Russi A Strong Authoritarian Government Under Putin Essay

Russi A Strong Authoritarian Government Under Putin Essay

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Russia has experienced a great deal of change in recent history, especially since the fall of the Soviet Union. In today’s world while on the surface it may seem like Russia is a democracy the truth is that it is actually a very strong authoritarian government under President Putin. To understand how this situation has developed and why Putin has so much support and power it is important to look at Russia while it was part of the Soviet Union and how the population felt and reacted after the Soviet Union fell and the country began to separate itself from communism.
To start, it is necessary to understand the life the general public during the Soviet Union. Because the country operated under communism at this time everything was controlled by the government. There was a central plan in place that was adjusted every five years that would decide everything in regards to production, so there was no real incentive for good or real production because it would not benefit the individual in any way. It also did not account for possible issues that could cause a decrease in production, and the factories were still expected to produce in accordance to the plan regardless. If they were not able to meet the quota the government would blame it on the workers who would then get into trouble or even be killed. This cause workers to lie about production to ensure the government thought they were keeping up with the plan, which meant that the next five year plan to have required production even further from what was actually being produced. People also were not allowed to talk about issues going on in the country or be critical of the government. The government would also often lie to the public to protect themselves from being blamed for anyth...

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...for a solution, Vladimir Putin was able to take over at just the right time. He was able to restore the people’s faith in Russia’s military, and was able to help Russia become extremely wealthy thanks to oil and natural gas from Siberia. All of this was a drastic turnaround for the country which allowed Putin to gain extremely high support from the Russian people. With all of this support and by working with the newly formed United Russia he was able to expand both his own power and the power of his party. This level of control means that it is essentially impossible for him lost power, regardless of what happens during elections, and using violence to control free speech makes resistance that much more impossible. All of this combined shows how Putin was able to take over a weak country and turn it into a strong authoritarian government disguised behind a democracy.

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