Science From A Young Age Essay

Science From A Young Age Essay

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I’ve had an interest in science from a young age. When I was in elementary school, I make a large binder of different animal profiles from Animal Planet and categorized them into scientific categorizations, and I read about the properties of each element in the periodic table for fun. I participated in Science Olympiad throughout middle school and high school and competed in the knowledge-based events based on biology, chemistry and physics. Of the three subjects, biology was my favorite. I had a special interest in the human body and its processes. I wanted to become a doctor because it was the profession that I thought would foster my curiosity.
However, after my first couple of years in undergrad, I questioned my aptitude in the sciences and my passion in medicine. I possessed a weaker foundation in the sciences compared to my classmates in undergrad, and after breaking my wrist, I was in a disadvantaged position for the ensuing year that did not allow the academic development I needed. Regardless, I kept pushing through the pre-medical curriculum and loading difficult course loads to get through without taking the time to realize that I didn’t have a productive mindset toward learning and becoming a better student and person. I needed to take a break to figure out in what capacity I wanted to make an impact, and what I would have to learn to do so.
When I took a break from pre-medical studies, I was in a vacuum as far as the things I wanted to try and do. My curiosity led me towards a class called “Global Health: Challenges and Promises” taught by Kaveh Khooshnood, which was unlike any course I had taken. Through the course, I received a glimpse into the global intersections of healthcare policy and strategic problem solvi...

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...I won’t stop because becoming a physician is not only about me. There are not many physicians who look like me in the United States and globally. I have a heightened responsibility to those who may not have access to adequate care or trust the field for reasons that expand historically and culturally among many other complexities. I am very blessed to have had the experiences I’ve gone through because they’ve provided me with the insight of why I want to be a physician. To the best of my ability, I will provide the best care I can and be a mentor to those who hope to craft their learning and creative capabilities. The medical process is a marathon, and not the sprint that I attempted to make of it early in my undergraduate career. The road to success is not neatly paved. I will make it to the finish line with the skills and mindset necessary to succeed in medicine.

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