School Based Group Interventions For Children Essay

School Based Group Interventions For Children Essay

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The article, School-Based Group Interventions for Children Exposed to Domestic Violence, contains information about children who are exposed to the trauma of domestic violence have an increase tendency to experience complications with emotional and physical behavior issues, academic functioning, and lack of social skills. Children who are exposed to the trauma of domestic violence are provided care from mental health practitioners in schools. Such examples include school counselors, school psychologists, and school social workers, so with the guidance of these mental health practitioners, they can direct children with services like group counseling interventions that are structured exercises and play therapy. Many schools provide access to intervention services for all children because many children may not have access to resources outside of the school settings. The article provides six objectives that are a concerned with children who are exposed to domestic violence. The focus of these objectives is to help children increase their emotional, behavioral, social, and academic development. Through these six objectives, it will provide young children with an opportunity to have a successful future.
My Human Behavior in the Social Environment 2 class textbook, has several pieces of information that relates to the article. The book provides details about children who are exposed to domestic violence. The textbook explains the role of a social worker who encounters a psychological maltreated child. In the book, “Understanding Human Behavior and the Social Environment”, the first question to address: “Is the child at risk from abuse or neglect and to what degree?” (Zastrow & Kirst-Ashman, 2013, 223). If I was a social worker, I thin...

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...and to refuse to help her. I think it would be challenging for me because I like to fix problems and find the solutions right way. I need to remember not to force her to discuss the relationship with her if she is not ready.
Additionally, I think it would hard for me because I would be very judgmental. I would automatically believe that she is a weak woman who cannot do anything. Also, I would think she is a bad mother because I would not understand why she would put her children in these terrible circumstances. I would not understand her beliefs that a father who abuses his wife is better than no father at all. As a social work, I need to encourage her and provide her a safety plan and services. I need to remember that we are all humans going through different circumstances and life. I need to empower her and provide her wisdom of what to do instead of judging her.

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