Essay on Schools Should Keep Supporting And Funding The Fine Arts Programs

Essay on Schools Should Keep Supporting And Funding The Fine Arts Programs

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Due to financial struggles, schools are cutting more and more music and art programs and teachers are losing their jobs. Students are beginning to think band, art, choir, and other fine arts classes are “blow-off” classes or classes they don’t need to take seriously. High school bands are shrinking, choir and art classes are being cut, and kids are not getting the classes they need to express their creativity. Schools should keep supporting and funding the fine arts programs because music exercises the brain, art classes help creativity, performing boosts confidence, and all of these are crucial to successful learning.
Playing an instrument or singing music uses both sides of the brain. Statistics have shown that band and choir students are genuinely smarter than other kids in their class, and this is why. Take wind instruments for example: While playing the flute, flutists are focused on breathing, reading the music, note length, fingering the proper notes, balance, intonation, posture, articulation, and many other things the conductor asks of them. This may seem overwhelming, but the brain develops a process that it follows every time he or she pics up their instrument. This process exercises the brain on both sides which is why many musicians are people of both logical and creative thinking. It can even improve their listening skills. Nina Kraus, a Hugh Knowels professor of neurobiology, says, “. . . musical training as children makes better listeners later in life" (“Northwestern Researchers” 19). The same goes for choir students. While singing, a singer must practice correct posture, breathing techniques, correct pitch and rhythm, and anything else the conductor asks of them. If these students are getting better grades and...

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...ation” (Chock, par. 6).
These are just a few of the many reasons why schools should keep funding and supporting the fine arts programs. Fine arts strengthens the brain, helps students explore their creativity, helps develop confidence, and is crucial to successful learning. Students in the fine arts programs love what they do, it’s something they believe in. Teachers love teaching the fine arts, and they don’t deserve to lose their jobs, especially during these hard economic times. It would be a shame if all of these students didn’t even have the option to take fine arts classes. If students, parents, and educators would take a stand, there may be a fix to this ongoing problem. People need to spread the facts on the importance of fine arts programs in schools, and hopefully, some day soon, they will flourish and will once again be cherished by a majority of society.

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