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School Vs. Public High School Essay example

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It is the desire of every parent to take their children to a school where they will get the best education and a solid ethical and moral foundation for their future. With the overwhelming sphere of school choice, parents often tend to be confused on how to decide the type of school that is right for their children.
There are public, charters, and private schools all showcasing their strengths and why they offer the best education on the land. To compound on this, there are a number of research studies that have been independently done some of them showing preference for one type of school against the other while others are indifferent. The debate on charter high school vs. public high school: which one is preferable for your kids? has been raging on with different parties taking sides depending on where they want their weight to be felt.
The discussion below focuses on some of the points that have been subjects of studies with an aim to dissect and lay bare the truth about charter high schools and their public counterparts.
What is a Charter High School?
By definition, a charter school refers to an independently managed public school which has been granted lots of room and flexibility in its operations in exchange for enhanced accountability for performance. The charter that establishes every school takes the form of a performance contract detailing the mission, programs, performance goals, students served, and the means of assessment.
Charter schools have always been interpreted as public schools of choice where parents voluntarily and consciously take their children. These schools are run with freedom and some of the regulations imposed on public high schools do not apply to them. Among the expectations demanded from these s...

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... high schools; charter high schools have much greater latitude in compensation practices. Some charter high schools use a salary schedule that is different from that used in public high schools and is based on parameters tied to the overall performance expected of these schools according to the charter.
In a study done in 2000, almost 50% of charter high schools admitted using performance or merit-based pay. The base salary in charter schools is only used as guidance but the bonuses and incentives paid far exceed what the public school teachers earn. Based on the above detailed analysis on the different parameters and principles guiding charter schools compared to public high schools, it is safe to conclude that the answer to the dilemma faced by parents on charter high school vs. public high school: which one is preferable for your kids? favors charter high schools.

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