Essay about Romantic Idea of Outer Space

Essay about Romantic Idea of Outer Space

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There are currently several competing visions of space culture. These are the romantic ideal, of space being the final frontier, the minutia of people who act, emotionless like machines and the post-apocalyptic view of a desolated wasteland. This idea of space-power has always been present in the United States since the 1960s. In American culture space exploration and discovery has always been fascinating to the American society. . In movies like Space Cowboys and Armageddon, show the shooting up of rockets into space as a glorious experience.
One of the most recognized visions of space culture is this romantic ideal of space being the final frontier. This romantic ideal connects to neo-global-colonialism, being able to conquer and colonized space, which gives Americans the acumen that they are the Super world power that imposes domination. For example, in Tom Wolfe’s book the Right Stuff, shows astronauts as womanizer, intrepid men, who are battling and trying to conquer the final frontier, in the space race against Soviet Union. Wolfe delineates these astronauts as heroes and space exploration as a necessary and powerful mission.
However, Norman Mailer’s novel Of a Fire on the Moon, describes the outer-space experience as a dispassionate, tedious, robotic experience. In the story during the journey to cosmos, there is a conversation that is emotionless between the astronauts. For example, “‘Rolls complete and a pitch is program. One Bravo.’ ‘All is well at Houston. You are good at one minute… Stand by for Mode I Charlie MARK Mode I Charlie.’ ‘I Charlie. ‘ This is Houston, you are GO for staging.’ ‘Inboard cutoff.’ ‘Staging and ignition.’ ‘Houston. Thrust is Go all engines. You are looking good.’ ‘Roger. Hear you loud and cle...

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... sells people the idea that outer-space experience can be entertaining and worry-free.
The animated movie, in addition, touches upon the romantic vision of outer-space being the final frontier. In WALL-E, the movie, Shelby Forthright, BnL CEO appears on a screen and tells the passengers that “because of BnL, space is the final ‘FUN-tier’!” (WALL-E). This quote makes reference to the idea that outer-space is the final frontier, but with a mix of an entertaining, futuristic, and controlling ideal. This ideal of conquering the final frontier connects with Wolf’s view of the Right Stuff. Therefore, space-culture has many competing which interconnect with many American novels and films. Many Americans view outer-space as the final frontier, a place where people talk like machines, or a place that is a hot, steamy, environmental disaster.

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