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Same Sex Marriage As Sin Essay

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In conclusion, same-sex marriage as sin (homosexuality) has the same characteristics of rebellion as other sins. All are spiritually deadly. Singling out homosexuality for criticism as something worse than lying, murder, theft, fornication, adultery, or whatever, makes little sense. After saying this, however, same-sex marriage does point to a special development in human culture. Except for one other short-lived cultural example, I have found no other Western incidents of same-sex marriage as an established legal relationship. The modern experiment has been made possible only by a modern development in Western thinking. Modern thought no longer takes the quest for objective truth seriously and rejects the possibility of objective moral law. Universal categories have become arbitrary impositions upon reality. Logic is viewed as a tool of aggression, not as a method of discovering knowledge. This shift has established feeling as central to both knowledge and morality. It is the basic reason that argument in today’s intellectual atmosphere produces such unsatisfying results.

Man has cut himself adrift from reason and emotes his way toward conclusions. The very procedure leads to dogmatism born of passion, not reliable conclusions based upon evidence and reason. Paradoxically, this fails to support any kind of intellectual or moral dogmatism, for dogmatism is ultimately a belief about what is true. For if truth cannot be known, dogmatic beliefs about its nature are not possible rationally. Or so one might think. Amazingly, however, dogmatism is precisely what severing judgment from reason actually brings about.

Why the paradox? Because contradictions come included in modern man’s radical skepticism—at no addit...

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...r it, to generate more confusion in society over the Christian message. It may even become the source of greater hostility toward those who continue to hold a biblical worldview. The conflict may become a diversion that leads to neglecting providing the average believer with resources to manage the new social realities.

Individual believers will not be able to respond alone. Moreover, the impending social threats touch the entire Body of Christ. Our brothers and sisters need to understand why events are moving in the direction they are moving. They also deserve an effective strategy for responding. This will be particularly important for parents with school-aged children. We must help the youngest among us to hold onto their faith and biblical truth. They will be the prime targets of culture’s assault. God will hold us responsible to defend and equip them.

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