Essay about The Safety Of The Emergency Room

Essay about The Safety Of The Emergency Room

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As I handed a blanket to a patient, the doors outside the room burst open. While this was a common occurrence in the emergency room, something felt extremely different this time. As the emergency medical technicians wheeled a patient in, she screamed in pain. Peering out of the room, I witnessed massive bruises and blood dripping down her face. Her clothes, tattered and torn apart, looked as if she was attacked by a beast. My heart broke for this woman, as the next phrase she screamed sent chills through my body. “My husband did this to me! Keep him away from me!” After checking in with the nursing station, I learned that this woman had been abused for the past five years, but never was able to tell anyone. She never visited a doctor, and never had the monetary means or transportation. As I learned more about her story, I felt an overwhelming sense of disappointment and humility. She could not be the only one to slip through the cracks and fall short of care before the Cleveland Clinic emergency room.
The emergency department is a last resort haven to many medically underserved populations. With a lack of transportation, lack of access to primary care physicians, loss of income due to time taken off to see a physician, and numerous other factors affecting these families, the emergency department becomes the only option. As a volunteer in an emergency room, I have seen this fact hold true on far too may occasions. Witnessing first hand such a short coming in medicine provided me with a sense of drive and purpose. While I knew I wanted to be a physician, I did not know what type of physician I wanted to be. As a primary care physician, I would be able to reach out to underserved parts of the community that are underserved, and pr...

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...ire and passion in the field of primary care medicine. This field allows me to interact with both of these communities and potentially impact their lives beyond the treatment their disease. In the mission set forth by osteopathic medicine, there is a strong pursuit to provide patient centered care, as well as utilize a holistic approach to every patient. The education and experiences I encounter at Pacific Northwest University College of Osteopathic Medicine will instill this mission, as well as provide an atmosphere for the development of my passion for primary care medicine, and my desire to serve communities that fall short of care or may encounter decimation. Without hesitation, I firmly believe that Pacific Northwest University College of Osteopathic Medicine is an exceptional medical school, steadfast in their mission statement, and a community I yearn to join.

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