Essay on Same Sex Marriages And Relationships

Essay on Same Sex Marriages And Relationships

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Same-Sex Marriages/Relationships
Homosexuality is considered to be a sexual attraction between the members of the same gender. With the recent growth of homosexual relationships, this phenomenon is widely debated everywhere. As for this essay, it argues that that same-sex marriage should be supported as well as legalized due to the number of individual, social and moral challenges that are likely to lead to traumatic effects when disregarding the relationships of the abovementioned category of people.
Many widely-acknowledged scholars regard that historical and scientific perspectives on homosexuality have shaped the way gays and lesbians perceive themselves. Homosexuality is mostly condemned in our society. However, practice shows that today homosexuality tends to be more accepted that it was initially. In terms of historical perspectives, which had an influence on homosexuality, the most considerable aspects were religion and sexual behavior. The first written recollection about homosexuality was made in ancient Egypt in 2400 BC. Later homosexuality was popular among Aztecs and Latin Americans. At times when it was acceptable for Greek and Roman cultures to be frequently involved in homosexual relationships, the Christianity condemned and treated it as a sin that can be equal to committing a crime (Barry). Greece was the most tolerant country in terms of homosexuality. The older man could choose several younger adolescents to become his sexual partners. During the fifteenth century homosexuality was considered to be a sin of Sodom. In Florence, Italy, homosexual lifestyle was a frequent occasion, which happened mostly as the result of anal intercourse. During the Middle Ages homosexuality was punished due to the ra...

... middle of paper ...; furthermore, they are also in need of the legal documents, proving the legal nature of their relationships. In case males or females love each other, they have the right to create either civil or legal unions where they can fully reflect their feelings. Gays as well lesbians should be respected and supported by people of traditional sexual orientation when living in their unions together with adopted children. Obviously, it is worth saying that “…there is active debate of issues relevant to sexual orientation.” (Patterson & Weinright 2)
and adoption. In accordance with a variety of survey, the same-sex marriages do not have the detrimental effect on society. Consequently, it becomes clear that because of the number of social and identity reasons, the same-sex marriages marriage makes sense.

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