Essay about School Is a Waste of Time

Essay about School Is a Waste of Time

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The level of education students receive in school is not representative of the amount of time spent in school due to time wasting factors such as lackluster education levels, bell schedules, and use of class time. First, the levels of education students receive in school falls short of society’s expectations. Students are not taught practical life skills or concepts they will use daily (Giang, Ramm, Strauss). The expectation is students capable of thriving in the real world. This includes life skills, in-depth knowledge of how society functions, and skills needed for future careers. Secondly, schedules in schools aid in organization and staying on task. However, the schedules used do not allow enough time for students to learn and deeply encode information, cause disruptions due to bells and events, and cause teachers to rush through material. Everyone is on a time crunch trying to beat the clock and keep up with an inflexible schedule. Lastly, not all time spent in a classroom is equal (McLeod). There are many factors that aid in wasting time, thus reducing actual learning time to almost none. These are major factors in today’s education system that affect the efficiency of schools and the time spent there.
An extremely influential psychologist once said, “The principal goal of education in the schools should be creating men and women who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done” (Cherry). The current system does not produce people capable of doing new things because of poor education levels. Lackluster education levels do not provide students with the information, concepts, and skills needed for everyday life after school, thus wasting their time. Creativity is essentia...

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