High School vs. College

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High School vs. College A very important part of life is education. In order to acquire a satisfying education, one should complete high school prior to college. College and high school have two different levels of education, but both are trying to further student’s knowledge. As recent high school graduates and college freshman’s many can clarify similarities and differences between the two. Some obvious similarities are that both have assignments, classrooms, and students. Although college and high school have many differences three of the main ones are the teachers, classes, and responsibilities. Teachers and college professors are one main difference. Teachers in high school often write notes on an overhead and tell you the important facts. They often take the time to remind you of assignment and there due dates. Many are available before or after class for one on one conversation. On the other hand, professors lecture non stop expecting you to analyze the important facts. The first day of class professors hand out a syllabus and expect you to read and consult it. The sy...
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