Essay about Safe Driving

Essay about Safe Driving

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Teens need to be taught that driving is a task that is complex and demanding. Parents know how much experience a young driver has, and they know exactly how inconvenient it is when they have to drive with their teen everywhere while they have their permit. Teens tend to cause most traffic accidents in adults’ eyes. They are not experienced yet, and often fail to pay attention to others on the road. They often think of a car as being some type of toy, but they do not know how powerful it really is. The driver education programs must be strengthened in order to make sure that students really have safer habits, behind the wheel experience, and by having a better understanding of all the laws on the road.
The course gives teens a better understanding of safer driving habits to maintain. For example, a while ago a young man was killed in an accident due to a bad habit: the driver was drinking and driving. As stated in a journal, “Alcohol involvement among drivers fifteen to twenty years old involved in fatal crashes, in 2003, numbers of surviving was 4227, and fatally injured was 3657”(Best, 663). Therefore, the numbers keep going each year and it is a reoccurring problem that can be stopped immediately. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (2001), “Although 25% reduction in alcohol related fatalities from 1990 to 2000 has been observed; approximately 41% of all traffic fatalities (17,448) in 2001 were alcohol-related” (Sarkar, Andreas, and de Fabrio, 306). This is why there needs to be more motivation to have designated drivers. Drinking and driving is a problem that can be solved instantly. It may not only ruin one’s own life, but others’ lives as well. The number of accidents is extremely...

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