at $2.4 million a year, and some players with contracts well over $100 million, it's hard to see what many of them are complaining about. Players in the NBA need to stop being so greedy, agree to a drug policy and realize that they are employed by the owners and should follow all rules and regulations set by the league....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Essay Examples]

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Money and the Corruption of American Society

- Money and the Corruption of American Society The American dream Sweet as a new millionaire The American dream Pre-packed, ready-to-wear The American dream Fat, like a chocolate eclair As you suck out the cream Luck by the tail How can you fail. And best of all, it's for sale The American dream - The Engineer (Miss Saigon) Money is very important in American society today.  Your status in America is greatly influenced by how much money you make.  We see the effects of money while reading the paper, wathshing the evening news, and in Micheal Moore’s movies.   As we see in all three of Micheal Moore’s films Roger & Me, Pets or Meat, and The Big One, money can affect a society in...   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Argument Essays]

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Hypothetical Sountrack for To Kill A Mockingbird

- "Sugar We're Going Down" Fall Out Boy pp. 75-76 I chose "Sugar We're Going Down" because Atticus decides to defend Tom Robinson. Lines 9 and 10 say, "We're going down, down in an earlier round and sugar we're going down swinging." This relates to the book in that Atticus knows that he will lose the case, but will try his hardest because he knows it is the right thing to do. "Landslide" Fleetwood Mac p. 115-117 Lines 10 through 13 of the song "Landslide" talk about how things change and "children get older." Scout is bothered by how her brother is changing because he is getting older....   [tags: To Kill a Mockingbird Essays]

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It’s Time to Stop Corporate Downsizing

- It’s Time to Stop Corporate Downsizing Michael Moore is very opinionated. He can be very blunt and sarcastic, but he gets his point across. In his documentaries Roger and Me, Pets or Meat, the return to Flint and The Big One he is not speaking out for what someone has done to him, but for what they have done to the people of Flint, Michigan. In Roger and Me, Michael focuses on how Roger Smith, the CEO of General Motors (GM), closed his factory in Flint to open factories in Mexico. The closing of the plant left more than 30,000 people unemployed....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Argument Essays]

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Oppression in Sinclair's The Jungle and Steinbeck's The Grapes Of Wrath

- Oppression in Sinclair's The Jungle and Steinbeck's The Grapes Of Wrath In The Jungle, by Upton Sinclair, and The Grapes of Wrath, by John Steinbeck, the characters are forced with economic, social, and political problems that they must cope with throughout the story. Both books are similar in that they emphasize that in this country, one simply cannot win unless they play by nature’s rules.      The economic problems of both stories were great. Jurgis (The Jungle) wishes to go to America to get rich....   [tags: Sinclair The Jungle]

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Similarities Between Franz Liszt And Kurt Cobain

- Similarities Between Franz Liszt and Kurt Cobain Franz Liszt was one of many classical composers. In some ways, he can be compared to a modern rock and roll star. Franz Liszt was born in Raiding, Hungary, on October 22, 1811. Much like Mozart, he was a very great piano player at a very young age. Liszt composed an opera called Don Sancho at the age of fourteen. Professionals of Liszt's time thought that he was only a genius with the piano, which was not enough to give his ideas the great recognition they deserved....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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The Concept of Satan in World Religions

- The concept of Satan in world religions is an interesting one that has not sufficiently been studied by scholars. We all know that Satan is a familiar character from Christianity; does the red-pajama'd, soul-stealing badass, however, appear in other religions as well, drinking the blood of newborn babes and raping evildoers with his white-hot thorned penis. As it turns out, he does (although not in his characteristic red pajamas). In Hinduism, for example, there is an evil trickster known as Majapudu, who is reputed to have twelve horns, eyes of fire, and noxious flatulence that can kill an entire village in minutes, like mustard gas....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Presidential Candidates: Division And Classification

- Presidential Candidates: Division and Classification You could be the next presidential candidate. Sound good. You must file papers with the Federal Election Commission to run. You also have to pay the nominal filing fee charged to candidates entering the New Hampshire primary. That doesn¹t sound so difficult. Anyone who can accomplish these two tasks may run for President. Usually, some unlikely people do. This year, the candidates include people from Phil Gramm to Jack Mabardy(Who in the world might he be?)....   [tags: essays research papers]

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stop spanking: save the children

- Spanking has been used for many years and it must come to an end. Also known as corporal punishment, spanking is most often used as a form of discipline. Although it is said to have some benefits, the negative consequences far outweigh the good. According to Dr. Wilson and Dr. Lyon, “physical punishment delivered in anger with the intent to cause pain is unacceptable and dangerous to the health and well being of the child.”( Guidance for Effective Discipline, online) It is important for spanking to stop because it is ineffective, causes more problems and because there are other options to consider....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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All Aspects of Soap Operas

- All Aspects of Soap Operas A soap opera is a drama typically performed as a serial on daytime television or radio. Soaps tend to be over dramatic and actors are often over emotional, to provoke a reaction from viewers. Soap operas got their names because they used to advertise soaps during the breaks. These programmes were very popular with 'housewives' though they now attract a much wider audience. Soap operas have dramatically changed through the years, becoming more and more controversial, the story lines have changed and matured in some ways to fit different lifestyles, and the media....   [tags: Papers]

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God's Role in Professional Athletics

- God's Role in Professional Athletics Christianity plays a very important role in society today. Seeing all the different ways that Christianity affects the way we live our lives, I noticed that professional sports is greatly influenced by Christianity. There always tens to be some controversy over Christianity in professional sports. Weather in football, boxing, basketball, or baseball, there is controversy. But this controversy is not necessarily a bad thing. The reason that there is controversy is because more and more professional athletes are either professing that they are Christians, or there are athletes accepting the Christian beliefs from the witnessing of other athletes....   [tags: Papers]

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Instant Replay in The NFL

- Instant Replay in The NFL As Jerome Bettis walks toward the center of the field on Thanksgiving Day of 1998, he has no idea what is about to happen. This event will be the subject of controversy for days to follow. Bettis and his Pittsburgh Steelers have just finished regulation play against the Detroit Lions and are ready for the coin toss, which will precede the overtime period. Referee Phil Luckett tosses the coin up in the air as Bettis calls "Tails." The coin lands with tails up. The referee then tells the Lions' captains that they have won the toss and asks them what they elect to do....   [tags: Papers]

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Gold Dome Report

- This week the General Assembly was again in recess to work on the budget, and will reconvene on Monday, March 8.  However, key committee meetings are ongoing and the following are the highlights from last week and a preview of next.  EDUCATION: Critical Education Vote Scheduled for Monday On Monday, the House of Representatives will vote on SB 84, an important bill that will improve school board governance and education in the state.  The bill passed the Senate last session and passed the House Rules Committee two weeks ago.  Generally, the House does not pass Senate bills this early, so the House is clearly making this legislation a top priority....   [tags: Government]

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History of Computer Animation

- History of Computer Animation To look at him, you would not think that Phil Tippett is the creator of some of the most horrific and terrifying monsters ever witnessed by the human race. A quite normal-looking man of average height, with thinning grey hair, he has been at the forefront of movie animation for almost three decades. Phil Tippett is one of the greatest animators of all time, starting off with the age-old techniques of stop-motion and then moving on to the technical computer generated wizardry of today....   [tags: Computers Animation Essays]

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Royal Dutchs Shell Dynamics

- Royal Dutchs Shell Dynamics Royal Dutch Shell (RDS) is the sixth largest company on the planet. It is made up of 1700 smaller companies and employs 101,000 people throughout the world. This is not a nimble start-up company that is attempting to create a brand new culture; this is a behemoth of a company, with over 100 years of history and a workforce that is literally global. The business in which RDS operates is primarily oil and natural gas, commodities that can fluctuate dramatically in market value by the minute....   [tags: essays papers]

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History Of The F-16

- Introduction The first F-16 was developed in 1974. They wanted a lightweight fighter that wouldn&#8217;t cost as much as the fighters they had at the time. They also needed a way to have a bomber without going out and building another bomber which would cost millions more. So they decided to turn the F-16 into a fighter/bomber and it all worked out. Here&#8217;s how. The Lockheed F-16 Fighting Falcon They F-16 Fighting Falcon was developed and produced by General Dynamics Corp, until they went bankrupt....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Nike at a Glance

- Nike at a Glance Society, as we know it today, would not be able to continue without the everyday use of shoes and clothes. This fact alone puts companies such as Nike in a pretty powerful and much needed position. It is very unlikely to go anywhere without seeing the Nike Swoosh somewhere. However, Nike has not always had the reputation that they have today. In fact before 1971, Nike was not even heard of. It was instead known as the Blue Ribbon Shoe Company, which was founded by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Interview Concerning Feminist Themes

- How do you pick one woman that you know for an interview on feminism. Each woman has a unique perspective and her own life experiences to bring to the table. Each woman can give you a different view based on her age, her race, her position in her family, her sexual preference, her profession, even her religion. Each woman will have viewpoints that you can identify with and some that you can't. Sometimes the person you least suspect will be an interesting interview can give you the most to think about and learn from....   [tags: Interview Essays]

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Marketing And Online Dating

- In the very unique industry of online dating, an e-business must use many marketing tools and techniques to catch the eyes of the business's audience. If the e-business is for some reason unable to accomplish this, the online dating sight will not last long. This section will discuss the marketing tools and techniques used by e-businesses in the online dating industry. There will also be a rating of the three most common online dating networks, rating many areas of the site from ease of use to customer service accessibility....   [tags: Business Marketing]

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Jurgis in The Jungle

- In The Jungle, by Upton Sinclair, Jurgis is the most complex character throughout the novel. He demonstrates many characteristics that sets him aside from the other characters and also utilizes the title of villain. He is not necessarily an evil man by nature, but does portray an evil life by existence. In the beginning, Jurgis was a man of great muscles and strength. “…and he was young, and a giant besides. There was too much health in him. He could not even imagine how it would feel to be beaten.”(23) He was a country boy, meaning he was use to lifting things and from that became strong, which was a physical feature Packingtown seemed to like, leaving Jurgis excited knowing he could easily...   [tags: Upton Sinclair]

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Nike: The Sweatshop Debate

- This paper describes the legal, cultural, and ethical challenges that confronted the global business presented in the Nike sweatshop debate case study. The paper determines the various roles that the Vietnamese government played in this global business operation. This paper summarizes the strategic and operational challenges facing global managers illustrated in the Nike sweatshop case. "Nike: The Sweatshop Debate" Case Study This paper describes the legal, cultural, and ethical challenges that confronted the global business presented in the Nike sweatshop debate case study....   [tags: Human Rights Case Study]

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Capital Punishment

- Pros of Capital Punishment Capital punishment according to Phil .B, (2006), refers to a death penalty by the government of a country to a person who is found guilty of serious crimes like homicide, rape among others. Capital punishment has been a way of punishing people for many years. It has been prevalent in the United States, Asia and Middle Eastern countries. During the past two centuries many reforms on capital punishment have been made and it has been abolished in some states and countries....   [tags: Capital Punishment, Death Penalty]

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- The producers of television programmes use a set of codes and conventions to communicate with their audience. These codes and conventions help to reinforce the ‘myths’ about British society. Semiotics or the study of signs, demonstrates that when anything is represented, it acquires additional meanings. Whether these additional meanings are deliberately used to signify others or not is irrespective, the fact that these meanings can be contributed to a sign holds the importance. Using an episode of the British soap-opera, “Eastenders” as an example, this reading will identify these additional meanings and show credence to their existence....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Neolithic Park

- Neolithic Park      "Thanks for that update, Bob," said the aged anchor person. His voice was rough and deep, as though he had been to sea recently and had taken home a throat lined with thick salt water. He sounded too serious, but friendly enough to be a local newscaster for a maximum audience of perhaps 20,000 bored stiff eyes. "And now we have a related story about the new sporting goods store here in Sidney. Nan Johnstone is there live. Nan?"      "Yes, Phil. Thanks." Nan was an aged person as well, who doubled as the station's investigative reporter and local happening's person....   [tags: Creative Writing Short Stories Hunting Essays]

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Grateful Dead

- Grateful Dead The Grateful Dead, the most popular so called underground band of all time. This band has underwent many changes, some good and others bad throughout their thirty or so years of performing. I plan to prove that a band that has remained together for thirty plus years isn’t as easy as many would assume. In fact I would have to say the “down” times in the band almost equal the outrageously great time they had. Despite all the down times the amazing music of the Grateful Dead always made it possible to bring smiles to empty faces anytime anywhere....   [tags: Papers]

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Red Cloud's Revenge

- Red Cloud's Revenge Red Cloud’s Revenge is a historical novel about the grim recollection of detailed events and days/months before the showdown between the US Cavalry & Sioux Indians on the northern plains of 1867. Fetterman, Brown & Grummond rode out ahead of seventy-eight soldiers that day on December 21st 1866. In hopes of driving out some Sioux Indians and bring some scalps home. Many soldiers’ guard was down when Fetterman’s entire force disappeared over Trail Lodge Ridge. None of them were ever seen alive again....   [tags: English Literature Essays]

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The Tennessee Tour

- THE TENNESSEE TOUR Intro music: Rocky Top (Speakers come down center aisle dressed as famous Tennesseans. Each stops at top of steps and waves, then goes to place.) Davy Crockett: Evening folks…. We’re here to tell you all about the great state of Tennessee. I’m Davy Crocket, and I crossed the Appalachian Mtns to help settle the great state of Tennessee. I’ve carved my initials in many a tree… I killed a bear when I was only three. (bow and sit) Nancy Ward: I’m Nancy Ward and my people were the Cherokee Indians....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Springer & Sociology

- When asked "What is the trashiest show on television?" I wouldn't doubt that the majority of the population would agree that it was The Jerry Springer Show. The show deals with people and there issues in the way like many other self-help shows do, for example Oprah or Dr. Phil, but the issues that are dealt with are quite different. Although one may argue that the people on The Jerry Springer Show are simply freaks, a sociologist would say that the issues on the show are dysfunctions of society and this show is an outlet for them to show off their abnormality....   [tags: Performance Arts]

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Nike Case Study

- In this Case Study Analyses, an objective SWOT Analyses will be done to help identify potential strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats within the Nike Corporation. It will look at the role of promotions as a consumer product company, offer possible promotional objectives, and consider other promotional methods the Nike Corporation may wish to implement in its quest to remain the market leader. History, Development, and Growth From their marketing strategies to their selling philosophies, Nike has developed one of the most recognizable and demanded name and logo tandems ever created....   [tags: Marketing Case Study Analysis Nike]

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Faulkner’s Contradictory Roles as Father and Artist in the Film, William Faulkner: a Life on Paper

- Faulkner’s Contradictory Roles as Father and Artist in the Film, William Faulkner: a Life on Paper After viewing the film William Faulkner: a Life on Paper it would be easy to attempt a pseudo-psychoanalytic interpretation of Faulkner’s relationship with his daughter and the other women in his life, but I think that would do a disservice to him. The film focused on the contradiction between Faulkner’s personal life, especially his relationships with women, and his professional life as a writer....   [tags: Movie Film Essays]

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College Admissions Essay: The Experience that Changed My Life

- The Experience that Changed My Life   I volunteered with Outreach Kenya Development Volunteers for three months in Bungoma, Kenya. As a team of six volunteers, we lived with a traditional Kenya family and shared in their daily experiences. Our primary focus this summer was AIDS education. We reached over 7,000 Kenyans about the potential dangers of HIV/AIDS. We used a secondhand vehicle bought by OKDV during the summer of 2000 and an old TV and generator to educate Kenyans. We traveled throughout rural western Kenya and reached people of all age groups and backgrounds....   [tags: College Admissions Essays]

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It’s Time to Demand More from Corporate America

- It’s Time to Demand More from Corporate America Michael Moore exposes corporate America's dark side in Roger and Me, Pets or Meat: The Return to Flint, and The Big One (Moore).  These show that corporate America is committing a form of domestic terrorism by dehumanizing and exploiting their workers then forcing them to the streets to survive. The actions by individuals such as Roger Smith and Phil Knight are perfect examples of capitalists constantly oppressing the working class described by Karl Marx.  By dehumanizing workers business owners are able to push them to the streets by closing factories and remain a good public image.  Who cares if these degenerate people lose their jobs?  T...   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Argument Essays]

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It’s Time to Stop Corporate Terrorism

- It’s Time to Stop Corporate Terrorism Looking at corporate terrorism, homlessness, and the technology gap, it is clear that the profit of large corporations varies indirectly with the improvment of the economy.  When given the opportunity, all companies would take money from the workers and communies and spend it on themselves.  The greed of large corporations is terrorizing communities throughout America.   Corporate terrorism is occurring and millions of people are losing their jobs as corporations claim they need to "stay competitive." (Moore)  Relationships between employers and their employees are dwindling as no credit given to the hard workers....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Argument Essays]

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The Effects of Faith and Prayer

- The Effects of Faith and Prayer Until recently, the effects of prayer were just a myth. However, science has decided to take a closer look at this national phenomenon, and study just how much does faith and prayer effect the healing of the body and mind. For most believers there are no doubts that peace of mind can be traced directly to the effects of prayer. All the trials and tribulations associated with everyday life are somehow transformed through faith; consider the words of Paul: “Gods peace, which is far beyond understanding, will keep your mind safe in union with Christ Jesus” (Holy Bible, Phil....   [tags: Faith Prayer Religion Religious Essays]

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Article on 24 Hour Alcohol Law

- Article on 24 Hour Alcohol Law The people of Preston have a mixed feelings on whether 24 hour drinking will help ease the city’s alcohol problem. Most people interviewed disagree with plans to relax licensing laws to enable 24 hour drinking. Only two people gave a firm yes with one person unsure. Figures for England show that out of 1.4million crimes in the second quarter of 2005, 318,000 were alcohol related. These figures also show that of the violent crimes more than half are believed to have been drink-fuelled....   [tags: Papers]

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Companies Should Support Local Communities

- Companies Should Support Local Communities In a series of films, Michael Moore presents the fact that some people are greedy with their money. In his first film, Roger and Me, Moore tries to get Roger Smith, President of G.M., to visit Flint, Michigan, so he can see how closing a factory, where 30,000 people used to work, affects a community. (Smith closed eleven factories in America, opened new factories in Mexico and paid the workers $.70 an hour, so he could personally profit.) Moore wants Roger Smith, to be aware of how his actions hurt a society and instead of using the money to enrich himself he should assist those in his own community....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Argument Essays]

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The Power of Ambition

- The Power of Ambition An ambition is an eager, and sometimes an inordinate, desire for preferment, honor, superiority, power, or the attainment of something. To obtain object or goal that is immensely desired. It comes from the Middle English word “ambicioun,” meaning and excessive desire for power, money or wealth. Ambition is something that everyone, no matter their age or cultural background, has instinctively. Ambition can be a driving force for success, or in some cases a road to failure. Through ambitious undertakings we can set goals and find ourselves and our God-given talents....   [tags: English Literature Essays]

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Breakthroughs in American Jazz

- Breakthroughs in American Jazz The backdrop was New Orleans in the late 19th century, a growing port city with a diverse population of African Americans, whites, displaced French settlers, and immigrants from the West Indies and South America. This hodgepodge of cultures mixed European influenced popular music, such as ragtime, with tradition African music creating the hybrid musical style known as jazz. Jazz, bold and beautiful, in its purest sense demands high instrumentation mastery, creativity, and improvisation combined with low rehearsal and repetition....   [tags: Papers]

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My Brain Tumor

- My Brain Tumor "I am not an animal, I am a human being!" - The Elephant Man I am different, so accept me. Even though I have physical disabilities I am still a human being. When I was four I had a brain tumor. The surgery left me with a paralyzed arm, crossed eye and a deaf ear. To make matters worse, the paralyzed arm was also my writing hand and I had to learn to be right-handed. When I was transferred from North Shore Hospital to Rusk Institute for Rehabilitation in New York City, I learned to use a wheelchair and was fitted for a brace that extended from my hips to my ankles....   [tags: Personal Narrative Essays]

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America's Downward Spiral

- America's Downward Spiral In recent years, the economy in the United States has been in what most would see as a recession. American people differ in the way they react to a recession. Some, such as Michael Moore, feel it becomes a downward spiral as big business and it’s stockholders gain more money and power, and it’s workers gain less money and stability. With a loss of stability for the American worker there is a fear of losing their health benefits, social security, pension plan, and most of all, their job....   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers]

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boeing case study

- Summary William Boeing founded the Boeing airplane company in early 20th century. After strings of acquisition and mergers, this company grew and became the current largest world aerospace industry. Followed by previous reorganizations in 19990s, this company decided to start its branding campaign in May 2001. This campaign was consisting of lots of effort and structural changes for the first time in this corporate history. The media was showing the initial success of this campaign just after its beginning....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Declaration Of Independence

- The Declaration of Independence was written to show a new theory of government, reasons why they were separating from England, and a formal declaration of war. It gave the 13 colonies freedom from England's laws. The man responsible for writing the Declaration was Thomas Jefferson. He wrote the Declaration between June 11, 1776 and June 28, 1776. Benjamin Franklin and John Adams looked at what Jefferson had written and made some changes to the Declaration. On July 4, 1776 Congress adopted the Declaration and it was signed by: John Hancock, Button Gwinnett, Lyman hall, George Walton, Wm Hooper, Joseph Hewes, John Penn, Edward Rutledge, Thos Heyward Jr., Thomas Lynch Jr., Arthur Middleton, S...   [tags: essays research papers]

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Philippine ethnic architecture

- Philippine Ethnic Architecture - Ethnic culture lies on Phil. Architecture, an amalgam on Anglo-Saxon, Latin, Indian, Chinese, Japanese & other foreign influences with sensibility of Pre-Hispanic, Pre-Western & Southeast Asian. Its Ethos’s is linked with elements and creatures. It draws inspiration from environment. It also responds to man’s communal and social needs. General Characteristics - Ethnic Structures are made of natural materials such as wood, vegetations & sometimes molds....   [tags: essays research papers]

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what is philosophy

- Very briefly, philosophy might be regarded as a conceptual enquiry dealing with fundamental issues relating to life, knowledge and values. By conceptual enquiry we mean an enquiry that relies primarily on critical reasoning. This includes : Analysing the meaning of concepts Identifying logical connections between theories Evaluating arguments and exposing fallacies Here is a Chinese newspaper article from MingPao on how philosophy improves critical thinking. Philosophy and other subjects According to such a conception of philosophy, philosophy is distinctive in both its method and subject matter....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Children and ESL

- Children and ESL When working with children it is not always so easy, especially when the children do not have the same language as you do. Its is even more difficult to see if there is a problem with these students and it is even harder to find if there is a speak-language disorder. The articles “Assessment of Language Proficiency of Limited English Proficient Speakers: Implications for the Speech-Language Specialist” by Sol Adler, The Use of an Invented Language Rule in the Differentiation of Normal and Language-Impaired Spanish-Speaking Children” by Celeste A....   [tags: Papers]

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Our Economy

- Our economy Their season opened in Boston, against a young Celtics team that had listened to 80-year-old Red Auerbach. "David Stern's name is on the basketball," Auerbach had said. "Not Michael Jordan's." That evening, Celtics TV analyst Tom Heinsohn made sure his audience knew who Jordan is not. "He's not God," Heinsohn said. "Everybody treats him like a messiah or something. He isn't." If it seems odd, at this point, for so many to be confused about Michael Jordan's identity, it's only because Jordan makes it confusing....   [tags: essays papers]

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micheal jordan

- Michael Jordan Michael Jordan in my opinion, was the greatest basketball player that ever lived. He holds more records than just about everyone that ever played this sport. Some of those records included: being the all-time leading scorer in the Chicago Bulls history, most seasons in which he lead the league in scoring, which was ten, and most consecutive seasons in which he lead the league in scoring, which was seven seasons. Michael Jeffery Jordan was born on February 17, 1963 in the city of Brooklyn, New York....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Jungle

- This book was fact. Upton Sinclair visited Chicago in November 1904 to do research for the book. Sinclair lived in a neighborhood called Packingtown for seven weeks. While in Packingtown, Sinclair interviewed workers, lawyers, doctors, saloonkeepers, and social workers. The book deals with the greed and ruthless competition that turned America into a brutal country, which Sinclair referred to as a "jungle." The Jungle also tells how those at the bottom of the economic ladder, who were wage-earners and their families, are at a great disadvantage in the capitalist country....   [tags: essays research papers]

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William Faulkner

- William Faulkner William Faulkner's Yoknapatawpha County, with Jefferson as its county seat, is both a mythical and actual place. Yoknapatawpha county is 2400 square miles in area and has a population of 15,611 persons. Jefferson has an actual jail, town square, old houses, and Old Frenchman's Place, even a railroad. Faulkner's "Yoknapatawpha County" is in reality Lafayette County, and "Jefferson" is actually Oxford. The Faulkner family lived there since before the Civil War....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Les Miserable

- Les Miserable RESPONSE PHASE We were introduced to two different drama texts. Text one was a song called "Another Day in Paradise" by Phil Collins, a British singer, songwriter. The song was written at around 1985. Text two is an extract from the musical "Les Miserable." The extract is called "Look Down" and is set on the streets of Paris in 1832. For text one we were asked to listen to the song and discuss the storyline, themes and characters. The fact that the song is about people that are in poverty and how other people feel towards them....   [tags: English Literature]

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Nike Ethics

- Nike Ethics Nike Incorporated is the number one leading sportswear and equipment provider in the world. They manufacture anything from casual clothes to sports equipment, shoes to socks, and basketballs to golf balls. As a result of its massive success, Nike employs nearly 30,000 people worldwide while manufacturing in 700 shops around the globe and has 45 offices outside the United States. Its extensive reach into the global market has Nike producing more exclusive products than any other manufacturer in the world....   [tags: Business Analysis Morals]

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Dog Company

- Frontiline “A Company of Soldiers” To Whom It May Concern: 1st Calvary Division C/O PAO Maj. Phil Smith Building 2800 761 Tank Battalion Blvd. Ft. Hood, TX 76544 Dear Dog Company, I recently had the opportunity to view your documentary concerning your division “A Company of Soldiers” with my English 12 writing class. Words can not depict the heroic actions portrayed and emotions generated from within as each second passed before me. I would just like to state how grateful this heart is for the efforts exhausted, they are not taken for granite....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Childlike and Biblical Connotations in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

- The Childlike and Biblical Connotations in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe     Throughout his writing career, CS Lewis has been known for writing many books with a hint of biblical connotations in them. As Kathryn Lindskoog states, "CS Lewis is known for opposing the spirit of modern thought with the unpopular Christian doctrines of sin and evil" (2083). Lewis himself has said, "You never know how much you really believe anything until its truth or falsehood becomes a matter of life or death to you" (Freaks 60)....   [tags: Lion Witch and the Wardrobe Essays]

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Phillip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and Movie The Matrix

- Phillip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. and Movie The Matrix What role will computers play in the future. What happens when artificial intelligence gets to the point of actually allowing machines to give birth to original thoughts, or suppose artificial intelligence became identical or superior to human intelligence. While attempting to answer these thought-provoking questions deeper questions arise that are more pertinent in our lives such as what defines being human, or as Morpheous says, “What is…real?” The Matrix as well as the novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, by Phillip K....   [tags: Compare Contrast Papers]

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Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Issues - Same-sex Marriage Laws Violate Gay Rights

- Laws Violate Gay Rights When I was in third grade, I learned that there are certain "inalienable rights"-- the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness -- all of which the United States government is committed to protecting for every human. Last week, I learned this government feels that these human rights are limited to some people, based on how they choose to practice sex. In two separate legislations last week, the United States Senate sanctioned discrimination against homosexual Americans....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Topics]

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Government Restrictions on Encryption within the United States and Around the World

- Government Restrictions on Encryption within the United States and Around the World Introduction In today's society with the increased use of computers, internet, and wireless communications, the need for safety and security has risen dramatically. The internet has become the number one communication medium and is more accessible than ever. Through the internet, vast amount of information is being transmitted between computers. At times, some of the information transmitted can be intercepted illegally, such as personal information and private messages....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Essays]

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Louis Tanner Of Destroying Angel And Rick Deckard Of Do Androids Dream

- Louis Tanner of Destroying Angel and Rick Deckard of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep: Importance to the Thematic Development of "moral men in immortal worlds" and Body Mind Invasion How would you feel if you found out you where making love to any android. Shocked I hope. In this essay l will discuss how Louis Tanner of Destroying Angel and Rick Deckard of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep are important to the thematic development of "moral men in immoral worlds" and body mind invasion....   [tags: essays research papers]

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What Compact Disc Would I Take to a Desert Island?

- What Compact Disc Would I Take to a Desert Island. Tough question. What else to take. Easy Enough. I would bring as many bags of Utz Salt n’ Vinegar potato chips as possible, one copy of Earnest Hemmingway’s The Old Man and the Sea, and I figure just about any woman would suit me. Denied these things, the choice of a Desert Island Disc is made much more complicated. With nothing else to occupy my mind I need that one great disc. Much like Nick Tosches’ choice of Sticky Fingers I find this decision extremely difficult: "But Sticky Fingers is a choice as mysterious and as difficult to explain to myself as anyone else."(Tosches 4) The choices are numerous and I’m pulled and so many different di...   [tags: Music]

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Structure, Theme and Convention in Sir Philip Sidney's Sonnet Sequence

- Structure, Theme and Convention in Sir Philip Sidney's Sonnet Sequence The sixteenth century was a time of scientific, historical, archaeological, religious and artistic exploration. More attention was being allotted to probing into the depths of the human psyche and it was up to the artists and poets rather than the priests and scholars to examine and mirror these internal landscapes. The 'little world of man' [1] was reflected through various artistic forms, one of which was the sonnet, which was conventionally used for dedications, moral epigrams and the like....   [tags: Sir Philip Sidney Sonnets Essays]

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Divine Comedy - Indignation and Sin in Dante’s Inferno

- Righteous Indignation and the Sin of Intemperate Anger in the Inferno Allora stese al legno ambo le mani; per che 'l maestro accorto lo sospininse dicendo: 'Via costà con li altri cani!' Then he reached out to the boat with both hands; on which the wary Master thrust him off, saying: "Away there with the other dogs!" Dante's and Virgil's scorn seems at first glance to echo the sin of intemperate anger which infects the foul waters of the Stygian marsh. Filippo Argenti, the weeping sinner who emerges from the mire, is eternally punished for his anger....   [tags: Divine Comedy Inferno Essays]

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Let’s Put an End to Corporate Power and Greed

- Let’s Put an End to Corporate Power and Greed I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. ... corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed. -- Abraham Lincoln These days more and more of the corporate powers are migrating in search of cheap labor and huge profits, carrying away with them the primary sources of living of many people....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Argument Essays]

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Humorous Best Man Speech - The Groom’s Life Story

- Humorous Best Man Speech - The Groom’s Life Story Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. It’s surprising just how far some people are prepared to travel for a free lunch. It’s a good job the groom didn't choose the menu, otherwise we would have had penut-butter sandwiches washed down with beer. Firstly, I have a feet messages to read out.(read telegrams etc.) As Bill Clinton said to each of his girlfriends, I wont keep you long. I’d like to begin by thanking the groom for asking me to be best man....   [tags: Wedding Toasts Roasts Speeches]

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The Simplicity of Raymond Chandler's The Big Sleep

- The Simplicity of Raymond Chandler's The Big Sleep Raymond Chandler would like us to believe that The Big Sleep is just another example of hard-boiled detective fiction. He would like readers to see Philip Marlowe, Vivian Regan, Carmen Sternwood, Eddie Mars, and the rest of the characters as either "good guys" or "bad guys" with no deeper meaning or symbolism to them. I found the book simple and easy to understand; the problem was that it was too easy, too simple. Then came one part that totally stood out from the rest of the book &emdash; the chessboard....   [tags: sleep]

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Are Our Morals Genetically Determined or Merely Assumed?

- In a recent commentary for BBC News, Clark McCauley, Professor of Psychology at Bryn Mawr College, analyzed the issue of human evolution from a standpoint that drew on his knowledge of psychology: gradual and collective changes in human behavior. According to McCauley, as environments and situations changed, human behavior was forced to adapt accordingly. In his comments, McCauley cites the example of disgust; although it is now a common human reaction, McCauley claims it once did not exist. As humans became less capable of digesting raw meat, disgust became an important deterring force that, through the process of evolution, became a familiar and shared part of human existence....   [tags: Philosophy Biology Essays]

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Beholding the Beauty of Christ: A Blessed Paradox

- Beholding the Beauty of Christ: A Blessed Paradox I. Introduction A. Central verse Psalms 27:4 “One thing have I desired of the Lord, That will I seek: That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to inquire in His temple.” B. The word “Beauty” as used here by David is the word “noam” which means splendor or agreeableness. C. What makes Jesus Christ so admirable, precious, so beautiful, and so glorious is what Jonathan Edwards calls “an admirable conjunction of diverse excellencies.” The beauty and excellence of Christ is not a simple thing....   [tags: essays research papers]

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A Continuation of The Gift Of The Magi

- It was one week from Della's 30th birthday and Jim didn't have enough money to buy her a present. "Well," Jim thought, “if I don't have a watch then why should I have a chain for one?” So, he sold his watch chain in order to have money for Della's present. “Now, what do I buy Della?” he asked himself. “I think I'll go to the flea market and look for something, because one little rusty old chain won't buy me very much,” Jim stated as he started riding his bicycle to the market. At the market Jim found many things, some very pretty and expensive, some very pretty and cheap, and some just plain ugly things that had been there awhile and always would be until they were finally thrown a...   [tags: The Gift Of The Magi]

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Will & Grace: A New Definition of Conventional

- Will & Grace: A New definition of Conventional Where are you on Thursday night. The likely answer is sitting in front of your television screen watching your favorite sitcom. If that is correct, then you are like the millions of other Americans that devote much of their time tuning into the craze of the situation comedy. The situation comedy has been apart of American culture for decades. Having its roots in radio, the situation comedy is “a narrative series comedy, generally between 24 and 30 minutes long, with regular characters and settings (McQueen 53).” Many radio sitcoms went directly to the small screen in the late 1940’s and 1950’s; this is how the genre got its start (McQueen 5...   [tags: essays research papers]

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A Christian has No Freedom To Die

- For a Christian There is No Freedom To Die       "Freedom" is a highly cherished value in our society, not only in all aspects of life, but increasingly in aspects of death as well. The chant, "My life is mine" has also become, "My death is mine." There is a move in our country and in the world to permit the terminally ill to end their lives through euthanasia. Some claim that it is the ultimate civil liberty to decide the time and manner of one's own death.   For a Christian, however, is "my life" really "mine"....   [tags: Euthanasia Physician Assisted Suicide]

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Feminists, Stereotypes and Stereotyping in the Media

- Feminists and Media Stereotypes      The media portrays feminists in unflattering ways. Largely because of the media portrayal, the word 'feminist' usually evokes images of crass, butch, men-hating, very masculine women. Many women believe in the feminist doctrine, but they would never consider themselves as a feminist because they cannot relate to the images of crass, butch, men-hating, masculine women.  In fact, it has only been within the past year that I've been able to accept the fact that I am a feminist and that my preconceived images of feminists are merely media stereotypes....   [tags: Feminism Feminist Women Criticism]

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Wedding Speech Written for Two Best Men

- Wedding Speech Written for Two Best Men Brandon - Ladies and Gents before I continue I would like to point out to those of you who may be feeling the effects of the alcohol that there are actually 2 of us standing up here and no you are not seeing double. Firstly, I would like to say how pleasing it is to see so many of John and Rhonda’s close relatives and friends who have joined them on their wedding day. It never fails to amaze me the distance some people will travel for some free food. OK, Ladies and Gents it is an absolute privilege for Kain and me to be standing here as John’s best men....   [tags: Wedding Toasts Roasts Speeches]

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ADHD - Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder

- ADHD - Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder When I first heard about ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder), I thought, “C’mon. This psycho-babble has gone too far.” I saw psychologists, researchers, lawyers, teachers, parents, all talking seriously about this claimed disorder. But what I didn’t think about was where this information was coming from. Many talk shows have featured ADHD, where self-righteous citizens cheer, boo, and hiss like a jury at some medieval witch trial....   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers]

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Texas Holdem Poker Casino v.s. Online Play

- Texas Holdem Poker Casino v.s. Online Play (All revisions in italics) So what’s this entire buzz about this new poker game. World poker tour play Krieger asks the question, “Why is it the most attractive card game to all the new comers and regulars alike (Krieger 4).” This new game is being played in almost every Casino from Atlantic City to Las Vegas Nevada. They game now has world championships and is played on TV and watched by millions around the world. This fascinating game known to many as Texas holdem poker is played by many in our homes, casinos, and now the every so popular game is attracting millions online....   [tags: Compare Contrast Essays]

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The Pursuit of God, by A.W. Tozer

- GOING HARD AFTER THE HOLY GOD (Philippians 3:2-16) Our theme for the week of prayer has been, "Going Hard after the Holy God." Last week we focused on the Holy God. Today we focus on "going hard." The phrase is adapted from A.W. Tozer, whose little book, The Pursuit of God, has a chapter entitled, "Following hard after God." Tozer wrote this book in 1948 but if anything it is more relevant today. After showing how Moses and David and Paul and all the great hymn writers were even thirsting after more of God he writes How tragic that we in this dark day have had our seeking done for us by our teachers....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Post-Traumatic Stress In Relation To Holden Caulfield

- Post-Traumatic Stress In Relation To Holden Caulfield Introduction Throughout life, an individual may endure emotionally and physically straining moments causing the person to become downhearted, and or irate. These feelings are normal, but may however become a problem when these feelings prohibit someone from living a ‘normal’ life. An estimated 5.2 million American adults ages 18 to 54, or approximately 3.6 percent of people in this age group in a given year, have PTSD (Narrow, Rae, Regier)....   [tags: essays research papers]

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You Will Always Remember Your First Time!

- You Will Always Remember Your First Time. I wasn't real clear of what actually had just occurred, but I did know that I was in terrible pain. I laid beside the supercross track for at least 20 minutes answering the questions of very eager Emergency Medical personnel. “Leave me alone. I will be all right.” I said to the medical guy that was tugging at my chest protector. If there is one thing that I can not stand is twenty medical people trying to take all of your clothes off for a little cut or scrape....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Continuing Importance of Affirmative Action

- The Continuing Importance of Affirmative Action   Affirmative action is about to take quite a beating. Prominent Republicans from Phil Gramm to Pete Wilson to Bob Dole all plan on making the attack on affirmative action a central plank of their campaign rhetoric. The Clinton administration, perhaps trying to stem the attack before it begins, recently announced that it would reevaluate the merit of all affirmative action programs. And many of those to the left of Clinton oppose affirmative action--albeit probably for different reasons than those to his right....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Topics]

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Data Mining and Privacy-an ethical look

- Data Mining and Privacy-an ethical look I. Introduction In 2001, the MIT Technology Review listed data mining as one of the top 10 technologies that will change the world.[i] So, what is data mining. For many people, the simple answer is that data mining is the collecting of people’s information when logged onto the Internet. But Webopedia emphasizes that data mining is not the collection of data itself, but the statistical interpretation of it – allowing people to obtain new information or find hidden patterns within that collected data.[ii] It is the combination of these, collection and analysis, which are cause for concern....   [tags: Data Mining Technology Technological Essays]

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Oh, For the Love of Thought

- Oh, For the Love of Thought Many thinkers have existed throughout history. These thinkers were called philosophers because they literally loved knowledge. In fact, the root phil means love, and the root soph means knowledge. These lovers of knowledge have always looked for ways to spread both their knowledge and their way of constantly thinking to other people. One of these attempts was Plato's The Allegory of the Cave. Plato's The Allegory of the Cave describes, through a conversation between Socrates and his student Glaucon, cave dwellers who see only shadows of puppets on a wall....   [tags: Philosophy Plato The Allegory of the Cave Essays]

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- RURAL PARADISE OR A CONCRETE JUNGLE. Over the course of the semester we have watched numerous movies (Heartland Reggae, The Harder They Come, Countryman, Dancehall Queen, Third World Cop, Rockers, and Land of Look Behind) that depict Rastafarians living in both the country and the city. Not knowing much about either Jamaican setting, I decided to take a closer look at both the urban and rural areas in which Rastafarians live and practice their beliefs. I wanted to see if the different settings had much influence on Rastafarians....   [tags: essays papers]

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I Believe: A Code Of Ethics

- I Believe: A Code of Ethics by PHIL 301 Fall Semester, 1996 I believe in the power of Mind... I believe pitchers should bat... I believe Oswald was a patsy... I believe everything is a conspiracy... I believe that people are responsible for their own actions... I believe that The Who is the greatest rock band of all time... I believe in tolerance... I believe in capitalism... I believe we are who we want to be... I believe in choice... I believe in love... I believe that Bert and Ernie are televisions first gay couple......   [tags: essays research papers]

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