Schools Should Change Their Current Grading System Essay

Schools Should Change Their Current Grading System Essay

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By nature, most students are brought up in an academic environment motivated to get A’s and B’s on their report cards. Those grades sometimes don’t thoroughly report how much a student has learned or gained knowledge in each topic. Some instructors throw in factors totally unrelated to learning, when the main objective of academic institutions is to learn. In order to clearly demonstrate how much a student has learned in the classroom, schools should change their current grading system and teach students how to learn.

One change institutions should make to the grading system is to eliminate all factors that have noting to do with learning outcomes from affecting the students’ grade. According to the article, “Assessment of Learning Outcomes: What’s the difference?” written by Carnegie Mellon University, grades are often based on more than learning outcomes. Instructors usually include factors unrelated to learning outcomes such as attendance to class, participation, improvement and in some cases, grades are boosted a bit due to how hard the student is working.” These factors are not learning outcomes and are not clearly represented through grades. This is too often the case in academic settings, and could hurt a students’ grade, though irrelevant to how much the student has learned.

To help this problem, parents and high schools should stress the importance of learning rather than stressing their child or student to get an A. A statement from the Huffington Post states, “From a very young age, we are told the importance of getting good grades. Especially in high school, we are told time and time again that our grades affect what college we will get into. While grades are extremely important, people often forget about the impor...

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The primary reason students don’t understand or engage in material is because they are taught that the main goal of going to school is to get A’s. For that same reason, students confuse the terms grade and learn to mean the same thing. Changes need to be made to lay down the foundation of going to school, which is to learn. Changes such as eliminating grades or factors that don’t correlate to learning, teaching the importance of learning as apposed to just getting a good grade and teaching students how to learn, take notes and self-reflect on themselves to make them a well rounded student, can be made in order to stress the importance of learning and to reassure students that they come to school to learn, not to get good grades. These changes to the curriculum and foundation of institutions and learning could better the success of our future learners.

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