Essay on The Sacred Bond of Divorce. An Analysis of What Marriage Has Become

Essay on The Sacred Bond of Divorce. An Analysis of What Marriage Has Become

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When we are born, we already have a predetermined path. Some people would argue that God has a reason for putting you on this earth, and others would say you’re a product of your upbringing and environment, others say it’s all in the genes. Some parents have their child’s path planned out straight through college. But is that where life ends? Once you’re done with college is your journey over? We are human, animals to put it simply. Since the dawn of time we have been looking for companionship, for another “soul” that is intertwined with our own. Sharing a special bond with someone is supposed to be a revelation, but throughout the centuries marriage has become so diluted that it has lost its meaning. I would like to discuss in this paper why marriage is just something that has become another step in life and people leap in and don’t even think twice about it. How marriage at one point in time was arranged for money, social standing, and power, and love came after. We as American’s believe in the freedom of speech, and I believe we took it to the next level and started marrying out of love. Then it became the social norm, and I believe we started to marry just to marry because it is the next thing to do in life without even thinking about the consequences. This paper will delve a bit into the history of marriage and why it means so much to people to get married. I will discuss divorce and how that has affected the “modern family”, as well as how I feel divorce has become the social norm.
Erwin J. Haeberle writes that the way our marriage system has been made is strongly tied to the policies and procedures of the Christian church from medieval times along with the establishment of the protestant reformation and lastly “the social ...

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...e the majority. The hopeless romantic in me would like to think that Marriage is forever, and the happily ever after do occur, but the realist inside knows otherwise. My parents got divorced when I was 10 and my father has since been married twice, my mother is in the process of getting a divorce from her second marriage, my uncle is a divorcee, both my aunts are divorced, and the same goes for the majority of my parents’ friends. Not many marriages last, but the ones that do are unfortunately subject to the tests of time.

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