Importance Of Celebration

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Celebration is present in everyone's lives and cultures, celebration can help to express ourselves through tradition. Celebration is a universal and the biggest way that many cultures celebrate is through the celebration of life, birthdays.There are many ways to plan a party depending on what theme or vibe you want and whom the party is for but I give you a foolproof way to plan a successful evening dinner birthday party. Parties can take a long time to plan so you want to make sure you give yourself enough time to properly prepare. Guests need at least a month in advance invitation to make sure they are able to attend. A month before the party select a date and time for the party to take place. There is no such thing as a perfect time…show more content…
In this case a dinner meal is the meal that is preferred. A meal should include some sort of main dish, such as a lasagna or a roast, with a variety of sides, a meal that you know would be easy and enjoyable for your guests to eat. Sides can include salad, chips, small sandwiches or anything else that might go with your main dish. Dessert is also an important part of a celebration, cake is the most common dessert of choice but any dessert you enjoy will work. Decorations can also be an important part of making a birthday party special, this part however is not essential to making the party great. If applicable, consider things such as a happy birthday banner, party hats and festive paper dining. You may also consider a themed party and that includes specific decorations corresponding with the theme. For example a Harry Potter theme would include wands and robes and things of that nature. The final part of this step is confirming and counting how many people will be attending your party as to make sure you have enough food and utensils for everyone. Deciding on dishes that will be served and counting people that will be in attendance should take place a week before the party is…show more content…
Make sure you see them off and thank them for their attendance, if you want, send them home with any leftover food you don’t think you will eat. After everyone leaves the cleanup begins. The most essential things to be put away are foods that need to be refrigerated or will go bad if left sitting out. Cleaning up decorations and tables and chairs is optional and depends on what you have to do the next day. Those things can stay for the night and be picked up the morning after. The final step is to be proud of the amazing work you just put into an incredible party. Congratulations on successfully planning and executing a birthday party for yourself or someone you care about. These instructions are a sure way to provide a marvelous dinner party to celebrate life, as stated before, there are many ways to plan a party but this is a sophisticated and fairly simple way to plan and host a gathering either for yourself or a loved one. I hope these instructions gave you help and clarity in your party planning endeavors, good luck on your next
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