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This paper illustrates the “Nursing Care Management” of a patient suffering from a “Rape Trauma” or more precisely called “Rape Trauma Syndrome - RTS” which is a form of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In 1974, it was described by psychiatrist Ann Wolbert Burgess and sociologist Lynda Lytle Holmstrom that it is the psychological trauma felt by a victim of rape that includes changes in emotional and cognitive behavior, as well as interruptions to normal physical and interpersonal behavior.[4]
2- Pathophysiology:
‘Pathophysiology’ or ‘physiopathology’ is a conjunction of pathology with physiology. Pathology is the medical term that shows conditions of a patient observed during a state of disease. While physiology is the biological term
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Most of the time the victims of sexual assault are women that show gender inequality. After the occurrence of Rape, a person feels a traumatic condition that is called, “Rape Trauma”which is actually a cluster of psychological and physical signs in an individual, showing symptoms and reactions common to most rape victims immediately after the occurrence, followed by months or years after a rape. Or it can be stated as, a condition that occurs following a sexual assault by an individual which either be women or men or child.The symptoms of Rape Trauma Syndrome and Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome overlap. [7] The signs and symptoms of various sources of Rape Trauma Syndrome can be listed as,…show more content…
The doctor recommendspharmacologic and non-pharmacologic (psychotherapy) solution to the patient in order to help improve life cycle and become active member of society.
The rape or sexual assault can happen at any place in different ways for example in hospital the nurse may have just medicated a patient with pain killer for post-op pain and as soon as the patient wakes up, a stranger is touching her, as soon as she screams, he runs away [14] or similarly at police stations or a day-care center or at group homes or at churches or at individuals homes or even at schools. Nurse is the person with home a patient feels safe and secure just after assault so she must manage this and provide her best care. Nurse plays a vital role at all stages of health care in order to communicate and

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