Sample Resume : Job Enrichment Essay

Sample Resume : Job Enrichment Essay

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Job Enrichment
Lianda Tel
University of the People
Job Enrichment
Based on the case study of the Health Information Services (HIS), we look into what reengineering,
restructuring, work redesign, and job redesign can do for a fast changing industry.
In the re-engineering faze the higher management and leaders of the company will completely
rethink how the business systems are set up. They will look at things such as mission and vision
and company policies. In restructuring they look at the chain of command and maybe changing
the corporate structure or culture. In work redesign, you can think of physically redesigning
where people sit in the office space to work processes and procedures. Finally, in job redesign
they look at individuals and add, change or lessen responsibilities. (Layman, 2011)
Goal Setting
Goal setting, if done right, should be in the SMART model; specific, measurable, achievable,
realistic, and timely. (Carpenter, Taylor & Erdogan, 2009) In this case, it is clear that goal setting
is just as important too. There are changes that continually will occur in this specific field. Not
just through the corporation itself, but also because of ever-changing systems, standards and
regulations. The simplest goal that should be set every time another change is coming up, which
should be: being ready for the upcoming change and making the necessary preparations and
changes within the company to successfully adapt. In this case, the employees will have a decent
amount of time to prepare to a possible job enrichment or new job responsibilities. On the other
side, goals are also useful to increase productivity, change or no change. Managers can use goals
to find what increase in productivity they want to reach in what tim...

... middle of paper ...

...they might forget to return emails or their
moods will create a more standoff-ish behavior.
Job enrichment and change can be great to shake the employees awake from their boring
monotone jobs. Especially if there are complaints about the repetition or lack of responsibility
for employees, job enrichment can be the answer. But like any change, there could be negative
side effects. If the change is not needed or wished for, job enrichment can have some negative
side effects or might not work for everybody the same.
Layman, E. (2011). Job redesign for expanded HIM functions. AHIMA convention proceedings.
Retrieved from:
Carpenter, M., Taylor, B., Erdogan, B. (2009). Principles of Management. Nyack, NY: Flat
World Knowledge. Retrieved from the course homepage.

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