The Safety And Protection Of Children Essay

The Safety And Protection Of Children Essay

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People are appalled when they hear about a child who died at the hands of their parents, yet they turn a blind eye to the signs leading up to their death. In today 's society, there are currently quite a few flaws with how the safety and protection of children is handled. For far too many children, their physical abuse goes unreported due to factors such as wanting to avoid getting involved, while emotional abuse goes unnoticed. Consequently, studies show that currently three times as many children are abused than are reported to CPS agencies (“Child Abuse and Neglect Statistics”). CPS which stands for child protective services is an American organization responsible for investigating the abuse of minors, though they are unable to investigate when abuse is not reported. The solution to problems like that is the enactment of mandatory child abuse screening in all schools. A similar screening process is conducted by most pediatricians upon intake, these screenings are delivered while the parent is present making it unlikely for the doctors to receive honest and accurate answers (“WHEN to Ask Questions”). However, pediatric screenings are ineffective due to the presence of the parents and the fact that many abused children do not frequently visit a doctor. Mandatory screening is where age specific, open ended questions, developed by psychologists, are delivered to students in the form of standardized testing. Mandatory screening allows children who experience child abuse to be discovered through a discreet and normalized activity. Additionally this process is more likely to get children to reveal information than a session in which they are alone with a counselor or teacher. Therefore mandatory screening would help protect ...

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... for those who have suffered from abuse (“Impact of Child Abuse”). For instance victims can suffer from persistent problems forming basic relationships and many will go on to be abusers themselves. Using these screening techniques schools, would be increasing the probability of families being able to receive proper help and therapy. Therefore, the screenings will help prevent pain and suffering both now and in the future. The goal behind mandatory screening is to bring the amount of child abuse cases that are reported up to at least ninety five percent. If we have the option of putting an end to child abuse and protecting the next generation why wouldn 't we do everything we can to make sure it happens. Child abuse could be a thing of the past if schools could take a stand and tell legislation that we need a change because the schools current system is not working.

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