Safety While Traveling Abroad Essay examples

Safety While Traveling Abroad Essay examples

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Safety procedures is a set of guidelines used warrant a condition of being protected from danger risk or injury.
Safety. (n.d.). definition of safety. Retrieved August 14, 2011, from http://

The last few decades the world has itself facing multiple terrorist threats, and terrorist attacks. Although there are other concerns that need to be factored in when traveling abroad for business, terrorism, and its many façades, warrants special attention. Rittichainuwat and Chakraborty (2009) performed research to see what many people perceive as a risk when traveling. The research focused on Thailand more so than other locations, is still plausible that information found can be applied to any location. According to Rittichainuwat and Chakraborty (2009), “terrorism prefers to use of premeditated violence, or threat of violence by organized groups against civilians or unarmed military personnel, in order to attain political, religious, or ideological goals.” It was found that regardless of low travel costs, an overwhelming majority of the respondents in this study “would not overlook personal safety,” which included both frequent and first-time travelers (Rittichainuwat & Chakraborty, 2009). Dr. Rittichainuwat is an Associate Professor at Siam University, Thailand. He has written one book in over twenty-five professional journal articles and presentations. Also, in 2004, Dr. Rittichainuwat won the Award for Best Paper, at the Second APacCHRIE Conference and The Sixth Biennial Conference on Tourism in Asia. His associate, Dr. Chakraborty received his PhD from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. In 2003 Dr. Chakraborty became an associate professor of...

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...bit of praying for God’s blessing and protection over the trip. When I arrive at my destination, I pray over the room and location I will be living in and working at. Finally, when I arrived back home in the United States I give praise and blessings to God for yet another safe journey.



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