Reflection Of The 21stroom And Creativity In The Classroom

“Only 25% of people believe they are living up to their potential to be creative” (“,” n.d.). I was apart of the 75 percent of people who felt that they are not creative. However, after taking EDU 222, I have realized that I am living up to my potential to be creative because my idea of creativity was wrong and was closer to the definition of imagination. More people need creativity in their lives, as well as in education because it can teach students and people valuable skills that they would not learn with such ease. This course was a wonderful lesson and taught me how to expand my creativity and how to help my future students become creative in this next generation.
Throughout the entire course, we talked in depth about what creativity
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Using creativity in the classroom will create strong students and help better them for the future. Now, students are just being taught to what is on the test. They do not learn how to be leaders, how to work in groups, people skills, or how to use their mind that is not just for memorizing the information. “The challenge now is to transform education systems into something better suited to the real needs of the 21st century. At the heart of this transformation there has to be a radically different view of human intelligence and of creativity” (Robinson K., 2011, p. 14). Using creativity and technology will allow the students to enjoy learning more. I noticed in my final project, that other students who weren’t education majors, saw this problem too. Many of them did not see creativity in a classroom, they felt that the school system was creating them into robots that taught them all how to think a certain way. Ken Robinson feels that, “we don’t grow into creativity; we grow out of it. Often we are educated out of it.” (2011, p. 49). Teachers should be teaching students how to be creative, and how to think on their own, so students will be able to go far in the future and succeed in any job they
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