Essay about Rural Healthcare And Rural Health Records

Essay about Rural Healthcare And Rural Health Records

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Rural seniors are more likely to be living in households with multiple generations. Poverty and lack of insurance make these seniors more reliant on Medicaid. Studies estimate that approximately 20 percent of a rural doctor’s revenue is derived from Medicaid. Combined Medicare and Medicaid payments generate about 56% of their total annual revenue. Roughly, 60 percent of rural hospital revenue is derived from Medicare and Medicaid. The following are illustrative examples of the growing shortage of physicians practicing in rural America: A 2011 state survey found nearly 23 percent of Montana 's practicing physicians had already hit age 60. More than 60 percent of all primary care physicians in Montana practice in just five counties, according to a 2013 report from the State 's Department of Labor and Industry. The challenge of rural doctors and nurses inputting and attempting to debug new electronic health records is taking large blocks of time away from patients. Many rural hospitals take on the responsibility of hospice, home health services, skilled nursing, adult-day care, and assisted living, simply because no one else willing to do it.
Aging rural medical professionals are delaying retirement because they can’t find replacements. They don’t feel they can just give notice and walk away because of their obligations to the community. If they can’t find a replacement that the health facility can afford, then the facility will close completely or temporarily. Some rural clinics would rather hire a physician’s assistant with ten years of experience rather than a young doctor just out of medical school, who might be asking for more money to pay off heavy medical school loans and then move on.
Doctors, nurses, and other medical profes...

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...r hand carried to the house, no heating and air conditioning, limited road access, and no public transportation,
5. Caregivers unwilling or unable to seek help due to their belief that caregiving is their “exclusive” responsibility or they are not eligible due to geographic location (“…no one will come this far out just for me…”),
6. Elderly and caregivers are often afraid private family information will be shared with others in the community,
7. Family problems may have left the elderly without any family support or perhaps they out lived all other family members and are left without any family,
8. Caregivers may wait and only seek help during crisis situations,
9. Federal, state and county senior programs are often stopped without announcement to the community, one day services are just gone because funding ran out, or the person running the program moved or died.

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