Scheduling Interview At The Panera Bread Company Essay

Scheduling Interview At The Panera Bread Company Essay

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The complainant, Ashley Meister and Dr. Carnett were both contacted July 19, 2016, and voice mails left, requesting each contact me to schedule appointments. Niki Sublet called July 20, 2016 to discuss scheduling an interview for Dr. Carnett. An Entry of Appearance was emailed to Ms. Sublet and returned the same day (See Attachment 1).

Interview of Ashley Meister, 630 Houchin Dr, Jefferson City, MO

Ms. Meister was interviewed July 28, 2016 at the Panera Bread Company located on Missouri Avenue in Jefferson City, MO and stated the following: She reviewed her written statement and finds it to be complete and accurate.

Ms. Meister stated she had few issues up until the last month or so of her pregnancy. In early February 2015 she weighed 203 lbs. When she went to her previously scheduled appointment February 20, 2015 she had gained 6 or 7 lbs., weighing 209 lbs. She was starting to feel uncomfortable from the swelling in her legs. She spoke to Dr. Carnett who didn’t seem concerned, suggesting she elevated her legs when sitting or lying to help alleviate the swelling.

Due to the swelling she was having problems walking and called Carnett’s office the following week to ask for a note to give her employee so she could ask for parking accommodations closer to her building but never got a response from Carnett or nursing staff.

During the early morning hours of March 2, 2015 she was experiencing pain and cramping, called the OB unit, and was seen shortly thereafter. Several staff commented on her swollen legs, noting it in the charts. A staff member (name unknown) told her they had talked to Carnett who felt she was probably still suffering the effects of a previously treated UTI, prescribed her antibiotics, and sent her ...

... middle of paper ... the outcome. Carnett called again a few weeks later to see how she was, and asked if she had talked to Dr. Green about the outcome. I told her Dr. Green, and Dr. Randall Floyd (MU Maternal Fetal Medicine) felt the hydrops may have been caused by an infection in the last few weeks of her pregnancy. Carnett said she had gone over the medical charts repeatedly and came to the same conclusion.

A month later, Ms. Meister attended a follow-up appointment with Dr. Green and told she had lost 46 lbs. Green admitted he was confused how Carnett could say, based on the same ultra-sound report from Capital Regions Radiology, the baby’s condition was not life threatening. Green admitted to no having a great deal of experience regarding hydrops, but spoke to Dr. Floyd who had expressed concerns about how the condition could have been missed during the weekly ultrasounds.

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