The 1920's Was A Time Of Heroes

The 1920's Was A Time Of Heroes

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The 1920's was a time of great social change with new prosperity, new
ideas but most importantly a time of heroes. These so called heroes
defined the era and were the role models for the people of this time
period. They brought on hope and enlightenment after the horrific
times that they had gone through with the depression and the war. The
role of women changed, sports and entertainment stars were celebrated
and modern technology changed America's landscape. The twenties were a
time when people laughed more often than cried, partied more often
than worked, and dreamed more often than faced reality. Athletes were
looked up to as heroes, authors helped people escape into a different
life, and women dressed as flappers and started voting. The Harlem
Renaissance, the model T, prohibition, sports heroes, the role of
women, and new technologies all helped influence the social changes in
the "Roaring Twenties". Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh were admired
for their talents. Henry ford introduced an afforidable automibile,
and Charles Lindberg flew non-stop from New York to Paris in the
flight of St. Louis. These two men were held on a petistil durning
this era and are still admired til this day.

Along with Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh, there were many other
heros of the time. The main hereos came from the sports of the time.
There were many sports heroes in the 1920's, such as George Herman
Ruth, Jack Dempsey, Johnny Weismuller, Steve Donoghue, Harold Edward
Grange, Helen Newington Wills, and William Tilden. George Herman Ruth,
later dubbed Babe Ruth from his fans, set the baseball record of sixty
home runs in one season in 1927. This record stood until 1961 when
Roger Maris hit 61 home runs. He might have been the best baseball
player who ever played the game. He led the Yankees to seven World
Series and made two million dollars in his career. Jack "the Manassa
Mauler" Dempsey was one of the best heavyweight boxers of all time. He
was a heavyweight champion and fought and won against Georges
Carpentier. The battle was later called "The Battle of the Century"
and they were the first people to be paid more than one million
dollars for promotion of the fight. Johnny Weismuller was a swimmer
who won a lot of Olympic gold medals. He won 52 United States titles
and 28 world distance records. He also starred in many films as Tarzan
Lord of the Jungle. Steve Donoghue won several Derby's. He won six
total Derby's and was named the champion jockey from 1914-1923. Harold
Edward Grange was a college football hero who helped get the game of

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American football popular. Helen Newington Wills was a woman's tennis
champion. She won Wimbledon for the first time in 1927. She had won
two Olympic gold medals and 19 singles championships. She was later
inducted into the U.S. Lawn Tennis Hall of Fame. William "Big Bill"
Tilden was a men's tennis champion. He was the first American to win
the Wimbledon title in 1920. These two champions helped get the game
of tennis popular during the twenties.

When the automobile was first introduced, only the wealthy were able
to afford them. They were usually used for Sundays after church but
thanks to Henry Ford this all changed. He used mass-production to
lower the prices of automobile and make it more affordable. With more
affordable cars the economy boomed. The automobile really changed the
way people lived in the 1920's. The automobile became the backbone of
the American economy. It altered the American landscape and American's
society, and it was only one of the several factors in the country's
business boom in the 1920's. The automobile changed the way people
lived their lives, the way the city was run, and how the economy was
dealt with. The automobile changed the way everyday people lived their
lives. Rural families now could travel to the city for shopping and
entertainment. It also gave families the opportunity to take a
vacation in places far away. Automobiles also gave younger people and
women additional opportunities to be more independent. It allowed
people to live far away from their jobs causing the urban sprawl. The
automobile changed the way the city was run in a few ways. It was
evident in the construction of the paved roads suitable for driving in
all weather. Houses were being built with garages or carports and a
driveway and a smaller lawn due to more people having automobiles. Gas
stations, repair shops, public garages, motels, tourist camps, traffic
signals, and shopping centers were all being built as well. The
economy also had a big change when the automobile came into power. The
industry provided an economic underpinning for cities like Akron and
Detroit. It drew people to oil-producing states like California and
Texas. The automobile industry also helped promote the free enterprise

Charles Lindbergh revolutionized the way of flying, he proved that
humans can travel by air for a long period of time which set a new bar
and new standards in the world of flying. In the year 1919 Raymond
Orteig proposed an almost impossible task which was to fly form New
York to London with no stops. In return for completing the task he
would reward the 1st person to do it $25,000. the aeronautical
technology at the time was not really advanced so no one actually
attempted the tremendous task. Orignally the task was set for a 5year
range but since no one had done the tast Orteig extended the
"impossibe" task another five years. By this time the avaition
technology had advanced and the task had not seemed so so impossible
to certin individuals including Charles Lindbergh.

The 1920s was a time for the American people to change the ways they
lived and it was a time where culture took a dramatic change for the
better. This time also brought along heros like Henry Ford and Charles
Lindbergh. Henry Ford provided the assembly line where it
revolutionized the way automobiles were built thus causing them to be
cheeper and providing a boost in the economy. Charles Lindbergh also
was a hero by revolutionizing the way of proving that so called
impossible aerial flights could be accomplished.. These two men set
new standards in two industries that made many things in modern day
life possible to achieve. They were the source of all the heroes of
that time period and with them they made many other industries boom
and made dreams a bit more achieveable. They were greatly admired in
this time period because of all these achievements that they did and
even until this day they are looked upon as great people.
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