The Story of the Skylab Space Station

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Human minds cannot comprehend how colossal an idea like space is. To obtain a firmer understanding of what or who is floating around up there, scientists all around the world invest their entire fortune and lives into exploring the unknown. Many explorations have proven successful in expanding human knowledge about space, but Skylab, America’s first space station, has demonstrated triumphant in three different space missions documenting the foreign world (Dunbar, “Part I”). Skylab Space Station was a revolutionary development in the history of space exploration with its many missions and daily life for its astronauts.
Making theory become fact was NASA’s main purpose in creating Skylab (Starflix, NASAflix). During the Skylab missions, NASA assured humans could live in space for a long duration of time without major effects on the human body (Dunbar, “Part I”). But Skylab also served a purpose as a microgravity and medical lab (“Skylab Space Station”, Skylab Space Station). Since Skylab had a bird’s eye view of Earth, it was logical to have Skylab also function as an Earth observatory (“Skylab Space Station”, Built in 1973, NASA helped expand the knowledge of the Sun due to Skylab’s solar observatory (“Skylab Space Station”, Skylab Space Station). Skylab, once a dream, became a record breaking invention that would carve the path to success for future space life.
May 14, 1973 marked the beginning of the Skylab mission trips (Howell, “Skylab”). Launched by a Saturn V rocket, Skylab 1 was the first unmanned American space station to enter orbit (O'Callaghan, “The Story of Skylab”). But about sixty seconds after liftoff, Skylab went awry when a meteoroid shield fell off which caused overheating inside the s...

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