Essay on The Romantic Era And Victorian Era

Essay on The Romantic Era And Victorian Era

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Love was something that was displayed in both the Romantic Era and The Victorian Era when reading authors work during their time. Yet with comparison of the two there has been a lot of ways to distinguish authors from the Romantic Era, and the Victorian Era. Elizabeth Browning’s “From the Sonnet from the Portuguese” she takes love into her own scenery when writing from a woman’s view. She was able to use the Romantics values as well, and still shape love around the Victorian Era. She makes it very distinguishable to where the audience could know how she would go back and forth to show her love for Robert. In the sonnets there were times where she would describe the love for Robert through beauty and also of nature. With the Victorian age he loves wraps around the religious values of faith, the heavens, and the afterlife. Also some similarities that were shared with the Eras was the form of isolation. In The Romantic Era Williams Woodsworth when writing “I wandered a lonely cloud” showed the isolation and misery that was shared in Elizabeth sonnets as well. Some of the differences was the language used in The Victorian Era. Most of the language used in the Victorian Era was modern day language. It did not share any Shakespearian literature or did not have any dreamy scenes as the romantic would have. Another thing is both shared skepticism religion but the Victorian’s ventured off more than the Romantic Era. In these sonnets she goes to show her love for Robert by expressing her deeply yet secretly about how she really feels about him. Elizabeth sonnets was critique when showing how religious views, her feminist considerations with how she should be loved, and Similarities/differences between the Romantic and Victorian Era.
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When it came to Elizabeth showing her religious views, and how she was able to shape her love with both eras was appalling. Her description on love is something that humans can relate to in today’s world as well. This was something that separated browning from a lot of poets in the Victorian Era. Something that could be opinionated was this poem could be even relevant to the romantics. This poem was known to be one of her best poems known widely and was very prominent in the Victorian Era. There is no way any greater love can be written by any other poet during this time like Elizabeth. With every person who has a significant other in their life could connect to this poem to visualize how she felt about her husband. With her combing the romanticism nature laws, and the Victorian skepticism with religion this made this piece an outcast to this society.

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